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It's Pakistan, Stupid!

By Paul Sperry | May 6, 2005 Law enforcement has a term for the period after a crisis when things revert to norm -- condition white. Well, the American people are just about there, three-and-a-half years after the 9/11 attacks. But as the media obsess over Michael Jackson's favorite lubricants and Paula Abdul's dalliances with idol wannabes, al-Qaida is "very active" recruiting and planning to attack the United States again. "As months and years pass," Vice President Dick Cheney warns, "they are hoping that our country will grow complacent" and forget the horror of 9/11. And they're getting their wish, judging from the picayune issues that are catching the nation's attention now. Cheney echoed President Bush's own warning a few days earlier to resist the urge to lower our guard. "One of my concerns after September the 11th is the farther away we got from September the 11th, the more relaxed we would all be

Listen to Salman Khan, know about his underworld connections

Listen to Salman Khan

Akshardham attack plotted in Riyadh: Witness

Press Trust of India Ahmedabad, July 15, 2005 A key witness in the Akshardham temple terrorist attack case on Friday claimed that several religious leaders and heads of terrorist groups from Hyderabad and Ahmedabad met in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia in 2002 to conspire and avenge the killing of Muslims during the post-Godhra communal riots in Gujarat. The name of the witness cannot be revealed due to a gag order issued by the special POTA court, prosecution sources said on Friday night. Trial in the sensational attack case, in which 31 people, including four security persons, were killed and over 80 injured began on Thursday in-camera inside the Sabarmati Central Jail. The witness told the court that religious heads from Hyderabad and Ahmedabad had converged at Riyadh and also took CDs of the riots that occurred in parts of Gujarat, sources said. He informed the court that large amount of money was also collected from Riyadh for procuring material required to execute the attacks,

Balochistan : The talk about development is a diversion --Akbar Bugti

HARDtalk; “The talk about development is a diversion” —Akbar Bugti, chief of Jamhoori Watan Party * Balochistan is not a signatory to the Constitution * [BLA] struggle is for Baloch rights * [Gas] is Balochistan’s produce, not ‘national’ asset * Pakistan is a product of the law of necessity Daily Times: You say you were the target? Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti: Yes. Look, there were seven points from where intense fire came that day. From four of these, they were firing at my house, my bethak, my kutchery. Over 600 shells were fired, plus hundreds of thousands of machinegun bullets... large calibre, small calibre, everything. Over 600 mortar, cannon and RR shells. They also shot at us from helicopters. DT: All that, according to the government, happened after your people created a serious law and order problem. Sui was attacked and supply of gas was disrupted for several days. NABK: That is standard procedure for them (army). As they say, ulta chor kotwal ko dantay. Dr Goebbels

Ayodhya to London: Lessons learnt: Swapan Dasgupta

The comparison that Swapan makes between 5/7 Ayodhya terror attack and 7/7 London terror attack is valid. For, terrorism is terrorism, though pundits may argue about varying shades of terror. Methinks, what Swapan is focussing on is the marked contrast in responding to terror befween, say, a Tony Blair and a Manmohan Singh; between Conservative Party/Liberals of Britain and BJP/Commies of Bharat, that is India. [I wouldn't go into speculating on the scenarios Swapan tries to draw up just in case the failed Ayodhya terror attack was NOT foiled by the quick reaction of the CRPF soldiers, while certainly agreeing to praise their valour and action.] But, it is worthwhile introspecting if a failed terror is less diabolical than a successful terror attack? Is there a link between the London terror attack and Ayodhya terror attack? Yes, two links: both are terror attacks emanating from the madarasa of terror, Pakistan and both are inspired by islamism's advocacy of terror. Pundits

Govt failed to protect Assam from external aggression: SC

Navin Upadhyay/ New Delhi Polls in mind, UPA sets up GoM to subvert court order ----- Unmindful of the grim picture painted by the Supreme Court on Assam while ordering the scrapping of the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) ACT, 1983, the Centre on Thursday decided to set up a Group of Ministers (GoM) to hear "different shades" of views on the apex court's verdict and advise the Government on what needed to be done. In setting up the GoM, which is bound to delay the implementation of the court's order, the Centre has ignored the accusing fingers pointed by the court on the Government's failure to protect Assam from "external aggression" due to continuance of the IMDT Act encouraging rampant illegal migration from Bangladesh. The signals emanating from the UPA Government clearly indicates that the fallout of the apex court's order on the forthcoming Assam poll, and not the concern of national security, was uppermost in the mi

Russia-China axis emerges in Central Asia

ANALYSTS DEBATE PROS AND CONS OF "EASTERN VECTOR" IN KREMLIN'S FOREIGN POLICY Most international and Russian experts seem to appreciate the geostrategic significance of the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit (see EDM, July 6, 7). The general consensus within the analytic community is that Beijing and Moscow have succeeded in turning the SCO into a rather effective tool to further their geopolitical interests in the strategic and energy-rich region of Central Asia. As the SCO's influence grows, American political and military clout in Central Asia will diminish, and Moscow will regain its dominant position in the region, according to the majority of Russian security analysts. But there is a dissenting view, arguing that it is China and not Russia that will likely be the principal beneficiary if the United States is pushed out of the former Soviet backyard. The bulk of Russia's foreign policy specialists interpret the rallying of Central Asian

A Glimpse into U.S. Strategic Thinking

The Mail Memo: A Glimpse into U.S. Strategic Thinking By George Friedman The Mail on Sunday, a British newspaper, recently published a memo that editors claimed had been leaked by a British official. The document, titled "Options for future UK force posture in Iraq" is dated 9 July 2005 and is marked "Secret-UK Eyes Only." The document was a working paper prepared for the Cabinet. What makes the memo extraordinarily important is that it contains a discussion of a substantial drawdown of British and American troops in Iraq, beginning in early 2006. Given the July 7 bombings in London, the memo has not attracted as much notice as normally would be expected. That is unfortunate because, if genuine, it provides a glimpse into U.S. strategic thinking and indicates a break point in the war. It is always difficult to know whether documents such as this are genuine. In Britain, a steady trickle of classified documents has been leaked to the press during the past month, a

Bollywood and Underworld Connections : 'Ash law abiding citizen hain'

About Bollywood and Underworld Connection Ever wondered why all the heroes are Khans, and all the heroines are Hindus. Here is a transcript of conversation between Aishwarya Rai and Salman Khan as it appeated on Hindustan TImes. The Salman Tapes HT Mumbai Special Mumbai, July 14, 2005 These telephone conversations between Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai were recorded between August 28-30, 2001. Ash was supposed to leave for a long tour of the US. Salman starts calling her on the eve of her departure. The conversations start friendly enough, but rapidly degenerate into threats, boasts and abuse. Following are excerpts from the Salman Tapes: Aishwarya Rai: Hello. Salman Khan: I want you to do the Abu Salem show. Hello? SK: When I told you to do the Salem show you put the phone down. F**k you. You are doing the Salem show because of me. I asked you to the Salem show. You are not talking to me. Ash: F**k you. SK: You f***ing bitch. Are you doing the Salem show or not

First ever Hindu Human Rights report released

TAMPA, FL: The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) released today its first annual report on the status of Hindu human rights in Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Entitled “Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kashmir: A survey of Human Rights 2004”, the report was prepared by HAF and compiles media coverage and first-hand accounts of human rights violations perpetrated against Hindus because of their religious identity. The 71-page report was delivered prior to its release to the co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), who endorsed the report. “The human rights violations that are occurring against Hindus must no longer be ignored without reprobation,” said Rep. Ros-Lehtinen after reviewing the HAF report. “Hindus have a history of being peaceful, pluralistic and understanding of other faiths and peoples, yet minority Hindus have endured decades of pain and suf

Baloch Society Of North America formally Launched , trouble for Pakistan

As we said in our earlier article that Balochs in North America are forming a new organization called "Baloch Society Of North America " , a Non-profit Organization , now it is officially launched . At tits website , it states the organization is " working to unite and Organize all Baloch in North America, to expose the Occupation and Oppressive policies of Pakistani and Iranian Governments against Baloch people and our Baloch land (Balochistan), and to bring their Human Rights Violations in Balochistan into the world’s Notice. " . The website has picture of all baloch leaders and interviews of BSO leader Dr.Imad . Dr. Wahid Baloch,the principle promoter of BSO-NA told IntelliBriefs , that general body meeting will be held on December 16th-18th, 2005 "after talking to many friends in US, Canada and overseas, based on their suggestions, we have decided to extend that date of our First General Body meeting Of BSO-NA from Aug 13-14

Who were London bombers?

Less than a week after London was rocked by four blasts, details on the suicide bombers have started to surface. Police believe at least three British men of Pakistani origin carryed out the first attacks of their kind in the UK, which killed over 50 people. All the three were from Leeds area of Yorkshire. Relatives of one them - Hasib Hussain - reported him missing hours after the bombings. This report led the police to investigate in his direction and discover his role in the attacks. The Sun reported that British Premier, Tony Blair has been warned that 200 more home-grown bombers trained to carry out suicide attacks are living in Britain. They were all trained in al Qaeda camps in "Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria," the daily added. Meanwhile, following are details, published on the London bombers by SkyNews: Hasib Mir Hussain 19-year-old Hasib Mir Hussain was reported missing by his mother at 10.20pm on July 7, after failing to return home from London. He

Sunni group said it beheaded an Iranian security agent

A little-known Sunni group said it beheaded an Iranian security agent it had abducted last month in officially Shi'ite Iran and issued a video tape of the killing, Al Arabiya television said yesterday. Al Arabiya said the Organisation of God's Soldiers for Sunni Mujahideen (Holy Fighters) in Iran had issued the tape, but the satellite channel would not air the footage of the killing. It broadcast parts of the video showing a masked man pushing the blindfolded hostage, identified as Shahab Mansouri, to the ground and another approaching him with a knife. Al Arabiya said the Sunni group was headed by a man whose name was given as Abdul Malik Baluchi. The channel said he had appeared in the earlier tape questioning the hostage. IntelliBriefs Analysis The group leader introduced himself as Abdul Malik Al Blushi. They were in Balochi dress, called themselves "Jondollah" in Arabic (i. e. soldiers of God). but We don't know for sure that

The Dynamics of Baloch Resistance in Pakistan

By: Dr. Naseer Dashti The time comes in the life of any nation when there remain only two choices - submit or fight. For a majority of conscious Baloch that time has now come to Baloch people. A growing fear of cultural, economic and political domination has prompted an extensive discussion among Baloch nationalists in Pakistan for formulating a viable and feasible strategy for countering the ever-dominating maneuvers of the state. The discussion regarding participation in the legal and constitutional bodies of the state is a hot topic of discussion especially among youth and students. Baloch political elite are also conscious of far-reaching repercussions of recent political and strategic changes in the world polity in general and the region in particular. The nationalist leadership and groups in Balochistan are increasingly under pressure from different quarters to forge a united front of patriotic forces on a common minimum program of national salvation. The recent proposal by o