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Pagan Power in Modern Europe

Pagan revivalists draw inspiration from Hinduism in their quest to reclaim their own ancestral heritage In this special report for Hinduism Today, Belgian writer Hughes Henry profiles a leader of Europe's Pagan renaissance Christopher Gérard uncovered his Pagan past at the age of 14 with his bare hands--literally. A precocious child in a Belgian family which three generations before had parted company with the Christian church, he was fascinated at the age of ten by a book on Greek mythology provided by his father. Two years later, he was learning Greek and Latin and, by 14, ready to explore Europe's Pagan past first hand. He joined in with a team of archeologists in the south of Belgium to excavate a 4th-century Gallo-Roman temple. "When I dug into this temple, which had been destroyed by the Christians, I was shocked," he recounts. "I was barely 15, yet I understood in a powerful hands-on, nonintellectual way, how harsh had been Europe's conversion to Ch

Citizens of Pakistani Origin , active in extremist cells of European Union

European Union has released its latest report ," TERRORIST ACTIVITY IN THE EUROPEAN UNION: SITUATION AND TRENDS REPORT (TE-SAT) " , which outlines the terrorism situation in the European Union over the last twelve months and analyse the trends established in the member countries . The report is intended to inform the European Parliament on the phenomenon of terrorism targeting the Member States. An overview of terrorist activities is offered in two parts, the first of which relates to activities carried out by various indigenous groups within the European Union Member States, while the second part focuses on international terrorist activities affecting the European-Union. The report says that EU has become a recruiting ground for Jihadi activities around the world and also a logistical base . The report further thrown light on activities of citisend of Pakistani origin , "recent disruptive activity in more than one Member State has revealed active extremist cells of

Top Karntaka Police Official involved in Christian Conversions

15/05/2003 At 12:21 H.T. Sangliana Director General of Police (Prisons) of Karnataka is directly involved with few Christian Missionaries in Conversions in Rural Areas of Karnataka. Sangliana, an I.A.S of 1969 Batch from Meghalaya, was the Police Commissioner of Bangalore City and Director General of Police till recently. Sangliana, a North Eastern Christian, has been in the news for quite some time in Karnataka for being too much biased with Christian and Muslim organizations. The moment he assumed charge of his office, he first tried to keep track on all the Hindu organizations. He was given a free hand by the previous Chief Minister of Karnataka S.M. Krishna and few of his cabinet colleagues. The First time when Sangliana came to limelight was in Nov 2001, when few Hindu Organizations protested against some Christian Missionaries in Doddabalapur (Bangalore Rural), where mass conversions were being held. Violence broke out when the Christian missionaries attacked th

Mayawati : Dalit ki Beti OR using DALIT tag to amass disproportionate assets

Go Mayawati Goooooooo New Delhi: Infuriated by CBI questioning her in a disproportionate assets case, BSP President Mayawati on Thursday threatened to withdraw her party’s outside support to the government, unless “harassment” of a Dalit was stopped immediately. Raising the issue in the Rajya Sabha immediately after the House met for the day, a visibly agitated BSP supreme said her party might have to withdraw support to the government. (Remarks by G.C.Asnani : This so-called leader of Dalits considers herself to be above law because she thinks that she and her followers are exempt from punishment due to the certificate of Dalitism. Many leaders of Dalits have accumulated too much money by absolutely immoral methods; such leaders carry vote-banks with them and get a shelter under any political party which wants to rule over the country. Ms Mayawati is enjoying the support and protection of the ruling Congress Party. Hence, she threatens to bring down this brittle government if her m

Date of Sangam Age

The following update has been added to the entry on Sangam Age coins at with three additional maps added to the album: 1. Creation of Gulf of Khambat by submergence of Narmada and Tapati rivers 10000 years ago.jpg 2. Sky diary of November 3031 BCE fig26 Narahari Achar.jpg 3. Winter Solstice Jan 13, 3066 BCE fig17 Narahari Achar.jpg Date of Sangam age Winter solstice, January 13, 3066 BCE (See figure 17 of Narahari Achar's work on Mahabharata date) The date of the winter solstice gets corroborated by the chronology of Kaus'i_taki Brahmana which should not be far-removed from the date of S'atapatha Brahman.a which has been established by Dr. BN Narahari Achar based on the Brahmana observations that the Kritthika (Pleiades group) rose exactly at the east point (eta_ ha vai pra_cyai dis'e na cyavante: S'Br. II Kanda, Ch. 1, Br. 2,3). In Kaus'i_taki Brahmana there are two statements: sa vai ma_ghasya_ma_vasya_ya_m

West weakening Russia's influence on the post-Soviet space : FSB Director

There are forces in the West interested in weakening the Russian positions on the ex-USSR space "Certain political forces in the West in the best cold-war traditions apply the double-standards policy with regard to Russia. They purposefully and consistently seek to weaken Russia's influence on the post-Soviet space," Federal Security Service (FSB) director Nikolai Patrushev told the lower house of parliament. One confirmation is the developments in Georgia, Ukraine and other countries, Patrushev said. "Russia is unwanted as a strong ally," he said. The FSB director added that, economically, many foreign countries are not even interested in stability in Russia. According to Patrushev, foreign countries are practicing about 60 antidumping laws, whose total damage for Russia comes up to $5-6 billion. In the FSB figures, up to 2.5 million foreign nationals may be found in the territory of the Russian Federation. Patrushev said that illegal immigration is a

Successful Net-Centric Operations Require Joint Testing

By Lawrence P. Farrell Jr. The wars U.S. forces are fighting today—and can be expected to fight in the foreseeable future—undoubtedly are shaping the military services’ requirements for new and improved technology. The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly, have underscored the importance of joint operations and equipment interoperability among the services and with coalition allies. The concept that describes the ability of weapon systems to work jointly is “net-centricity.” Military planners and defense policymakers have wrestled for years with a fundamental question: How can U.S. military operations be “net-centric” when most weapon systems were developed in isolation and are not interoperable? The U.S. Joint Forces Command, which was given the responsibility to help set joint requirements for the services to achieve network-centric systems, is working on a number of efforts, including a joint command-and-control battle management roadmap and experiments in joint miss

No LTTE dictatorship, India tells Norway

IANS New Delhi May 12: India has expressed continued support to the Norway-facilitated peace process in Sri Lanka but made it clear that it is bitterly opposed to any ‘dictatorship’ of the Tamil Tiger guerrillas. The foreign secretary, Mr Shyam Saran conveyed the message to Norway’s peace envoy, Mr Erik Solheim during a 90-minute meeting at the South Block here on Wednesday. It was Mr Solheim’s first meeting with Mr Saran, who last week paid a four-day visit to Sri Lanka where he reiterated New Delhi’s objections to any break-up of the country and also spoke about India’s continuing interest in the country’s Tamil affairs. Sources with access to the Solheim-Saran meeting said the Norwegian emissary was told explicitly that while the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) could earn its due under the peace process, India would never accept ‘a LTTE dictatorship.’ The underlying message was that the LTTE had to stop killing its rivals, allow other Tamil groups to function and not impo

Gutkha baron gets death threats from International Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim

Gutkha baron gets death threats from Dawood Press Trust of India Posted online: Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 1456 hours IST Updated: Thursday, May 12, 2005 at 1458 hours IST Mumbai, May 12: Gutkha baron J M Joshi, facing allegations of forging links with the underworld, today said he has received threatening calls from alleged henchmen of Pakistan-based don Dawood Ibrahim. Joshi told PTI several threatening calls were made at his office and residence in the past one month. "I have been given a 12-hour security but it is not (not) enough," Joshi said. Joshi, owner of Goa Gutkha, said his statements against the don and his associate Hamid Antulay had angered Ibrahim. "I have learnt that someone has been given a contract to kill me," Joshi said. Joshi returned to India earlier this year to face probe in regard to his alleged links with underworld. Initially, Mumbai police probed the matter but later the case was transferred to CBI. He has since been questioned

Sangam Age coins with Sarasvati hieroglyphs

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman This note is mirrored at with an album of pictures of coins. A remarkable evidence of continuity of the hieroglyphs of Sarasvati civilization is provided by Sangam Age coins (dated to circa 300 BCE to 300 CE). Some scholars date the Sangam Age to c. 1000 BCE. Almost every glyph used on the coins is a legacy from Sarasvati hieroglyphs. Ancient ports of Sangam age in southern Bharat "Muziris or Musiri (Kodungalur/Cranganore), Tondi (Kadalundi/Ponnani), Marandai, Naravu (Naura and Nitriyas, of the Greek writers), Balita (Varkkalai) and Porkad (Bakare) were the principal ports of the Cheras. Kaver-pum-pattinam (Khaberis), also known as Puhar, in the East Coast was the chief port of the Cholas until it was submerged, like Dwaraka of Mahabharata times, by the encroaching sea…The Pandyas had about three ports on the East Coast and they were, Korkai, Saliyur and Kaiyal…Mamular, a Sangam period poet mentions about the Magadh

'Post-Godhra toll: 254 Hindus, 790 Muslims' Press Trust of India Posted online: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 1345 hours IST Updated: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 at 1354 hours IST New Delhi, May 11: The government on Wednesday informed the Rajya Sabha that 254 Hindus and 790 Muslims were killed in Gujarat in the post Godhra riots of 2002. Stating this in a written reply, Minister of State for Home Affairs Sriprakash Jaiswal said a total of 223 people were reported missing, 2,548 sustained injuries, 919 were rendered widows and 606 children were orphaned during the riots. He said an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh was paid by the government to the next of kin of each person killed and Rs 5,000, Rs 15,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 50,000 to those injured up to 10 30, 40 and 50 per cent respectively. In addition, he said relief was also extended by the state government to the victims of the riots under the heads of cash doles and assistance for household kits, foodgrains to Below Poverty Line (B


4GW (fourth generation wafare) is the term used by military thinkers to describe conflict at the start of the 21st century. In general, 4GW is an extremely effective method of warfare that the US and its allies will find very difficult to defeat (a slow burn, rather than complete eradication, may be the best possible outcome). John Robb have outlined the basics of 4GW warfare below to enhance your understanding of the term. Definition 4GW can be defined as a method of warfare that uses the following to achieve a moral victory: Undermines enemy strengths (this may seem obvious, but most of modern warfare has involved direct attacks on enemy strengths -- find the enemy army and destroy it). Exploits enemy weaknesses. Uses asymmetric operations (weapons and techniques that differ substantially from opponents). Drivers The rise of 4GW is both a product and a driver of the following: The loss of the nation-state's monopoly on violence. The rise of cultural, ethnic, and religi

Balochistan : Guns and Peace Don’t Go Hand in Hand

by Ghulam Asghar Khan AS was expected a twelve-member parliamentary delegation comprising of treasury and opposition members came back empty-handed from Dera Bugti. The Bugti chief, Nawab Akbar Bugti was very bitter over the killing 62 of his tribesmen by the security forces, including a number of Hindus, mostly women and children. But it was just a joyride for the non-entities who could not possibly make any contribution to end the stalemate between the Nawab and the power that really mattered. Islamabad’s unnecessary delay in negotiating a political resolution of the confrontation with the Bugti chief resulted in Thursday’s bloodshed in Dera that could have been averted had the right channels been used to approach embittered Nawab Akbar Bugti. Threats like “if you don’t cooperate we will use force” are not going to work with the Baloch leaders. The three military operations carried out in the past back-fired and are the real cause of the prevalent unrest in the province. Why not

BRAC: Information available for affected bases

by Master Sgt. Mitch Gettle Air Force Print News 5/10/2005 - WASHINGTON -- The secretary of defense is expected to announce the proposed Base Realignment and Closure list during a press conference May 13. Air Force officials said they understand the effect BRAC can have on servicemembers, retirees, employees and their families. To assist people with vital BRAC information, the Air Force will provide a toll-free number, (888) 473-6120, for military and civilian members affected by the BRAC list. Besides the toll-free phone number, the Air Force has an informative BRAC Web page at “This number will be available starting May 13 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EDT) until further notice,” said Col. Thomas Fleming, Air Force BRAC response cell director. “We will have trained people from 10 different Air Force organizations to answer or assist with any questions people may have.” Airmen can seek information through their chain of command. They may also contact the public affairs

Pakistan to get Missiles worth $226 M from US

SUMMARY OF SALES 1. 40 AGM-84L (air-launched) 2. 20 RGM-84L (surface-launched) Grade B Canister HARPOON Block II missiles as well as associated equipment and services. The total value 1 + 2 , if all options are exercised, could be as high as $180 million. 3. 300 AIM-9M-1/2 SIDEWINDER air-to-air missiles as well as associated equipment and services. The total value 3 , if all options are exercised, could be as high as $46 million. SOURCE : On 6 May 2005, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to Pakistan of 40 AGM-84L (air-launched) and 20 RGM-84L (surface-launched) Grade B Canister HARPOON Block II missiles as well as associated equipment and services. The total value, if all options are exercised, could be as high as $180 million. The Government of Pakistan has requested a possible sale of 40 AGM-84L (air-launched) and 20 RGM-84L (surface-launched) Grade B Canister HARPOON Block II missiles;

Washington Times cartoon on Pakistan

WASHINGTON -- A Washington Times cartoon has led to calls for President Pervez Musharraf's resignation in Pakistan, while the opposition has called for a nationwide protest on Friday. "Gen. Musharraf's friendship with America has only brought shame and suffering to the people of Pakistan," said Liaquat Baloch, a spokesman for the opposition religious alliance, Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal. The six-party alliance has called for a countrywide protest on Friday and is also raising the issue in the Pakistani parliament. (Excerpt) Read more at ...

Naxalites: biggest threat to Indian security

Naxalites: biggest threat to Indian security JOSY JOSEPH INDIATIMES NEWS NETWORK[ TUESDAY, MAY 10, 2005 01:33:55 PM ] A nightmare is beginning to unfold in the heart of India: latest intelligence reports say that armed Naxalites have a presence in 170 districts in 15 states of India as of now, and spreading wide and far. Just months back, the Naxals were present only in 156 districts in 13 states. Not just numbers, what adds to the administration's worry is that they are armed with sophisticated weapons. From the peasant uprising in Naxalbari village in Darjeeling district of West Bengal in May 1967, the movement is today a complex web that covers some 15 states of India, and with active links to the Maoists of Nepal. When the group started under the leadership of people like Kanu Sanyal and Charu Majumdar in West Bengal it was still part of Communist Part of India (Marxist), but split away, took to undergroun

KPS Gill can save America in Iraq newsid=46382&headline=KPS~Gill~can~save~America~in~Iraq 9th May 2005 Carte Blanche Posted online: Monday, May 09, 2005 at 1050 hours IST New Delhi, May 9: 20, 30, 65. Killed! Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Iraq, is on fire, democracy, dictatorship, foreign rule be damned. What George Bush needs to stop the carnage is a Made in India Rambo and his name is KPS Gill. The Bush Administration has tried everything from the largest mobilisation of forces since World War II , the spending of the highest amount of money, to the deployment of the most high-tech armament that has been used on the war front ever to get rid of the killer opposition in Iraq, that has fought on in a never-say-die spirit to the Americans' dismay. After throwing away hundreds of American lives, inducing collateral damage that has caused thousands of Iraqi casualties, what America has to show for it, besides international ire, is the capture of a few aces in the p

Using Jatropha as alterenate fuel

It is interesting [ rather tragic] that lakhs of acres are going to be used in Karnataka for growing Jatropha ,which will be used in Europe as alternative fuel. An English company is going to reap the full benefits of the important alternative fuel. Our politicians including Mr. Mani Shankar[ Fuel Minister who only fuels controversies] always waxes eloquent about this Jatropha-- Why our own IOC etc are not showing interest in this as a mixture for fuel or additive to Petrol. Should UK be the first destination for all Indian inventions/products/processes? -- RV An alternative to fossil fuel An alternative to fossil fuel Staff Correspondent 1.25 lakh acres of land is expected to be brought under jatropha cultivation in the next five years MYSORE: An ambitious contract cultivation programme, `Jatropha Curcas,' was launched here on Sunday, marking the beginning of large-scale cultivation of the bio-diesel crop tha

Miracle that's India, yet we demonise it

Vivek Gumaste (A Reader) Saturday, May 07, 2005 at 1102 hours IST url: Publication: Indian Express Growing up in the southern city of Bangalore in the early 70's, I was appalled to see differing political factions of Iranian students indulging in open street fights. What an uncultured group these people are, I thought to myself. It was a classic example of washing one's dirty linen in public in a different country. It evoked a sense of disgust in me. It is the same feeling that I sense, here in New York, when I view the local desi scene in the context of the denial of an US visa to Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat. I do not wish to dwell on the pros and cons of the issue at hand but would rather like to analyse what such episodes do to our image as a nation and a people. How does it reflect upon of all of us - the secular groups, the nationalist factions or whatever (I hate these labels for they mislead). Is this the