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London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack

A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th. On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants , which bills itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, better known to you and I as a PR firm. Peter Power was a former Scotland Yard official, working at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch. Power told the host that at the exact same time that the London bombings were taking place, his company was running a 1,000 person strong exercise which drilled the London Underground being bombed at the exact same locations, at the exact same times, as happened in real life. The transcript is as follows. POWER: At half past nine this morning we were a

Hindu leaders ask community members to be vigilant after London attack

Intellibriefs received this statement from leading Hindu lobbyist in US which asks it's members to be vigilant Hindu temples and centres need to be vigilant after London attack Note:Please circulate this message to as many temples and organisations as you can. HFB letter for vigilance... Hindu temples and centres need to be vigilant after London attack Namaste and Jaya Shri Krishna. The recent terror attacks in London can pose an immediate security issue for Hindu places of worship and individuals. It is not uncommon for a backlash against particular communities after such incidents. However, perpetrators of hate crime will rarely make a difference between a mosque, a temple and a gurdwara. They may attack any place of worship that looks different. We are therefore urgently appealing to all Hindu temples and community centres to be extra vigilant, particularly at night and during festival times and gatherings. As a precautionary measure, all temples and community centres a

London's Islamists unusually mum

By Seth Rosen THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published July 9, 2005 London's notoriously outspoken Islamists, a media-savvy faction who have publicly praised the September 11 hijackers and called for Islamic law in Britain, have fallen unusually silent since Thursday's rush-hour attack on commuters. Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammed, the radical cleric known for giving his cell phone number to reporters, did not answer yesterday or the previous day. The Web site of the sheik's followers was offline, and Anjem Choudhary, his top assistant, refused to comment on the blasts that left scores dead. In contrast, Muslim clerics and residents of London condemned the bombings without reservation, including one of Mr. Bakri's supporters. "My reaction is the same as the British public -- it is an act of terrorism and I'm deeply saddened," said Abu Bakar Siddique. "Many innocents lives were lost and many Muslims died." In his lectures and interviews,

Where is the Gandhi of Islam?

Where is the Gandhi of Islam? By Charles Moore The Telegraph, UK Saturday, July 9, 2005 Yes, there was a Blitz spirit. As we waited in large crowds for a train out of London on Thursday afternoon, everyone was peaceful, cooperative, calm and slightly more jokey than usual. A woman near me in the carriage was talking on her mobile phone: "There's nothing left for them to bomb," she said cheerfully. "You'll find the sausage rolls at the bottom of the fridge." And, yes, the emergency services were magnificent. They had trained; they were coordinated; they were ready. The strength of a civilisation is shown not only in its great monuments and works of art, or in its famous people: it appears also in the instant, instinctive behaviour of millions at a moment of crisis. By this measure, London is part of a great civilisation. Yet there seems to me to be a radical disjunction between our heroic capacity to deal with the immediate effects of terrorism and our co

New structure near Taj Mahal unearthed

New structure near Taj Mahal unearthed Archaeologists have found a new structure adjoining the Taj Mahal, which according to preliminary investigations, served as a rest house for travellers. The discovery was made during excavations to determine original water levels surrounding the Taj Mahal, ANI reported ``Excavations were being conducted to study original water levels here. We have found one tank in the centre of the hall, and a whole water channel system. We are making further excavations to enable us to review the entire system and find out the actual purpose of the place,'' said D. Dabhalan, chief archaeologist of the Archaeological Survey of India. Excavations are being done since April this year. Shyam Singh, who retired as an archaeologist with the ASI, said there was a likelihood of finding more such structures. ``There is a possibility that we find more structures on the eastern side and on the other bank of the Yamuna. While there has been talk of the Black

Ayodhya attack : Cell shows calls abroad

Lucknow, July 8: Investigations into the terrorist attack in Ayodhya have finally started throwing up vital clues. The STF team has managed to get the printout of the mobile phone that one of the terrorists handed over to Rehan, the jeep driver, just before they attacked the Ram Janmabhoomi complex. The printout of calls made from the mobile phone, which was recovered from the driver without a SIM card and battery, indicates that the terrorists made calls to Faizabad, Lucknow, Delhi, and some other countries about 24 hours before the actual attack. "On the basis of the "Imei" of the phone, we have traced the mobile number as well as the printout of the calls. The investigators are now verifying the calls and we cannot reveal more than this at this stage unless investigations in this direction are complete. However, now we can claim that we have obtained clues that could help us unravel the identities of the militants," Mr Acharya Palnivel, ADG, law and order and

Between London & Ayodhya --KPS Gill

Between London & Ayodhya --KPS Gill 9th July 2005 Between London & Ayodhya KPS Gill There can be no comparison between the magnitude and impact of the coordinated July 7 terrorist attacks in London and the failed fidayeen operation in Ayodhya on July 5, but it is useful to look at the political and media responses to these two incidents, which offer an edifying study in contrast. Both India and Britain have a long history of confronting terrorism, though Islamist terrorism is relatively new to UK. Nevertheless, decades of dealing with the IRA have helped the British develop efficient response patterns, and these have been significantly enhanced as a result of system-building exercises since 9/11. In India, the experience with terrorism goes back decades as well, but it appears that, apart from a narrow base within the security forces themselves, the management of responses remains rudimentary, ad hoc, even primitive. An analysis of the post-incident non-enfo

Fight against ‘communal forces’ is fight to keep the BJP out of power

Another ‘jehad’ is needed today BY TAVLEEN SINGH [b]The government’s fight against ‘communal forces’ is no more than a political fight to keep the BJP out of power.[/b] The scariest thing about the terrorist attack in Ayodhya is the government’s response. To call it namby-pamby would be an understatement. It would be more accurate to describe it as a non-response. The Prime Minister postponed his trip to flood ravaged Gujarat to call an emergency meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs and in his usual mild, gentlemanly fashion said the government would deal with terrorism with ‘determination and resolve’. Well, Sir, thanks a lot but would you be kind enough to explain why since your appointment to the most important job in the country there has been this upsurge in both terrorist and Naxalite violence? Was it because you were dealing with the problem with determination and resolve? If it was then you need to do more. My view is that the reason why eve

Dar ul-Harb 'territory open for muslim conquest'

Colonialism has not ended in Bharatam. Colonialism has been replaced by communalism which is a millstone round the neck of the Bharatiya polity. If we think Bharatam has achieved 'independence' from a British colonial regime, we should pause and consider if Bharatam territory is under a spell of the evil doctrine of Dar ul-Harb. In such a doctrinal formulation of Deobandi or Wahhabi islamism, there can be no muslim minorities or muslim immigrants. For the nation of islam to be achieved, 'kafir' have no sanctity for life or property. The analysis provided by Daniel Pipes equally applies to the situation created by the terror attack on Ayodhya. Dhimmitude of the type engaged in by British Government or the secular fraudulent formulations (euphemism for communal politicking) engaged in by Indian Government will continue to encourage people like UBL with grand visions of the caliphate in their life-time (or martyrdom as they perceive it). Dhimmitude is a a self-imposed co

Terrorism and rail Security

No rail security system will be perfect, but America needs a coordinated counterterror effort to define the federal role in preventing or mitigating attacks, to prioritize investments needed for preventing all transport-related attacks, and to define the roles and responsibilities of other parties in preventing and responding to terrorist attacks. Click for full document

As I stand next to the Great White Leader -- Mr.Manmohan Singh

A satire As I stand next to the Great White Leader Mr. Tony Blair of the Great Nation, Great Britain the following thoughts run through my mind : 1. I am not the only low-life, Muslim loving, spineless jerk in this world. Shri. Tony Blairji is also one such a$$-hole, only difference is that I am a brown-skinned a$$-hole with a blue turban on my head while Mr. Blairji has such perfect white skin like my leader Bharat Mata Sonia Gandhiji. 2. I am happy to note that I am not the only world leader accepting huge deposits in my Swiss bank account from the Saudi Royal family. We world leaders also need money. And who else pays like the Saudi Royal family. In exchange we close our eyes when the very people who voted for us are raped, burnt, blown up and executed in the most horrible way. We invariably put the blame on the victims and do everything to shield the muslims who committed those crimes. 3. We world leaders from the Kafir nations have been mandated by the Saudi Royal fam


With Moscow in the lead, the Russo-Chinese tandem has advanced from a containment policy to a rollback policy toward the United States in Central Asia. Moscow and Beijing have used the Shanghai Cooperation Organization's (SCO) July 5 summit in Kazakhstan to challenge the rationale for the U.S.-led military presence in Central Asia and to call for setting deadlines for that presence (see EDM, July 6). The SCO's initiative is meant to instigate national demarches by the host countries -- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Russian policy planners count on these countries themselves to ask the United States and other Western countries to discuss placing specific time limits on the functioning of coalition bases and installations. Such demarches seem to be in the offing. On July 7, a communique by Uzbekistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the United States of failing to carry out the terms of the October 7, 2001, agreement that governs, inter alia, the operation

Putin Calls for United Front on Terrorism

By Simon Saradzhyan Staff Writer The Moscow Times President Vladimir Putin offered his condolences over Thursday's bomb attacks in London and said the attacks showed that the civilized world was not united enough in fighting terrorism. Speaking at the Group of Eight summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, Putin also said there should be no "double standards" in assessing terrorist attacks, in an apparent reference to bomb attacks in Russia that have claimed the lives of thousands of people. "What happened today demonstrates yet again that we are doing too little to unite our efforts in the most effective way in the battle against terrorism," Putin said. There must not be any "double standards whatsoever in assessing bloody crimes similar to those carried out in London today," he said. Also expressing his sympathy was Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexy II, who offered his prayers for the victims and said that thousands of Russians had died in terrorist a


by B.Raman LESSON NO 1: Widespread Muslim anger all over the world due to the manner in which the US-led coalition has been waging the so-called war against terrorism has been the root cause of all post-9/11 acts of jihadi terrorism attributable to the Al Qaeda and the International Islamic Front (IIF). The fact that the US has been waging the war in foreign territory against foreign nationals and not against its own nationals in its own territory has deprived its operations of any measure of self-restraint. No weapon is out of bounds to the US troops participating in this war and no methods are above the law. Weapons and methods, which have never been used by other countries in their counter-terrorism campaigns, are being used by the US against the jihadi terrorists----such as air strikes and use of heavy artillery and armour. There have been blatant violations of human rights and the terrorist detenus have been subjected to a kind of degrading treatment, the like of which will enrag

London Terror attacks : Level the field now --Sandhya Jain

Per square kilometre of its small land surface, Great Britain has far more residential “guest” terrorists and unsavoury characters than any nation in the world. Far from being a source of concern, the host country has viewed their presence on its soil with equanimity, smugly confident that men sought by police in other countries would fulfill their subversive agendas from British territory without pointing their guns inwards. If that confidence was shaken by 9/11 in New York, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s administration certainly did not let it show. There was virtually no crackdown on the growing lunatic elements in the country, and despite the fact that native citizens were increasingly being targetted by criminal elements professing a distinct affiliation, all crime was covered up under the generic label of “Asian.” Now, the pigeons have come home to roost. Deeply embarrassed before the world community at the opening of the prestigious G-8+India+China

Standing next to Blair, what could be on Prime Minister Singh’s mind

NEW DELHI: If Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was planning to raise the question of terrorism with world leaders at Gleneagles on Thursday, he has been spared of the extra diplomatic effort. Heading to London, immediately after the attack on Ayodhya, terrorism, rather than the complex questions of technological choices on energy generation, must have been at the top of Singh’s mind. The barbaric terrorist attacks in London now form the backdrop of the G-8 summit at Gleneagles and its plans to discuss the challenges of climate change, globalisation and African development. The rush-hour attacks on innocent people in London are a rude reminder that the war on terrorism remains to be won. The coordinated attacks in London, amidst tight security for visiting heads of government, underline the reality that the war on terror remains the biggest political issue before the world. Although there have been many warnings in recent months about potential attacks in major Western capitals, the L

Islamification must be stopped --British National Party

BNP leader makes emergency appeal 7th July 2005 News article filed by BNP news team "Stay calm. Give blood. Blame Blair not ordinary Muslims." This is the earnest and sincere advice from British National Party leader Nick Griffin in the wake of this morning's terrorist outrages in our capital city. Following the Islamic fundamentalist massacres in London, two tendencies will rapidly become apparent: First the pro-government media will swing into action, bringing out a steady stream of injured ordinary Muslims and a flood of 'moderate' Muslim spokesmen to condemn the extremists. Second, millions of ordinary Brits just won't believe them, with severe extra strain on race relations as a result. And, of course, those sceptics will be right to doubt what the media and the political Establishment tell them, not least because, for all the ritual condemnation by the Labour Party puppets in the Muslim Council of