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Stoning Lalu Yadav : Open Letter to Members of Parliament

This is a letter by K.G.Acharya to MP's ------------------------------------------- Sir, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Union Railway Minister has made very serious allegations against Narendra Modi and L.K. Advani as a sequel to some persons throwing stones at his car near the sight of the railway accident in Gujarat. Lalu met the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Loksabha and raised the issue in the Parliament. He said that it was a pre-planned attack to kill him and demanded the dismissal of the Gujarat government. Some national leaders including (Sownia’s right hand man) Ahmed Patel of the Congress, Union Defence Minister Pranab Mukherji and Sitaram Yechury of the Communist Party joined Lalu in criticizing Modi and the Gujarat government. Common man wonders, after all, what was the incident so serious that many national leaders should forget all nation’s issues and join Lalu in his outburst. Somebody threw stones at Lalu’s car and its glass was broken. Is it more serious than th

EU must stand up to US to achieve Iran nuclear deal, says Rowhani

EU must stand up to US to achieve Iran nuclear deal, says Rowhani Netiran, Apr. 20th, 2005, netiran politices desk Word Count : 1011 Britain, France and Germany must resist any US pressure to prevent the collapse of the European Union's bid to negotiate long-term arrangement on Iran's nuclear program, according to Iran's Supreme National Security Council chair Hassan Rowhani. "They must stand up more to the US. This is the biggest political test for Europe. If the negotiations fail and the dossier goes to the Security Council, this is indeed a great failure for Europe," he said. Rowhani issued his warning in an edited translation from Farsi of an interview with the Financial Times, which was published fully on the paper's website Wednesday. It was held ahead of the latest EU3-Iran negotiations in Geneva, which are due to be followed by a more high-level review in London on April 29. The chairman of Iran's security council also warned that for

Own up, Minister Laloo Yadav

Own up, Minister The Pioneer Edit Desk The Thursday morning accident near Samalaya station in Gujarat, in which the Sabarmati Express rammed into a goods train, left 17 people dead and 127 wounded. The serious concern this warrants must be heightened by the fact that the second distance signal, solid state and route relay interlocking, etc., in operation were meant primarily to prevent accidents of this nature. Finding out how the accident occurred is, therefore, the first imperative. The Union Railway Minister, Mr Lalu Prasad Yadav, and the Western Railways General Manager, Mr MZ Ansari, have ruled out sabotage in unison. They have identified the malfunctioning of the signal system as the cause, which does not explain why, according to eyewitness account, the jack bolt was found by the track. Even if one agrees for the moment, ruling out sabotage even before an inquiry has been instituted into the accident raises the question: How was it that the signalling system-that is sup

Slogan-shouting Muslims at panel hearing

Move to include Muslims in BC list opposed VIJAYAWADA: Members of various organisations representing Backward Classes, on Friday, opposed the State Government's proposal to include Muslim minorities in the list of BCs. Mild tension prevailed on the premises of the Sub-Collector's office, the venue for the public hearing being conducted across the State by members of the Andhra Pradesh Commission for Backward Classes, to elicit public views on the contentious issue. Keeping in view the sensitivity of the issue, the commission members decided to conduct two separate sessions for BCs and the Muslim minorities to elicit their suggestions and objections, if any. Even while the first round attended by the BCs was in progress, representatives of various Muslim organisations, led by the Vijayawada West MLA. Sk. Nazar Vali, picked up an altercation with the police personnel posted outside for denying them an audience with the commission members. Enraged by the denial, Muslims sta

Many NGOs Do Far More Harm Than Good

By RAJEEV SRINIVASAN India Currents, Apr 22, 2005 Graham Hancock’s damning 1989 expose, Lords of Poverty: The Power, Prestige, and Corruption of the International Aid Business, estimated that most of the $60 billion plus that comprised governmental, UN, and World Bank or IMF-type “aid” was siphoned off. Mostly by elites in poor nations, special interests (like agribusiness) in donor countries, but also, startlingly, the aid agencies’ own personnel budgets, which waste as much as 80 percent of the funds for lavish (first-class) travel, salaries, and perquisites. Unfortunately, the same appears to be true of NGOs. Despite their saintly image in the media, some have connections to dubious groups in India. Some misuse their funds, for instance to pay for trips by their “volunteers” to India, boondoggle “lecture-tours” of the United States by their comrades-in-arms in India, and so forth. In addition, the aftermath of the tsunami demonstrated what has long been an open secret: many NGOs

UPA answer to communal violence: Army rule, Delhi rule

India has a strange way to deal with it's problems. We badly need a bill in parliament to give direct command, control and authority to the central govt. to overide state government's over issues like terrorism/immigration/deportation/militancy/ naxalism/fake currency racket/jailing terrorists/ securing borders/corruption etc... These are the issues that is bothering India so much. Using the pretext of federalism, state govt.'s are encouraging terrorism/illegal immigration in India. Even USA has a federal scructure but it has agencies like FBI, Homeland security, INS to deal with security issues. They do not let state governors handle such national security matters. Instead the UPA govt. in India not only dilutes POTA but comes up with this bill now to encouarge minority aggression over Hindus. There is nothing wrong in over riding the pathetic state leadership's authority in all states but why on communal issues rather than on security issues? www.indianexpress.

An Open Letter to Dr Romila Thapar

From : Krishen Kak Email : April 22, 2005 Dr Romila Thapar Kluge Chair in Countries and Cultures of the South The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress Washington, DC Madam, You are widely acknowledged as the doyenne of Indian professional historians (as distinguished from those you once wittily labelled "pulp historians") and I write to you in regard to a matter of some national concern. I am not aware whether you are still at JNU or at the Kluge Center - neither website lists you - so I'm sending this as an open letter through the contact form at . Most of us grew up and were educated to believe that the Taj Mahal was a ground-up de novo construction by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan. We - and the whole world - are told that it is his monument to his great love for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Couples from the world over come to be photographed before this monument - it is all so

Can Hinduism survive such an onslaught?

Can Hinduism survive such an onslaught? By J.G. Arora --Author is the former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax. His E-mail address is: A unilateral war against Hinduism is being waged by anti-Hindu forces to wipe out Hinduism from the face of the earth the way other native cultures and religions have been obliterated from the world. It is tragic that Hinduism, the faith proclaiming universal brotherhood and one-ness of humanity is the target of vexatious attacks, and is threatened with extinction. Indian sub-continent including the present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and even Zabol in Iran was Hindu land till Muslims attacked the sub-continent in 8th century. Hindus lost Afghanistan to Muslims in 987 in a fiercely fought battle. After many centuries, Muslims got Pakistan in 1947. In 1971, East Pakistan became Bangladesh. Though India is a Secular Republic, Pakistan and Bangladesh are Islamic Republics and have driven out

Intellectuals Forum for Pro-Hindu Government in India

The Indian American Intellectual Forum, a New York based group, organized a seminar titled “India Under Siege” on March 5, 2005 in which more than 100 intellectuals from tri-state area participated and discussed various problems with which Indian society has been confronted. Dr. Narinder Kukar, who has served Association of Indians in America as its National Chairman and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, in a hard-hitting speech said that the educated intelligentsia and affluent Hindus have failed India. He suggested that theocratic countries should be debarred from the membership of United Nations because they freely, and sometime even openly, indulge in minority persecution. Dr. Kukkar vehemently opposed the forced conversions of Hindus in India to other religions. He further recommended that Hindus should devise some ways and means to encourage “homecoming” of our brothers who, during the alien rule in India, were converted to the non-Indian religions. Dr. Rajesh Shukla, a

Hindus react to New Pope : Cardinal Ratzinger

N. S. Rajaram On the New Pope BANGALORE, INDIA, October 1, 2000: Navaratna S. Rajaram wrote this essay five years ago dealing in large part with the work of Cardinal Ratzinger, the newly elected Pope: The Pope and the Vatican have shown their true face. In a just released document titled "Declaration of Lord Jesus" (written by Ratzinger) the Vatican proclaims non-Christians to be in a "gravely deficient situation" and even non-Catholic churches have "defects" because they do not acknowledge the primacy of the Pope. This of course means the Vatican refuses to acknowledge the spiritual right of the Hindus to their beliefs and practices and asserts also the right of its agents in India and other countries to engage in conversion. During his visit to India Pope John-Paul II went further: he demanded conversion as a "fundamental right" though the Vatican does not recognize any right beyond the Pope's auth

Only one more Pope?

Nostradamus also prophecized the same. I hope they all are true this time. ______________________________________________________ I p191 (cVIII-46) During the period that the Antichrist begins to flex his power, the current pope will be assassinated when he goes on a trip away from the Vatican. The two cardinals nearest to the pope will realize the danger to their church after the death, and they will close themselves up in the Vatican to try to protect themselves. The current Pope is desirous of world peace and is working against some established power parties within the Roman church. A point will come when the special interests inside the church who want to hold onto their power and wealth will misadvise the Pope in such a way as to place him in a dangerous situation which he is unaware of. The assassination will lead to social unrest and rioting in Rome. The next pope will not last long. There will be only two other popes after the present one. I p192 (cII-97) The pope and seve

India mute witness to BDR's slaughter of BSF officer

Kanchan Gupta / New Delhi On Saturday night, an Assistant Commandant and a constable of the Border Security Force, on duty at Lankamura outpost on the India-Bangladesh border a mere 8 km from Tripura's capital, Agartala, were dragged into Bangladeshi territory. By the time the BSF got them back, Assistant Commandant Jeevan Kumar was dead. He had been shot at point blank range. Injuries on his body indicate he was brutally knifed before being killed. Constable KK Surendran, seriously injured, is battling for his life. Reports suggest that the two were dragged across the border by a group of Bangladeshis in civilian clothes and then set upon by Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) personnel. All the while, the BDR kept firing on the Lankamura outpost. The firing stopped around midnight, followed by a hastily arranged flag meeting during which Kumar's lifeless body and a barely alive Surendran were handed over to the BSF. The incident revives memories of the slaughter of 16 jawa

An anti-Gandhi rumour re-ignited Sudarshan fire?

Title: An anti-Gandhi rumour re-ignited Sudarshan fire? Author: Virendra Kapoor Publication: Free Press Journal Date: April 17, 2005 Not everyone in the Sangh Parivar was surprised by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief K S Sudarshan's remarks against Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his foster son-in-law Ranjan Bhattacharya in a recent television interview. Sudarshan had often expressed his unhappiness against the former prime minister, his principal aide Brajesh Mishra, and Bhattacharya in much stronger words several times in the last couple of years. The RSS chief had said very much the same things against the trio in the wake of the Tehelka sting operation, and demanded that Mishra's wings be clipped. At that time, Vajpayee had survived the RSS onslaught without giving into the pressure. Insiders insist Sudarshan's latest outburst was because of the simmering anger in the higher echelons of the Sangh Parivar that Vajpayee helped a member of the Gand

RSS' Sudarshan Chakra

RSS' Sudarshan Chakra - By Siddhartha Reddy 19 April 05. The Asian Age RSS chief Sudarshan deserves praise for showing the mirror to the Vajpayee-Advani duo. If they look ugly in that mirror, instead of cursing Sudarshan, they and their associates should quit politics. The RSS has wielded the Sudarshan Chakra, Lord Krishna's ultimate weapon. From March 13-15, 1,200 delegates constituting the RSS' highest debating body, Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, met at Mangalore, a meeting which Advani attended. A vital decision was announced there, that in future, the RSS central office will not issue directions about elections. The sanghchalaks, karyavahaks and pracharaks won't participate in electioneering. In each constituency, swayamsevaks could support the BJP, another party or stay neutral. It was a clear signal that the BJP does not have the RSS' approval. The hint went unheeded, so Sudarshan went public. Now Vajpayee must resign as NDA chairman and Advani must qui

US decision to let Afghans chase Laden was mistake

BERLIN (AP): Osama bin Laden bribed Afghan militias to give him free passage into hiding after the US-led invasion in 2001, the head of Germany's spy agency was quoted Tuesday as saying, in remarks critical of the United States. "The principal mistake was made already in 2001, when one wanted Bin Laden to be apprehended by the Afghan militias in Tora Bora," August Hanning told the Handelsblatt daily. "There, bin Laden could buy himself free with a lot of money." The head of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service did not explicitly blame the United States, whose forces used Afghans as their eyes and ears in the hunt for al-Qaeda and Taleban after the war, but the context was clear. Shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan the US commander, Gen. Tommy Franks, acknowledged that some Afghans were probably accepting bribes to free al-Qaeda or Taleban fighters whom the US wished to interrogate - although he did not name Osama bin Laden himself. Military experts

German spy chief lists possible al-Qaeda WMDs

13 April 2005 BERLIN - The head of Germany's BND intelligence agency, August Hanning, on Wednesday presented a likelihood ranking for weapons of mass destruction which could be in the hands of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network. Hanning, speaking at a security conference in the German capital, said he did not believe bin Laden had managed to obtain nuclear weapons. "We don't think al-Qaeda has made any progress here," said Hanning. But Hanning expressed more concern over radiological weapons which he listed as a "probably" on his WMD listing. Turning to biological weapons, Hanning said al-Qaeda certainly had access to basic poisons. Anthrax and plague were ranked as a "maybe" while ebola and smallpox were deemed "unlikely." Regarding chemical weapons, Hanning said basic poison gas was available to al-Qaeda but he termed deadly Sarin a "maybe." Separately, Hanning sought to dampen critical comments he made i