March 21, 2020

Corona virus : Irresponsible idiots galore in India

The Coronavirus will explode because India is full of irresponsible idiots who ask everything from the government but do nothing in return. This London returned Kolkata boy roamed around the city for two days, carrying the virus. He was asked to isolate himself and visit the hospital, but bureaucrat momma's son was too cool to listen to doctors. How many people this idiot alone might have infected is mind-boggling.

And then, 160 people from Punjab who were asked to isolate themselves are now missing, unreachable, untraceable. People are running away from isolation centers. Some are complaining that they need better facilities, cleaner washrooms, and this-that. Hello? This is not your cousin's wedding. This is a national emergency. You are not a guest. 

Your rich, privileged ass was brought down home by our government with great pain while many nations are happily leaving their citizens out. Any gratitude? Can't you just "adjust" for a few weeks? Go back to your five-star life, afterward. No, this is not a function going on. This is a medical emergency. Please adjust. Consider it as your "martyrdom" for your country, you delusional aristocrats. And there were few people with "quarantined" stamp on hand who were caught traveling on the train. Why the hell can't you just follow simple medical advice? Isolate yourself. You might infect others, you idiots.

This is how these "educated" idiots are making things impossible for our government. Why can't you just follow medical advice? How can you knowingly put so many people's lives in danger? How can you be so irresponsible? This Kolkata boy alone can make thousands of Kolkatans infected, and in a chain reaction, maybe the whole of India. It takes just one idiotic, irresponsible decision for Corona to explode. All these people must be punished, both fine and jail. They are literally playing with other's lives.

Please understand your responsibility as a citizen. Stop crying about better facilities. In times of national crisis, we adjust, we support, we understand. Please take it as a fight, as our war against an enemy. Please act like a soldier. Let's fight it together. Let's win together. 

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