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92 per cent `secular', 98 per cent pseudo

92 per cent `secular', 98 per cent pseudo BY GURUMURTHY It is interesting, also instructive. It is about a chat on the Net in an Irish website ``'' hosted by ``The Irish Politics Forum'', a politically conscious group. The subject of the chat was: `No national day of mourning' for the Pope in Ireland. Catholics make up 92 per cent of the Irish population. For the Irish, Catholicism is not just religion; it is a cult. Yet, the Irish Prime Minister refused to declare state mourning for the Pope. This triggered the chat. ``My daughter and I are sitting here just having heard Egypt and India are having a day of national mourning for the death of Pope John Paul, but Ireland is not having one. What a country we have turned into.... We will not give in to people's wishes.'' This is how an Irish mourner started on the Net. The time then was 9.44 a.m. on April 3. Within minutes, at 9.48 a.m., another intervened. ``What makes you think `the people

Oil Price Should Reach $100 Per Barrel

Oil Price Should Reach $100 Per Barrel Sharq, Daily Newspaper, Mar. 16th, 2005 Word Count : 5190 Chairman of the Energy Commission of the Majlis Kamal Daneshyar says the price of OPEC oil should reach $100 per barrel. He believes the low price of oil is due to the influence of the U.S. and Israel over the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The following is the text of his interview with Sharq daily. produce in a non-protective manner. At present, 10 percent of our productions are non-protective. Q. In other words, Iran's production should reach about 3.4 million barrels? A. Yes. It should reduce its production. Of course, there is another way. We can inject gas into our oil reserves to have safeguarding production. Q. Don't you intend to make the petroleum ministry duty-bound to reduce production? Q. As the head of the Energy Commission of the Majlis, do you approve of the policies of the Iranian government? Is Iran's OPEC stance


From April 4 to 6 Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov visited New Delhi to conduct negotiations with the Indian government and to sign 12 agreements with India. These accords ranged over such diverse fields as defense, education, trade, industry, tourism, and the struggle against terrorism. But undoubtedly the defense, anti-terrorism, and economic agreements were the most important results of this trip, Karimov's third visit to India. However, this latest trip probably signifies something new, namely Karimov's recognition of India's growing interest in, and capabilities toward, Central Asia. India openly calls Central Asia part of its extended strategic neighborhood where it will seek to use all potential instruments of power to expand its influence and presence and as a major -- and potentially more secure -- source of its energy needs, not to mention other raw materials. Therefore since 2000 India's governments have steadily expanded contacts with Central Asian

Rahul Gandhi is an Italian citizen: Subramanian Swamy

Rahul Gandhi , son of Sonia Gandhi is an Italian Citizen , as per statement released by Dr.Subramanyam Swami . IntelliBriefs is producing the statement below : PRESS RELEASE April 2, 2005 I welcome KPCC President Mr.Janardan Poojary's challenge, published in today's media, to prove my charges against Ms.Sonia Gandhi and her Italian family. I suggest that if I can establish the prima facie validity of my charges before a panel, then Mr.Poojary should support a full fledged inquiry by the CBI. Hence let Mr.Poojary debate me before a panel of three journalists, one selected by him, one by me and the third by the Bangalore Press Club who can be chairperson of the panel. Before this panel I will establish that there is sufficient prima facie evidence to show that Ms. Sonia Gandhi has lied to the nation about her real name, place of birth, her educational qualification, and has assets disproportionate to her known sources of income, been an agent of the KGB, and has links to t