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Who is responsible for anti-India campaign in US?

-Rajiv Malhotra In recent years, the Indian police and press have started to pay attention to certain groups with 'peace,' 'civil liberties' and 'human rights' identities. Often, the scholars'/activists' assistance is by legitimizing a radical group through endorsement, such as when the Communist Party of India, Marxist Leninist Liberation honored the kin of about 1,000 'comrade martyrs', i e terrorists, at an event graced by several prominent 'social activists, environmentalists, and writers-turned-activists.' There are various cross-ideological alliances for activism in India where separatists of various kinds, Islamists, Christian fundamentalists and Leftists converge for collaborations. They blame Indian culture and Hinduism in particular as the fabric that holds India together, and wish to see it dismantled. US-based Indian intellectuals What has not been investigated adequately is the role of US-based intellectuals. Often, such

25% IIT seats meant for ST/SC etc are usurped by Christians Posted on June 2, 2005 15:13 PM EST Sulekha If one walk around any of the IITs in India on a Sunday, one can see many Christian students going to the church. Almost 100% of them have got in to IIT through the ST/SC reservation. It was going on for decades and why none of us are aware of it. The simple reason is that the media is controlled by christians including this Sulekha website. One of the well-known case of such certificate that of the ex- congress party\'s chief minister of Chhattisgarh, the Christian Ajit Jogi. Jogi was involved in the most famous case of misuse of scheduled tribe certificate. In 1977 it was discovered that Ajit Jogi's ST certificate acquired in 1967 was not registered in the revenue records. Ajit Jogi belongs to Satnami, a scheduled caste, but that his ancestors converted to Christianity and therefore have no right to claim the benefit of reservation. The national commission for S

America's coming economic crisis, Countdown to a Meltdown

America's coming economic crisis. A look back from the election of 2016 SOURCE: . January 20, 2016, Master Strategy Memo Subject: The Coming Year—and Beyond Sir: It is time to think carefully about the next year. Our position is uniquely promising—and uniquely difficult. The promise lies in the fact that you are going to win the election. Nothing is guaranteed in politics, but based on everything we know, and barring an act of God or a disastrous error on our side, one year from today you will be sworn in as the forty-sixth president of the United States. And you will be the first president since before the Civil War to come from neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party.1 This is one aspect of your electoral advantage right now: having created our new party, you are already assured of its nomination, whereas the candidates from the two legacy parties are still carving themselves up in their primaries.2 The difficulty, too, lies in the fact t

C-130J conducts first-ever combat airdrop

Master Sgt. Sean Ballard watches as a container delivery system bundle rolls out of the back of a C-130J Hercules June 30. This mission was the first-ever combat airdrop for the new J-model transport. Sergeant Ballard is a loadmaster with the Rhode Island Air National Guard's 143rd Air Wing. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Desiree Hayden) by Staff Sgt. Chyenne A. Griffin U.S. Central Command Air Forces Forward Public Affairs 7/1/2005 - SOUTHWEST ASIA (AFPN) -- Air Force history was made June 30 when the newest addition to the cargo fleet proved its capabilities during the first-ever C-130J Hercules combat airdrop. The new J-model aircraft has been put to the test on various missions both at home and abroad on numerous occasions to ensure it meets all requirements and continues to maintain its reputation as the Air Force’s workhorse. Another perfect opportunity presented itself when Army ground forces requested civic assistance and troop re-supply drops in Afg

Inside the mind of an Iraqi Suicide bomber

IN A RARE INTERVIEW, A TERRORIST IN TRAINING REVEALS CHILLING SECRETS ABOUT THE INSURGENCY'S DEADLIEST WEAPONS By APARISIM GHOSH / BAGHDAD Sunday, Jun. 26, 2005 One day soon, this somber young man plans to offer up a final prayer and then blow himself up along with as many U.S. or Iraqi soldiers as he can reach. Marwan Abu Ubeida says he has been training for months to carry out a suicide mission. He doesn't know when or where he will be ordered to climb into a bomb-laden vehicle or strap on an explosives-filled vest but says he is eager for the moment to come. While he waits, he spends much of his time rehearsing that last prayer. "First I will ask Allah to bless my mission with a high rate of casualties among the Americans," he says, speaking softly in a matter-of-fact monotone, as if dictating a shopping list. "Then I will ask him to purify my soul so I am fit to see him, and I will ask to see my mujahedin brothers who are already with him."