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New Dutch satellite station opens for gathering intelligence

by RN Security and Defence editor Hans de Vreij, 7 September 2005 The Netherlands this week marked the beginning of a quantum leap in its intelligence-gathering capability. On Tuesday, representatives of both the Defence Intelligence and Security Service (MIVD) and its civilian counterpart, the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) inaugurated a new satellite ground station near the village of Burum in the north of the country. This station will be the most visible part of a new Dutch intelligence organisation called the NSO (‘National Signals Intelligence Organisation’), which will provide the AIVD and MIVD with raw intelligence. Intercepting communications Initially, the NSO will concentrate on intercepting satellite communications. To this end, the present number of only two interception dishes will be increased to some 13 by the middle of next year. Eventually, that number is set to rise to twenty, which, according to experts, will make the Netherlands a much mor

Shadowy group's terrorist warning to the Netherlands

by RN Security and Defence editor Hans de Vreij Should the Netherlands be extra alert to the possibility of terrorist attacks in the coming days and weeks? If one is to believe the text of the ultimatum issued on 16 July by the 'Abu Hafs al-Masri brigades', then the answer is 'yes'. However, there are also sufficient reasons to take the threat from this shadowy organisation with a pinch of salt. At the moment, the Dutch authorities believe there is no reason for additional concern on top of that engendered by the already present threat of terrorism. The Netherlands must withdraw its troops from Iraq by 15 August, otherwise there "will be a bloody war in the service of God", this is the essence of the message which the 'Abu Hafs al-Masri brigades' posted on the Internet on 16 July. The Netherlands was actually the first of the four nations mentioned by name in the text, the others being Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom. The message also mention

Mr.Advani has made peace with Sonia Gandhi ,willing to work with her

Intelligence Someone who claims to have insider information told IntelliBriefs that Mr.Advani has made peace with Sonia Gandhi and may be willing to work with her on a quid pro quo basis. One possibility is for him to become the next prime minister with a new third front, with Congress support. Outlandish, but the numbers work . Note that the older BJP group is now dominated by personalities, not ideologies. Strange things can happen when "old men in a hurry" are at the helm. Remember what happened when Sitaram Kesri was Congress President. He brought down the Deve Gowda Government for no reason at all, and pretty soon he was kicked out without any dignity. Deve Gowda has recently stated that what made Kesri commit this folly was the promise of some people that he could become the next PM. At a time when hindu forces should be united for a cause larger than all of us put together. Even senility has its limits when it concerns an institution. No one can be larger than th

Modi to webcast Narmada Saraswati Mahasangam function

Gandhinagar: The Gujarat Government has arranged for webcasting of the 'Narmada-Saraswati Mahasangam' function, which is being held in the historic town of Sidhpur today. Chief Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate to the people the project, which involves diverting surplus water from the perennial Narmada in South Gujarat to revive now dried-up Saraswati through a network of 245-km long gravity canal and 95-km long lift irrigation pipeline and 19.20 km long link canal project, said an official spokesman. The event will be broadcast live on three websites -- , and , a government statement said. This shows how Modi is in tune with the public while Advani et. al. are out of touch with the public sentiment. No wonder the old guard and washed up politicians like Khurana and Keshubhai Patel want Modi out. They are being sidelined by a new generation of which Modi is the best known. Modi's geography may be a bit que

Communists hijack foreign policy

South Block's nonchalant attitude towards Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza strip betrays Leftist influence. The same influence is seemingly not lost on the PMO and the Ministry of External Affairs, both of which exhort the Nepalese monarchy to buy peace with the Maoists of Nepal. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's courageous disengagement in Gaza won him plaudits from the international community. Even Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has chipped in by calling Mr Sharon a "courageous soldier of peace". At his behest Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Mohammed Kasuri met his Israeli counterpart Silvan Shalom at Istanbul under the aegis of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This was not the first time that Mr Musharraf was exploring the possibility of forging diplomatic relationship with Israel, a country that Pakistan does not recognise. The lack of viability of Israel-Pakistan relations is another matter. Islam takes a certain theologi

Ukraine government falls to pieces ,Prime Minister dismissed

Timoshenko dismissed, Ukraine government falls to pieces 09/08/2005 15:44 Today's political crisis was programmed the very day when Viktor Yuschenko became the president Ukraine's political crisis has reached its peak. As it has been reported today, Ukraine President Viktor Yuschenko dismissed Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko. And the whole of the government as well. Several hours before that it was reported that Secretary of the National Security Council Pyotr Poroshenko, the key opponent to the president in the Ukraine Government, also lost the position. The sequence of resignations began September 3 when Ukraine State Secretary Alexander Zinchenko was the first to hand in his resignation. President Yuschenko immediately signed the resignation. Alexander Zinchenko organized a press-conference to explain the reasons of his resignation and openly blamed Pyotr Poroshenko of abuse of power for his personal ends. And the National Security Council chairman in his turn warned he

Fake democracy and genuine (!) affidavits

V SUNDARAM 'To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice' Magna Carta, 1215. H G Rickover in an article called The World of the Uneducated, wrote hilariously in 1959: 'The truly educated man can admit his mistakes without feeling that his personal worth has been diminished; the uneducated man clings to his mistakes with all the more determination when others point them out. To him the critic is an enemy who attacks him by 'showing him up'. In public debates, the uneducated man rises in anger to defend national cliches, slogans and illusions against anyone who urges that these unsupported beliefs be abandoned and truth be faced. The uneducated man has made these fancies his own, and they support him'. The above words are appropriately applicable to Sonia Gandhi in the controversial case raised by Janata Party President Dr Subramanian Swamy in the writ petition in the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Cou


The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has completed the deployment of additional forces in northern and western Afghanistan to support the holding of elections to the National Assembly and Provincial Councils. ISAF units are tasked to act as Election Support Forces in the run-up to the September 18 elections, during the balloting, and in the initial post-election period. Beyond that role and that period, NATO is now planning to expand ISAF's operations from northern and western provinces into the south and east of the country, so as to support and -- to some extent -- relieve U.S. forces there. The Election Support Forces (ESF) include land and air components allocated to the northern and western provinces. ESF's mission is to assist Afghanistan's fledgling police and army units in providing area security for the elections and to be ready to assist the central government's forces in responding to local contingencies. ESF are authorized to conduct

Clinton attends UP Development Council meeting

Former US President Bill Clinton, on a day-long visit to the Uttar Pradesh capital, participated in an hour-long meeting of the state Development Council and attended a dinner hosted by CM Mulayam Singh Yadav. His other engagements in the city were kept secret owing to security reasons. Clinton attended a meeting at a five-star hotel of the Uttar Pradesh Development Council which discussed issues pertaining to development of the state, a senior government official said. Those who attended the meeting on behalf of the Development Council were its chairman Amar Singh, Anil Ambani of the Reliance Group, K V Kamath of ICICI Bank, film star and state's brand Ambassador Amitabh Bachchan and some leading industrialists. Uttar Pradesh Chief Secretary Neera Yadav represented the government side, the official said. Though there was no official communication, the meeting believed to have discussed avenues of capital investment in the state. At the dinner hosted in his honour by the Chie

India, China MoU on intelligence cooperation to boost ties

India and China will sign a key MoU on intelligence sharing today as part of their campaign against terrorism, a move that will further bolster their bilateral ties. Home Minister Shivraj Patil, who arrived in Beijing on Wednesday on a five-day official visit to China, will hold talks with the Chinese State Councillor and Minister for Public Security, Zhou Yongkang, today and discuss security issues and how to forge closer cooperation on combating terrorism. Besides terrorism, closer cooperation between the police of the two countries to tackle border crimes and holding regular exchanges to share expertise on law and order will be discussed between Patil and the Chinese leaders, the Chinese media reported. The highlight of Patil's visit will be the signing of a bilateral MoU on intelligence sharing and exchange of security-related information, official sources said. The visit of the Home Minister is part of the process of continuing high-level bilateral exchanges and will cont

Baloch Politics: A New Game of Opportunism and Hypocrisy

Dr. Naseer Dashti The terms ethics and morality are closely related. We now often refer to ethical judgments or ethical principles where it once would have been more common to speak of moral judgments or moral principles. These applications are an extension of the meaning of ethics. Ethical subject consists of the fundamental issues of practical decision making, and its major concerns include the nature of ultimate value and the standards by which human actions can be judged right or wrong. On the contrary, Opportunism is the art, policy, or practice of taking advantage of opportunities or circumstances often with little regard for values or principles and any consequences. Egoism is an ethical theory holding that the good is based on the pursuit of self-interest. In contrast ethics is governed more by man's social aspects, which stresses the importance of the community rather than that of the individual. Under this approach head appear such theories as nationalism, socialism,

The Triple A-Team: Antonia-Advani-Adventists

www.christianaggression.o...e=articles 05 Sept, 2003 TN Govt Issues instructions to carry out the Ministry of Home Affair’s Leave the Country Notice, to the District Collector, Dharmapuri (From 2 July to 05 Sept: It takes 2 months before TN Govt reacts to such a crucial order) 24 Sept, 2003 Dist Collector, Dharmapuri instructs the SP, Dharmapuri to carry out the notice of Ministry of Home Affairs and the State Government of Tamil Nadu. 20 Oct, 2003 SP to Inspector of Police, Mathigiri, Hosur to carry out the instructions and inform him the date and flight numbers, once the two people are deported. (Did the SP do anything to retract the earlier recommendation made by him on 01 Sept on the extension of Ron and Dorothy Watt’s stay? Did the Inspector notify the details of flight, date etc to the SP?– None) It becomes clear that before the order is served on Ron and Dorothy Watts, they are “well informed of one such order from one of these official source

PM's main assignments

The PM, Manmohan Singh seems to have two major assignments given to him by the Madam. 1. Romancing the Hurriyat and other Islamic leaders so they stay away from harassing the Madam. 2. Baby-sitting Rahul by taking him to Afghanistan and other places so he becomes a leader capable of replacing Manmohan as PM in due course. Incidentally, Rahul was to invited Washington along with Sonia by Bill Clinton. But Rahul knows better than to set foot in the U.S. after the misadventure in the Boston Logan Airport.

Seers: Sethu will destroy Rama's bridge

- By R. Bhagwan Singh Chennai, July 4: The All-India Hindu Dharmacharya Sabha, an apex body of Hindu spiritual heads across the country, has expressed concern that the Sethusamudram project would disturb the bridge, now undersea, that Lord Rama had built to reach Lanka to redeem Sita from Ravana. The Hindu epic Ramayana had described in poetic detail the Sethu bridge built by Lord Rama with help from his "vaanara (monkey)" friends, including Lord Hanuman, to reach Lanka and kill Ravana in battle. "The presence of this bridge submerged in the sea has been confirmed by Nasa satellite images, refurbishing Hindu sentiments and faith about the Sethu bridge in Rama's history," Swami Dayananda Saraswati, convenor, Acharya Sabha, said. He is now worried that Lord Rama's bridge would be swept away by the Sethu project. The acharya has held discussions on the ship channel project, among other things, with the Acharya Sabha president, Perur

Modi to ride high on Saraswati wave

September 6, 2005 The revival of the dried Saraswati River by chief minister Narendra Modi, who will dedicate it to the people on Thursday, by diverting the Narmada canal waters, is being heralded as the resurgence of the Hindu Hriday Samrat. Mr. Modi had earlier set off on a Gaurav Yatra from Phagvel to restore the pride of Hindus after the Godhra incident thereby becoming a Hindu Hriday Samrat. The yatra had won him a thumping majority in the state Assembly. Lately, his Hindutva credentials were being questioned by his political rivals and several of his staunch supporters had criticised the moderate overtones in his style of functioning. The Saraswati Mahasangam planned by the chief minister is being seen here as the second coming of the Hindu Hriday Samrat. Chief minister Narendra Modi, whose image had received a beating after he supported Mr. Advani on the Jinnah issue, is reaffirming his credentials as the Hindu leader, according to sources close to the chief minister. Mr. Mo

Jyoti Basu's Son Imported SUV at half price

Imported SUV at half price for Chandan Basu DRI Busts Duty-Evasion Racket By Pradeep Thakur/TNN (Times of India. 06.09.05. FRONTPAGE.) New Delhi: The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) on Monday seized a Toyota Land Cruiser from businessman Chandan Basu, son of former West Bengal chief minister Jyoti Basu, during an ongoing nationwide operation to unearth a huge duty-evasion racket in imported cars. Eight more high-end foreign cars being used by influential businessmen from different parts of the country were also seized. Authorities are now trying to trace two other cars belonging to powerful politicians, one from Uttar Pradesh and the other from Haryana. The racketeers’ modus operandi was ingenious. The main accused, Sanjay Bhandari, had shown himself to be the owner of two non-existent hotels in Rajasthan. He obtained a licence from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), under commerce ministry, for importing luxury cars to serve his ‘foreign c

Our World: Our Pakistani pals

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Caroline Glick, THE JERUSALEM POST Sep. 5, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Thursday's "historic" meeting between Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom and Pakistani Foreign Minister Khurshid Kasuri in Istanbul was immediately extolled by the local media as the "first fruits" of the disengagement from Gaza. In his statement following the meeting Shalom said, "I wish to particularly thank President Musharraf for his courage in promoting peace and moderation in our region and in general." In the midst of the hullabaloo about the the first public meeting between Israeli and Pakistani officials, it was hard to remember that Pakistan is the operational epicenter of the global jihad and a major proliferator of nuclear weapons technology and know-how to Iran. Only recently, CIA director Porter Goss effectively said that


Unique conditions at the end of the Ice Age gave rise to agriculture in Southeast Asia. Its spread to India made the Vedic civilization possible. Navaratna Rajaram Gift from Southeast Asia Seven hundred years ago, Zhou Daguan, the envoy of the Chinese Emperor Khubilai Khan stationed at the court of Indravarman III (1295 - 1307) at Angkor, noted an unusual natural phenomenon. During the months from July to November, when the Mekong is in full spate, the Tonle Sap, its major tributary in Cambodia, reverses direction and flows back into a natural reservoir also called Tonle Sap ('Great Lake'). The reason for this is the impact of the mighty Mekong. The floodwater flow resulting from the combination of the summer monsoon and melting glaciers is so great that the Mekong overflows into the Tonle Sap channel, pushing it backwards into the lake. The lake more than doubles in size, making Tonle Sap the largest freshwater lake in Asia. When the hot season ends, th