November 30, 2018

CHINA: Legislature starts using AI


 Legislature starts using AI

China’s legislature is not just studying AI (see October 30 Tip Sheet) and formulating laws for AI (See November 26 Tip Sheet) – they're also using AI.    

First, the body is building a huge database of legislation, regulations, government rules, and administrative measures from across the country.

Officials are then using a set of algorithms to identify rules and regulations that are in conflict with more authoritative laws.

📌A case in point from Tianjin (Procuratorial Daily):

The Tianjin municipal legislature screened all regulations for the phrase “fiscal guarantee.”

The search found more than 151 lower-level resolutions related to fiscal guarantees.

Of those 151, four were found to be in violation of higher-level rules; all four were rescinded.

It gets better: The legislatures are building ever-larger keyword screening pools, to have a robust review process in place to check the consistency of regulations and rules across the country.

Next step: They plan to make the database public in 2019.

Get smart: Lots of people are worried about potential abuses of AI in China. But there are genuine efforts underway to use it to improve governance as well.

Procuratorial Daily: 2018年底国家法律法规数据库将初步建

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