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US Intelligence Report Sees Sharp Rise in Asian Influence

By Gary Thomas Washington 14-January-2005 Thomas report - Download 466k Listen To Thomas report A new forecast compiled by U.S. intelligence experts foresees China and India spearheading an expansion of Asian political and economic influence throughout the world. It also sees many Arab countries at a crossroads as globalization spreads. The report, labeled "Mapping the Global Future," lays out a world 15 years from now in which the United States remains the dominant power, but faces increased competition from growing economic power in Asia and challenges from political Islam. The long-range forecast was issued by the National Intelligence Council, or N.I.C., a kind of research organization for the head of the Central Intelligence Agency. The Council regularly compiles reports reflecting the collective views of U.S. intelligence agencies. Officials say the views of more than one thousand political, economic, and social experts around the world were s

Bangalore Judge puts conditions on Benny Hinn performance

Bangalore Judge puts conditions on Benny Hinn performance Judge Shri Belvadi Ramaswamy has laid following conditions for the Program: a) Closed Circuit Cameras to be used for 21st January program. The court is interested in taking note about the method adopted in healing patients, any provocative speech hurting the sentiments. b) A selected 15 handicapped people would be sent for the program after they are medically termed as ill and a thorough medical check up has been ordered prior to the Program. c) A team of 5 doctors will be deputed to examine the handicapped people and after 21st Program. Court has fixed next date as 22nd January 2005 for hearing after all the required documents, medical reports and video filma are submitted to decide the next course of action.

US Report of the National Intelligence Council imagines the world in 2020

Morning Edition, January 14, 2005 · Every five years, top intelligence analysts weigh in on long-term global trends. The latest report from the National Intelligence Council imagines the world in 2020, envisioning a receding threat from al Qaeda and a world profoundly changed by the rise of India and China _________________________ COMPLETE REPORT New Global Players The likely emergence of China and India, as well as others, as new major global players—similar to the advent of a united Germany in the 19th century and a powerful United States in the early 20th century—will transform the geopolitical landscape, with impacts potentially as dramatic as those in the previous two centuries. In the same way that commentators refer to the 1900s as the “American Century,” the 21st century may be seen as the time when Asia, led by China and India, comes into its own. A combination of sustained high economic growth, expanding militar

A letter about State tyranny on hindu institutions from Indians abroad to CJ, Supreme Court of Bharat

There was an occasion when a letter from an ex-Chief Justice of the Court was taken as a petition and the SC commended the incorporation of Fundamental Duties article in the Constitution, without asking for formalities of affidavits and the lawyer paraphernalia. SC has a role beyond listening to petitions and to intervene with sage counsel to the President of India to stem this rot in the polity. Tamil Nadu Government is cocking-a-snook at the Prime Minister by lying about the disruptions to the Kanchi Peetham and he doesn't even seem to notice it and is fooling the opposition that he is writing tongue-in-cheek letters to the TN Govt. Everyone is trying to fool the people. This is the moment of truth, mahaakaala. This is the time when two eminent guardians of the Constitution, SC and President of India should step in and dismantle the tyrannical state represented by Tamil Nadu Government and an inept Central Government. There is a report that the Viras'aiva

Indian Secualar attack on Census facts

The Secular Bogie- 2005----You cannot even quote census 2001. New type of censorship.The irony is that the Christian Union is represented by a Christian called Rita Iyengar which is a Vaishanavite caste name. It is told from rooftops that Christianity does not believe in casteism--May be only on paper. The newspaper headline is "RSS in row over Census banners" and not " Secular protest against census facts". The secular press is at its traditional game. --- RV __________________________ RSS in row over census banners The Asianage (1/14/2005 11:26:30 PM) Bhopal, Jan. 14: Secularists in Madhya Pradesh are up in arms over hoardings put up by the local unit of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh at crucial city intersections cautioning Hindus on the "explosive findings" of the 2001 Population Census. Titled "Aapke naati-pote Hindu rahengen kya? — Janganana 2001 ka vishphotak sanket (Will your grandchildren remain Hindus? Explosive


CHAOS AT PRESS CONFERENCE OF BENNY HINN PROGRAM Bangalore 15th January 2004 There was a total chaos in the press meet organised by the committe of `Pray for India and Festival of Blessing' (Benny Hinn's Program) in Bangalore Press Club Today at 12.00 noon. The program organisers Gul Kriplani, Paul Thangaiah, former DGP Kolaso, Ruban, Satyavrat and Samuel spoke about the objectives of Benny Hinn's program to be organised in the city of 21st of this month. They briefed the jam packed media with a boring speech for over 45 minutes. Media reporters from various print and electronic Media were present. After all this, question/answer session started: First a Hindu Voice Representative questioned about the handbills which has been distributed throughout Bangalore city in which it has targeted Hindus as followers of idol worship, prostitution, black magic etc etc and advised to accept Jesus as the only God. Tamasha begins: Gul Kriplani (Cha

Through Arms to Syria, Putin Challenges US Middle East Game Rules

DEBKAfile Exclusive Military Report January 12, 2005, 7:52 PM (GMT+02:00) Disturbing reports were coming out of the Russian capital Wednesday, January 12, about Russian president Vladimir Putin’s plan to accede to Syria’s request for advanced weaponry during president Bashar Assad’s visit to Moscow on January 24. DEBKAfile’s US and Israeli security sources quickly contradicted reports that 18 Iskander-M or SS-X-26 surface-to-surface missiles were on the table. The items for sale, they revealed, are advanced SA-10 air defense systems of the type that protects Moscow and shoulder-held SA-18 anti-air missiles, whose transfer to the Hizballah and/or Iraqi guerrillas would move at least two sets of goal posts in the Middle East balance of strength. The SA-10 is an effective defense against Israeli warplanes and missiles, including cruise missiles. Its presence in Syria would therefore knock a serious hole in Israel’s deterrent ability against Assad and the Hizballah. The Kreml

US and Iraq All Set for Strike against Syria

US and Iraq All Set for Strike against Syria. Israel Is Braced for Hizballah Second Front DEBKAfile Special Military Report Updating DEBKA-Net-Weekly 188 Last Sunday, January 2, US deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage performed his last major mission before stepping down in favor of Robert B. Zoellick, whom incoming secretary Condoleezza Rice has picked as her deputy. (Zoellick, currently trade representative in charge US world trade, served as deputy to secretary of state James Baker in the Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations. This mission took Armitage to Damascus with nine American demands. DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s Washington sources published those demands for the first time in its last week’s issue: To subscribe to DEBKA-Net-Weekly click HERE . 1. Start repealing Syria’s 40-years old emergency laws. 2. Free all political prisoners from jail. 3. Abolish media censorship. 4. Initiate democratic reform. 5. Speed up economic development

New German Law Could Allow Shooting Down of Hijacked Planes

New German Law Could Allow Shooting Down of Hijacked Planes By MARTIN AGÜERA, MUNICH SOURCE : DEFENSE NEWS A group that lobbies on behalf of German Air Force fighter pilots is criticizing the signature of a new law that crystallizes how the government would react if terrorist-hijacked airliners threatened densely populated areas of Germany, officials say. Federal State President Horst Köhler on Jan. 12 signed the document, which should go into effect in a few weeks if no challenges are filed with the Supreme Court. However, Köhler said he was not yet satisfied that “lives should be sacrificed for saving others.” His words set in motion a huge political debate over the new law, called Luftsicherheitsgesetz. A senior German Ministry of Defense (MoD) official in Berlin said the law provides “clarity and transparency for such complicated issues,” but the president of Germany’s Fighter Aircrews Association, Wittmund, disagreed. Thomas Wassmann, also a retired A

India, Russia Settle Frigate Delivery Dispute

India, Russia Settle Frigate Delivery Dispute By LYUBOV PRONINA, MOSCOW Source : Defense News After months of wrangling, India turned back on its decision to slap financial penalties on Russia for the delay in delivering three Project 11356 frigates under a 1997 contract, the maker Baltiisky Zavod said. “This decision was reached during negotiations between representatives of the Indian Defence Ministry and Rosoboronexport,” the company said Jan. 11 in an official statement. The agreement was signed late last year. Media have reported that India was planning to claim $40 million in damages from Russia. “During the negotiations with the Indian side, we have resolved all the financial disagreements,” Oleg Shulyakovsky, the company’s general director, was quoted in the statement as saying. “Under the signed bilateral agreement, the customer does not have any claims against Baltiisky Zavod.” The Indian Navy has expressed readiness to negotiate the construction

Invisible Soldiers Inc (ISI)'s hallucinations yielded terrorism

Kashmir: some home truths Khalid Hasan: P r i v a t e v i e w The Friday Times, Lahore, Jan. 7-13, 2005 On one of his visits to Islamabad, Abdul Sattar, at the time Pakistan’s envoy to New Delhi, told me about a talk he had been asked to give at one of the establishments in Islamabad where the audience either had a more-than-even component of brass or was perhaps entirely brass. He had been asked to speak on India-Pakistan relations and a better man they could not have found to do so, since Sattar had spent more time on the South Asia desk and in New Delhi than any other officer of the foreign service. At the time, the insurgency in the Indian part of Kashmir was still in its early stages and what was to become the Indian rallying cry of "terrorism from across the border" was years from being sounded. Sattar told his audience: "Gentlemen, before we initiate an action, we should be aware of its political implications, its fallout, i

Evangalist Benny Hinn in trouble in India , Court Issued arrest Warrant

The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court in Bangalore has passed an order in our favour. Shri Srinivas, Chief Metropolitian Magistrate, Jayanagar passed the order after going through all the documents furnished by the petitioners including handbills, posters and Video CD. The Magistrate said: a) Benny Hinn Should be arrested the moment he arrives in Bangalore because for inciting communal disharmony among two communities. b) A search warrant has been issued to Police Department to search the entire premises of the `Assembly for Peace and God' in Indira Nagar Bangalore before 17th January 2005. Arrest warrant against Paul Thangaiah, Sekar Kalyanpur, Yeshwantkumar and Gul Kriplani will be decided only after a report is submitted by the Police Department to the Hon. Court on 17th. c) The Magistrate has ordered removal of all the hoardings and posters before 16th of this month. The Petition was filed by an independent body in Bangalore on 10th January 2005. The Ma

Helios 2 Boosts French Satellite Intelligence

Helios 2 Boosts French Satellite Intelligence By NICHOLAS FIORENZA January 13, 2005 When France launched the Helios 2A military observation satellite at the end of 2004, it multiplied its space-based intelligence capabilities. An Ariane 5 rocket was launched from the Guyana Space Centre Dec. 18 with a payload that included the first of two Helios 2 satellites. The satellite has been in polar synchronous orbit (hence the name Helios) since an hour after the launch. The satellites will operate at an altitude of 700 kilometers. This is low enough for reconnaissance and high enough to avoid turbulence , according to Michel Sayegh, Helios program director in the Direction Générale pour l’Armement (DGA), the French procurement agency. Helios 2B is scheduled to be launched in 2008. Built by the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Co.’ s Astrium subsidiary, Helios 2 has two sensors: a medium-resolution instrument from Astrium like that of the SPOT 5 civilian earth-observation

US General Jumper qualifies in F/A-22 Raptor Fighter Aircraft

General Jumper qualifies in F/A-22 Raptor 1/13/2005 - TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. (AFPN) -- Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper ended two weeks of training here Jan. 12, flying his qualification flight in the F/A-22 Raptor, the Air Force’s newest fighter aircraft. “I’ve been involved with the Raptor program for years, in one way or another,” General Jumper said. “Now, to be able to fly it and see all that it does firsthand is quite remarkable. The Raptor does everything we had hoped it would do, plus some.” To qualify, the general completed more than 50 hours in aircraft systems and avionics academics, received stealth-tactics training emphasizing integrated avionics and super cruise technology, and completed five simulator sessions and three Raptor flights. “There are no two-seat versions of this airplane, so the instructors couldn’t be kind to me because I’m the chief of staff,” he said. The general learned everything all F/A-22 pilots must learn, including how

The Roots of Extremism in Bangladesh

By Wilson John In many ways, Bangladesh seems an excellent place for al-Qaeda to find sanctuary in the decisive years ahead. It is an impoverished Islamic nation, politically weak and backward in its economic development. Its ports have been active hubs for transnational crime, including weapons running. [1] More significantly, it has a formidable presence of religious groups, some noticeably extreme, jostling in the political space often left vacant by frequent bouts of political instability and military intervention since the country's violent birth in December 1971. Before the war of liberation, Bangladesh was East Pakistan, a compact patch of Gangetic delta sliced out of the Indian subcontinent during the Partition of 1947. Separated from the mainland by the mass of the Indian subcontinent, East Pakistan remained a distant outpost for Islamabad; a neglected, impoverished state, governed by local army commanders who used it as a staging ground for helping militant groups e

Radical Islam in the Netherlands

By Edwin Bakker Islamists have been known to be active in the Netherlands for at least the past decade. Their activities have been reported in various documents by the Dutch authorities [1], especially the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), whose first public statements date back to 1991. In its most recent reports, the AIVD warns against the growth of radical Islam in the Netherlands: "Radical Islam encompasses a multitude of movements, organizations and groups. Although they have several ideas in common (particularly relating to religious standards and anti-western sentiments), they may also have very different opinions about the aims to be pursued and the means to be used. In addition to radical Islamic organizations and networks focusing on the jihad (in the sense of armed struggle) against mainly the West, other movements prefer to concentrate on ‘Dawa' (preaching radical Islamic ideology), while some groups and networks combine these two elements.&q