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Islamification of Secular Bihar : Derailment of Democracy

There is social and religious tension in Muslim dominated districts of Bihar, the barat procession cannot use a band without the local Imam's permission. If one has to cremate the dead body, he has practically no other option but to carry the body 40-50 km away or they have to bury it. Forcible marriages of Hindu girls are occurring increasingly Source : Sentinelassam Secular Derailment of Democracy Dina Nath Mishra It does not require an Einstein like brain to conclude that the gubernatorial positions were given to infamous persons like SC Jamir, Buta Singh and Syed Sibte Razi with pre- planned design. The Congress under Sonia Gandhi shows inadequacy of democratic content in her personality. The way the Goa Government has been toppled and the manner in which Shibu Soren has been installed in Jharkhand, despite lacking in numbers and the way in which the Congress has extended support to Lalu Prasad Yadav shifting from immediate poll ally Ram Bilas Paswan, car

Old civilization in Mahanadi valley: imperative of janajaati itihaasa

Chattisgarh is crucial to an understanding of the interactions among the people of Ganga basin and Godavari basin. The routes through Chattisgarh help bypass Vindhya ranges. Mahanadi flows east from Chattisgarh; Narmada flows west. Both the river systems could have helped interactions among the maritime people of the west and east coasts. That Vindhya were a barrier which separated aryan north and dravidian south is a fraud perpetrated by indologists out to denigrate hindu cultural unity which linke Rames'waram and Manasarovar. The archaeology of Chattisgarh is a remarkable gateway which explains the Bali yatra and the presence of the largest vis.n.u mandiram of the world in Angkor Wat (Nagara Vatika) in Cambodia. Mahanadi valley also explains why Jagannatha and Balarama are venerated in Orissa -- yes, Balarama and Krishna from Dwaraka of Gujarat. A great staging point for a riverine, maritime civilization exemplified by Nahali on the banks of River Tapati, not far from Bhimbhetk

Tyaag: Sonia style - Prez Rule in Goa

I really am amazed at the audacity of Sonia Gandhi. She is rapidly appearing to me Indira-II. Some of her decisions have been extremely unethical, but nevertheless daring. The president's rule in Goa is reflective of her audacity and daring. Consider the following facts. (a) "I have 272". (b) Her attempts to overturn the last poll results in Chattisgarh by encouraging defection. Her plan was caught on tape. (c) Her ability to have her guy as CM in Karnataka and Maharashtra, even though in both these states, Congress has less MLAs than their alliance partners, JD-S and NCP, respectively. (e) Winning Goa from BJP. (d) Recent attempts in Jharkhand, and Bihar. She is no goongi-gudia. Rather, she appears to have been raised in a true Machiavellian tradition. The unfortunate thing is that I do not see her Chanakya equivalent from the Indian end. The President rule in Goa is a reflects her extreme adroitness on matters related to politics. Consider this: a) There is pandem

Stop this nonsense about our great democracy

T V R Shenoy Rediff March 03, 2005 At the recent meeting of the finance ministers of G-7 countries, to which India and China were invited, the finance minister of China looked in my direction and told the gathering that China had received US $500 billion worth of foreign investment since China opened its economy in 1980. Of this, nearly US $60 billion came in calendar 2004.' As you may recall, this was P Chidambaram in his Budget speech. The Union finance minister did not tell the House about his response to this challenge. 'Democracy,' he told the delegates of the world's wealthiest nations, 'is a powerful tool for inducing transparency and accountability in economic policy.' Neither the finance minister nor any other representative of India shall be able to make such a preposterous claim again. If they do, the smiling Chinese can shut them up with two words, namely 'Jharkhand' and 'Goa'. And if that does not suffice they can sim

The Congress leopard and its ugly spots

Editorial Publication: Free Press Journal Date: March 4, 2005 A leopard cannot change its spots. Nor can the Congress Party give up its old wicked ways. It remains so obsessed with power that it can do anything to grab it. The party which had subverted the Constitution to obliterate all traces of democracy for 19 months back in 1975-77 remains at its core an authoritarian organization, compulsively paying fealty to One family. One Leader. Congress men, high and low, can have little or no faith in a democratic process which is predicated on the periodic expression of the free will of ordinary people as determined through the ballot box. The Fuhrer like Supreme Leader of the Congress Party is either intrinsically impervious to the demands of the democratic process or gets easily misled by the cringing sycophancy of her opportunistic brood into riding roughshod over all that is decent and proper in the country's public life. Either way, the result is an affro

Meet the Joker ,Rahul Gandhi , as Satyagrahi Rahul is yet to make a speech in the Lok Sabha, but he didn't disappoint TV crews. He came up with measured but pointed soundbytes. "We have come to learn here, but that is not being allowed," the 34-year-old first-termer said. He appealed to the opposition stalwarts not to "disrupt and destroy the parliamentary process". "If you want to protest, do that, but allow the House to continue," he said. He pointed out that the adjournments over the past few days had already cost the exchequer Rs 52 crore. With disapproval of governor Sibtey Razi's action mounting, Rahul's political activism did divert attention as photographers clicked merrily. But soon enough, Jharkhand was centre-stage again as NDA leaders with 41 MLAs marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan. Public reaction Meet Rahul Gandhi, the satyagrahi NEW DELHI: Rahul sat below the statue of

Denying entry to Ambedkar was a big mistake, admits temple

Denying entry to Ambedkar was a big mistake, admits temple The Indian Express Rakshit Sonawane 2nd March, 2004 Grandson of priest who prevented Dalit icon's entry into shrine says incident made leader quit the Hindu fold Seventy-five years ago (on March, 2, 1930 at 3.00 p.m.) about 15,000 Dalits marched towards the 212 years-old historic Kala Ram temple (known for its black idols of Lord Ram. Laxman and Sita) at Panchavati . Their mission was to enter the temple for darshan of their God. The first batch of 125 men and 25 women broke up into four groups and gathered at the fours doors of the temple's courtyard, while thousand watched helplessly from a distance. However, the then priest of the temple Ramdasbuwa Pujari refused then entry on grounds that they were untouchables. The doors of the temples were shut and the agitators decided to perform a satyagraha at the doors. The stir led by Dr. B R Ambedkar and his close associate from Nashik Bhaurao alias Dadasahe

Amartya Sen exposed by Chinese victim of Mao

Comment by Ashok Chowgle This whole thing about the rate of growth of life expectancy slowing down shows how statistics can be used - the way a drunkard uses an electric pole, for support and not illumination. If the rate of growth is to remain the same, then sometime in the future, man will live for eternity! But then only intellectuals can make such a stupid statement as Sen has done. Re the remark by Weijian Shan, namely: "We used to admire India", should be considered a huge public slap in the face of Sen. We have such shameless intellectuals in India! An 'Annie Hall' Moment A Nobel Prize-winning economist spouts off, and a Chinese survivor sets him straight. Monday, February 21, 2005 12:01 a.m. EST In the Woody Allen movie "Annie Hall," a character is sounding off about the Canadian media theorist Marshall MacLuhan when the subject himself appears and says: "Excuse me, I'm Marshall MacLuhan. You know nothing of my work." Wood

Proselytisers run amok in Orissa

Source : Mystery death of Orissa schoolgirl; parents charge missionaries with harassment From Sanjay Jena in Dhenkanal & Deepak Kumar Rath in Delhi This is the ugly face of proselytising missionaries. They wanted an innocent family in Rameswarpur of Dhenkanal district in Orissa to convert to Christianity. As the family refused to shun their religion, their 14-year-old daughter, Jyotirmayee, was allegedly raped and killed and her mutilated body thrown to a nearby railway crossing in Dhenkanal. This is the story of Alekh Bej family’s tryst with missionaries. “One day, three Christian leaders, Prashant Ghose, D. V. John Sarangi and Rabi Naik alias D'Souza came to my home and asked me to convert to their religion, Christianity,” Shri Bej said and added that they promised him help in the form of money and material in his only daughter Jyotirmayee’s marriage. However, Shri Bej turned down their proposal. Then the local Church mandarins made a second attempt trying to allure S

Decision was changed after the directive of Sonia Gandhi

Title: Decision was changed after the directive of Sonia Gandhi Author: Ravindra Dani Publication: Mumbai Tarun Bharat Date: March 3, 2005 New Delhi: 2nd. The Jharkhand Governor neglected the claim of NDA and swore in Shibu Soren after getting a directive from Sonia Gandhi that a harsh action should be taken against Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, BJP and the leaders of these parties. A clear indication had been given from the government quarters that the BJP will get the opportunity of forming the government. BJP President, Advani had discussions yesterday and today morning with Home Minister Shivraj Patil. These discussions had taken place in a hot atmosphere. Advani had warned Shivraj Patil that Central Government should not play any stratagems there, otherwise it will have serious consequences. Patil told Advani that BJP's claim will not be disregarded. He told Advani that he will contact him before the parliament is convened at 11 a. m. tomorrow. Sonia&

Sonia Gandhi introducing Italian Math to India

So the Sonia and her pet Shibu Soren don't have the numbers after all. He simply thought he could bluff his way through for three weeks and then buy are intimidate the MLAs necessary-- or murder, which is not unknown to him This is not the first time that First Lady has tried this trick. Who can forget her telling President Narayanan that she had the numbers to form the government in 1999. Her numbers were phoney and the bluff failed. This fact should be brought to public attention: she is a gambler who plays the game of bluff (like 'sacrifice' when she was legally ineligible for PM's office) in the hope her bluff will carry through. People should be reminded of her 1999 coup attempt. This is a leader? She is very weak in maths --studied only langauge in that cooks school in the town of Cambridge. So she thinks 41 is less than half of 81. Earlier she claimed thoo seventhee thoo [ 272] to produce only thoo party [ 240] and for which Narayanan came a

Sack Governor Syed Sibtey Razi .OR PM and Antonia Maino should quit: Fernandes

Sack Gov. or PM and Antonia Maino should quit: Fernandes The stand taken by NDA convenor, George Fernandes should be applauded. Antonia Maino is clearly behind this move of the Governor to call Shibu Soren to head the Jharkhand Govt. She has no democratic scruples. After meeting with LJP leader Paswan, she asks Congress to extend support to RJD to form a government in Bihar. What types of deals has she struck with Paswan? Throwing to the winds all the niceties of governor's role as a constitutional authority, the Governor of Jharkhand has acted in a blatantly partisan manner, as a jalra of the vides'i rani. While appearing to support DMK, she is in league with AIADMK to promote the christist agenda. So long as she and her dynasty continues to control the destinies of the Congress party, there is no hope of any semblance of ethics or morality in the polity of Hindustan. There will always be sycophants currying favours of the rani. Every step of the way, ever since the U

Bihar & Jharkhand Polls -- Analysis

Between 2000 and 2005, the number of votes polled by BJP combine has also gone down, from 25.5% to 28.5%. Pawan had not contested the elections in 2000 on his own. In recent polls, he got 12.4% votes. --------------------- Based on these numbers, I do not see any BJP strategy in place. Rather, I make following three conclusions. a) Sonia Gandhi's gamble of strengthening the Congress did not pay off. As long as COngress plays second fiddle (actually 4th or lower) in UP and Bihar, it can never aspire to rule center on its own. b) NDA won this time because they were not divided between BJP and JD-U, but also because of their foes' political mistakes. Even then, in last 5 years, their support base has actually eroded in BIhar. THe same is true of Jharkhand. c) BJP-JDU's victory is attributable to two factors - (i) Split of the "secular" vote (ii) Consolidation fo the "communal" vote. Hence, credits to BJP are due only for the latter factor, and not for


The economies of the Commonwealth of Independent States have seen five years of steady growth and low inflation, a welcome contrast to the economic slump and financial instability of the early 1990s. They have also managed to shift their trade patterns away from their former partners in the Soviet Union, to varying degrees, and have found a niche in the global economy. In 2004, GDP grew by an average of 8%, with little variation across the region. Russia recorded 7.1% growth, while Ukraine led the pack at 12%. Inflation averaged 11%, ranging from 4.1% in Kyrgyzstan to 18.1% in Belarus. The currencies of the region are holding their value, and budget deficits are under control. This is a remarkable turnaround from the situation a dozen years ago, and is testimony to the fact that the "Washington Consensus" -- the package of policies promoting liberalization and stabilization of finance and trade -- has sunk in across most of the former Soviet Union. Turkmenistan is the only C

Towards a soft state

If you believe the Union cabinet, China and Pakistan are our friends. 2 March 2005: Yesterday, we published intelligence that the defence ministry and armed forces were unhappy with the budget allocation (“MinDef unhappy with budget allocations,” 1 March 2005). Although the defence budget has risen by Rs 6,000 crore in absolute terms over last year’s allocation, GDP spending on defence has come down from 2.47 per cent last year to 2.35 per cent this year. We also reported that defence minister Pranab Mukherjee communicated to services headquarters and to his own ministry officials to make a very conservative projection of requirements. Aware of the huge social sector spending commitments, he wished to avoid the embarrassment of facing a gap between defence requirements and the allocated funds, so he advised the services to scale down their demands. The services were told that while contractual payment obligations would be met and signed contracts executed, new purchases would have t

Dumping Laloo for development, this is the message from Bihar

It is now or never for the Congress party. 28 February 2005: What is to be made of the Bihar election results, and do they hold lessons for the rest of India? Yes, to this question, and the results reflect a strong desire for change. Change, that is, for the political thuggery of Laloo Prasad Yadav, his family, friends and associates. In their haste to form the government in Bihar, the Congress and Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP would ignore this at their own peril. Across the state, a strong sentiment blew for change, especially among Laloo’s milked and exploited communities of Yadavs and Muslims, the so-called MY alliance. Where they had alternatives, in some cases Nitish Kumar’s JD-U, but more often the LJP, and rarely but significantly, the Congress, the Muslims voted for them and against the RJD. When they had no choice, the BJP outside their radar for these polls, they had to vote for Laloo, but this was on sufferance. On the outside chance that there is another election in Bihar, if

U.S.-Japan Security Declaration Causes China to Reconsider Stance on North Korea

By Willy Lam The likelihood of Beijing putting more pressure on Pyongyang regarding the nuclear issue has decreased given Hu Jintao’s perception that a plethora of “anti-China” actions have been emanating from the Bush administration. This has increased the possibility of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) flaunting the North Korean card against America’s so-called containment policy against China – as well as Washington’s harder line on Iran. It is noteworthy that Beijing has put the blame of Pyongyang’s nuclear brinkmanship on U.S. “intransigence” toward the DPRK as much as – if not even more than – the iniquity and irrationality of strongman Kim Jong-Il. Officially, the Chinese government has deplored North Korea’s February 10 admission of the ownership of nuclear weapons and its withdrawal from the Beijing-based six-party talks. Thus Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan reiterated China’s firm opposition to the nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. “The results of the six-party

CHINA : Socio-Economic Unrest and China’s Hui Minority

By Ahmad Lutfi The last quarter of 2004 witnessed major riots in Anhui, Guangdong, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Sichuan and Zhejiang provinces. In dealing with these incidents of social and economic unrest, the Chinese declared martial law and deployed thousands of regular and paramilitary People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops to aid failing police. As before, these riots were quickly propagandized as “ethnic” by the Chinese government, which resulted in a stringent media blackout. While the official view has always elected to blame ethnic frictions to justify such forms of social unrest, there is more to this instability than has been revealed. Pains of Economic Transition Possibly the worst in recent years, these riots were only the tip of the iceberg of mountainous tensions between different communities suffering from the massive erosion of social cohesion that has come along with the current transformation of China. As the country undergoes a painful transition from socialis