May 19, 2020

PROFILE: Saryu Roy ( Rai ) you should know

Saryu Roy ( Rai ) you should know ...

Saryu Roy (Rai)  is an RSS Swayamsevak ,  part of JP movement of 1973-1977, Janata Party, BJP and was BJP Minister in Jharkhand Govt upto Nov 2019. Corruption Crusader and instrumental in exposing the famous Fodder scam involving Lalu Prasad Yadav . 3 Ex CM are facing corruption charges send to jail becoz of his fight against corruption and filed  cases. 

Was denied BJP Assembly ticket , inspite of his honesty and being true Party karyakarta. Was forced to  contest against the BJP CM Mr Raghubar Das & defeated him in assembly constituency of Jamshedpur Jharkhand . 

Even in Dec 2014 Jharkhand State assembly election ,  was the ideal CM candidate for BJP in terms of seniority popularity etc ,still was denied CM post . Someone unknown Raghubar Das was made CM ,   by vested lobby within the BJP from top. Eventually the CM appointed disappointed which lead to the defeat of BJP in Dec 2019 State election.

Saryu Roy was periodically from 2015 - 2019 , updating BJP high command ,top BJP leaders  about the detoteritaaring situation in Jharkhand politics and it's failure to control corruption , provide good Governance and Development. Lot of corruption allegation was levied against the then CM Mr. Raghubar Das and party kept eyes closed. Even during Dec 2019 state election , party ignored the warning and sidelined Saryu Roy by denying him party ticket to contest election. He took the challenge and fought election as Independent ,that also by changing his Constituency to fight against sitting CM and won election with huge margin . 

He is mass leader with grassroot working experience in Jharkhand Bihar region . 
BJP for its mistake by not honouring talent honesty hard-work of Shri Saryu Roy ,  paid a heavy price by loosing State election in 2019. 

Time for BJP to introspect !!!

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