February 12, 2020


Today I was called to help in a Love-Jihad case. In the last 3 months this is the 4th or 5th case. I am writing this because I think it is very necessary to make parents aware of what the children are going through in such cases.

1. Out of the 5 odd cases that have come to me, only one is what is known as a 'lower' caste.

2. Girls are trapped at any age. One was a widow with 2 children. But all the other girls were anywhere between 14 and 16 when the affair started.

3. In almost all cases, the boys take the girls out on bike rides. Girls are made to feel that this is 'freedom'.

4. The "m" boys are trained to make the girls sexually aware and they start by holding hands, giving a friendly hug, touching certain places by 'mistake' ... then they move on to kissing and physical relationship when girl is in 10th or 12th and under stress for studies. Videos of such physical relationship is made silently.

5. Most parents are unaware till it is too late.

6. Once parents come to know and try to break off the relationship, either girl is pressurised to run away or the girls are blackmailed to continue relationship using videos as in 4 above. Till this time, the girl is unaware that a video has been made.

7. If the girl insists on breaking up, the boy will get his friends to force physical relationship with the girl as a threat or blackmail. All the time, he will keep saying that he will marry the girl.

8. If parents interfere, the boy will stay away temporarily. Once the girl is 18, this starts again and this time the girl is completely trapped.

9. Mostly, marriage takes place. Girl is converted. For 6 months, there is no problem. Then starts the torture. First beating and all. continuous pregnancies and termination of pregnancies take place.

10. After 2 years, boy will get married again to some other girl while remaining married to the 1st girl.

11. Now girl will definitely resist. To keep her in the marriage, she is Raped by boy's Father and Brothers. Mother, other wife and sisters will beat her every day.

12. Police and other family members (if still on talking terms) will counsel the girl to adjust and continue in the marriage.

13. In many cases, if girl is too strong mentally, she will be jailed inside the house without a mobile also.

14. If she manages to run away, she will not get custody of the children or get only 1 child custody. The other child(ren) will remain with husband.

15. Even if court gives monthly maintenance, husband will never pay. It is a unusual marriage because girl will be converted only after marriage, NOT BEFORE. So she cannot claim right to husband's property. BUT boy can claim right to girl's parent's property as per Hindu customs.



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