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Open Letter to Udit Raj regarding his article Caste Curse (ToI- January 17, 2002)

FROM K.G.Acharya 21/33 Sagar Aptt. Link Rd., Lokhandwala Cx. Andheri – Mumbai 400 102 Sir, This has reference to the letter by U. Raj under the heading Caste Curse (ToI- January 17, 2002) and again repeated the next day. The letter was about caste discrimination in the tsunami affected areas in Tamil Nadu. According to a report from NAGAPATTINAM, Tamil Nadu, an area affected by the tsunami disaster, some Dalit families are not allowed to use toilets or even drink water by a majority of fishermen who are from the Meenavar community, listed in official records as Most Backward class (MBC). The fishermen think that Dalits are still untouchable. In this case Udit Raj has unnecessarily blamed the Sangh Parivar, which has nothing to do with the caste discrimination. U.Raj has said: “the Sangh Parivar cries foul against conversion, but can you blame Dalits for conversion?” It must be noted that the Sangh parivar has blames not “Dalits” but missionaries for convert

Conspiracy-- The hand behind the Kanchi Mutt assault ( Vatican Mafia)

OPUS DEI: VATICAN’S MAFIA The campaign against national institutions is being coordinated by a secretive organization known as Opus Dei. N.S. Rajaram Hand behind the coup Anyone following the brazen attack on the Kanchi Mutt and the relentless witch hunt against its leaders and officials cannot be in doubt that it must have a powerful organization directing its every move. It is no coincidence that these attacks, which were little more than pinpricks when the NDA government was in power, have become suddenly bold and open once the UPA came to power with Sonia Gandhi as the power behind the Government. Two developments have brought a sense of urgency to the conspiracy or campaign behind this assault on the nation: (1) the rapidly eroding base of the Congress, especially in North India, with the natural implication that the ‘Dynasty’ will have difficulty holding on to power for any length of time by strictly constitutional means;

Of CBI, Mayawati and apex court

CBI's credibility? Zilch. Why doesn't SC intervene? SC should have intervened when bank accounts of Kanchi Peetham were frozen, when Kanchi Acharya Junior Acharya was arrested close on the heels of the bail judgement delivered by SC and when CM writes a veritable indictment of judiciary, stating that judiciary has no righto interfere with an investigation agency, that is, telling the SC that it has no business to declare that there was no prima facie case against the Kanchi Acharya. Why does SC even entertain a bail revision petition of the sort presented by TN Govt. that the Acharya should be exiled north of the Vindhyas? Who is credible in Bharat, these days, in a country ruled by a vides'i rani? Dhanyavaadah. Kalyanaraman Title: Of CBI, Mayawati and apex court Author: Editorial Publication: Free Press Journal Date: Januay 17, 2005 Here is further proof that the independenc

The Nehruvian-secular "compulsions of coalition politics" The Nehruvian-secular "compulsions of coalition politics" (1of 2) VICHARAMALA no. 80 Jan 19, 2005 Thoughts on issues of current interest [my comments - as an Indian citizen - within square brackets], including instances of some double standards of our public figures, especially in the construction of Indian identity (all those Macaulayan myths, and the hypocrisy that is Nehruvian secularism) - Krishen Kak [Readers will share my astonishment at learning - on the authority of a senior union minister - that in the State of Bihar seventy thousand, yes, "70,000 persons, mostly from the weaker castes and minority communities, have been killed in the last 15 years", under the overlordship of another senior union minister LP Yadav and his politically emancipated and powerful wife Rabri Devi who is chief minister of Bihar (RV Paswan, "Defamed by the duo", The Pioneer, Jan 15,

UAV flocks to be operated against terrorists

UAV flocks to be operated against terrorists Elad Kivelevitch, who is working towards his M.Sc. at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology under the guidance of Dr. Pini Gurfil of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, has developed an innovate and unique method of fighting terrorism, using a flock of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The new method will make it possible to distinguish between military targets and civilians, even in crowded built-up areas, and greatly increase the probability of hitting and destroying the target. Kivelevitch and Gurfil have developed an algorithm for indentifying and destroying targets in hostile territory, based on natural movements of flocks, such as storks, wasps, and ants. They have created a flock of coordinated UAVs, which do not collide with each other, and which work as a team. “A flock of UAVs can perform a given mission better than one UAV,” Gurfil explains. “Communications between the members of the flock are sophisticated, not compli


BURNING ALIVE OF 58 INDIAN CITIZENS TRAVELLING IN COACH S-6 OF SABARMATI EXPRESS Train numbers 9164, 9166 and 9168 have been named Sabarmati Express after the name of the Sabarmati Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi to experiment and propagate his philosophies of non-violence and swadeshi. The train runs up to Ahmedabad, from Faizabad (9164) on Saturdays, from Muzaffarabad (9166) on Wednesday, Friday and Monday and from Varanasi (9168) on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday. It covers Lucknow, Gwalior, Bhopal, Indore and Dahod is its first halt in Gujarat. After traveling 74 km in 2 hrs and 19 minutes from Dahod the train is scheduled to arrive at 0255hrs at Godhra. After Godhra it halts at Vadodra, Anand and Nadiad reaching Ahmedabad at 0700hrs INNOCENT PILGRIMS On 26.02.02 Sabarmati Express started from Faizabad about 225 minutes late. On that fateful day, about 2300 pilgrims were travelling by the train. Most of them were returning from Ayodhya where they had gone for

Justice Banerjee Interim Report on Godhra : BJP's Statement

PRESS RELEASES January 18, 2005 Press statement on Justice Banerjee Interim Report on Godhra The Bharatiya Janata Party had yesterday given its reaction to the Interim Report submitted by a Railway Committee headed by Justice UC Banerjee, a retired Judge of the Supreme Court. The Party has further analysed the recommendations and opinion of the committee. Serious questions relating to the appointment, jurisdiction, functioning and recommendations of the Committee arise. The BJP is posing those questions to the Justice Banerjee interim report, so that proper discourse on a matter of public importance could be carried on: 1) Did you consider the evidence that two meetings took place on the night of 26.2.2002 at the Aman Guest House at Godhra, where the conspiracy to set fire to Bogey No.S-6 of the Sabarmati Express was hatched? 2) Did you consider the evidence that 140 litres of petrol was purchased from a nearby petrol pump on the night of 26.2.2002 and kept at Aman

Iran’s nuclear technology lies in minds of Iranian scientists

Iran’s nuclear technology lies in minds of Iranian scientists: first IAEO director Tehran Times, Daily Newspaper, No. 237, Jan. 17th, 2005, Page 2 Word Count : 1501 Akbar Etemad, the founder of the Iran Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) and the first IAEO director, says that Iran’s nuclear technology lies in the minds of the country’s nuclear scientists and thus can never be suspended.Etemad, who once headed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors and was even a candidate for the post of IAEA director general, has a lot to say about Iran’s nuclear activities. In a recent interview with the Mehr News Agency, he said that nuclear expertise is in fuel technology rather than in power plants. If a country has access to the complete nuclear fuel cycle it is considered a nuclear power, even though it may have no nuclear power plants, Etemad observed. “In fact, even if you have dozens of nuclear reactors but lack the national

Iran to Decide on Uranium Enrichment in at Most 6 Months

Iran to Decide on Uranium Enrichment in at Most 6 Months Kayhan, Daily Newspaper, No. 18146, Jan. 15th, 2005, Page 1 By : Mehdi Mohammadi Word Count : 1883 Hossein Mousavian, spokesman for Iran’s nuclear negotiation team, says Iran will decide to resume its enrichment of uranium in light of progress in its talks with the Europeans. “We should bunker down in March and make an assessment of our negotiations with the Europeans,” he says. “We rely on progress in talks. We will not need more than six months. We can reach conclusion within such period. We do not want to hold 50 years of negotiations. We can assure the people that the country can make a correct decision in at most six months.” Q: Iran’s nuclear dossier should have been closed in July 2004 because of its cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency. The European countries had promised Iran to finalize its case in exchange for its suspension of uranium enrichment in light of confid

Why the Hindus Are Losing the Kanchi Battle ?

By Nachiketa Tiwari One central lesson, that life keeps on throwing at me (which some times I take, and other times I duck) is that fear is the central reason of most of human miseries. On the Shankaracharya issue, the same fear factor has caused us immense grief, and will continue to do so unless things change for better. What do I mean by all this? In brief, the Hindu response (even from Hindu orgs. including Sangh etc.) has been very very weak-kneed. A very standard Hindu response from the Hindu organizations has been: Go ahead with the prosecution, but treat the Acharya with dignity. To me, this is a fundamentally flawed approach. Here are top five reasons why I think so. a) It means that you do not have courage to stand by your guy, when your guy is in need. The story of Yudhisthir standing by dog and forsaking heavens is illustrative. Leadership is about standing with your guy(s) in his gravest hour of need. Only then you will command his following. If an Imam/Bish

Jamestown Foundation has launched

By Nagesh Bhushan January 18, 2005 : Jamestown Foundation has launched a new website Eurasia Daily Monitor, In a note sent to its members stated that " The site offers complete archives, enhanced search features, and additional resources" to their readers . Also it "hope this website can serve as an additional way for you to follow developments in Eurasia and a tool for your research. " One can also go to .

Will Balochis succeed this time ?

Intelli Briefs : What is your opinion about ongoing insurgency in Balochistan ? Do you think they will succeed this time ? Col R.Hariharan : No. Baloch are numerically fewer. Their insurgency has roots in economic development or the lack of it in the inhospitable land. Unless they have external support they cannot fight Musharraf. Baloch has a problem of modern leadeship, modern arms etc. In the long run, all over the world fewer inusrgencies are succeeding by themselves. So I doubt whether they can sustain. Col R Hariharan, an MI specialist in counter-insurgency intelligence, served with the IPKF as Head of Intelligence in Sri Lanka

CIA report - 22% muslim Europe by 2025

THE CIA has predicted that the European Union will break-up within 15 years unless it radically reforms its ailing welfare systems. The report by the intelligence agency, which forecasts how the world will look in 2020, warns that Europe could be dragged into economic decline by its ageing population. It also predicts the end of Nato and post-1945 military alliances. In a devastating indictment of EU economic prospects, the report warns: "The current EU welfare state is unsustainable and the lack of any economic revitalisation could lead to the splintering or, at worst, disintegration of the EU, undermining its ambitions to play a heavyweight international role."... The EU is also set for a looming demographic crisis because of a drop in birth rates and increased longevity, with devastating economic consequences. The report says: "Either European countries adapt their workforces, reform their social welfare, education and tax systems,