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Iranian nation will pursue nuclear fuel cycle 'at all costs': Rafsanjani

Netiran, Apr. 29th, 2005, Word Count : 436 Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said here on Friday that uranium enrichment is a right that Iran will never give up. Iran's suspension of uranium enrichment activities will not last long, he told worshippers at Friday prayers in Tehran. Iran suspended the activities as a goodwill gesture in the run-up to its talks with the European Union. "Iran is determined to possess all branches of nuclear technology, including uranium enrichment. "And we will have it at any cost. "Iran is strong enough to prevent the Europeans from imposing an indefinite uranium enrichment suspension," Rafsanjani noted. He went on to say that Iran would continue the talks with the European Union in order to assure the world that the Islamic Republic is not seeking nuclear weapons. "We have enough patience to continue talks with little result in order to convince the world that we are not pursu

More raids are coming on RJD MP Md.Shahabuddin an ISI agent

Buta resists pressure against raids 30 April 2005: Some Muslim MPs and MLAs cutting across party lines tried to prevent or minimise the impact of the Bihar STF raid on ancestral properties and homes of the notorious RJD politician, Mohammed Shahabuddin, last week, and one of those who called state governor Buta Singh on his behalf was Sonia Gandhi’s self-advertised political secretary, Ahmed Patel. Congress stalwarts said that while Shahabuddin’s mentor, railway minister Laloo Prasad Yadav, tried in vain with both Sonia and prime minister Manmohan Singh to stop the STF raids, Patel tried to pressure the governor, who said they were carried out in due process of law, and could not be called off. Shahabuddin, an RJD MP, is a notorious history-sheeter, and the agencies have a dossier of his alleged ISI connections, and since the February assembly elections, he has been externed from his constituency, Siwan, for six months on orders of the district administration, and the STF raids on

IITs are centers for brain drain from India, Are IIMs any better?

IITs are centers for brain drain from India .. Are IIMs any better? The Indian Institutes of Technology came in for praise from the US Congress, first time the Congress has honored a foreign university in this manner, for its significant contributions to US society. The US Congress passed House Resolution 227, introduced by Congressman Tom Davis and co-sponsored by Congressman Bobby Jindal, praising the stellar work done by IITians in all walks of life in USA. Davis said the United States must take leaf out of India's book and devise a strategy to focus on and improve studies in math and sciences. This rare recognition, experts say, will help IITs solicit US government grants and promote industry collaboration with the IITs for sponsored research and faculty/student exchange programmes. But from a pure national point of view this is a tremendous and irrecoverable loss to India. The exodus of doctors to US was stopped long ago by suitable policies so that India has become no

Secularists have failed once again

-- Ashok Time and again the secularists have been tested and they have been found wanting. Such failures clearly indicate that the concpet of secularism as practiced in India is a political one, and essentially one of bashing Hinduism or Hindu organisations. the following three incidents are the latest in a long list: 1. Anupam Kher has filed a defamation case against Harkishen Singh Surjeet, the recently retired General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist). Despite receiving nine summons, this worthy gentleman refused to make appearance in court. The excuse was health grounds. Of course, the gentleman was hale and hearty to indulge in political manoevuring all this time. In case of the Kanchi Shankaracharya, the secularists shouted at the top of their voice theirhat the law should take its own course. It matters not that the cases were purely without any basis. However, in case of the Marxist gentleman, the secularists were conspicuous by their silence, and prete

Sonia's Fear of Modi take over of BJP

Centre targets Modi anew on Gujarat riots Anita Saluja Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 0412 hours IST Updated: Saturday, April 30, 2005 at 0954 hours IST New Delhi, April 29: The Congress-led UPA Government has decided to use the charges levelled by Gujarat Additional DGP R.B. Sreekumar against the Gujarat government as a reason to order a CBI probe into the post-Godhra riots. With pressure from Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav, the Centre has been contemplating a CBI probe into the riots. On Friday, at a high-level meeting presided over by Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil — attended by Union Law Minister H.R. Bharadwaj and Union Minister of State for Personnel Suresh Pachauri _ there was a consensus that a CBI probe was required. However, since the Nanavati Commission set up by Gujarat is already probing into the riots, the Centre needed a defence for ordering a separate inquiry. Sources said normally, a CBI probe is ordered only when there is the consent of the state government.

Imperatives of justice Imperatives of justice KPS Gill For decades, India's leadership has floundered in a miasma of sentimentality, of a false, confused and disastrous rhetoric that has enormously empowered the enemies of the law, of the state, and of civilisation. Worse, it has yielded policies that have directly undermined the capacities of enforcement agencies to effectively confront a wide range of extremely violent political actors who have persistently employed the methods of terrorism - repeatedly targeting innocent civilians and non-combatants, including women, children and the poorest of the poor. Vast areas of the country have, consequently and progressively, been surrendered to lawlessness and disorder. Finally, however, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke out with exemplary clarity on the issue of terrorism at the Chief Minister's Conference at New Delhi on April 15, 2005, raising hopes - indeed, creating a measure of conviction - that the confusio

Gujarat police snatch Dawood - man, catch Mumbai cops napping -- he he he he

RK Misra/ Pramod Kumar Singh/ Gandhinagar/ New Delhi A crack team of the Special Operations Group, Gujarat Police, arrested Izu Sheikh, one of the key accused in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, early Friday morning from a hotel on the Andheri-Kurla Road in Mumbai, right under the nose of the city police. The Mumbai Police were ignorant about the gangster's presence after he checked into a hotel in the Andheri-Kurla area on Thursday night. Sheikh, a trusted lieutenant of don Dawood Ibrahim, controlled the gold smuggling syndicate of "D Company" in South Gujarat and was one of the 11-member core group formed by Pakistani secret agency Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) reportedly to "avenge the demolition of Babri Mosque." The team of the Bulsar district police led by Superintendent of Police (SP) Abhay Chudasama was on Sheikh's trail for his role in the shipment of two consignments of RDX in Gosabara in Porbandar and Phansa in Bulsar. The RDX, smuggled by S

6 Pakistani Terrorists killed in Kupwara , Kashmir Excelsior Special Correspondent SRINAGAR, Apr 26: In a major cordon-and-search operation, security forces have killed six militants in Chokibal area of Kupwara district today. Informed sources in north Kashmir told the Excelsior that over a specific information troops launched a search operation in Drangiyal forest area of Chokibal in KUpwara district late last night. Early this morning, a fierce gunbattle commenced between the holed up militants and security forces which lasted for the whole day. Six unidentified militants were killed. A Defence spokesman described it as a neat and clean operation, while claiming that none of the troopers or civilians had sustained any harm. He said that after killing six spotted militants, troops extended the search operation to the adjoining forest area as some militants of the group were suspected to have escaped. Sources said that the militants killed in the gunbattle with Army were all uni

How Much Will Record-High Oil Prices Hurt Global Growth?

If oil prices do shoot up to $80 per barrel—and stay at that level for one or two quarters—the global economy will likely reach a “tipping point.” In such a scenario, growth in the US economy would be cut to less than 2%, while Japan and many of the Eurozone economies would be pushed into recession. In such a scenario, the Chinese economy would also experience a rapid deceleration. by Nariman Behravesh Major risks remain in the oil price outlook. After all, the rise in oil prices has been driven by strong demand growth, not by supply interruptions. Global oil supplies remain stretched, and—so far—higher prices have not produced a major demand-side adjustment. The risk is that oil prices may have to keep rising until they do produce a demand-side response, by slowing the global economy sharply and by making demand growth less oil-intensive. Global Insight has recently revised upward its oil price outlook to reflect market expectations that the supply

The strange case of Zahira & Teesta

The strange case of Zahira & Teesta April 28, 2005 Sandhya Jain Now that the hullabaloo over the US denial of a visa to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi has died down, it would be worth our while to scrutinise the actions and motivations of Narendra Modi's tormentors, which resulted in this denouement. Because while political analysts admit that the post-Godhra riots were no worse than riots that had previously rocked the state after Independence, social activists in Gujarat claim that media reports of 2,000 dead are false since compensation claims filed by next-of-kin of those who died number around 700. The possibility that 1,300 'victims' never existed certainly calls for a rethink on the Gujarat imbroglio. Indeed, with hindsight one can discern an NGO-media synergy in targeting the Modi regime throughout the riots and thereafter, and taking considerable liberties with the truth while doing so. With opinions being paraded as facts, it is time to ask some har

Savagery Repeated on Indo-Bangladesh Border

by Anand Kumar Four years back, in the month of April, 16 Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers were killed in most brutal manner by Bangladeshis at a place called Pirdwua in Meghalaya on Indo-Bangladesh border. In a virtual repeat of that incident a BSF officer has been killed and two others seriously injured in Tripura. Ironically, this incident took place while the border talks at the director general level between BDR and BSF were into their final phase in Dhaka where both sides were deliberating on how to manage this border more efficiently. This incident was only waiting to happen, as regular skirmishes have been taking place between the border guards of two countries since February over the issue of border fencing. As usual, both Dhaka and New Delhi have given different versions of the incident that took place on April 16. Both sides have accused each other of provoking the violence opposite Lankamura outpost of BSF which is just eight kilometers from state capital Agarta

Pakistan Occupied Kashmir : Section 144 in Gilgit after 4 shot Section 144 in Gilgit after 4 shot Staff Report GILGIT: Gilgit’s district magistrate imposed Section 144 in the city for two months on Wednesday after unidentified men shot and injured four people in the old polo ground area on Tuesday evening. Sources said Shias were returning home after lighting small fires on nearby hills to mark Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birth anniversary (Shias mark the prophet’s (PBUH) birthday on 17 Rabiul Awal) when unidentified men shot at them, injuring four people including police constable Muhammad Hussain, in the city’s old polo ground area. After hearing gunshots, the entire neighbourhood erupted in gunfire, which continued for about half and hour, sources said, adding that Pakistan Army, Rangers and police reached the spot and cordoned off the area to search for weapons. Sources said police had arrested 32 people in connection with the incident. The old polo ground area is in the ci

United States is deeply enriched by its Indian-American residents

US Congress heaps praise on IITs April 28, 2005 12:15 IST The Indian Institutes of Technology, in particular, and the Indian-American community, in general, came in for impassioned praise from the US Congress -- the first time the US Congress has honoured a foreign university in this manner -- for their significant contributions to society in every profession and discipline. The US Congress passed House Resolution 227 -- introduced by Congressman Tom Davis and co-sponsored by Congressman Bobby Jindal -- praising the stellar work done by IIT-ians in all walks of life. Davis said that the United States must take leaf out of India's book and devise a strategy to focus on and improve studies in math and sciences. Experts say that this rare recognition will help IITs solicit US government grants and promote industry collaboration with the IITs for sponsored research and faculty/student exchange programmes. The Congressional debate ran live on CSPAN with speeches by several Congres

Jeevan Kumar : Bangladesh using Indian smugglers to kill BSF men

Bangladesh using Indian smugglers to kill BSF men How BSF men are snared by the BDR Anand Soondas Times News Network [April 28, 2005 ] Agartala: The sun goes down early in Agartala. By about 5 pm, the trees begin to sway in the light breeze. Jeevan Kumar would wait for this time everyday to get into his sports gear and play volleyball with the jawans. On April 16, the 32-year-old BSF assistant commandant had just won a point in the game when he heard that an Indian in the border village of Lankamura, Ramdhan Pal, had been abducted by Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) personnel. It would be Kumar's last game. Moments after he went into the Bangladeshi side to protest the "abduction", he was dragged in by BDR men, tortured and then shot to death. Pal later told the police he was beaten by the BDR and that he was in detention for two days. Investigations by TOI, however, point to a larger conspiracy - of Indian villagers s

Need to forge a political instrument

Our Correspondent The seminar, ‘Threats to India’s Integrity,’ organized by the Centre for National Renaissance (CNR), has called for all patriotic forces to forge a political instrument to challenge the forces threatening our national integrity. The seminar was organized in New Delhi on April 23, 2005 In his welcome address, CNR chairman Subramanian Swamy said that the threats to India’s integrity are multi-dimensional in nature, sapping the nation’s salience and eroding its substance. He listed four threats to India: 1 ) those arising out of the erosion of constitutional norms, especially the devaluation of the office of the Prime Minister, as witnessed recently in Goa and Jharkhand, and the increasing subservience to the extra-constitutional force; 2) the threats arising from the spread and coordination of terrorist activities within and from outside the country; 3) the destabilization because of the changing communal demographic patterns; 4) and the targeting by the state

A solid counter punch by BJP to Congress and the Communists

BJP finally came out from its shell. After a knee shaking defeat last year and major leadership crisis with allies in NDA threatening to join the Congress, finally BJP is coming out with solid policies and grass root movements that will bring them back to power sooner than later. BJP is organizing a farmer-awakening program that will change the landscape of Indian politics. The Congress along with the Indian Communists has fallen into the same trap that caused BJP to lose the election badly last year. The farmers and the rural sector of India especially in states that are threatened by illegal immigration from neighboring countries like Bangladesh. According to sources BJP will take the new movement straight to the rural sector abandoning its “high tech high profile fanfare”. According to media sources, eyeing the 2006 Assam assembly elections, the BJP has launched a campaign to mobilise farmers against the alleged negligence of the Congress government in the state and its failure to

China's March on South Asia

China's March on South Asia By Tarique Niazi China is steadily extending its reach into South Asia with its growing economic and strategic influence in the region. China's current trade volume with all South Asian nations reaches close to $20 billion a year. Its bilateral trade with India alone accounts for $13.6 billion a year, a number set to grow to $25 billion in 2010 [1]. Except for New Delhi, Beijing runs trade surpluses with all other partners, including Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. But China makes up for these trade deficits with massive investment in the infrastructural development, socio-economic needs, and above all energy production of its trade partners. Fast on the heels of the U.S. offer of nuclear power plants to India, China has offered Pakistan and Bangladesh nuclear power plants of its own to meet their energy needs. Beijing also showers these nations with low-cost financial capital to help their struggling development sector. The largest ben

India/Sri Lanka Tilling fields for Christians : Exposing Project Joahua

Tilling the Mission Fields in Sri Lanka www.christianaggression.o...e=articles By Ven Kollupitiye Samadhindriya Thero LankaWeb Feb 6 2005 Concern has been voiced that Catholics planned to convert all of Sri Lanka by the year 2000. The goal was later changed to 2005 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Portuguese invasion. Rev.Sister M Immaculate in the Catholic Weekly Messenger of 18th October 1990, speaks of " spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ and the message of salvation. He brought to the world.... We [Christians] are called upon to be sacraments of salvation..... it is for us to help them to recognize Him." Although there has always been a potential conversion threats to Buddhists Hindus and Muslims from the Catholic community since 1970s a deeper threat has emerged. The word " fundamentalism " associated with the word " evangelical " describes numerous American Protestant groups founded in the 1920s that " do battle royal for th