October 08, 2018

Announcing the new Issues.org site



Announcing the new Issues site

Your source for the best writing on policy related to science, technology, and medicine just got a lot better. 

We've totally redesigned the website for Issues in Science and Technology, improving just about everything at Issues.org to make it more attractive, more current, more useful, and more fun to explore. Here are a few new features you’ll want to check out:

Art galleries. The print edition of Issues features artwork related to the topics addressed in the articles or that uses technology in innovative ways in the creative process. Thanks to the generous permission of the artists, we are now able to include much of their work online. We begin by including from the Fall 2018 edition the work of painter William Utermohlen, which reflects the changes occurring as he developed Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve added a few more galleries from earlier editions and will be adding more galleries—like the work of Julie Anand and Damon Sauer, featured in the header of this email—in the future.

Explore by topic/issue. We’ve made it simple to explore entire past issues, which often contain special sections that include a mix of articles that approach a single topic from a variety of perspectives. You can also find a number of articles on any given topic to make it easy to see how our knowledge and understanding of a specific area has evolved over time.

News updates. Almost every day you can find stories in the popular press that touch on the science, technology, and health policy topics that are examined in Issues. Our news updates will alert you to current debates about these topics and will provide links to Issues articles in which experts explain the underlying science and policy in more detail.

Frequent new material. The only way to see all the articles as soon as they are published is to become a subscriber to the print edition, but over time we do make all the articles available for free. We will be upping the pace at which we post new features, perspectives, and book reviews. We hope that you visit us regularly to see this new material and to read the news updates.

This is just a taste of what you will find. Please wander through the site on your own and check out the latest issue. And keep coming back. Our new platform will enable us to post more art, more videos, and more additional material, so the site will continue to improve.

Our goal is to make the site more accessible, more enjoyable, and more helpful to you. Please let us know if you like the changes and if you have suggestions for further improvements.

—Kevin Finneran, Editor-in-Chief

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