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PAKISTAN : Abdul Hamid responds to Hafiz Saeed's statement on Northern Areas

Ghazwa November 4, 2004 Internet edition Musharraf making the Northern Areas an Ismaili State Hafiz Saeed ‘Musharraf is working on a hidden agenda to make the Northern Areas an Aga Khani state in the name of the Kashmir dispute’s settlement. He has proposed a plan to resolve the Kashmir issue only a week after Christina Rocca visited the Northern Areas. He has declared the Northern Areas part of Kashmir. Pakistan’s stand has been that the Northern Areas are not the parts of Kashmir.’ ‘Musharraf has been pressured by Rocca as well as Prince Karim Aga Khan to hand over the Northern Areas under the trusteeship of the UN. This is in fact a conspiracy to take away the Northern Areas from us to make it a separate Ismaili state.’ ‘Musharraf has been badly trapped by Rocca and Aga Khan. He has already surrendered the educational board to the Agha Khan Foundation. Let’s see what happens next. But I assure you that we will not let him make this holy land the evil land of Ismailis

Jihad against Italy : Sonia is to Europe what Mushy is to America

-- NS Rajaram The Vatican, especially its secret service know as the Opus Dei greatly fears this history returning. This is in fact the nightmare scenario that dominates the thinking of European intellectuals and even policymakers. Europe is in decline inmore ways than one. Its polulation is shrinking and has no capacity to wage war against the encroaching hand of Islam. The fear is most acute in Italy which has no capacity to fight anything. Strategically also it is most vulnerable with Muslim strongholds in Bosnia and Albania in the Balkans. Kosovo is just hundred miles from Trieste on the Italian border. European countries today have substantial Muslim populations, which was a problem at the time described in the article below. After the fall of Jerusalem to Arabs in the first millennium, Coanstantinople fell to the Turks in the second. Now the fear is the fall of Rome next. This seems to be what is behind Sonia Gandhi's attempt to c

KGB documents expose ugly face of Indian Communists

Source : Date : 10-Oct-80 Document : CT232/53 Subject : Request from CP( Communist Party) of India for money exchange Link : Date : 29-Apr-83 Document No. : No. 797 Subject : Publishing equipment for CP (Communist Party) of India. Link: Date : May 26, 1980 Document No. : CT212/68 Subject : Assistance to Indian Peace organization Link : Date : 28-Aug-69 Document : No.2169-A Subject : Demonstration in India organized by KGB (Communist Terror to the World) Link : Leonid Chernikhov : Please note that Engli

Arms to Pakistan : Sheer American hypocrisy Sheer American hypocrisy Rahul Bedi India Correspondent, Jane's Defence Weekly It is interesting to see how the United States has reneged on all its commitments on proliferation when it comes to Pakistan. The decision of the Bush administration to waive sanctions and reopen the floodgates of arms supply to Pakistan smacks of hypocrisy. Pakistan has been accorded the status of Major Non-Nato Ally. Washington has decided to forget about the Abdul Qadir Khan case. This is a disgrace. It is clear that the US would like to keep Pakistan fully armed. This will help them overcome their shortfall in conventional weapons. It must be remembered that though India has numerical superiority, the hardware at the disposal of the Pakistani armed forces is younger. They also have the advantage of possessing a swifter and more efficient decision making process. Unlike in India where

Hindu as a Nation: Roots of Hindu Janajaati, Gotra

Hindu as a nation: roots of hindu janajaati, gotra There are many facets of bharatiya itihas which have been left unexplored, thanks to the interrugnum caused by invading islamists and colonial traders. One such facet is janajaati. Gotra or got, as a set of jaati, can be roughly translated as lineage and is an organizing principle which can be traced to the practices related to respect for ancestors, among exogamous kinship units called hindu janajaati. [Gotra is an exogamous (septs) patrilineal sibship whose members trace their descent to a common ancestor. Pravara is constituted by the Sage or Sages who lived in the remotest past, who were most illustrious and who are generally the ancestors of the Gotra Sages or in some cases the remotest ancestor alone. (cf. P.V. Kane, History of Dharma Sastra, Poona Vol.II, Part I, p.497). Endogamous- marriages occur within the boundaries of the domestic group (between members of the same group); not the same as incest; Exogamous

Iranian army's ground forces conducted biggest ever war games

Iranian army's ground forces start war games TEHRAN (AFP) Dec 03, 2004 The Iranian army's ground forces on Friday started their "biggest ever" war games in five western and southern provinces, some of them bordering Iraq, state television reported. Ten army divisions as well as artillery, missile and electronic warfare units were taking part in the "Followers of Guardianship" exercises, said the army's ground forces commander, Brigadier General Nasser Mohammadi-Far. The operations, backed by C-130 tactical aircrafts, were being carried out in Kermanshah, Ilam, Hamedan, Lorestan and Khuzestan provinces, covering an area of 100,000 square kilometers (3,800 square miles), the report said. Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday that knowledge and perseverance in the way of God Almighty are two features which have grave role in the military related issues and in the big “Followers of Velayat (Guar

Crisis in Netherlands : Muslim Society under AIVD scan The Netherlands is in an ongoing crisis of racial and religious violence. In just one week the country has seen the apparently religiously inspired murder of a well-known filmmaker and some 20 attempted arson attacks on mosques and churches, including one serious bomb incident. At the time of writing, the city of The Hague was the scene of one of the largest anti-terrorist operations seen in the country since the 1970s, involving the deployment of elite military troops. The crisis continues; all Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende could do on Wednesday was to call on the Dutch to remain calm. What went wrong? So, what has happened to this relatively small but well-off nation with a centuries-long reputation for tolerance? There’s no simple answer to that question, because the problems which the country now faces are themselves so complicated. Take, for example, the growing problem of terrorism. For years, the

Dutch secret service ran three cover organisations during 1960-1980

Source : Radio Netherlands From the late 1960s until well into the 1980s, the Dutch secret service established not one, but three cover organisations which targeted communist China. In September this year, a former member of Dutch intelligence revealed that the Marxist-Leninist Party of the Netherlands (“Marxistisch-Leninistische Partij Nederland”) had been used as a cover for the BVD security service, currently known as the AIVD. Click Listen to Audio It now appears that two pressure groups - the Netherlands-Albania and the Netherlands-Kampuchea foundations - were also BVD covers, which were created so that the Dutch intelligence service and the American CIA could obtain more information about China’s influence inside Western Europe. In the Netherlands, this intelligence project, which remained secret for a long time, was known as 'Operation Mongol', while it reportedly went under the name of 'Operation Red Herring' within the CIA. Now, for the fi

Arab Christians Between Thoughts of Subjugation and Freedom Christian communities native to the Middle East are passing through turbulent times. In Egypt, where the Copts constitute the largest concentration of Christian Arabs anywhere in the region, the community finds itself caught in the crossfire between an authoritarian government and radical Islamist groups. The Copts, despite sharing strong sentiments of Egyptian nationalism with the Muslim majority, are often beset upon by both the authorities and the fanatics because they are perceived as a convenient scapegoat. In southern Sudan, though a peace agreement may be near, Christians were locked in a 20-year civil war with an Islamist government in Khartoum bent on imposing Sharia on them by force. Christians in growing numbers are daily fleeing the chaos in Iraq, where their churches have been bombed and their livelihoods threatened by Islamist militants leading the armed insurgency against U.S. and coalition forces. In the Hol

Post-Modern Terrorism

By Antero Leitzinger Global Politician 12/14/2004 Individual perpetrators of terrorist acts may be psychopaths or suicidal personalities, but their mentors, protectors, and managers, are rational political players. Not only the techniques, but also the strategies of terrorism will follow general development, to suit better to the modern society. Terrorism is the art of manipulating political opinions and decisions by the use of violence and mass psychology, specially in a democracy - in dictatorships, carefully targeted assassinations would be more efficient. There are basically two strategies: 1) collective blackmail; 2) provocations. In the former, the enemy is forced to pay such a high price for peace and security, that compromises or appeasement will get wide support. This is clearly the intention of the IRA against the United Kingdom, or the ETA against Spain. In some cases, the enemy may become a political pariah, shunned by potential allies. This is the