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General Jumper testifies on 2006 Air Force posture, budget

by Tech. Sgt. David A. Jablonski Air Force Print News 2/11/2005 - WASHINGTON -- Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper testified Feb. 10 before the Senate Committee on Armed Services on the defense authorization request for fiscal 2006. The four service chiefs provided posture statements and answered questions about how each branch developed their portion of next year’s budget. General Jumper’s opening remarks described how the Air Force is fighting and winning the war on terrorism. He said more than 30,000 Airmen are deployed to 14 forward bases in operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, while 10,000 more continue supporting Operation Noble Eagle at home. About 2,000 Airmen are on convoy duty in Iraq. Guard and Reserve Airmen are flying 55 percent of the sorties overseas and 80 percent of the Noble Eagle sorties over the United States. With an eye on the future, General Jumper said, the Air Force will continue to purchase as many unmanned aerial vehicles as contrac

C-130J Deliveries to Italy Completed

C-130J Deliveries to Italy Completed Source: Lockheed Martin Feb. 11, 2005 Lockheed Martin (Marietta, GA) delivered the last C-130J Super Hercules airlifter for Italy on Feb. 10, completing a 22-aircraft program for the Aeronautica Militare Italiana (AMI, the Italian Air Force). “Our crew members have been operating in Iraq, Afghanistan, in all weather conditions, and in very demanding and difficult environments with enemy threats, and this has always been a very reliable aircraft,” said General B. A. Settime Caputo, chief of staff, Force Command, AMI. “The C-130J is a strategic asset for the Italian Air Force, and our fleet is performing all over the world well up to our expectations,” said Brigadier General Vincenzo Lops, head of 1st Department, ARMAEREO, Italian Ministry of Defense. The first AMI Super Hercules was delivered in 2000, and shortly after, crews began flying relief supplies to Eritrea. In April 2002, an AMI crew returned exiled Afghani King Zahir Shah and now-Pr

Hinduism and the Contest of Religions -- Subhash Kak

The Indian state is anti-hindu. The state has to be transformed into hindusthan with equal opportunities to all pantha-s. This transformation has to be achieved by action on many fronts, political, social, a_dhya_tmika. First step is to have a hindu in charge of political affairs, not a vides'i rani as chairperson of a hotch-potch anti-hindu coalition. The positioning of a hindu as the coordinator of the state activities calls for a coalition of non-congress, non-communist political parties into a national polity which is geared to safeguarding hindusthan's integrity and sovereignty as a nation. K. Hinduism and the Contest of Religions Subhash Kak Published on Friday, February 11, 2005 These are extraordinary times, given how technology is transforming the world and the unprecedented migration of people. Different cultural and religious groups have come in close contact physically, some for the first time; and television has brought to the home new images and possibilities.

Indian Army is buying 12 Nishant (UAV) from DRDO for for reconnaissance and surveillance operations

Army to buy 12 unmanned planes for surveillance The Indian Army is buying 12 Nishant unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for reconnaissance and surveillance operations, while the Indian Air Force has also expressed interest in acquiring the indigenously developed UAV, a top DRDO official said today. "Nishant has met all the requirements of the Armed forces, currently there is an immediate order for 12 units from the Army," DRDO Controller R&D Dipankar Banerjee told reporters here at the Aero India 2005 air show. He said there was a "possible order" for the Nishant UAV's from the Indian Air Force, but this would depend on the the Army's satisfaction. Nishant , designed and developed by DRDO's Bangalore-based Aeronautical Development Establishment, has an endurance of over four hours with a 45 kg payload carrying capability and has an integrated sensor package that includes a 35mm mini pan camera. Banerjee said the ADE has taken up several long-range

New elite sophisticated Indian Army command with Satellite feed

New elite sophisticated Indian Army command with Satellite feed; nuclear loaded stealth supersonic Indo-Russian Brahmos missiles will take control of Indo Pak border Sudhir Chadda, Special Correspondent February 05, 2005 Indian army chief J.J. Singh said on Feb. 4, 2005, a new army command will be mobilized in the next three months to defend India's western borders with Pakistan. In addition to using satellite equipment, Singh said the 10 battalions will be equipped for with conventional and nuclear missiles, including the Indo-Russian surface-to-surface Brahmos cruise missile. The new command and control structure will be based on the stealth supersonic Brahmos missile with integrated control through satellite feeds. The supersonic missile -- which derives its name from the Brahmaputra and Moscow rivers in both countries - has a range of almost 300 km and is designed for use with land, sea and aerial platforms. Its unmatc

US Airforce Grounded 30 C-130's E Model and 60 other models

2/11/2005 - SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (AFPN) -- Thirty E-model C-130 Hercules were grounded Feb. 10, and 60 other models including some E, H, H1 and HC-130P/N were placed on restricted flight status. Gen. John W. Handy, commander of Air Mobility Command, directed the grounding and restricted flight status to minimize wing stress and increase the safety margin. The aircraft were grounded after a recommendation by C-130 System Program Office officials at Robins Air Force Base, Ga. Since 2001, a series of inspections of the center wing box structure revealed that were greater in number and severity that originally expected, they said. Most of the aircraft affected are in AMC's inventory, but affected aircraft are also assigned to Air Education and Training Command, Pacific Air Forces, U.S. Air Forces in Europe, the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve Command. “Working together with the Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve Command and our active-duty units, we are committed

RFID embedded in supply chain : Emerging technology

RFID embedded in supply chain By DOUG BEIZER Pentagon tests temperature üsensors on food rations In its simplest form, radio frequency identification is a method to track what is inside a case, pallet or shipping container full of goods. But the evolving technology is more than a replacement for bar codes. RFID eventually will reach every step of the supply chain and even be an integral part of other tasks, such as tamper protection and quality control, said David Stephens, senior vice president of the public sector for Savi Technology of Sunnyvale, Calif. With mandates for RFID use being implemented by the Defense Department as well as companies such as Wal-Mart, contractors would do well to be knowledgeable about the increasingly more sophisticated technology. Pentagon officials turned to RFID around 1992 during the Persian Gulf War to help the services determine the contents of supply containers and to provide end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, said Stephens, whose c

Irresponsible journalism on Kanchi Acharya case

Irresponsible journalism on Kanchi Acharya case: Hindu Conference of Canada writes to Outlook Magazine FORMAL COMPLAINT BY THE HINDU CONFERENCE OF CANADA TO THE EDITOR OF OUTLOOK MAGAZINE Dear Sir, On behalf of the members and supporters of the Hindu Conference of Canada, I am writing to lodge a formal complaint against your magazine's distasteful and irresponsible coverage of the seer's arrest. The columns written by Mr. S. Anand, which were featured in your magazines November, December and January issues, were filled with uncorroborated statements and outrageous claims. Mr. Anand's rhetoric can verily be construed as hate propaganda aimed at inciting and fomenting hatred against Hindu minorities in Tamil Nadu for the following reasons: Mr. Anand is a contributor and supporter of, an internet based hate group. The group openly supports and promotes violence against Hindus (especially Brahmins) in Tamil Nadu and across India. In fact, the group's site

Consolidating hindu forces: non-communist, non-congress alternative for central government

Consolidating hindu forces: non-communist, non-congress alternative for central government First, there should be acceptance that control of the central government is crucial to advance the hindu cause. Using the social movements option (a non-political vikalpa) is a long haul. For the social vikalpa to succeed, VHP should first ensure that the bhagawa flies on every one of the 6 lakh villages and at least bi-weekly meetings are held in the temples of community leaders and harijans, led by 1000 ritambara-s. Here is an opportunity developing rapidly, to form a non-communist, non-congress alternative government in the centre. Second, there should be agreement that the nation is recognized by everyone as hindusthan and this hindusthan should be ruled only by nationalists of Bharat. Setting aside specific agenda issues (such as Ayodhya, uniform civil code and Art. 360 for the present), the coalition of the anti-hindu forces should be achieved by agreeing to a definition of secularism

Iranian Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose U.S. Military Strikes Against Iran

Majority Support U.S. Participation in Nuclear Negotiations Between the European Union and Iran WASHINGTON, - The National Iranian American Council released today recent findings from a national letter writing campaign to President Bush on US-Iran relations, showing overwhelming opposition among Iranian Americans to U.S. military strikes against Iran. The findings demonstrate strong support among the community for negotiations between the two countries as the best option for addressing current tensions. Of 662 letters sent by Iranian Americans to President George W. Bush through the NIAC website from January 24th to 29th, 98 percent called for rejection of military strikes against Iran, with 90 percent supporting U.S. participation in the ongoing nuclear talks with the European Union. Thirty percent called for joint disarmament of Israel and Iran, while only 11 percent supported the idea that the U.S. should refuse to negotiate with Iran. Further, only nine and two percent of

Intelligence Review

Lockheed Martin Delivers First Modernized GPS Satellite to U.S. Air Force for May Launch CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, Fla., Feb. 9 Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) today announced that it has delivered the firstmodernized Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite to Cape Canaveral AirForce Station, Fla., where it will be readied for a May launch. The satellite, designated GPS IIR-M1, is the most technologically advanced GPS satellite everdeveloped and will provide significantly improved navigation performance for U.S. military and civilian users worldwide. The satellite is the first in a series of eight GPS IIR satellites that Lockheed Martin is modernizing for its customer at the Navstar GPS Joint Program Office, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base, Calif. "Delivery of the first modernized IIR satellite is a significant milestone in the GPS mission," said Dave Podlesney, Lockheed Martin GPS program director. "We w

US : Space war game is under way in a global environment scenario in the year 2020

2/10/2005 - NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE, Nev. (AFPN) -- The Schriever III space war game is under way here, where a 350-person team of space professionals battle in a global environment scenario set in the year 2020. The simulation was designed to verify space capabilities and tactics and techniques used by the 21st century joint warfighter, officials said. The game began Feb. 5 and runs through Feb. 11. It brings together officials from about 20 Department of Defense agencies and Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom to investigate future space systems, the missions they support, and how to ensure their survivability. “Schriever III is more than a war game -- it’s a valuable forum that establishes partnerships and fosters innovative thought at the strategic- and operational-levels of war,” said Gen. Lance W. Lord, commander of Air Force Space Command. More specifically, the game examines the capabilities required to ensure global stability and explores how to build a seamless inte

F/A-22 critics are making at least three basic mistakes.

The Fighter Force You Have F/A-22 critics are making at least three basic mistakes. The F/A-22 fighter program recently swerved off the road again. Only one month into the year-long Quadrennial Defense Review, the Pentagon suddenly imposed a huge and unexpected cut. The shake-up came in late December when Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld ordered USAF to halt Raptor production in 2008 at 180 aircraft, cutting $10 billion and about 100 fighters from the program. Previous Pentagon chiefs at least waited to finish their reviews before axing the F/A-22. Rumsfeld did not. He handed down his decision on Dec. 23 in revisions to the Fiscal 2006 defense budget, providing no explanation or analysis. DOD was, at least in part, responding to pressures to reduce the deficit—$521 billion last year—and offset the costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, now running at about $6 billion per month. The speed and stealth of the F/A-22 cut, however, suggested other motives. Analysts not

Balochistan guerrilla insurgency : Musharraf's Options

Source : Baloch tribesmen have begun a campaign of systems sabotage in an effort to gain coercive leverage with Pakistan's government. Fresh on the heals of their successful attack on a crucial natural gas complex (more), they have attacked railways, phone systems (cell and landline), and electricial grids across the country (both within and outside their province). 6 attacks occured in the last 24 hours alone. Based on the damage reports, these attacks may be yielding ROIs (returns on investment) of at least 1,000 to 1. If they are able to scale this ROI through the use of network analysis, Pakistan may face major consequences. It is already calling into question international investment in the country (see note below). More importantly, it might cause a rapid decline in the delivery of basic political goods (core services), which could result in the rapid fragmentation of the country into competing centers of power (primary loyalties). Th

Evangelists - The Next Disaster waiting to strike the Tsunami Victims!

Sarath Bulathsinghala Another disaster, another place, this time it is South Asia’s coastal regions. The killer, a tsunami the biggest the world has seen so far in the last two centuries has struck human settlements unawares. The scale of disaster is unprecedented in terms of the cost of human lives and infrastructure damage. At the beginning help is only local and delays unavoidable. The delays are typical be they in the third world Sri Lankan town or in the first world America. There were complains to the US Government when the help took long to arrive after hurricane Andrew and the ones that followed. The universal phenomenon of looting takes place wherever there is easy picking be it Los Angeles, California after the great earthquake of the St Andreas fault or now in Sri Lanka or elsewhere. These are to be expected. It is up to the government to exercise law and order. Now the countries in the region have to be careful and watchful of another form of disaster waiti

Iranian dissident gunned down in Pakistan

ISN SECURITY WATCH (10/02/2005) - Unidentified masked gunmen killed one Iranian dissident and wounded two others in the capital city of Pakistan’s province of Balochistan on Wednesday, police officials said. A police official told ISN Security Watch that Iranian gunmen shot Ahmed Mashoof at close range with an AK-47. Two other Iranians escaped unharmed. According to the police report, the three Iranians were illegal immigrants opposed to Iran’s Shi’ite regime. One of the survivors, Rahim Raeesi, claimed he and the other two Iranians were members of an Iranian dissident group, the Balochistan National Front, the Pakistani Daily Times reported. Nawaz Marwat, a Quetta police official told ISN Security Watch that “Mashoof and many other Iranians [in Pakistan] are opponents of the Iranian government”. Marwat said the three had arrived in Pakistan a year ago and rented a house in Quetta while seeking refugee or asylum status from the UN High Commission for Refugees. He said they had received

No begging bowl

Title: No begging bowl Author: Edit Publication: Free Press Journal Date: February 10, 2005 For the first time in its history, India makes it clear that it does not need US economic aid, as the latter doles out to some needy nations, including Pakistan. Bush has said that ``India has graduated out of US military assistance programme a couple of years ago and has now graduated out of economic assistance as well'' . This has been done `` with some understanding and agreement of Indians''. This is heartening news indeed. This country used to beat its breast every time the US set apart huge military and economic aid to Pakistan (many a time double that, allotted to India). Thank God, India has grown out of that aid bowl attitude and can stand as an independent nation which can look after its own needs of growth and military requirements. Once and for all, India has stopped viewing US aid poli


HINDU FORUM WELCOMES CHARITY COMMISSION’S VINDICATION OF SEWA INTERNATIONAL UK 09 February 2005 – The Hindu Forum of Britain today welcomed the Charity Commission’s exoneration of the Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh’s charity arm, Sewa International UK, over allegations that the charity had not used funds for the purposes for which they were raised. Sewa International raised over £2 million in the UK, alone to help in the reconstruction of villages devastated in the 2001 Gujarat Earthquake in which many thousands of people were killed and millions made homeless. The Hindu Forum also urged the media to announce the Charity’s exoneration in the same manner that it publicised the original investigation by the Charity Commission. The Charity Commission Inquiry, which was established to determine whether funds raised had been properly applied in accordance with the terms of the appeal, found that the funds had been properly expended and it was not necessary to consider

Double standards for Benny Hinn vs Hindu faith healers Faith healing not permissible: HC February 10, 2005 14:32 IST Last Updated: February 10, 2005 14:37 IST The Allahabad high court has ruled that no person or organisation can claim constitutional validity for "faith healing" citing the right to freedom of religion and right to protection of life. Justice Sunil Ambawani, while making the observation, said that both the rights are distinct from each and other and do not overlap. He also said that right to protection of life, which also entails the right to medical treatment, is regulated by a specific legislation and hence nobody can claim the right to cure people through the power of faith as a fundamental right. The order was on a complaint filed by one Santosh Saxena, a resident of the city, who had alleged that one Ajay Pratap Singh, who had set up an organisation called the Lal Mahendra Shiv Shakti Seva Samiti, was offering f