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Metal Storm Robot Will Demostrate Urban Warfare Capabilites For DARPA

The project design plan includes provision for the integration of Metal Storm weapons with sensors and targeting capabilities to allow the UGVs to act as the eyes and ears of the combat force when operating in hostile urban areas. Arlington VA (SPX) Dec 22, 2004 Metal Storm announced today that DARPA, the central research and development organization for the US Department of Defense, has selected the company's proposal titled 'Metal Storm Weapons for Urban Environments' for a contract award, subject to successful completion of contract negotiations. This DARPA project is designed to provide a feasibility demonstration of a Metal Storm weapon mounted on an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) in direct support of troops in military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) scenarios. The project design plan includes provision for the integration of Metal Storm weapons with sensors and targeting capabilities to allow the UGVs to act as the eyes and ears of the combat force wh

Pakistani Studies Textbooks Can Cause Cognitive Dissonance in Students

By Yvette Rosser The Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) organized a conference in Islamabad on December 8 & 9 2004 where the author presented a paper titled: "Troubled Times: Sustainable Development and Governance in the Age of Extremes". Abstract:The teleological nature of the civic responsibility to create patriotic citizens finds a malleable tool in the social studies curriculum where myth and fact often merge. Pakistan Studies textbooks are particularly prone to the omissions, embellishments, and elisionsthat often characterize historical narratives designed for social studies classes. Discourses about Islam and its relationship to the Ideology of Pakistan comprise the majority of Pakistan Studies textbooks which say, "Namaz1prevents a Muslim from indulging in immoral and indecent acts." One textbook states that governmental officers should "be honest, impartial and devoted. They should k

DARPA funds dozens of new urban-warfare tools

By Susan M. Menke PostNewsweek Tech Media The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency late last week awarded 37 contracts for new urban-warfighting technologies. The agency last June solicited proposals for casualty-reduction technologies; intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance devices; beyond-line-of-sight weapons; urban command and control tools; and training and simulation systems. The 37 awards, each worth from $130,000 to $2.7 million for six- to 12-month feasibility demonstrations, are intended to reduce casualties and collateral damage while improving effectiveness of smaller forces, DARPA said in a statement. The awards went to: AETC Inc. of San Diego for sound detection devices Alphatech Inc. of Burlington, Mass., for 3-D situational perception devices Analysis Group of Falls Church, Va., for automated urban decision support Applied Research Associates Inc. of Raleigh, N.C., for aerial firefight sensors; optical navigation for oper

Security: Private Military Firms in Conclave at Oxford

For the first time ever, a conference organized last week at Oxford by the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) brought together practically all of the British security firms operating in Iraq. Most of the deliberations centered on regulating the branch, which currently operates as it feels fit. The companies working abroad aren't required to register in their home countries nor prove that their employees have been subjected to background checks. This legal gray area has often resulted in legitimate companies being mistaken for mercenary outfits, something the firms strongly resent. They want to appear legitimate as this will facilitate their relations with banks and insurance companies. The strongest advocates of regulation are the industry's heavyweights such as ArmorGroup (which was floated on the stock exchange early this week), Control Risks and Olive. Other smaller companies, such as Tim Spicer's Aegis, are far less enthusiastic. An improvement in the firm's

Israel and India holds talk on defense ties

(NOTE : This is Combined report from Various sources) NEW DELHI, DECEMBER 24,2004: India-Israel defence ties are likely to receive a boost with the third joint working group meeting held today in Tel Aviv. Defence Secretary Ajai Vikram Singh led the eight-member Indian side. Israel is understood to be keen on pitting its F-16 fighters against the IAF’s Su-30s in a joint exercise next year. Its other proposals include a marketing tie-up for Hindustan Aeronautics-made MiG-21UM trainer jets, the sale of new generation Heron UAVs and joint development of the Barak-II ship defence missile. South Block — which is traditionally silent on defence issues involving Israel — said the JWG, which met Israeli Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz and Defence Ministry Director General Amos Yaron today, was on a routine visit. Sources said the strategic aspects of discussions, including the proposed air exercises, would underscore the meeting at least from Israel’s side, while India would revie

Iraqi Insurgency and Strengthening Military Forces -- REPORT

Iraqi Insurgency and Strengthening Military Forces CSIS expert, Anthony Cordesman, published two new reports on Strengthening Iraqi Military and Security Forces and on The Developing Iraqi Insurgency: Status at End-2004 . Executive Summary There are five key elements to any kind of “victory in Iraq, both for the Iraqi people, and for the US and its Coalition allies: o Establishing a pluralistic Iraqi government capable of both governing and providing security to the people of Iraq, and finding a new balance of political power acceptable to Arab Shi’ite, Arab Sunni, the Kurds, Turcomans, and other minorities. Must be capable of effective governance at the local, regional, and national level. o Creating effective Iraqi military, security, and police forces capable of bringing security to the entire country, of eventually replacing all Coalition forces, and cap

Difference of Strategic Views?: Japanese Loss of Confidence in the U.S.

Difference of Strategic Views?: Japanese Loss of Confidence in the U.S. but Continuing Support for the Alliance. William Breer, Japan Chair, CSIS A joint Yomiuri Shimbun-Gallup survey released on December 15, 2004 indicated a changing public opinion in Japan and the United States. The telephone survey was conducted in November, with 1,006 respondents over the age of 20 in Japan and 1,000 over 18 in the United States. • U.S.-Japan alliance: 64 percent of the respondents in Japan and 75 percent in the United States shared the view that the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty in the Asia-Pacific region was effective. 49 percent of Japanese respondents said their relationship with the United States was good, a nine percentage point increase from 2003. 53 percent of American respondents shared this view. • North Korean threat: Both Japanese and American respondents identified North Korea as a security threat in East Asia with the figure of 72 percent of Japanese and 81 percent of Amer

Indian Evangalist's Conversion Tactics – Violence

Bodies of Hindus killed for refusing to convert by Christian converts, armed by Southern Baptist Missionaries. While Christian Missionaries preach of peace, love and harmony, their most effective tool for conversions is violence and they will not hesitate to use it. There are hundreds of violent attacks by Christian Missionaries every year. Most of these attacks can be categorized into the following: 1. Divide & Convert (Tahiti) – One of the most efficient way and brutal ways that Missionaries have converted large amounts of people is by dividing and conquering. Missionaries will persuade a leader of a tribe that they will arm him and allow him to defeat a rival tribal if he converts to Christianity. After the conquering and pillaging of the opposing tribe, under the rule of the converted leader, both tribes convert to Christianity. One classical example occurred is the story of how the South Pacific was converted: In 1797, thirty years after the discovery of Tahit

10 Countries Show Interest in BrahMos

Ten countries have shown interest in BrahMos the new generation supersonic cruise missile - jointly developed by India and Russia, and have made inquiries about the possibility of acquiring them, a senior Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) official said. While three "trusted nations" have been short-listed by both the countries, A Sivathanu Pillai, the CEO and managing director of the Indo-Russian joint venture, BrahMos Aerospace, told ToI that the export of BrahMos will be strictly restricted to friendly developing countries. "We have received inquiries from some countries, but it won't be proper to disclose any names at this stage," he said adding that both the governments would decide on the matter. Pillai is also DRDO's chief controller (research and development). Air Launch Ship Launcg

US Air Force F/A-22 Raptor crashed on takeoff

An Air Force F/A-22 Raptor crashed on takeoff here Dec. 20. The pilot ejected successfully and was taken to the base hospital for evaluation. The pilot and aircraft are assigned to the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron here The pilot ejected safely and suffered no serious injuries. 12/22/2004 - WASHINGTON -- Commanders of units flying the F/A-22 Raptor called for a safety stand down of the fleet following a crash Dec. 20 at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev. The aircraft, assigned to the 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron at Nellis, crashed on takeoff and exploded. Officials said an interim safety board will investigate the accident, but it may take months before an official determination can be made as to the cause. Maj. Gen. Stephen M. Goldfein, commander of the Air Warfare Center at Nellis, stood down the remaining seven F/A-22s at the base immediately following the crash pending a complete inspection. That inspection could take hours or days to complete, depending up

From Khilafat Raj to Vatican Raj

From Khilafat Raj to Vatican Raj Note that the Church and Christian groups are objecting to showing "atrocities committed by the Portuguese" after the conquest of Goa. So these church worthies still look to the Portuguese as their spiritual masters! How is this different from the Khilafat, when the Indian Muslims looked to the Sultan of turkey and went on a rampage to establish the 'Khilafat Raj' (as Annie Beasant called it) in Malabar in the now whitewashed Moplah Rebellion? Now Sonia is their new white hope to set up Vatican Raj in India, with a heritiraryrule by the dynasty that cannot rule for long by getting elected. So Mahatma Gandhi was to be the vanguard for the Khilafat Raj, and now Sonia Gandhi is to be the Trojan Horse for the Vatican Raj-- with Sonia serving the European Union in the same manner as Musharraf serves the U.S.-- supply the men and materials to defend Europe against the soldiers of Islam. Sonia and

Who paid for AQ Khan network?

Wilson John %2Etxt&counter_img=3 22nd Dec 2004 A year ago, around this time, startling revelations were tumbling forth from Washington about how a Pakistani rogue nuclear scientist, Mr AQ Khan, had set up a global chain of illegal nuclear trade with branch offices in Dubai, Malaysia, Germany, US, UK, Tripoli, Tehran, Baghdad and Pyongyang. The investigations carried out by the US intelligence agencies and officials of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealed the involvement of several people dispersed across the globe, and raised the spectre of terrorists tapping into the nuclear blackmarket chain. What the US agencies and the media failed to focus on was that the American taxpayer bankrolled the nuclear underworld. A report prepared by Observer Research Foundation, a New Delhi-based public policy think tank, on the AQ Khan's network, reveals how the CIA was was aware that "P