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Bomb Blasts in Indonesian Christian Town Kill 19

It is interesting that while Christian groups and so-called human rights groups never tire of attacking "Hindu fundamentlism" they should maintain a petrified silence over Islamic attacks on fellow Christians. Christian strategy seems to be to buy time negotiaing wiht the Jihadis and try to make up for the losses in India. -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - May 28, 2005 By REUTERS Filed at 3:26 a.m. ET JAKARTA (Reuters) - Two bomb blasts ripped through a crowded market in a Christian town in eastern Indonesia on Saturday, killing 19 people in an attack likely to raise fears sectarian bloodshed could again break out in the region. Police said the attacks occured in the lakeside town of Tentena, on the eastern island of Sulawesi, part of an area where three years of Muslim-Christian clashes killed 2,000 people until a peace deal was agreed in late 2001. Periodic unrest has flared since, but Saturday morning's attack is a

15 lakh youth join Bajrang Dal

. source “Under a special recruitment drive, undertaken from November 20, 2004 to January 15, 2005 in 39 Prants of the country, the Bajrang Dal has recruited 15 lakh youth. “Now they would be imparted training on how to protect Hindu dharma and culture,” said Shri Prakash Sharma, national convener of Bajrang Dal. He was speaking at the national teachers training camp of the Dal held in Mumbai recently. Shri Sharma said that the Bajrang Dal had decided to impart training to one lakh workers and also to present a trishul each to at least five lakh workers. He further said that two-day training camps had already begun from January this year and special camps would be organised in 41 Prants in May-June. He pointed out that the Bajrang Dal had more than 38,000 units, 4,500 weekly meeting centres and 1,500 gyms all over the country. He added that a large number of Bajrang Dal activists would go on the Amarnath Yatra on July 21 to resolve to fight against terrorism at

CIA ::::: Take That, Cyberterrorism!

Story location: 05:00 PM May. 25, 2005 PT WASHINGTON -- The CIA is conducting a war game this week to simulate an unprecedented, Sept. 11-like electronic assault against the United States. The three-day exercise, known as "Silent Horizon," is meant to test the ability of government and industry to respond to escalating internet disruptions over many months, according to participants. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the CIA asked them not to disclose details of the sensitive exercise taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia, about two hours southwest of Washington. The simulated attacks were carried out five years in the future by a fictional new alliance of anti-American organizations that included anti-globalization hackers. The most serious damage was expected to be inflicted in the closing hours of the war game Thursday. The national security simulation was significant because its premise -- a devastating cyberattack that affects government and parts

Hinduism - Buddhism different religions?

Fwd. The use of the very word, 'tribal' which is a western indological aberration, is loaded with disdain. The jaati and janajaati of Hindustan are the bedrock of dharma which is the the land called Hindustan. K. Hinduism is a culture of the land called Hindustan. Because it is a culture, it undergoes changes from time to time and from place to place. No culture is strictly homogeneous.Therefore, even if some people may say Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism are different from Hinduism, it is not true. Some anti-Hindu people try to divide Hindus by trying to prove that Hinduism is different from these religions. Many Leftists try to propagate that tribals are also not Hindus. We must condemn those, who try to divide Hindus ib various ways. Keshav Acharya Hinduism - Buddhism different religions? By Nandakumar Chandran In modern perception today Buddhism is regarded as a religion distinct and apart from Hinduism. It is our view that such an understanding lacks historical validity a

What revolutions do to intellectuals

"All sorts of revolutions abhor dissent. And dissent comes only from true intellectuals, who wish not to be constrained within any framework. The enclosed quote narrates what happened during the so-called cultural revolution in China. Such things have happened many times in the past. That societies recover from such vandalism is a credit to the dynamism of societies. "says Ashok Chowgule , Industrialist and Leader of Vishwa Hindu Parishad . Suppressing words, either written or spoken, had formed the base of his career. As deputy head of the Cultural Revolution Group, from 1966 onwards, Zhang Chunqiao's role was to purge the party ranks of artists and intellectuals, creating instead "new-born things" that would be worthy of the revolution. Intellectuals were sent to work in the fields to clear their minds of bourgeois notions. As head of the Revolutionary Committee in Shanghai Mr Zhang used the Red Guards, ruthless gangs of students and workers, to burn boo

Why is Bill Clinton coming to Nagappattinam?

Why is Clinton visiting Nagappattinam? Maybe, it is more than a humanitarian call, in defense of human rights. Can investigative journalists investigate further and unravel the unfathomable mysteries of the heart? Methinks, Clinton is in the employ of the Christist churches. Last time, he went to Gujarat, in the wake of a natural disaster.This time, he is coming to Tamilnadu, in the wake of a natural disaster. Who else has a vested interested in fishing in troubled waters caused by a natural disaster? The christist church. A visit to Nagappattinam for a photo-op by an ex-president of USA, after the attempts of Vivek Oberoi to provide tsunami relief were check-mated by the christists, is a wake-up call to all to understand the nature of christist attacks which get mounted incessantly. Some attacks are clevery camouflaged; some are blatant like the acquisition of real-estate all along the Coromandel coastline, to create a number of churches to rival the number of hindu mandirams. A R

$192 billion will be spent to fight terror worldwide this year

This year, nearly $192 billion will be spent for fight against terror in the world. According to research conducted by the Homeland Security Research Corporation (HSRC) based in Washington, this figure is likely to triple within the next three years. The research indicates that 44 percent of the expenditures is from the US. By 2010, expenses for fight against terror will reach $350 billion and 36 percent of this will be met by the US alone. The number is predicted to surpass $517 billion in 2015. Experts preparing this report said these estimations have originated from the homeland security and defense expenses of each country. The calculations are based on the assumption that the tension today will continue rather than a repeat of a big attack similar to 9/11. The document, announced as the first of its kind in the world is 400 pages long and on sale for $3,950 from HSRC.

China Deploys Advanced AWACS

PLAAF Deploys Advanced AWACS China has successfully developed an AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) radar plane. The aircraft, a modified Russian-made transport, is currently undergoing testing with the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) near Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. The surveillance plane, a modified Russian IL-76 transport, is reportedly fitted with a Chinese-made airborne radar system at Xian Aircraft Industry Co. (XAC). The aircraft made its first flight in November 2003, and has been designated as Kong Jing-2000 or KJ-2000. Two KJ-2000s, one based on a Russian radar plane purchased by China and one converted from a Chinese Air Force IL-76MD transport have been delivered to the PLAAF for operational evaluation and tests. According to reports from Beijing, a total of four aircraft will eventually be built. The newly developed airborne radar planes are expected to join a growing force of advanced aircraft poised to take Taiwan by storm. The PLAAF radar plan

CIA Overseeing 3-Day War Game on Internet

By TED BRIDIS, AP Technology Writer 2 hours, 37 minutes ago WASHINGTON - The CIA is conducting a secretive war game, dubbed "Silent Horizon," this week to practice defending against an electronic assault on the same scale as the Sept. 11 terrorism attacks. The three-day exercise, ending Thursday, was meant to test the ability of government and industry to respond to escalating Internet disruptions over many months, according to participants. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the CIA asked them not to disclose details of the sensitive exercise taking place in Charlottesville, Va ., about two hours southwest of Washington. The simulated attacks were carried out five years in the future by a fictional alliance of anti-American organizations, including anti- globalization hackers. The most serious damage was expected to be inflicted in the war game's closing hours. The national security simulation was significant because its premise — a devastating cyberattack

Facts about the 1999 India-Pakistan conflict in Kargil

FACT 1. Pakistan used 5,000 of its troops to infiltrate into various peaks in the Kargil sector. Some local "Mujahideen" were used, but only as porters. The NLI troops occupied a total of 132 posts. ”An Analysis of the Kargil Conflict 1999" by Brig. (Ret) Shaukat Qadir of Pakistan Army It says; "They were occupying 132 posts of various sizes. Whereas the total number of troops occupying these posts never exceeded 1000 (from all ranks),four times this number provided the logistical backup to undertake the operation. While the occupants were essentially soldiers of the Northern Light Infantry (NLI),there were some local Mujahideen assisting as labour to carry logistical requirements." "Pakistan: The Eye of the Storm", Owen Bennett Jones pp 91-92 Jones says; When they speak off the record, however Pakistani politicians and army officers tell a very different story, freely conceding that denials about Kargil were nothing more than barefaced lies. The No

KASHMIR STRUGGLE : Letter DAWN from Pakistan House Member M. P . Bhandara

‘Kashmir struggle’ Following letter from Pakistan House Member M. P . Bhandara, which appeared in DAWN. THIS refers to Mr Khalid Hasan’s letter (May 16) in reply to mine (May 10). The gravamen of Mr Hasan’s charge is that President Musharraf has conceded “on essentials to India on Kashmir without receiving any reciprocating gesture”. Let us first examine this charge on legal merits. UN resolutions are of two types. Resolutions passed under Chapter 7 are mandatory involving sanctions and those under Chapter 6 are not. Unfortunately, the UN resolutions on Kashmir do not indicate under which chapter the resolutions were passed. Pakistan has all along stressed that the resolutions were passed under Chapter 7 because their substance provides for a detailed implementing mechanism and thus by implication has a binding character. Unfortunately, this point of view has never been supported by any of permanent members of the Security Council, in


Dr. BABU SUSEELAN For centuries Hindus have been forcefully converted into Islam and Christianity. Religious conversion has profoundly affected our cultural legacy by the after-effects of the genocidal coercive religious conversion. It has left its wounding imprint on our individual psyches and our collectiveconsciousness. Although coercive religious conversion of Hindus in India and abroad has deep historical roots, recent deceptive religious conversion techniques used by global evangelical movements pose serious political, social, ethical and psychological problems. Recently Pope Benedict XVI, in a new encyclical has issued a call to Catholics to go out and actively convert non-Christians around the world. He also directed Christians to introduce and practice western values in pagan nations. In this era of globalization, corporate evangelists with unlimited funds use sophisticated, deceptive psychological mind altering techniques to lure, brainwash and convert innocent people.

Modi tormentors all, including many in BJP

Author : Swapan Das Gupta Publication : Free Press Journal Date : May 23, 2005 In a country where individual worth is often measured against the proximity to power, it is difficult for Opposition stalwarts to grab headlines. For the past year, since the NDA lost the Lok Sabha election, individuals in the BJP have adopted innovative methods to keep themselves in the news. Unsigned letters, angry walkouts and cryptic one-liners are the tried and tested methods. But if there is one thing guaranteed to make editors salivate and make news, it is the sheer delight of finding yet another BJP functionary getting stomach cramps over Narendra Modi. It is fashionable to hate the Chief Minister of Gujarat. For secularists, Modi-hate is a badge of conviction. For American diplomats, kicking Modi is an expedient diversion from the outrageous desecration of the Koran by American military perso

Terror returns to Delhi: One dead, 50 injured

THE PIONEER Staff Reporter/ New Delhi In the first terrorist attack in more than three years in Delhi, one person died and more than 50 people were injured when two simultaneous bomb blasts in Liberty cinema and Satyam Cineplex rocked the Capital on Sunday evening. ... In cinema halls blasts Ironically, the blast came on the day when the UPA government was celebrating completion of first year in office. Both the halls were showing Sunny Deol starer Jo Bole So Nihal, a film which has run into controversy due to certain references to Sikh scriptures. Late at night, the Union Cabinet met to take stock of the situation. The Prime Minister is likely to visit the injured on Monday. Preliminary investigation conducted by the Delhi Police and other investigating agencies, however, has revealed that the twin blasts in both the cinema halls were caused by bombs laced with RDX and fitted with timers, a possible handiwork of trained subversives. In the case of Liberty cinema, the b

Pinko history is back, errors and all

Udayan Namboodiri/ New Delhi May 23 2005 Pinko History is back, saffron is out - "detoxified" under HRD Minister Arjun Singh's orders. Last fortnight, National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) brought back history books, which flourished in the CBSE system for 35 years before the NDA government banished them in 2002. Result: the revival of the old Left's catch-'em-young historiography. In his zeal to please his communist backers, Mr Singh has ensured that the books by the "eminent" historians are reintroduced without even cosmetic changes in format and design. In fact the same typos, which were present in the last reprints are still there as are the pictures printed upside down. Also back is Brahmin baiting. The depiction of ancient India as a feudal nightmare. RS "beef" Sharma is at his incorrigible best at convincing youngsters that despite what their parents told them, there is no such thing as a sacred animal in H


Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan invited to South Africa Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan invited to South Africa Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan, Founder Trustee of Sister Nivedita Academy, Sri Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram and Sri Bharatamata Mandir, Bangalore, has been officially invited by Sri Ashwin Trikamjee, President of South African Hindu Maha Sabha, to attend the 92nd anniversary of the Sabha at Durban on Sunday, the 29th May 2005. The occasion will be marked by the launch of a book containing the resolutions adopted at the First ever Conference of All Hindu organizations in South Africa in 2003—a conference which was officially opened by the President of South Africa, The Hon. Thabo Mbeki in August 2003. Sadhu Rangarajan has been requested to grace the anniversary celebration with his presence as Guest of Honour and to launch the book on that day. Sadhuji is scheduled to fly from Mumbai to Johannesberg, via Nairobi, by Kenya Airways, on 26th of May, 2005. He will be the guest of Smt. Sherit