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Fides annual report on Catholic Church statistics which is prepared every year in view of World Mission Sunday 24 October. Figures regarding members of the Church, church structures in the field of pastoral care, healthcare, education and assistance are taken from the latest edition of the Church’s Book of Statistics (December 2002). Please note that variations, increase or decrease compared to last year are marked + or – in brackets. Dossier on "CATHOLIC CHURCH STATISTICS"

Why West don't want to give Veto power to India in UN Security Council ?

Putin is not intrested in diluting veto powers of U.N. Security Council , "We believe that it would be absolutely unacceptable to erode such existing tools of the U.N. because otherwise the U.N. organisation will lose its weight, lose its role, changing into some discussion club — some new edition of the League of Nations." "So, beyond any doubt, there should be no ... [inaudible] of the rights of the Security Council members. I think that would be a destructive approach. I would like to underscore that we have to show flexibility taking into account the interests of all participants in this [Council expansion] process," Intelli-Briefs sources in US and other western Capitals learnt that international community has concerns about the Indian Government misusing veto powers (if granted) because of Sonia Gandhi and her associates closeness to Communists and Islamic groups. Russia is particularly concerned about the latter because of its problems with Islamic f

How colonialism in India funded John 'Forbes' Kerry and American industry

It is an eye-opener about historical facts most Indians do not know. The significance of this is not about Kerry personally, but what it tells us about unacknowledged events in America’s industrial development and power structure.) : - The great grandfather & grandfather of Senator John "Forbes" Kerry amassed a huge fortune smuggling opium during the Opium Wars. The British wanted to keep a monopoly on supplying the Chinese with opium grown in India. [Indian land was redistributed to change from other crops to opium because the British needed opium for trade.] However, during the Opium Wars the British ships were prevented from delivering their cargoes of opium so American ships under Forbes sailed the final miles, making huge amounts of money by delivering the opium for the British. - Many Forbes family members used this fortune to later finance merchant banking and railroad investment projects around the world. - Kerry's great grandfather, Robert

A Criminal investigating Kanchi Seer case .

Intelli-Briefs Mr Premkumar – The SP (superintendent of Police) Investigating shri Acharya’s case is a criminal himself. He has many cases against him and what more in July 2003 – The Madurai High court had also convicted him on assault by criminal force. Further Mr Premkumar is known for delaying trials and manipulating cases. He has already paid many court imposed fines for trying to manipulate cases. - The above said is true and open for verification. What care is being taken in acharya’s case if a declared criminal is supervising the whole show. Is Jayalalitha justified in saying lot of care is being taken in Acharya’s case. People in contact with the media please publicise this as the above said can be verified in Madurai court that has convicted him. The media cannot reject to broadcast/ publish what is given with suitable evidence.

Geopolitical conspiracy behind Shankaracharya’s arrest

" Ashok Singhal has alleged that the conspiracy behind the shankaracharya's arrest goes far beyond Jayalalithaa. I tend to agree. The attached summary gives a geopolitical picture behind the assault on Hindu symbols, in attempts to weaken India. Note that the media is simply repeating police claims without any independent investigation. More seriously, law enforcement and even the judiciary have been immobilized by interest groups so the legal system is virtually dysfunctional. Even a small time operator like Teesta Setelavad is able to get away with witness tampering as Americans call it and yet receive awards and lecture in public. The system has all but collapsed. I trust you to get this in the hands of Singhal and Seshadriji. We probably should have a copy of this by Saturday both for the press meet and also for the evening program when Ananth Kumar and others will be there. Here is an excellent opportunity to expose the designs. " N.S. Rajara