May 20, 2020

Operation in Nawakadal

Operation in Nawakadal is a milestone for various reasons. Junaid was no ordinary terrorist. His father Ashraf Sehrai has been for long a close associate of Geelani and eve ntually took over the mantle of Hurriyet from him. Unlike other children of hard core Jammat functionaries who never pick up a gun to fight Jihad, Junaid became an exception, primarily because Jaish Boss sent his two nephews (since killed) to Kashmir around the same time. Having just taken over as the boss of Hurriyat, the senior Sehrai had to prove his loyalty to both ISI as also to the Jihadis across the LC. Getting actionable, real time information on Junaid from locals (obviously), whom everyone knew to be Hurriyat Boss's son,  should convey a lot.

Second point is that you will rarely hear of encounter in thickly populated downtown, that too of the nature which is likely to cause collateral dammage. This rule too was broken. Another threshold crossed.

Now, coming to the concern about youngsters continuing to join jihadi ranks. This will continue as long as terms like Jihad, Kaffir, Ghawa e Hind, 72 hoors waiting in the after-life, etc., are constantly extolled, both in homes and masjids, bulk of which have been taken over by the Wahabis-Salafi combine from the Hanafis during the last 30 years.Besides as long as Pakistan exists as we recognise it today, I am afraid we have no option but to eliminate those who pick up a gun, who support them as OGW, who in the garb of mainstream politicians provide continuous supply of oxygen to anti Indian forces in Kashmir. India cannot afford to get tired. That is not an option.

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