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Changing the Iran Regime US Plan: No Israel Involvement

Changing the Iran Regime US Plan: No Israel Involvement The US National Security Council started preparation of a militaryassault against Iran in order to annihilate nuke potential and changeanti-American clerical regime, London-based Arab-languagenewspaper ¡§A-Shark al-Ausat¡¨ has informed. According to the newspaper, a group of the US experts employs formertop CIA officer David Kay,former head of an inspection mission to Iraq, retired Gen. SamGardner, an author of occupation strategy in Iraq in the eightiesKennet Folk, Washington Strategic Center ¡§Rokings¡¨ leadingspecialist, former top Pentagon official Kennet Baykon and others. The plan concludes three major activities: Twenty four hours on bombing and destroying main Iran airbases andconcentrated forces of the ¡§Islam Revolution Guards¡¨ Missiles and bombs while then assault nuclear objects and non-conventional arms plants-125 objects Occupation of Iran by the US ground forces located in theneighboring Gulf States, Az

US presence in Iraq inevitably destabilizes Saudi Arabia

Carmi Turchick The US presence in Iraq inevitably destabilizes SaudiArabia, and the longer US stay the worse it is. US may have already reached a tipping point where, win or lose in Iraq, both results mean an end to Saudi rule. If US crush the "insurgents" in Iraq(exceedingly unlikely to happen), then the anger at the house of Saud boils over and all of the men being drawn into Iraq (about halfof all the suicide bombers are Saudi) turn their eyes to Riyahd. If US lose, which seems inevitable, then a huge force of emboldened,highly radicalized, experienced, and armed men return home to SaudiArabia...any guesses what they will do then? The really bad part here, for the US, is that there will be no way to fix the situation once the house of Saud is thrown out. There will be no way that US can go in with military might, unless US want a true Jihad on a global scale. Should Iraq remain together will be an exactly zero percent chance of a government that is even nuetral towar

Fifth Columnist : Teesta Setalvad Tavleen Singh is right when she alleges that Teesta Setalvad has thrived on maligning India for being a country as fundamentalist as our Islamic neighbors. As a matter of fact Teesta Setalvad has left no stone unturned. The degree with which Teesta Setalvad scorns upon Gujaratis knows no bounds. The year was 2000 when neither Godhra nor its aftermath had occurred - Islamic terrorists had just butchered some 100 pilgrims to Amarnath. This letter should be an eye opener for those bitten by the “Teesta the activist” humbug. Read it, only Teesta can conjure this bizarre correlation where Islamic terrorists kill Hindu pilgrims and the complain is that Muslims are targets of Hindu militancy! I’d like to point to another piece of interest as well. A conference if you will. In 2003 Teesta and her cohorts were invited to speak on a seminar in Washingt

Saba Naqvi Bhaumik missive of the week

Commentary A few months ago, we had Seema Mustafa in her article on "PM vs. Sonia" openly suggesting that all Brahmins were "devious". Now, writing in OutlookIndia, we have Saba Naqvi Bhaumik, in use derogatory religious connotations, as in: "As little Hanumans of the once-purposeful Hindu army scurry off in different directions, Advani appears to have lost the political plot" Of course, this is the same author, who happily sneered at Hindu protests over the arrest of the Shanakaracharya, but remained strangely quiet on the rioting/mayhem of Hyderabadi Muslims during the arrest of dangerous anti-national and terrorist master-mind "preacher" Naseeruddin. She happily misled readers about the intentions and record of madrassas in this country - but, please before we fly off the handle on such minor issues - let us remember, bigotry and anti-national

Yushchenko poisoned by dioxin

Before After KIEV (Reuters) - Opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko was poisoned by dioxin during Ukraine's presidential election campaign, his Austrian doctors said on Saturday as the country counted the cost of the turmoil generated by the rigged poll. Read more

Terror training camps in Factories and educational institutes in Pakistan

By Nagesh Bhushan Below is a statement received from from Chairaman of Balawaristan National Front, Mr.Abdul Hamid , on Terrorist Training camps in Pakistan administered Kashmir. He states that Pakistani Intelligence Organisation ISI is training terrorists in "Factories, Educational and other civilian buildings instead of the previous open camps" . We are producing the e-mail we received from Mr.Abdul Hamid to the readers of IntelliBriefs [START] "Thanks for sending Maqbool Butt daughter-in-laws statement about the terrorist camps in PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) and Balawaristan. We had been crying of this much before this statement, but India media did not give any attention towards our statement. It's irony that Indian Home Miniter says that 600% infiltration has come down, while Indian Army Chief says that cross border infiltration has increased. We say that ISI is running is runing terrorist camps as usual in Gilgit Balt

WiFi Hacking for secure voice commnications

Technology: WiFi Hacking for secure voice commnications Secure communications are key to global guerrilla ops. One way to accomplish this is through the use of wireless network hacking and Skype. A simple process (amplifications are welcome): 1) Sniff for an unguarded WiFi access point using a tool such as Netstumbler ($150). Focus your efforts by using a map of known networks. 2) Connect to the network using a WiFi enabled PDA or laptop. IP address will be delivered from the network (not likely to be on the FBI's Dragonware list). A low cost directional antenna can extend range markedly (a wok, Chinese parabolic cookware, or the venerable Pringles can -- using Chinese cookware is new but effective). 3) Launch Skype using an ad-hoc profile (change frequently). Skype will provide P2P voice and chat communications with strong encryption.

US plans to denuke Pakistan in a decade

SOURCE: 9 December 2004: US president George W.Bush chaired a closed-door congressional discussion to denuke Pakistan in eight to ten years, and the interim will serve to put the country on a sound political economic footing, turn it into a welfare state focussing on secular education, health and employment-generation, and tie it up with various international organisations and treaties to make it forward-looking and progressive. The discussion took place on the basis of a detailed CIA paper, whose findings were endorsed by the Congressional Research Service, and the Bush administration wants to preemptively engage Pakistan categorised with Columbia and Angola as incipiently anti-America before it turns actively hostile like Iran, Syria, and North Korea. Becoming a declared welfare state, diplomats argue, Pakistan would be in a position to de-jihadiise its society by re-educating its youth and giving them gainful employment, and by virtue of its MNNA

Sino-Iranian Energy Deal and Geopolitical Consequences

jahan-e sanat, Monthly Magazine, Dec. 2004By : Azade eftekhariWord Count : 460 China and Kazakhstan have finalized a 3.5-billion-dollar deal for laying out a pipeline. Analysts and economists were surprised at the project. Many of them announced that China has reconsidered its foreign economic policies. But its 100-billion-dollar deal with Iran caught the attention of all economists. Iran and China are expected to raise the level of their deals to 200 billion dollars. Under the deal, Iran exports 10 million tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to China for 25 years and the Chinese state-run company Sinopec gets engaged in exploration, recovery, petrochemical and gas projects. Iran has invested billions of dollars in procurement of equipment for LNG exports. Iran will need 87 vessels for LNG exports up to 2010. Iran’s LNG reserves are estimated to stand at 26.6 thousand billion cubic meters. Iran holds the second largest gas reserves in the world behind Russia an

Jury awards USD 156 mn to parents of slain US teen in Israel

Chicago, Dec. 9 (AP): The parents of an American teenager killed by gunmen in the West Bank won USD 156 millions from three Islamic groups and an alleged Hamas fund-raiser, one of the first jury awards against institutions based in the United States accused of supporting terrorism. A federal court jury set USD 52 millions in damages yesterday in the suit brought by the parents of 17-year-old David Boim, who was shot near the Israeli settlement of Beit El. US MagistrateArlander Keys tripled the amount in accordance with US anti-terrorism law. The Boim case was the first in which jurors awarded damages from US-based charities accused of bankrolling Hamas, according to Boim attorney Nathan Lewin. It was a fresh blow to a group of Islamic charities and others who have seen their assets frozen and in some cases found themselves under federal indictment for allegedly funding terrorist groups as part of the post Sept. 11 war on terrorism. Joyce and Stanley Boim, who moved their family

Analysis : Pak for Britain's role in J&K

by Nagesh Bhushan "London, Dec 6 , 2004 : Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf said he would welcome Britain's involvement as an intermediary in peace talks with India. The General said he would raise the issue as he meets British Prime Minister Tony Blair in London today. However, Musharraf accepted that India and Pakistan had agreed to strict bilateral negotiations for 30 years. The Pakistani President was also dismissive of India's withdrawal of troops in Jammu and Kashmir, calling it "a good gesture, and good optics, but only tactical". He said a proper stratagem required a resolution of the dispute itself.Musharraf is visiting Britain at the invitation of Blair, and the two leaders will hold wide-ranging talks on issues like tackling terrorism and strengthening strategic ties. " (Source: NDTV. ) ________________________________________________ Analysis : Since Pakistani forces were involved in a conflict on Indian Territory, Nehru co


GLOBAL GUERRILLAS AND TEMPORARY AUTONOMOUS ZONES Like pirates of the past (particularly those of the 1st century BC and 18th century), global guerrillas operate from geographically dispersed locations. These locations are sanctuaries of convenience on a global scale. Examples include: Failed and collapsed states . GGs are able to establish mobile operations centers (Sudan and Afghanistan) and generate new sources of funding (opium in Afghanistan and oil "bunkering" in Nigeria) within these vacuums of authority. Zones of chaotic organic order. Negotiated relationships with tribesmen in Waziristan (Pakistan), have provided security, intelligence, and supplies for GG groups. In Fallujah (Iraq), GGs have used a collapse of state authority and the subsequent rise of organic Islamic order to provide cover for cells. The Internet. The size and structure of the Internet provides virtual sanctuary. The Internet provides the glue that links groups that operate within the ancien

Maritime Terrorism : Evaluating the Security of the Global Containerized Supply Chain

Much worldwide cargo, from raw materials to finished products, travels via containerized shipping. For the shippers, the main concern has always been losses from theft or accident. But shipping containers are as attractive to terrorists as they are to thieves and smugglers. New security measures have therefore proliferated. This report defines a framework for assessing the effects of these measures, reviews the balance of current container security risk-reduction efforts, and lays out directions for further research. DOWNLOAD COMPLETE REPORT

Pakistan : Defeating the Jihadists, A Blueprint for Action

Various Authors Century Foundation Press, 11/16/04 DOWNLOAD COMPLETE BOOK Below are excerpts from the book on state of Pakistan. Musharraf’s ability to meet Washington’s expectations, given the serious countervailing pressures he faces, is open to doubt. As a way of navigating the Scylla of domestic political demands and the Charybdis of American pressure, Musharraf has become a "minimal satisfier," in the words of one expert. Thus, he periodically offers the United States a midlevel or senior al Qaeda militant, while prohibiting the deployment of U.S. troops to Waziristan and ordering generally unconvincing sorties of Pakistani forces into that region. He has little flexibility, since the deployment of government soldiers into the autonomous areas could unite tribal chieftains against him. As these conflicting pressures mount, Pakistan is going to become an increasingly unstable place. Read complete article

As Dollar Plunges, Watch for US Government Bonds Sell-off

DEBKAfile Special Financial Report December 7, 2004, 10:47 PM (GMT+02:00) The sinking dollar and the soaring US stock market will lead, according to our financial expert, to a sell-off of American government bonds and, as a result, an increase in long-term interest rates. What is the connection between the price of bonds and interest rates? And how do they affect real-estate and the stock and foreign exchange markets? A government bond is an IOU by the government to honor the debt at a specified future date. They mature after two, five, ten or 30 years. Issued to the public, the bond trades OTC (Over the Counter) on the open bond market, one of the most liquid in the trade with volumes of tens of billions of dollars a day. The issuer (seller) in the primary market is the government; the secondary (open) market consists of a mixed bag of buyers and sellers - foreign central banks, mortgage companies, investment firms, and the public. There is a reverse interaction between the b

Intelligence for grown ups

December 06, 2004 By Larry Seaquist GIG HARBOR, WASH. - A thought experiment: Let's pretend America's intelligence problems have beenfixed. While we wait for the next skirmishes in Washington's endless civi lwar among the officialtribes who run our national intelligence apparatus, let's imagine we have what's been promised. Allthe dots are being connected, all the terrorists are being detected - before they strike.To conduct this improved scan of the world, twice as many spies as we have now are out snooping, animmense umbrella of our satellites look at and listen in to every cranny ofthe globe, and here at home a new super chief enforces peace among the clans who staff America's gargantuan collection and analysis machine. Read more

What went wrong with Jayalalitha and Kanchi Mutt. Intelli-Briefs Expose

by Nagesh Bhushan Intelli-Briefs sources in Tamil Nadu and Kanchi Mutt learnt some facts which local media people should have got . But, we are surprised that the media has not come out with this conspiracy angle while they merrily publish allegations and ridiculous stories citing unnamed sources . Indisputable facts which we came across : 1. Jaya gave over 100 cr of MGR's money to the mutt, which was accepted as any other donation is, and invested where the mutt pleased. 2. Child's trust and Tamil Nadu hospitals were "acquired" by the mutt (or the mutt's devotees - mostly Bombay based businessmen, at the nod of the Sri Jayendra Saraswati Swamigal), and it is a known fact that Jaya and her cronies were openly intent on acquiring those properties. The owners of these properties were able to dispose off them to the mutt devotees only because BJP (Advani) was at the centre, and Jaya didn't (at that point) dare touch people whom he had connections wi

Al-Qaeda Declaration on U.S. Consulate Attack

A number of Islamist forums (e.g., have posted the latest declaration of al-Qaeda, which claims responsibility for the December 6 attack on the American Consulate in Jedda. The Declaration is notable for its claim that two Americans were among the casualties of the operation. It also maintains that al-Qaeda will shortly supply a recording of the storming of the Consulate, and the last testaments of the martyrs. Great significance among Islamist forums is being paid to the attack, since it is being used to affirm that al-Qaeda, despite denials from the Saudi government, is maintaining its capability in the kingdom. The complete translation is provided below. Declaration on the Operation Against the American Consulate in Jeddah (The "Fallujah Raid") Praise be to God, the Lord Of The Worlds, and a prayer and a greeting to the most noble of the Prophets and Messengers. Almighty God said: "Lo! Those who disbelieve spend their wea

Islamic Rulings on Warfare

By Dr. Sherifa Zuhur and LCDR Youssef H. Aboul-Enein. The authors delve into the Quran and hadith to articulate a means to counter Islamic militancy ideologically, drawing insights from these and other classical Islamic texts. In so doing, they expose contradictions and alternative approaches in the core principles that groups like al-Qaeda espouse, and find that scripture actually discredits al-Qaeda and other jihadist organizations' tactics The global war on terror (GWOT) and the battles with specific Islamist groups is, to some degree, a war of ideas. With a better understanding of Islamic concepts of war, peace, and Muslim relations with non-Muslims, those fighting the GWOT may gain support and increase their efficacy. The authors explain the principles of jihad and war and their conduct as found in key Islamic texts, the controversies that have emereged from the Quranic verses of war and peace, and the conflict between liberal or moderate Islamic voices and the extremist



U.S. – India Security Ties: Taking Stock-- Conference

Title: U.S. – India Security Ties: Taking Stock Sponsors: Indiana University and the Army War College When: April 24-25, 2005 Location: Bloomington, IN Details: This event brings together scholars, decision-makers and opinion leaders to take stock of the evolution of Indo-U.S. security ties since the end of the cold war. RSVP: Required Admission: By Invitation Only Point of Contact: Host's Website: Website unavailable for this conference. Online Registration: No Registration Form: Registration Forms Unavailable

Wake up call to Indians on LEFTISTS stand on Arunachal Pradesh

This should be a wake up call to all Indians , all these years BJP and it's alies were shouting about LEFTIST's anti-national aganda , now NSUI ( Congress Party's Students wing) is convinced about it .At JNUSU meet, Left shows 'anti-national' bias Rajeev R Roy/ New Delhi For the Left outfits the Communist camaraderie comes before the interest of the nation. If a resolution, which was defeated in the students' council of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, is anything to go by -- the Communists of the world must unite. Unbelievable it may sound, at the first council meeting of JNU Students Union (JNUSU), the Left outfits voted against a resolution condemning China for repeatedly showing Arunachal Pradesh as not part of India.Zinniah and Manoj, councilors of the National Students Union of India (NSUI), student wing of the Congress, had brought the

Wounds on the Hindu psyche

Wounds on the Hindu psyche by A Surya Prakash Some days ago, Muslim organisations in Andhra Pradesh called for a bandh on December 6 to mark the 12th anniversary of the demolition of the Babri Masjid. The Pioneer quoted Maulana Abdul Raheem Qureshi, Secretary of the Muslim United Front, one of the organisations that has given the bandh call, as saying "the wound caused by the Babri Masjid's demolition is still festering". Maulana Qureshi, who is also Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, goes on to say that the demolition of the structure at Ayodhya "is the blackest incident in the history of the country" and that "it will not be forgotten till justice is done and the rule of law is established".Qureshi's hyperbole compels me to undertake a painful journey into the past and to revisit some of the horrendous assaults on Hindu places of worship by Muslim invaders and kings. I also wish to examine whether, in the face of incontr

H & K Makes History With Pistol Contract

H & K Makes History With Pistol Contract The Department of Homeland Security has awarded the largest ever law enforcement contract for pistols to Heckler & Koch Defense Inc. to make tens of thousands of small arms for immigration and customs enforcement personnel. The multi-year contract has a potential value of $26.2 million. The maximum number of pistols being purchased hovers at 65,000, making it the single largest handgun procurement in the history of U.S. law enforcement. Three models of firearms were selected, chosen in three calibers, from a pool of 46 weapons from different companies vying for the contract. The company said that more than 3 million rounds were fired during the testing of the weapons. “The testing protocol not only included one of the most rigorous battery of reliability, environmental, accuracy and durability tests a handgun has ever been subjected to,” mentioned Wayne Weber, the company's defense federal operations manager. It also featured th

NATO Struggling to Define Its Role in War on Terrorism

by Robert H. Williams Rising stars in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization are receiving comprehensive instruction in the military and political ramifications of global terrorism at the NATO Defense College in Rome. This training, however, does not mean that European nations would agree to conduct combat operations in the Middle East. European members traditionally have resisted overt military action unless the threat is on their very doorstep, college officials said. Within the treaty organization, they noted, there is considerable disagreement over the definition of terrorism and obvious disapproval of the United States' “SWAT team” approach to combating this threat. They also expressed concern over the long-term prospects of NATO, which has floundered since the end of the Cold War, adding that the increasing friction between the United States, France and Germany has contributed to this growing uncertainty. Economic and political competition, especially in the absence of

Iran, India gas deal failed : IRAN will be Number one in Petro Chemical Products by 2025

Dec 6, 2004 Iran and India failed to finalise a deal for India to buy five million tonnes a year of liquefied natural gas (LNG), despite a new round of ministerial talks, Iran’s Oil Minister said on Monday. Zanganeh told reporters that price remained the main sticking point, but added other "key issues" also needed to be ironed out. "LNG and gas talks are of a different nature from oil deals. They need long discussions to move forward. There are steps back and forward in this process," Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh told reporters on the sidelines of an oil and gas industry conference in Tehran. Iran will be the world’s number one producer of petrochemical products by 2025 Netiran, Dec. 6th, 2004, Netiran economy deskWord Count : 507 Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh noted that share of Middle East from oil and gas investments have been less than other oil-rich regions of the world.He told the ninth international conference of the In

Iran’s Nuclear Progress Remains an Anathema ( Part I )

Sharq, Daily Newspaper, No. 358, Dec. 5th, 2004, Page 1-5By : Kambiz TavanaWord Count : 1101 Sirous Nasseri, a senior member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team with the Europeans, says neither the United States nor the Europeans favor Iran’s enrichment of uranium. He says they want to have Iran halt its programs indefinitely. Nasseri says the Europeans are torn between the United States and the Islamic Republic. Read more

Information Sharing Among Military Headquarters

Advances in information gathering and sharing can improve military awareness and collaboration, but the effects of new technologies on military decisionmaking still need to be assessed. New concepts such as network-centric operations and distributed and decentralised command and control have been suggested as technologically enabled replacements for platform-centric operations and for centralised command and control in military operations. But as attractive as these innovations may seem, they must be tested before adoption. This report assesses the effects of collaboration across alternative information network structures in carrying out a time-critical task, identifies the benefits and costs of local collaboration, and looks at how ‘information overload’ affects a system. Read Complete Report

Safety and security of the maritime system

In May 2002, at a workshop organised by the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, RAND Europe gave a presentation on the reliability of technical systems. The safety and security of the maritime system, with a focus on container security, was touched upon in this presentation. It triggered awareness with respect to the vulnerability of the global container shipping system. Based on this awareness, RAND Europe has co-operated with the JRC to take the matter to the next level and increase awareness throughout the container supply chain, as well as within the European legislative bodies. This effort resulted in organising SeaCurity, a stakeholder consultation – held 28-30 October 2002 – regarding the security of container commerce. During this three-day event in Ispra, Italy, presentations were given in two categories: threats and solutions. In the first category – Threats – Jack R

Lord Mountbatten , Britain , United Nations internationalized Kashmir Issue

Ambassador Dore Gold is President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs He was the eleventh Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations (1997-1999). Previously he served as Foreign Policy Advisor to the former Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu , Excerpts from his latest book , where he charged UN for internationalizing KASHMIR ISSUE . and loop hole of Article 2 of UN Charter . The UN crated a kind of false symmetry between the fundamental grievances of each side and placed them on the same moral plane. Indian government ultimately rejected the UN’s latest intervention, arguing that resolution 726 made India look a “co-accused” with Pakistan. India had brought what it felt was a clear-cut case of aggression to the UN and come up empty-handed, with the UN’s only response being to form a committee. This was hardly the decisive action Lord Mount