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Russia invites India to hold major Russian-Chinese-Indian military exercises

MOSCOW — Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov has made a proposal to India to hold major Russian-Chinese-Indian military exercises similar to the recent maneuvers it had held with China, the Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye military weekly reported Friday. Experts said this means that Russia has serious plans for its policy in the east. Alexei Bogaturov, deputy director of the International Security Institute, said the Russian political elite was tired of Moscow's attempts to win the respect of the West and the United States. Russia's opinion is respected only when it is feared, he said. "On the one hand, Russia does not want to be feared, but on the other hand, you must be strong to be respected," the expert said. This explains recent hints about the creation of powerful military blocs. According to Bogaturov, there are no reasons to believe that Moscow, Beijing and New Delhi want to join forces against Washington. They simply want to be respected. "The

SPEECH : Putin's meeting with Beslan victims

Beginning of Meeting with Residents of Beslan who Suffered in the Terrorist Act of September 1-3, 2004 September 2, 2005 PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN: I won’t hide that it is difficult to begin this conversation. Any mother, any father, any normal person understands what you are feeling. This is why thousands of people in our country and abroad responded to this tragedy at the moment it took place and did everything they could to show in some way their solidarity with the victims. Overall, I know about and have been informed about the problems and concerns that preoccupy you today. I must say right away that I agree with those who say that today the state is unable to provide its citizens with the necessary level and quality of security. This is regrettably true not only of our state. You know about the terrible tragedy that struck the United States in 2001, when law enforcement agencies and intelligence services failed to detect and prevent a horrific terrorist act that killed

Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath: from natural disaster to national humiliation

Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath: from natural disaster to national humiliation Statement of the World Socialist Web Site Editorial Board 2 September 2005 /sep2005/hurr-s02.shtml The catastrophe that is unfolding in New Orleans and on the Gulf coast of Mississippi has been transformed into a national humiliation without parallel in the history of the United States. The scenes of intense human suffering, hopelessness, squalor, and neglect amidst the wreckage of what was once New Orleans have exposed the rotten core of American capitalist society before the eyes of the entire world—and, most significantly, before those of its own stunned people. The reactionary mythology of America as the “Greatest Country in the World” has suffered a shattering blow. Hurricane Katrina has laid bare the awful truths of contemporary America—a country torn by the most intense class divisions, ruled by a corrupt plutocracy that possesses no sense either of social reality

Europe reacts to US hurricane disaster

Press reactions in Europe to the disaster have ranged from complacent commentaries declaring that the disaster was unique and nothing could have been done to mitigate it (the Murdoch group; e.g., the Times of London) to highly critical columns in other newspapers. A number of European newspapers drew a direct connection between the tragedy and the overall state of American society. Germany’s Die Welt was one of a number of papers that compared the events in Louisiana with social relations in third-world countries. It wrote, “America looks alarmingly like a third-world country within its own borders, divided and violent...20,000 people are vegetating in what looks like a camp for war refugees.” The Austrian Der Standard led with the headline, “Third-World USA,” and stated that hurricane Katrina had revealed the enormous gulf between the appearance of technological superiority and the third-world conditions that exist in the US heartland. It went on to comment on the “ideological clima

Church’s Higher Aspirations: Communal Politics

Organiser September 04, 2005 With the UPA government coming into power and Congress president Sonia Gandhi becoming all powerful, the aspirations of the Church seem to be growing. It is now seeking direct intervention in politics right from Jharkhand to Kerala. Last week, in Jharkhand showing deep interest in politics, nine Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church asked permission from the Church to participate in panchayat (village council) elections in the villages, due in September. In Ranchi, the Bishops raised the issue with Cardinal Telesphore Toppo, who has promised to examine the issue. They were demanding amendments in the existing rules that bar Church priests from fighting elections. Whereas, in God’s own land, another Church is ready to blackmail politicians. Now, Kerala’s Pentecostal Church is seriously thinking about entering politics. The Pentecostal Church, which claims a membership of one million, will have discussions with its followers at its centenary celebrations. T

Religious Organizations Threaten to Stall Constitutional Review in Kenya KENYA, AFRICA, September 1, 2005: The entry of religious leaders in Kenya's constitutional review fray is likely to complicate the process. The draft constitution, completed last year, has proposed several changes to the current constitution. These include entrenching the already existing Islamic (Khadhi) courts - which preside over Islamic family and personal issues - in the constitution. Churches and Christian organizations have opposed the proposal, arguing that it would give Islam undue supremacy over other religions in the country. The Electoral Commission of Kenya will announce next Monday the crucial referendum date for the vote on its proposed new constitution. The Hindu Council of Kenya expressed its reservations on several issues in the forthcoming draft. Considering their massive following, especially in the rural areas, the threats could erect a huge obstacle to the enactment of a new constitution. Church leaders have vowed to use all resources withi

50,000 Dead as New Orleans Declared ‘Dead City’

50,000 Dead as New Orleans Declared ‘Dead City’, United States Military Orders Elite Special Forces from Iraq to Restore Order as Refuges Become ‘Ruthless Mob’ By: Sorcha Faal Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting this morning on what can only be described as a human catastrophe as it pertains to the events currently developing in the United States Southern Regions, and where the 24th largest city in this country has been declared as a ‘Dead City’. Reports are also reaching us that the American people themselves have still not been informed by their Military Leaders as to the full extent of the human lives lost, and as some of these reports estimate as being over 50,000 lives lost, and which makes this the greatest single natural disaster to have ever occurred in the United States. Unlike Russian and Chinese television broadcasts from this region, the people in the United States are not being shown the images of the masses of human remains floating in their Southern waters, m

Argumentative heritage of Bharat: Amartya Sen

Star of Mysore, Vol. 28 No. 196 Saturday, September 3, 2005 ARGUMENTATIVE HERITAGE OF INDIA: AMARTYA SEN ON HIS BOOK 'ARGUMENTATIVE INDIAN' The Nobel Laureate for economics Prof. Amartya Sen has published a book titled 'The Argumentative Indian.' He spoke about his book on 1st August, 2005, to CII members. Joan Robinson, my teacher many years ago, said that the frustrating thing about India was whatever you could rightly say about India, the opposite was also true. I asked my teacher whether the logic also applied to the statement about India just made. No, there are exceptions, Joan told me. According to Joan, however, there are some traits about the Indians, the Chinese and the Japanese where there are no exceptions. The Japanese are much too polite, the Indians just too rude, the Chinese are just right. In the other field where exception to the rule is difficult to find is that of the Indian polity, which is where my book begins. Indians love to talk as was es

India has all chances to become one of world's leading superpowers

India made traditional relations with Iran and Russia stronger, and also revived its friendship with Afghanistan The Central Asia region has been one of the most heated world centers of tension and instability within the past years. At that, South Asia countries were inevitably involved into the disputes and armed conflicts in the region. And South Asia in its turn is the region where the interests of Islamabad and Delhi have been in steady confrontation over the past fifty years. Some experts surprisingly state that the situation has recently started changing for the better. There is less confrontation between the sides and instead they establish more cooperation. It is highly likely explained with India's foreign policy that has become stronger and makes the country an important figure among the Asian continent countries. Recent events demonstrate that India has made the traditional relations with Iran and Russia even stronger, and also revived its friendship with Afghanistan;

Russia suggests establishment of joint European air defense system

08/31/2005 16:32 The Unified Air Defense System of the Commonwealth of Independent States was created ten years ago Anti-aircraft systems struck their blows, and aviation hit surface targets to complete the Battle Community 2005 military exercise on the Ashuluk test ground in the Astrakhan region of Russia. About 2,000 military men from Russia, Armenia, Belarus and Tajikistan took part in the maneuvers. The first stage of the exercise took part in June-July of the current year in the Chita region (in Russia's Siberia). Belarus' C-200 air defense systems fired their test missiles successfully. The next stage of the exercise took place in the beginning of August in the republic of Kazakhstan. Air defense units of Kazakhstan and anti-aircraft defense troops of another post-Soviet republic, Kyrgyzstan, participated in the maneuvers. The four countries trained the multilateral cooperation in combat during the last stage of the military exercise. Russia's Minister for Defe

No caste for converts

Sandhya Jain The recent Supreme Court judgment discouraging additions to the list of religious minorities and the Central Government’s failure arrive at a consensus over the Women’s Reservation Bill provide an occasion to debate the meaning of caste and religion, and their usage as instruments of reservation benefits. From the time of the British Raj, caste has been used to berate Hindu society and has acquired negative connotations in public discourse. Though political parties canvass mass support through caste affiliations, political discourse labels it illegitimate. Even constitutional affirmative action for underprivileged castes is used to put upper caste Hindu society in the dock, though efforts are on to extend the use of caste for political ends. At present, organized religious minorities have launched a virtual crusade for the benefits of caste-based reservations. We need to examine to merits of this quest in terms of the genesis of caste and its applicability to t

Natural calamity : Blame game

September 3, 2005 N.S. Rajaram After any great natural calamity, there is always the blame game. One thing that great natural calamities bring to light is that no one is ever prepared to deal with it adequately because nature follows no predictable or predicted course. Each calamity is different. The problem is not resources but delivery. The more sophisticated a society is the more vulnerable it is to breakdown of communications. There was no shortage of food or other supplies but the collapse of communications delayed the delivery of necessities. This was so during the tsunami and also more recently, the Mumbai floods. The same is true in New Orleans now. There will always be a delay in the delivery of help and a period during which there will be no functioning authority or other state machinery. I saw this myself in 1983 in the South Texas coast when it was hit by hurricane Alicia. It was not on the same scale, but the region is not as vulnerable as New Orleans.

Pakistani oppression against Baloch people.

Speech by: Balach Marri The People of Balochistan struggle for right of self-determination has its genesis in history and culture. Strongly believer of independent, the people of Balochistan have never accepted hegemony and domination of Pakistani establishment in any stage in 55 years history of Pakistan. We Baloch never accepted alien domination of Punjabi supremacy. We have been engaged in a constant struggle for self governance since last 55 years which resulted in sever military operation by Pakistani Army in Balochistan and forced migration and displacement of thousands of Baloch’s to Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Let me tell you the brief history of Pakistani oppression against Baloch people and our struggle against the tyrants. This history begins when Balochistan was forcefully annexed to Pakistan though at that time Balochistan had its own Parliamentary system. It had its own House of Commons and House of Lords. Both the houses unanimously

Arundati Roy suffers from schizophrenia

Not media-- Arundati Roy suffers from schizophrenia! Her claims "Indian occupation" in J&K has surpassed the excesses of Pinochet in Chile", and deployment of 1 soldier for every 15 Kashmiris lack credibility, as her claim during Gujarat riots about the rape of Jafferi's daughter when the lady was in USA! Indian Army has lost 7260 lives in Indo-Pak wars defending J&K and an additional 1416 lives out of a total of 16850 lives lost during just a decade,1988-97! Brig VRP Sarathy (Retd)


Bharat J. Gajjar Hockessin, DE 19707-1611 September 2, 2005 KEEP FAMILIES TOGETHER To be happy, keep your family together lovingly. United we stand, divided we fall. One of the many formulas for being happy, is when everyone in the family does their dharma, everyone helps each other. If a marriage breaks down, and gets divorced, then the family breaks down and each member goes through a great deal of pain. However if you really look into it, you'll see that society benefits financially a great deal. In America two out of three marriages are broken. That is a sad thing. When a marriage is broken, a family splits, society is benefits. One man's poison is another man's food. This sad day for a family is a hey day for society. When a family is splitting, private investigators, lawyers and courts get busy. Grandparents and sometimes friends are sad, but many others are sadly entertained with juicy gossip. Talk shows

Sarabjit's identity being confirmed: India

India has said it was confirming the identity of Sarabjit, sentenced to death in Pakistan, on the basis of information given by him during Consular access in Lahore jail earlier this week. "We are checking details. He (Sarabjit) has said he is so and so. That is being checked," External Affairs Ministry spokesman Navtej Sarna told reporters while responding to a question. "After consular access is the confirmation of identity," he said. Sarabjit has been sentenced to death by the Pakistan Supreme Court for his alleged involvement in 1990 bomb blasts. Pakistan says he is Manjit Singh, an Indian spy but Sarabjit insists that his identity has been got wrong by the Pakistani authorities. After an uproar here, Pakistan gave Consular access to him. Two officials of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad met Sarabjit on Tuesday on high-security Kot Lakhpat Jail near Lahore. "The officials met him, talked to him. He seemed to be good health. The officials

Infiltration through rivers and canals along the Bangladesh border

IntelliBriefs sources learnt that terrorists are using rivers and canals along the Bangladesh border to infiltrate into India . ISI has choosen this as the best strategy to infiltrate, for many reasons , some include advantage of muslims demography , weak communist government in the state of West Bengal and presence of large number of Radical islamic madrassas which act as support for terrorists and ISI agents . Government is contemplating to seal the entry points through the rivers and canals along the Bangladesh border to check illegal infiltration . The Government has taken several measures to check infiltration by sealing the entry points through the river and canals along the Indo-Bangladesh Border, wherever feasible. In recent years there has been an increase in the cases of infiltration from such area . The riverine areas being unfenced, such areas are prone to infiltration. Out of total 4096 kms length of Indo-Bangladesh Border, approximately 1116 kms of the International bo