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It is Gujarat NOT Modi the target of all Anti-National and Foreign Intelligence operatives

Tavleen Singh is right when she alleges that Teesta Setalvad has thrived on maligning India for being a country as fundamentalist as our Islamic neighbors. As a matter of fact Teesta Setalvad has left no stone unturned. The degree with which Teesta Setalvad scorns upon Gujaratis knows no bounds. The year was 2000 when neither Godhra nor its aftermath had occurred - Islamic terrorists had just butchered some 100 pilgrims to Amarnath. This letter should be an eye opener for those bitten by the “Teesta the activist” humbug. Read it, only Teesta can conjure this bizarre correlation where Islamic terrorists kill Hindu pilgrims and the complain is that Muslims are targets of Hindu militancy! I’d like to point to another piece of interest as well. A conference if you will. In 2003 Teesta and her cohorts were invited to speak on a seminar in Washington DC. The topic of discussion was Hindu Nationalism vs. Islamic Jihad: Religious Mi

China's Defense Spending Lower Than Previous Estimates

China's defense spending is estimated to be between 2.3 and 2.8 percent of the nation's GDP. This is 40 to 70 percent higher than official Chinese government figures, but substantially lower than previous outside estimates of the share of GDP devoted to defense. Projects future growth in Chinese government expenditures as a whole and on defense in particular, evaluates the current and likely future capabilities of China’s defense industries, and compares likely future expenditure levels with recent defense expenditures by the United States and the U.S. Air Force. The authors forecast that Chinese military spending is likely to rise from an estimated $69 billion in 2003 to $185 billion by 2025-approximately 61 percent of what the Department of Defense spent in 2003. For complete RAND report Visit : China's Defense Spending Lower Than Previous Estimates

US Millitary owns 520,000 facilities worldwide

There are more than 520,000 DoD-owned facilities worldwide. Some are small plots of land with radio or radar towers. Others are huge ranges and bases. All are being looked at to determine how each property fits into the new force-structure plan. Source :


Polished diamonds imports to Japan during March 2005, at 258,318 carats worth US$108 million, increased by 17.1 percent in terms of value and by 9.5 percent in terms of carats from such imports during March 2004. During the January to March 2005 quarter, 706,839 carats were imported to the value of US$304 million. India accounts for a 69.5 percent share of the imports to Japan in terms of carats and a 45.9 percent share in monetary terms. Imports to Japan from India in March 2005 showed a 3.4 percent increase in terms of carats and an 18.6 percent increase in monetary terms. SOURCE : Tacy Ltd. Diamond Industry Consultants

Afghanistan still has terrorist training camps -- Security Service director Nikolai Patrushev

The events in Uzbekistan are not connected only with internal problems of this country, Russian Federal Security Service director Nikolai Patrushev said at a press conference in Astana on Friday. Kazakhstan's capital hosted the 18th session of the council of heads of security bodies and special services of the Commonwealth of Independent States. "To understand the events in Uzbekistan we should consider the current developments in Afghanistan," Patrushev said. "In spite of the measures taken by the international community, the situation in Afghanistan is far from stable," he noted. "Afghanistan still has terrorist training camps and producers of [illicit] drugs, including heroin," the FSB director stressed. "The fact that it [Afghanistan] still has terrorist training camps affect the CIS, therefore the recent events in Uzbekistan were caused not only by its domestic problems but also by the facts which I have just mentioned," Patrushev a

Report on Pakistan by Swiss group FAST

Pakistan is monitored by Swiss group FAST "an independent early warning program covering 20 countries/regions in Africa, Europe and Asia" ,since spring 1999 . It's objective is the early recognition of impending or potential crisis situations in order to prevent violent conflict . With an aim to enhancing political decision makers` and their staff's ability to identify critical developments in a timely manner so that coherent political strategies can be formulated to either prevent or limit destructive effects of violent conflicts or identify windows of opportunity for peacebuilding. Analytical framework Complete report Country Expert Dr. Christophe Jaffrelot is Director of CERI (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales) at Sciences Po (Paris), Research director at the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and Editor in chief of Critique internationale. He teaches South Asian politics to doctoral students at Sciences Po. Dr. Jaffr

Kargil war the JNU students Union

In 1999, right in the middle of the Kargil war the JNU students Union arranged an Indo-Pak Mushaira. Three brothers Major K.K.Sharma, Major L.K.Sharma -- and Dr Sharad Sharma asked and received admission to the event so that they may witness the perspectives of the "honored" Pakistani guests. As the event proceeded at 10 PM, the three were at first shocked and then grew increasingly outraged at the outright India-bashing that was taking place in their presence, but even though they were seething at all the anti-national rhetoric, these gentlemen kept a tight leash on their tempers in the interests of free speech. About an hour later, it was the turn of poetess Fahmida Riyaz, from Pakistan who began her recital with an insulting barrage of verses about how India's decision to go nuclear was the result of a "fundamentalist and self-destructive" policy . This was a little too much to stomach for the Sharma brothers, who had seen plenty of their brave and courage

Using Political Psychology to Understand al-Qaida Recruitment

By REBECCA RAYKO . Dr. Elena Mastors was recently hired as a senior policy analyst at Mantech. Before that she was a senior intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency. Rick Kozak / Defense News Media Group staff Dr. Elena Mastors was recently hired as a senior policy analyst at Mantech. Before that she was a senior intelligence analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency. There are several ways to address the growing number of al-Qaida recruits fueling the threat of terrorism in the United States. Unfortunately, each option is exceedingly complex and none comes with guarantees, said Elena Mastors, senior policy analyst at Mantech. “There is no silver bullet and each option is controversial,” Mastors told military and intelligence officials May 18 at the Defense News Media Group’s C4ISR Integration 2005 Conference in Arlington, Va. The first option is to change U.S. policies — for example, its policy toward Israel or the presence of troops in the Arabian Peninsula

Conference Coverage : Military intelligence-collection systems

Military intelligence-collection systems continue to be used in ways to benefit the joint war fighter. Yet even better means must be found for leveraging the vast amounts of collected data. Recent conflicts have underscored the need for improving intelligence collection at the tactical level while bolstering intelligence support for those in the fight. Learn how can the flow of intelligence can be improved to enhance situational awareness for the war fighter. Complete Coverage

Iran Eyes Geothermal Energy, Daily, May. 13rd, 2005 Word Count : 630 Iran lies on the geothermal belt of the world and it is readying to use it. The country is planning to build its first geothermal powerhouse to use underground hot water for electricity production on the slopes of once volcanic Sabalan mountains in the country's northwest. The plant is built in the city of Meshkinshahr in the Ardebil province for the production of 100 megawatts of electricity. The project will enable Iran to join the six world countries, namely US, Italy, Iceland, Japan, New Zealand and Turkey, which are currently making use of the geothermal technology . Geothermal technology uses the natural warmth of the earth to produce electricity, as well as heat and cool homes and businesses. A "geo" power plant works by tapping into steam or hot water reservoirs underground. The heat is used to drive an electrical generator. The Islamic Republic was represented at a conference on geothe

IRAN : 1,014 people apply to run for president

Source: Netiran, May. 17th, 2005, Word Count : 391 As many as 1,014 people have signed-up as candidates for the 9th presidential election, said Interior Ministry spokesman Jahanbakhsh Khanjani on Tuesday, May 17,. Khanjani told a weekly press briefing that 30 out of the 1,014 applicants are aged below 20, 236 ones are between 20-30 years age group, 314 are between 30 and 40 years old, 202 are between the ages of 40 and 50, 148 are between 50 and 60 years old, 52 are between 60 and 70 years old, 27 ones are aged between 70 and 80, and five others are above 80 years old. The Interior Ministry spokesman said 286 of the candidates are civil servants, 126 are unemployed, 84 are retired and 34 are university instructors. He said there are 22 physicians, 22 clerics, eight university students, eight lawyers, two lawmakers, and a student among the applicants. The profession of three of those applying to run for president is not clear because they have not specified i

Composites Emerge as Popular Choice for Designing Aircrafts

Composites Emerge as Popular Choice for Designing Aircrafts; Micro-displays to Soon Enter the Cockpit Date Published: 10 May 2005 Palo Alto, Calif. — May 10, 2005 — The growing sophistication of aircrafts in both military and civilian segments is compelling researchers worldwide to innovate novel materials that reduce weight, maximize fuel efficiency and maintain aerodynamic balance for aircrafts. “Composites are the answer for stronger aircraft materials because they are lightweight, flexible and resistant to high temperatures: all key characteristics aircraft design-engineers look for while selecting materials,” observes Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Vijay Shankar Murthy. If you are interested in a virtual brochure, which provides manufacturers, end-users and other industry participants an overview of the latest analysis of the Global Advances in Aerospace Technologies – then send an email to Tolu Babalola- Corporate Communications at with t

Russia : Anti-West Rhetoric Exposes Jitters, Experts Say

By Nabi Abdullaev Staff Writer Source: The Moscow Times A recent outburst of anti-Western -- and particularly anti-American -- sentiment from some senior officials appears to be the result of jitters that the West will try to intervene in Kremlin plans to transfer power from President Vladimir Putin to a loyal successor in 2008, political analysts said. While U.S. President George W. Bush returned to Washington filled with praise for Russia after a visit last week, many Russian officials and even state television have adopted a distinctly anti-U.S. and anti-EU slant. The latest volley was shot by Federal Security Service director Nikolai Patrushev, who accused Western nongovernmental organizations last week of spying on Russia and bankrolling regime change in Belarus. NGOs were a major channel for Western involvement in the political upheavals that replaced pro-Moscow presidents with Western-friendly leaders in Georgia in 2003 and in Ukraine last year. Senior officials in recent

ISI, Iran funded NDF

ISI, Iran funded NDF: Rawat Staff Reporter KOZHIKODE: Neera Rawat, Senior Superintendent of Police, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, has said that the Kozhikode Special Branch during her tenure as Kozhikode City Police Commissioner from March 22, 1997 to May 16 1999, had gathered information and prepared a report about the National Development Front's (NDF) links with the Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). Ms. Rawat was deposing before the Marad Judicial Inquiry Commission, Thomas P. Joseph, through the video conferencing facility at the Reliance Web World here on Friday. While the Commission conducted its sitting at the Reliance Web World at East Nadakkavu, Ms. Rawat deposed as a witness at the Reliance Web World at Bareilly. Her deposition lasted less than an hour. During her examination Ms. Rawat said that she had also constituted a special squad to assist the Special Branch to collect information about the activities of the NDF. The police had then prepared repor

NGOs a Cover for Spying , Russian security Chief

By Simon Saradzhyan and Carl Schreck Staff Writers ( Moscow Times) U.S., British and other foreign nongovermental organizations are providing cover for professional spies in Russia, while Western organizations are bankrolling plans to stage peaceful revolutions in Belarus and other former Soviet republics bordering Russia, Federal Security Service director Nikolai Patrushev told the State Duma on Thursday. Patrushev said the FSB has monitored and exposed intelligence gathering activities carried out by the U.S. Peace Corps, the British-based Merlin medical relief charity, Kuwait's Society of Social Reforms and the Saudi Red Crescent Society. He said foreign secret services rely on NGOs to collect information and promote the interests of their countries. "The imperfectness of the legislation and lack of efficient mechanisms for state oversight creates a fertile ground for conducting intelligence operations under the guise of charity and other activities," Patrushev s