March 24, 2020

Alert Group Admins and group members

*How to function in a  group?*

*Very Important:* Confirm the validity of the news you wish to share in your group before circulating it.

To avoid fear mongering and spreading of false information among people the following steps are being announced by Cyber crime dept.

Spreading of unverified messages on social media is prohibited and will be taken cognisance of 

*Any Social media message related to Covid 19 must be from official govt source only.*

*Following unverified messages MUST NOT be circulated* :

1)Any information regarding treatment cure of Covid 19
2)Any information regarding help centers  for Covid 19 
3)Any alternative medicine of method to prevent Covid 19 
4)Any religious cure or unscientific methods proposed as treatment for Covid 19
5)Asking for money for immediate cure or any respite from Covid 19

You may report such forwards at this link below

*Sections of law under which your action might be committing a crime :*

*Section 505* in The Indian Penal Code
*Section 3* of the Epidemic Diseases Act 1897
*Section 188* in The Indian Penal Code

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