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Abdul Qadeer Khan's Son-in-law held for assulting 2 British Diplomats

Son-in-law of disgraced Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan held in connection with an assault on two British diplomats Media Release Aug. 12, 2005 Pakistani police have detained the son-in-law of disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan in connection with an assault on two British diplomats, police and officials said on Friday. Businessman Saad Ali Khan is being held in police custody after the Britons -- a woman and a man -- were attacked early on Sunday near the atomic expert's home in an exclusive area of Islamabad, they said. "Saad Ali Khan is in police custody. A case of beating, intimidation and threats has been registered," a Pakistani police source said on condition of anonymity. The British High Commission (embassy) in the Pakistani capital said the two victims required medical treatment after the "vicious and unprovoked attack". "I can confirm that two members of British diplomatic staff were attacked in the early h


From : The Editor, Hindu Voice Dear Friends, Sometime back a lot of discussions was going on, on the internet, about starting a Daily newspaper to promote the Hindu cause. Serious efforts were also made by a few, but the project could not take off and discussions remained only at the desktop level. In order to fulfil this long felt need of a Daily newspaper, I have decided to take the plunge. Hindu Voice Daily will be launched from 19th August 2005. It will be a English Morning Tabloid, initially with 8 pages, priced at Re.1/- per copy. Arrangements have been made to distribute the Daily through stalls all over Mumbai and its suburbs. (Outside Mumbai, it will be available against subscription, sent by post once in a week - One year subscription Rs.500/- US$40; 3-year Rs.1,250/- $100; 10-year Rs.4,000/- $300, payable to "Hindu Voice"). Hindu Voice will be published Daily, i.e. 6 days a weeks (Mon-Sat.), giving news and views. Hindu Voice Daily, like Hindu

Sonia Gandhi should apologize not Manmohan , Now heat is on Modi

Delhi Power circle and political strategists are actively planning their campaign to overthrow Modi , after PM's apology .The PM Manmohan Singh has apologized to the Sikhs on behalf of the Congress ,he (Manmohan Singh) said in the parliament that 4,000 people had been killed in ‘this great national tragedy’ in 1984. But the people who really should apologize are the Gandhi family , Sonia Gandhi in particular . A Gandhian Congress leader who wished to remain anonymous told IntelliBriefs over phone that "how does it square with the Mahatma's AHIMSA which they claim to represent? " If at all Manmohan has to apologise , he should apologize to the RSS for blaming the RSS for the anti-Sikh riots in the 1999 elections which he lost. Now the Congress camp is burning midnight oil to plan a strategy to overthrow Mr.Modi , where in the past they have failed , that ired Madam Sonia Gandhi , a source said . Secular campaign against Modi has failed miserable because of the l

Number of Paramilitary personnel who died while fighting terrorists

The number of Paramilitary personnel who died while fighting terrorists on/close to borders during last three years as disclosed by Junior Home Minister in the parliament : Ex-gratia @ 7.5 lakhs to those who died in action and @ Rs. 5 lakhs to those killed on duty have been sanctioned. The compensation, awards etc to paramilitary and military personnel are governed by different set of rules.

FENCING OF THE BORDERS : Why it has not been completed

GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO 1823 TO BE ANSWERED ON 10.08.2005 FENCING AT BORDERS . 1823. SHRI PYARELAL KHANDELWAL CHHATTRAPAL SINGH LODHA Will the Minister of HOME AFFAIRS be pleased to state:- (a) whether the work pertaining to fencing of the borders of the country has not been completed; (b) if so, the reasons therefor; (c) the total length of fencing in kilometers erected at border till May, 2005; and (d) by when fencing is likely to be completed in the remaining parts of the borders? ANSWER MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (SHRI S. REGUPATHY) (a) & (b): The fencing work of the borders has not yet been completed due to following reasons: (a) Resistance by Bangladesh Rifles to the construction of fencing within 150 yards from international border. (b) Delay in land acquisition. (c) Limited working season due to heavy rain. (d) Difficult terrain. (e) Water logging for th


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS RAJYA SABHA UNSTARRED QUESTION NO 1803 TO BE ANSWERED ON 10.08.2005 1803. SHRI MANGANI LAL MANDAL V. NARAYANASAMY Will the Minister of HOME AFFAIRS be pleased to state:- (a) whether it is a fact that the terrorists killed by the security forces in Ayodhya were living in Kishangarh alongwtih other localities of Delhi; (b) whether it is a fact that lot of ISI agents and terrorists were arrested in Delhi and Noida region during last few months; (c) if so, whether Government are finding security lapse since there is a large scale infiltration of terrorists into the capital city of Delhi; and (d) what specific measures Government are taking to stop the entry of terrorists in Delhi and other surroundings areas? ANSWER MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS (SHRI S. REGUPATHY) (a): One of the terrorists, namely, Yunus Khan who was killed in Ayodhya, is reported to have resided as a tenant in Village Kishan

India’s long-term benefit

The Friday Times 72 FCC Gulberg 4, Lahore, Pakistan Ph: 92-42-5763510, Fax: 92-42-5751025, August 5-11, 2005 - Vol. XVII, No. 24 India’s long-term benefit Ejaz Haider The US-India nuclear pact has come in for a lot of stick in India as well as the United States. This was predictable. American non-proliferationists fear, not without reason, that rewarding India for flouting an international norm will lead to the demise of the non-proliferation regime. But India could not have struck gold without the Bush administration. So we have two sets of interests here, those of the US and of India, and at least at this point some of them converge. A good starting point on how the US wants to – or should – deal with India in the coming years is contained in Ashley Tellis’ monograph, India as a New Global Power: An Action Agenda for the United States (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, 2005). In a nutshell, Tellis, an Indian-American sch

Britain : Homegrown Terror What did those who bombed London on 7 and 21 July want? The real goals of Islamist terrorism are the provocation of a clash of cultures and the destruction of political integration. By Olivier Roy BRITAIN has been astonished to discover that the terrorists responsible for the London bombings on 7 July were British citizens, born there and apparently well integrated. One was even a convert to Islam. Yet that fits the profile of most of the second generation of al-Qaida terrorists that emerged at the end of the 1990s. Most of those active internationally have a westernised background; they were born in Europe or moved there to study or work. All had a secular upbringing. None were educated in madrasas (religious schools), except for brief periods in the case of the 7 July suicide bombers. In fact they went to ordinary state schools and pursued modern studies. More-over almost all of them became born-again Muslims in the West. So the British au

China: middle kingdom, world centre

China has announced that the yuan will no longer be pegged to the dollar; greater currency flexibility will permit Beijing to use monetary policy to control its economy. And the entry of its enormous labour force into the global economy will change the world balance of trade. China wants to bypass the Japanese-United States alliance in Asia and at the United Nations, and, through asymmetrical diplomacy, become a different kind of world power. By Martine Bulard THE meaning of a sentence in Chinese is determined by the order of the words rather than the words themselves. China’s geopolitical strategy operates on the same principle. From Beijing to Shanghai, among government representatives and their prominent advisers, and among academics, there is no escaping the latest catchword: stability. But to understand its true meaning, it must be seen in the context of a country that is perpetually on the move: where members of the government now travel abroad to an unprecedented extent; whe

CIA asked Netherlands not to arrest Pakistani nuclear spy

by RN Security and Defence editor Hans de Vreij, 9 August 2005 Dutch former prime minister Ruud Lubbers has revealed that the country's government wanted to arrest Pakistani nuclear scientist AQ Khan in 1975 and 1986, but did not do so at the request of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Mr Lubber's comments came in an interview broadcast by Dutch public radio on Tuesday, and confirm a report published in The New York Times in 2004. Abdul Qadeer Khan - generally regarded as the 'father' of Pakistan's nuclear bomb - gained much of his knowledge of uranium enrichment in the Netherlands, where he worked in the mid-1970s. In December last year, the New York Times reported that the CIA had asked the Dutch government on two occasions not to arrest Mr Khan, despite there being serious suspicions about him. Dutch intelligence had concluded in the 1970s that he was more than just a scientist and that he was in fact trying to gain access to Dutch uranium enric

Private Interests Inc., formerly known as Congress

According to a new report by Public Citizen, 43 percent of the members of Congress who have left office since 1998 have gone on to a lucrative career in lobbying. That’s 85 former legislators who have shelved the interest of the public in favor of the interest of whoever is writing the checks. These former public servants are in high demand because of their unrivaled access to the Hill. Former members of Congress, for example, retain access to the House and Senate Floors as well as to members-only restaurants and gymnasiums. These benefits afford them more opportunities to make a case on behalf of their clients. This means that corporations who employ lobbyists with the right connections are more likely to receive a government contract (or other legislation that suits them)—regardless of whether or not it is in the public interest. Effective lobbyists are, in turn, rewarded handsomely for their services. Ultimately, this practice eradicates the incentive for a politician to act i

Radioactive Package Shipped Fedex to Pennsylvania

A Federal Express shipment to Pennsylvania tested positive for a deadly radioactive material coming from a contaminated worker at Los Alamos National Laboratory, according to an updated occurrence report obtained by the Project On Government Oversight (POGO). The report sheds further light on a nuclear contamination incident which has also spread to Kansas and Colorado , besides the Lab’s home state of New Mexico . A copy of the report can be viewed here. The radioactive package was shipped by Federal Express on July 20 as “a non-hazardous, domestic unclassified shipment” and arrived on July 21 at Bettis Laboratory part of the joint Department of Energy-Navy Nuclear Propulsion Program. As a result, the package could have contaminated Federal Express workers and other packages. Surprisingly, it took Los Alamos two full days after it discovered the initial contamination incident to notify Bettis Laboratory that it was in possession of an unma

Facing the Issue of Succession in Saudi Arabia

The smooth transition of power in Saudi Arabia following the death of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz is unlikely to hide the severe challenges facing the new ruler, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz. He will have to navigate a host of problems facing the oil-rich kingdom such as relations with the United States, uncertainties following the surprise election of Mohammed Ahmadinejad as the new president of Iran, galloping oil prices, pressures for reform and growing international terrorism. However, the real challenges facing Abdullah are domestic and will test his ability to provide decisive leadership to Saudi Arabia. With royal members estimated at more than 5,000 princes and perhaps an equal number of disenfranchised princesses, the House of Saud is in the throws of a host of crises. Aging Rulers In recent years, a number of Middle Eastern countries have witnessed a change of leaders and the succession invariably meant the ushering in of second-generation leadership; in countries such as Ba

Intelligence Brief: Economic Nationalism

Since the emergence of globalized capitalist markets in the nineteenth century, the trade policies of states have cycled between support of liberalization and adherence to economic nationalism, depending on whether significant domestic interests are winning or losing in international competition. The majority of economists who argue that free trade increases wealth in the long run and on the whole through the operation of comparative advantage also admit that in the short run some industries and regions are disadvantaged -- often severely -- by shifts in production to more efficient and innovative enterprises. The inevitability of winners and losers in trade competition opens the way for the latter to seek state protection and subsidies, either to allow them to mature into effective competitors or simply to survive. Attempts to use the state to protect economic interests are normal, and success or failure is mainly dependent on the domestic balance of power, which in large advanced e

84 police stations adopt e-beat system in Karnataka , India

Rasheed Kappan Constables carry radio frequency readers 2005081001700300.htm BANGALORE: The Googol Beat Book is history in 84 police stations across the city. To monitor the movement and punctuality of night beat policemen, the Bangalore police have now installed Digital Beat Monitoring Systems at all these stations. Introduced first at the Indiranagar police station, this "e-BEAT System" is now part of the high tech gadgetry at 16 police stations in Mysore and 11 in Hubli. Here's how the system works: Each beat constable is assigned a Radio Frequency Reader (RFR). He carries this to strategic beat locations (beat points), where tags are fixed with unique IDs. The constable places the RFR on the tag, which then stamps its ID, the time and date onto the reader. Once back in his station, the constable downloads the tag data onto a downloader connected to a computer. The schedule ID and the actual visited timings of a beat can

SIKH RIOTS : 'Rajiv told me you’re a heart patient, take rest’

‘Rao told me to protect friends...Rajiv told me you’re a heart patient, take rest’ For the third time, then L-G Gavai has been made the fall guy MANOJ MITTA NEW DELHI, AUGUST 8 One man wasn’t surprised at all today, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi at the time of Indira Gandhi’s assassination in 1984. Barely days before the Nanavati Commission report was tabled in Parliament, in an extensive conversation with The Indian Express at his Nagpur residence, P G Gavai was prescient: ‘‘I know I will again be made a scapegoat to shield the higher-ups.’’ Gavai is the highest executive authority to have been blamed by the Nanavati Commission for lapses related to the riots that shook the city for a week after October 31 that year. Gavai claimed the carnage was not on account of any errors on his part but rather because the Rajiv Gandhi Government at the Centre ‘‘deliberately delayed’’ calling in the Army when the mass killings began on November 1, 1984. For Gavai, the Nanavati

Indians are demanding answers from Antonia Sonia Maino Gandhi

The country demands answers to the following questions from Antonia-Sonia-Maino-Gandhi: This is the latest (posting in in the series…exposes a nexus between the Adventists, Super PM Sonia, Dummy PM Manmohan, MHA, Ambassador Ronen Sen, Mavelikara MLA Murali and Kerala CM Chandy, not to leave out Y Samuel Rajasekhar and the hundreds of crypto-christists that are destroying Bharatvarsha. Jesus is fast returning. The likes of Ron Watts are working hard, with his coterie pulling the strings behind scenes. Bharat is now up for grabs. Beware. Congress I (or) Cong Cross I? Read all the wonderful things Antonia is doing to this great country (our Bharath): Excerpts: ------------------------ **Just make a list of the christists and crypto-christists who have suddenly gained prominence (in India) under super-PM, Antonia’s rule. You will understand the profitability of being a christist in India that has been engulfed by the dark shadows of this most dangerous lady.

Young French jihadists trained in camps with the Kashmir

Three members of terrorist networks condemned in France had been dispatched towards the Indian sub-continent J C. [ August 08, 2005 ] Young European islamists accomodated in Pakistan by terrorist organizations before returning, duly embrigadés, on the Old Continent. The course of three of the London terrorists of July 7 will not have surprised the magistrates of the pole Parisian antiterrorist. Since 2002, their investigations established that at least three French, Hassan el-Cheguer, Hakim Mokhfi and Willy Brigitte, passed by the camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba (Let), been dependent on Al-Qaida. Challenged on June 15, 2002, Hassan el-Cheguer and Hakim Mokhfi, 31 years, were put in examination in the investigation into the network of support for Richard Reid, the British who wanted to explode in flight Paris-Miami in December 2001. They were condemned on last 16 June to four years of prison, including one with deferment. The investigation recalled the Pakistani course of these islamists