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We are the most propagandized population in history

🔴 We are probably the most propagandized population in history

🔴 They mostly want you weak and controllable.

 🔴 If their aim is to hijack your thinking, it only stands to reason that they want you more persuadable

🔴 You are swimming in a veritable sea of persuasion, and most of it is invisible to you.

Have you heard of the Four Minute Men?

During the run up to World War 1, most Americans were isolationist and had no desire to go to war.

So Woodrow Wilson hired an army of orators to give speeches in the 4 minutes it took to change reels in a movie theater.  

Millions across the US heard these speeches.  The campaign effectively whipped up our collective bloodlust.   Enough so it convinced heretofore isolationist parents to support shipping their boys off to die in a far away land across the sea.

We didn't call it "brainwashing" back then, but that's what it was.  

And it's hardly new.  

How else are you going to get folks to leave the comfort of their homes to fight and die in a rich man's squabble?

*"That's not brainwashing!  That's persuasion!"

To-may-toe … To-mah-toe …

Is there a difference?

Truly, the only difference is in whether we think the cause is just.

And it's a fair point.  Some wars *are* just.  But … we, the ones who fight them, rarely know whether we've been duped until decades after the fact. 

Whatever one prefers to call it … "brainwashing" has been going on for millennia.

"It doesn't work anymore!  We've become too enlightened."

Really now?

Did your marriage involve a diamond ring?

If so … I hate to tell you … but you've been brainwashed.

The notion that a marriage must be celebrated with a diamond ring was a purely manufactured phenomenon._ (Thank De Beers and their popular culture brainwashing campaign.)

Smoking, too, was the subject of many campaigns.  First one to brainwash the public that smoking was not only safe, but beneficial.  And then a new campaign to convince women that smoking wasn't unladylike, but a symbol of their liberation.  (Thanks Edward Bernays.)

Think it's not going on today?

Heh … we are probably the most propagandized population in history.

Most of us think our political leanings … our favorite causes and movements … our favorite culture and foods … were all "chosen" by us.

But persuasion science says otherwise.

"Most decisions are made with emotion and justified by logic" is a truth widely accepted by most everyone who studies persuasion - both in academia and in the field.

It is little truths like this that are exploited by persuasion professionals.

And the world is teeming with them.

They go by many names (PR consultants, brand managers, copywriters, speech writers etc. etc. etc.) and are hired by:

- politicians
- corporations
- interest groups
- intelligence agencies
- etc …

You are swimming in a veritable sea of persuasion, and most of it is invisible to you.

But it's there. 

Trust me.  I know this after consulting for and working with almost all of them.

But I'm one of the rare ones.

See, I began to see a recurring theme in all of the work I've done for government, industry, and activism …

(It's a gross generalization, but an apt one.)

… they mostly want you weak and controllable.

Why wouldn't they?  If their aim is to hijack your thinking, it only stands to reason that they want you more persuadable.  That comes from making you dependent and weak.

Think about it.

If you were really in control of your decisions, would you be consuming garbage that makes you fat, weak, and sick?

Of course not.

But most of us do it.  (Come on … I bet you've got your vices.  There's no shame in it.  Well … unless you fail to do something about it, of course.  More about that in a minute.)

See … someone tricked you into thinking consuming that crap was "normal" … "desirable" … "the best of life" …

If consuming things that kill you is the "best of life", well … they gotcha.

Anyway, after understanding all of this for what it is, I had a radical idea:

What if we could use this same technology to make ourselves successful … powerful … strong … independent … free …

Source: Mark Joiner, Former U.S Intelligence Officer, runs SIMPLOLOGY 


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