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US Army Aviation: Integrated Plan Stresses UA

US Army Aviation: Integrated Plan Stresses UAVs 2005 ARMY AVIATION. MODERNIZATION PLAN . Aviation's strength is its ability to deploy quickly, maneuver ra idly, focus tremendous combat power, and achieve surprise and positional advantage. It is instrumental in achieving simultaneous, distributed, continuous, combined arms air-ground operations. With its manned and unmanned assets, aviation organizations develop situations out of contact, maneuver to positions of advantage, engage enemy forces beyond the range of their weapons, destroy them with precision fires, and provide close support. Its inherent mobility, flexibility, agility, lethality, and versatility are instrumental in enabling the air-ground task force commander to conduct decisive joint operations. Aviation conducts maneuver, maneuver support, and maneuver sustainment operations across the spectrum of conflict. Highly skilled and knowledgeable aviation Soldiers employing aviation systems from entry operations to deci

Assam muslim magistrate shelters ULFA cadre

Sentinelassam Caged birds too have wings By a Staff Reporter GUWAHATI, March 26: Close on the heels of the recovery of a letter written by a jailed ULFA cadre from a slain militant on March 14, Dhubri Police recovered a similar letter from the possession of an arrested militant of the proscribed outfit a couple of days back, which has exposed a thriving communication network between the militant detainees and their comrades outside. This has prompted Dhubri Superintendent of Police PK Dutta to move the State Government and the IGP (Prisons) to conduct a high-level inquiry to find out if there is any nexus among jailed ULFA cadres, jail staff and other jail inmates behind the exchange of letters from inside the prison premises. Sources said that Magistrate I Hussain, who is in charge of Dhubri jail, had admitted that the jail authorities had earlier intercepted as many as five letters written by ULFA detainees from jail to their comrades. Interestingly enough, Hussain di

Angana Chatterjee and Uncle Sam's round-tables on proselytization

This report is made by US State Department on RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in India,interstingly it shows how actively their regional Consulates in India are actively engaded to help even repealing controversial Anti-Conversion Laws in particular state- The U.S. Government discusses religious freedom issues with the Government in the context of its overall policy to promote human rights. The U.S. Embassy continued to promote religious freedom through contact with the country's senior leadership, as well as with state and local officials. The U.S. Embassy and Consulates regularly meet with religious leaders and report on events and trends that affect religious freedom. During the period covered by this report, Embassy and Consulate officials met with important leaders of all of the significant minority communities. For example, the Calcutta Principal Officer met a section of church leaders in Orissa, including the President of the All Indi

Indian Express : Anti-Hindu and mullah PR exercise

Check this out. IE today took special pains to say that SKH is much better than Amitabh Bacchan. The point is not about questioning the opinion of the author but why was it made a special subject. Readers here needs to go through the entire article. Readers here needs to know that 99% of the people who cared to post their comments in IE when the article first appeared actually blasted SKH. So, this article came out in retaliation against reader's comments. After reading this article, more readers posted comments again on the article, which can be viewed at the bottom of the page. Now, if this is not anti-Hindu and mullah PR exercise, then what is it? This is pseudo-secularism at it's worst.

Former US officials call Modi visa denial misjudgement

Former US officials call Modi visa denial misjudgement [U.S. News] Washington, March 25 : Some former senior State Department officials believe the decision to deny Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi a visa was unwise and has thrown up complicated questions for future US foreign policy. Despite the crimes that took place in Gujarat, they contend, using the International Religious Freedom Act and the Immigration and Nationality Act at this juncture with India has set a precedent that the State Department will find hard to live by. "I wouldn't have denied him the visa," Ambassador Dennis Kux told IANS. Kux is a senior policy scholar in the Asia programme at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars and a retired Foreign Service South Asia specialist. "I can understand the reasons for doing it but I would have waited for court action (in India)," Kux said referring to Modi being denied a visa for "serious violation of religious freedom"

U.S. To Sell F-16 Fighters to Pakistan

U.S. To Sell F-16 Fighters to Pakistan By P. PARAMESWARAN, AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE The United States on March 25 announced plans to sell F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan, despite objections from Islamabad’s nuclear rival India. The sale was part of a new strategic approach to the troubled subcontinent that was presented to both countries by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on her visit there earlier this month, a senior U.S. official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. President George W. Bush telephoned Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on March 25 to inform him of the decision, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said. Singh expressed to Bush his “great disappointment,” saying it could have “negative consequences” for India’s security, according to the Indian leader’s spokesman, Sanjaya Baru. But the U.S. official said “we don’t see any impact on the relevant military balances in the region.” The sale was to make Pakistan more secure, the official said. “It’s

What the Islamists fear

What the Islamists fear Balbir K Punj Two recent incidents point towards spiralling Islamic aggressiveness in the country. The first is Uttar Pradesh Sunni Wakf board's claiming proprietorship of Taj Mahal. The other is SIMI threat e-mail to iconic Yoga-Guru Swami Ramdev. However, the best thing about these is that they expose the public face of "secularism". In the first incident, two rival sects of Muslims have staked ownership of the Taj Mahal. The UP Sunni Wakf board has demanded that the ownership of Taj Mahal be transferred to it by Archaeological Survey of India by April 9. The claim is based on the premise that the Taj, being a grave, is Wakf property. Muslims also tender Friday namaz at the Taj Mahal. A section of Shias led by Khursi Agha of Lucknow is prodding the Shia Wafk board to stake a similar claim on Taj Mahal since Mumtaz Mahal herself was a Shia and so was the principle architect Isha Khan Shirazi from Iran. Let us see how a communal or sectarian c

Modi issue: Yudhistra is still relevant

Modi issue: Yudhistra is still relevant Author: S Gurumurthy Publication: The New Indian Express Date: March 21, 2005 Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has been denied visa by the Bush administration. He had been invited by the Asian-American Hotel Owners Association. Had the US permitted his visit, it would have gone unnoticed. The US could have quietly allowed Modi to spend a few days in a more tolerable climate. Instead it chose to deny diplomatic visa to Modi. They even cancelled the normal visa, which had already been granted to Modi some seven years ago. They did it so resoundingly that it hardly seemed a simple visa denial. Why? To know the truth we have to go behind the facade of religious freedom issues the US has raised. The US supports and takes the support of jihadi regimes the world over. So the issue of religious freedom as the reason to keep Modi out is a lie. Obviously, the Bush administration has used the Modi visa issue to convey a message to global Is

America has made Modi a hero

America has made Modi a hero Anil Narendra In an unprecedented move, the US Administration has denied Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi an entry on its soil. A US Embassy spokesman said: "We can confirm that the Gujarat Chief Minister applied for but was denied the diplomatic visa under Section 214(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act because he was not coming for the purpose that qualified for diplomatic visa." His tourist/business visa was revoked under Section 212(a)(G) of the Act that makes any Government officials, who are held responsible for the severe violation of religious freedom, ineligible for visa. Though the real intention of the State Department is not clear, there has been united opposition from the Indians on the issue. Regardless of political differences, all political parties have condemned US action. While the BJP called the US action "highly unwarranted", the CPI(M) regarded it as American Government's "discourtesy" an

Insulting a nation! Do secularists tolerate this?

Author: M.V.Kamath Publication: Free Press Journal Date: March 24, 2005 Secularists and liberals let us drop the adjective `pseudo' for the time being are besides themselves with joy at the thought that the United States has slapped Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi in his face, by denying him entry visa into its sacred portals. Modi, no doubt, will survive this insult as he has survived many others, but it is time for all Indians to sit back and wonder whither we are heading as a people. The question is: have we learnt nothing from our history? Time was when Tipu Sultan was against Marathas, Marathas against the Nizam and the Nizam against everybody else. This, at the micro level. At the macro level every ruler in India was playing his own game. The East India Company took full advantage of it, played one faction against another and in the end emerged victo

FBI infiltrated by Islamic fundamentalists , supporters of Jihad

Below is an excerpt from latest book "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington" by Paul Sperry . Former FBI agent John.M Cole worked with bureau’s counterintelligence division managing national programs for Afghanistan, India , Pakistan . Part of those duties required conducting what are called “risk assessments” on applicants for FBI jobs , especially foreign language specialists, to evaluate their propensity for spying on the United States , among other security risks . After 911 several personal files landed on this desk . He was the final step in their background investigation. He looked at a file of Pakistani American who had applied for a language specialist position translating Urdu and Pasto , tongues critical to the bureau in its battle against al-quida. After tumbling through the paperwork , he felt something was missing in that file . He learnt that the applicant’s father was a retired general from Pakistan . He went ahead a

Islamic Fifth Column in USA : How Fundamentalists infiltrated into US Armed forces

Below is an excerpt from latest book "Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington" by Paul Sperry . The Fifth Column 1. After US military operations in Afghanistan , President praised the estimated 10 to 20,000 muslims servinv in US armed forces . Shockingly , a growing number have put their religion before their duty , and several have sold out their country . Some have infiltrated the military in order to undermine it Others have even killed , or tried to kil, their fellow soldiers . 2. What follows are the disturbing portraits of some of the traitors , and the sccused traitors , who make up what may be the tip of an Islamist fifth column operating within the ranks of the US Military – which is too blinded by political correctness to see the threat . 3. PORTRAITS : a) Sg Hasan Akbar : ( lobbed 3 granades into tents housing commanding officers at military camp in Kuwait 2003, killed 2 of them and wounded 15. “ You guys are coming into our