March 24, 2020

India: Desperate Times Desperate Measures ..

Commentary by Anonymous reader

Economy already in Tail Spin !!!

PM Modi, you are very late in announcing COVID19 Economic Relief Package. Other Nations have already put things in place & we still have no planning strategy to move forward.

Then your FM-NS will come out with Trial & Error method & give  paper for you to read out.
No SWOT analysis will be undertaken nor Economic Relief Package pointers deliberated,  discussed, Pros Cons assessed. It's War like situation and instead of unilateral , it requires collective/bilateral formula. 

Eventually the implementation will be shoddy , sub-standard and will add up to existing choas ,confusion and create further mess. 
Need of the hour is to club already dire straits Economic condition which existed prior to COVID19 , with the present pandemic situation. Have to find smooth Short Medium Long Term solutions with realistic approach.
Require to take Bull by the Horn with few strong measures in National interest . 

Desperate Times Desperate Measures ...

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