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A Patriot's Note on Modi winning and loosing Elections

There are people who often tell me that Modi lost Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, MP and recently Jharkhand. They tell me that BJP will now lose Delhi as well, and then the Modi wave will come to an end. They often think that a loss of Modi in elections would frustrate me.

Listen guys, I do not care for win or loss in elections. I have stood behind a man unconditionally who has put interests of the country way above winning elections. It takes guts to introduce CAA, NPR and NRC, to scrap Art 370 & 35A, Triple Talaq and many other accomplishments. In India, all you need to win an election is to let the status-quo remain. Announce freebies, make ultra-populist policies, let the bureaucracy & public servants act as per whims and fancies - a victory more or less is guaranteed.

I do not care if he loses an election. I have stood behind him because of principles of putting country above everything - not to taste victory. I believe in :

न त्वहं कामये राज्यम् न मोक्षम् न पुनर्भवम् । 
कामये दुःखतप्तानाम् प्राणिनामार्ति नाशनम् ।। 

(I have no desire for power, nor do I seek salvation or rebirth. My only desire is for the welfare of the people and ending of miseries).

And this is what PM Modi has stood for.
If he had to enjoy power and win election after election, he would have not taken any of the tough measures, which seem anti-people in short run. He has stood for the country, and if he loses, he will go down as the bravest man who challenged the existing status-quo by fighting corruption, evil, poverty, nexus of terrorism, and people with vested interests. 

He has challenged the 70 years of hollow system plagued by every kind of evil. He has shook the system in 6 years. He has fearlessly taken the devils by their horns. 

Anyone who doesn't care about his life, his victory and his power has the guts to do all these - and Modi has done that : for us, for the poor people, for the honest citizens, for the common men, for the law-abiding citizens....for the country.

A win or loss is neither going to shake my faith in him, nor make me apologetic. It takes immense strength to stand by the principles at the highest level of powers, and not get distracted by it. I will happily and proudly stand by the side of truth, virtue, honesty and principles, even if it is the side which is not victorious.

Jai Hind


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