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‘Yeh Hain Asaliyat’ (This is Reality) Om Sri Durgayai Namah! Jay Hindu Rashtra! ‘Yeh Hain Asaliyat’ (This is Reality) is one of the pamphlets published in Hindi by the Ahmedabad-based Bharat Jagrati Morcha > Excerpts from Yeh Hai Asaliyat: Missionaries want to convert poor and innocent Hindu tribals and destroy our Vaidik Hindu religion, culture. Missionaries use our money to convert Hindus. Missionaries create enmity among the people. Through conversion, they want to create a vote bank and want to make us slaves again. Missionaries talk about secularism of Hindu religion but they misuse it. We have been tolerating all their dirty games and now we will not allow any missionaries to convert Hindus anymore. If you do not protect the Hindu religion then who will protect it? ‘We have been slaves for so many years, and now the time has come to free ourselves and others. Let us wake up and not allow missionaries to fulfill their agenda….. ‘Is the Bible a rel

Naxal supporter, Sandeep Pandey's itinerary in USA , some questions

The confessional email reveals additional info. His itinerary includes 20 places with $40 in his pocket. What are the 20 places? Who is Sanat whose contact address and Tel. no. Sandeep Pandey had? What is Prof. A.H. Nayar the nuclear scientist of Pakistan? What is South Asia Nuclear Audit? The enquiry was also about Asha. 'I explained how Asha was a closely knit group and how my friends would be there everywhere at the airports to pick me up.' Who is Netika? Shouldn't ASHA and AID Inc. chapters all over the world be informed of the nice reception Sandeep Pandey had on his arrival at San Francisco airport in USA? Shouldn't ASHA and AID Inc. supporters and donors be informed that the inquiry took place because he was associated with ASHA, that ASHA was enquired bout, and all this special reception occurred because he was a naxalite/terrorist? Hopefully these two steps may scare some neutral AID/ASHA volunteers and also some sucker donors (not the hardcore

Hindustan Times aims to coverup plan of KGB revelation

Hindustan Times carried a news piece "Mitrokhin revelations silly, say Indian spies" Our IntelliBriefs experts and intelligence sources say this is a cover up and planted story . Here is an analysis of this article , which is incoherent and inconsistent . , http://www.hindustantimes. com/news/181_1496029,0008.htm START Retired joint director of the Intelligence Bureau, M.K. Dhar : "It is a matter of record that Mrs G did use the communists to stabilise her government and negotiate with Moscow, but for anyone to say that she directly received material benefit from any quarter is ridiculous," he told HT. Former Intelligence Bureau director, V.G. Vaidya, now in Pune, was unwilling to comment on the allegations since he had not read the book. He, however, said, "Anyone can write anything. It does not mean that the world has to accept it as Gospel truth. One must remember that American author Seymour Hersh had written that Morarji Desai was on the CIA payr

The mysterious death of Roberto Calvi - trial opens in Rome

by Aart Heering, 6 October 2005 RADIO NETHERLNDS On the evening of 18 June 1982, the lifeless body of Roberto Calvi - the director of Banco Ambrosiano, an Italian bank on the verge of bankruptcy and with strong and extensive connections to the Roman Catholic church - was found hanging under Blackfriar's Bridge across the River Thames in London. The banker, who was found with bricks in his pockets, was thought to have committed suicide, probably out of a sense of personal responsibility for the bank's collapse. That, at least, was the original outcome of the forensic investigation carried out at remarkable speed by the British authorities. However, from the very beginning there were those who doubted the accuracy of the findings, and today - 6 October - legal proceedings commenced in Italy which should establish how and by whom the main figure in one of the largest financial scandals in the past 50 years was murdered. Those standing trial for their alleged involvement in his d

Baloch leader Dr. Imdad on Hunger strike : Pakistan in turmoil

Quetta: Dr. Imdad Baloch, Chairman Baloch students Organization (BSO-United) has announced at a press conference at Karachi Press Culb today, that he is going to start hunger strike till death, starting the October 3rd, 2005, untill all Baloch political workers and student leaders including Dr. Allah Nazar, Abdul Nabi Bangulzai, Ali Nawaz, Akhtar Nadeem, Ali Asghar Bangulzai, Hafiz Saeed, Abid Saleh, Zahid Saleh and others Baloch illehgal detainees are released from Pakistani jails and detention cells. Dr.Wahid baloch , head of BSO-NA (Baloch Society of North america) , the top Baloch body in US told Intellibriefs that that his organization extend full support for Dr.Imdad , " We will continue our peaceful struggle for the release of all Baloch illegal detainees. " Dr. Imdad Baloch was Kidnapped by Pakistani ISI on March 24th, 2005, along with other seven BSO leaders from Karachi, after they had joined a peaceful protest against the military operation in Balochistan,

Swamy demands inquiry into KGB payoffs

New Delhi | October 05, 2005 3:48:18 PM IST Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy today assailed the government's decision not to constitute an inquiry commission into the role of Russian espionage agency KGB for subverting Indian democracy by allegedly ''buying up corrupt and unpatritic politicians'', saying it was vital for the nation to know the entire truth. ''The real reason for the UPA's refusal to hold an inquiry is the fear that the allegations in Mitrokhin Archives Vol.II...may be confirmed as facts and truth. Many heads at the highest level would then have to roll as mass anger of the people would demand retribution and justice,'' Dr. Swamy said. The Janata Party President, who has filed a Special Leave Petition in the Supreme Court on the issue, said he also condemned the government's decision not to come out with a White Paper as demanded by BJP President L K Advani. ''The refusal of the UPA government and the spe

Iran remains on cusp of entering satellite club

By Alon Ben-David JDW Correspondent Tel Aviv The launch into space of Iran's first satellites - reconnaissance satellite Mesbah (Lantern) and research satellite Sina-1 - has been postponed from the scheduled date of 30 September due to a malfunction in the Sina-1 satellite. The press chief of the Russian Space Troops, Colonel Alexei Kuznetsov, told the Itar-Tass news agency that the launch was postponed because of a delay in the manufacture of the Sina-1, which was assembled by Polyot of Omsk. However, when the launch does go ahead in the coming weeks, it will make Iran the 43rd country to possess its own satellites and a member of the much more exclusive club of countries with spy satellites. Iran unveiled its military space programme in 1998, when the then defence minister Admiral Ali Shamkhani declared that the future design of Iran's intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM), the Shahab 4, would be capable of launching payloads into orbit. Iranian television pres


In a statement on September 29, Russia's Natural Resources Ministry rejected a feasibility study for a Siberia-to-Pacific crude oil pipeline. The pipeline would pass within just 800 meters of Lake Baikal, a violation of Russia's environmental legislation. According to the Ministry, "As the pipeline crosses a number of tributaries [to Baikal], any leakage of oil risks the destruction of a unique ecosystem." The Ministry also said that Transneft's planned route failed to specify a terminus for the pipeline. Valentin Stepankov, a deputy minister, has notified the State Technical Supervisory Agency of the ministry's concerns, according to the statement. Transneft Vice President Sergei Grigoryev has reportedly rejected the Ministry's ruling. However, the official veto of the planned route leaves Transneft with four options: abandon the pipeline project altogether; draw up a longer and costlier alternative route; push to amend Russia's existing legislation

Enquiry at port of entry, of Sandeep Pandey

BELOW MESSAGE FROM SANDEEP PANDEY "I MUST SAY THAT I WENT THROUGH SOME ANXIOUS MOMENTS AND IT APPEARED AT SOME POINTS IN TIME THAT THEY MAY NOT EVEN ALLOW ME ENTRY IN THE US. I MUST COMMEND THE UNDERSTANDING BEHAVIOUR OF THE US SECURITY PERSONNEL WHO GAVE ME A PATIENT HEARING AND APPRECIATED MY POSITION AGAINST THEIR COUNTRY" - Sandeep Pandey I spent some anxious moments at the San Francisco airport yesterday as upon my landing I was whisked away by the US security for a 2 hour thorough interrogation. It appears that one of the people protesting against my US visit by branding me as a naxalite and terrorist had informed the airport authorities of my arrival. Even while the plane was landing it was announced that there would be a passport check. Two security personnel were waiting for me. I was taken to a special security office. First I was enquired about the purpose of my trip and then about Asha. Then I was asked about what I did during my last trip. When I m

Rahul Gandhi: Harvard and Hindujas

Sources told IntelliBriefs that Rahul Gandhi got into Harvard on the donor's quota--Hindujas $ 11 million to the Medical School . Once in, Harvard is as rigorous as for anybody in on merit. He failed in that just as his father Late Mr.Rajive Gandhi's stunt in Cambridge University , and finally our Prince Mr.Rahul Gandhi was out of harvard . Sources say ,he had paid his tuition out of a numbered account in Cayman Island. But his alleged B.A. is still a mystery .

Trishul test-fired

Indigenously built India's most sophisticated short range surface-to-air missile 'Trishul' has been successfully test-fired from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur-on-sea, about 15 km from Balasore. The missile, especially designed for sea skimming exercise for the Indian Navy, was test-fired from a mobile launch pad at 1517 hours, ITR sources said. It hit the object in the sky fitted with the Pilotless Target Aircraft(PTA) which was flown from the range just before the test-fire of Trishul. 'Trishul' was one of the five missiles under various stages of development by the Defence Research Development Organisation and a part of the integrated guided missile development programme. Launched in 1983, the missile has a triple role for the three wings of the defence. Indigenously developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), 'Trishul' has a triple battlefield role for the army, air force and navy, the sources said. The

Probe into Shahabuddin exam row reveals new facts

Investigations into reports of appearance of RJD MP Mohammad Shahabuddin in an examination centre have revealed that the elusive MP did not take the LLB test and Police is looking for four persons, one of whom is believed to be a "ghost writer". "Police is trying to ascertain the identities of the four persons who had stayed in a hotel here and used a Scorpio jeep to reach the examination centre on all examination dates between 21st September and 28th September," Deputy Inspector General of Police (Tirhut range) Gupteshwar Pandey told reporters. The investigations have so far revealed that the MP himself did not appear in the examination and a 'ghost writer' appeared the examination, he said, adding police were trying to zero in on the four persons who stayed at a hotel in the town. "It appears that a racket was going on in the college for quite some time. The police probe will also find out how many more students did a Shahabuddin by engaging

AUVs for mine countermeasures shine at UUVS 2005

October, 03 2005 Small, manually launched AUVs were very much in evidence at the 7th UUVS, most conspicuously the little Gavia, a 1.7 m long, torpedo-like vehicle weighing about 44 kg in air and made by Hafmynd Gavia in Reykjavik, Iceland. On the first run on Wednesday, the Hafmynd people had clearly angered the god of demonstrations somehow because the AUV disappeared into the waters of Southampton Docks and refused to communicate despite efforts to contact it with an acoustic modem linked to the ruggedized laptop control station and anxious monitoring of the Iridium satellite phone it calls when it surfaces. Operator error, it turns out, was the cause: the pre-programmed mission plan had somehow combined a high-speed surface run with a steep dive angle. The inevitable consequence was a nose-first entry into the mud about 9 m down. They recovered the fully-functional Gavia and corrected the problem in time for a successful demo the following day. Make your own modules Gavia has a p

US Air Force working on stealthier UAV powered by an alternative energy source

10/3/2005 - U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. (AFPN) -- Future Air Force leaders here are working to produce a stealthier unmanned aerial vehicle powered by an alternative energy source. The research project into fuel cells and hydrogen storage materials started about 10 years ago as a collaboration between the academy, Ball Aerospace Corp in Boulder, Colo., and Hydrogen Components, Inc., in Littleton, Colo. The goal of the research is to find an alternative to batteries for personal electric power used in Department of Defense special operations. The UAV research group here involves the work of 11 academic departments working on individual and collaborative projects. Ball Aerospace focuses on fuel cell development while academy faculty and cadets work with hydrogen components on the chemistry and hardware of the hydrogen generator. The general idea of the chemical hydrogen generator is to store hydrogen that is chemically combined with atoms from lithium and aluminum. The hydrogen is

What Iran did for India and why it is hurt

Revealed: What Iran did for India and why it is hurt October 03, 2005 Strikingly similar to the crisis that Iran faced at the IAEA Board meeting in Vienna last weekend, India too found itself in a tight spot in April 1994 at the United Nations Human Rights Commission's annual session in Geneva. Iran vote and after: Complete coverage Curiously, India and Iran found themselves entangled with each other then too, as of now -- but with an entirely different body language. If there is a Shakespearean touch to the sense of betrayal that Iran is so evidently harbouring today over India's vote against it at Vienna, how much of that harks back to silent memories of what had transpired between the two countries in 1994, we shall never quite know. Persians may find it to be in bad taste to be blunt and forthright on such delicate issues as trust and betrayal. In April 1994, when the UNHRC was assembling in Geneva, India faced an ugly situation. We were just pulling out of a g

Al-Qaeda's Next Generation: Less Visible and More Lethal

By Michael Scheuer Experts speculate widely about the composition and tactics of the next generation of mujahideen. This speculation stems from the fact that transnational groups are harder collection targets than nation-states. Such ambiguity and imprecision is likely to endure indefinitely, and is particularly worrisome concerning "next-generation" terrorism studies. Osama bin Laden has been planning for the next generation of mujahideen since he began speaking publicly in the mid-1990s. Bin Laden has always described the "defensive jihad" against the United States as potentially a multi-generational struggle. After the 9/11 attacks, bin Laden explained that, even as the anti-U.S. war intensified, the torch was being passed from his generation to the next. "We have been struggling right from our youth," bin Laden wrote in late 2001: "We sacrificed our homes, families, and all the luxuries of this worldly life in the path of Allah (was as

Accused Russian ex-nuclar minister will leave for the U.S.

14:51 2005-10-03 Swiss authorities have decided to extradite former Russian nuclear minister Yevgeny Adamov to the United States rather than to his homeland, the Justice Ministry affirmed Monday. In the meanwhile Russia repeatedly expressed fears that Adamov could reveal nuclear secrets while facing charges in the United States of stealing up to US$9 million intended for improvements to Russia's nuclear security. Adamov has 30 days to file an appeal with the Swiss supreme court, the ministry said in a statement. Adamov has accepted extradition only to Russia. He started a hunger strike on Monday, ministry spokesman Rudolf Wyss said, without elaborating on the reason. Swiss authorities arrested Adamov on a U.S. warrant on May 2, while he was visiting his daughter in Bern. A U.S. federal grand jury in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has since indicted the Russian on charges of conspiracy to transfer stolen money and securities, conspiracy to defraud the United States, money launder

Raiganj rape case: Das Munshi plays up to Muslim vote bank

Kolkata, Sept.5 (VSK): She was vibrant, full of youthful energy and enthusiasm; she was only 14 years old. But, Pratima Das’ life was cut short. A student of class VIII, her only crime was that she was born in a Hindu family and lived with her parents in the Muslim-dominated Kasba Maheso village near Raiganj town in North Dinaipur district in the Communist-ruled West Bengal. On August 2, four local notorious Muslim youth abducted Pratima, raped and then murdered her. The criminals are yet to be arrested despite massive public protest against the police inaction. The rape and murder of Pratima snowballed into a massive agitation all over the district. On August 4, two daysafter her brutal murder, angry local villagers setup road blocks on Raiganj-Balurghat state highway demanding immediate arrest of the culprits. Strangely, instead of arresting the criminals the police resorted to indiscriminate firing to disperse the agitators. Two innocent villagers were killed and at least 100 othe

1965 war: The Chinese bluff news/2005/sep/30war.htm The Rediff Special/Claude Arpi September 30, 2005 Two important factors triggered the 1965 conflict with Pakistan. The first one was the visit to India of US Assistant Secretary of State Averell Harriman and British Secretary for Commonwealth Relations Duncan Sandys on November 22, 1962. This was the day China declared a unilateral ceasefire in the war with India. The visit was supposedly to assess India's needs to resist Communist China. But both envoys 'made clear their governments' willingness to provide military assistance to India but pointed out the related need for negotiations to resolve the Kashmir dispute.' The Kashmir card Photograph: Indian troops patrol at 14,500 feet in Nathu La, Sikkim. The Indian Army placed a considerable chunk of its forces in the east to check any Chinese attempt to open a 'second front' during the war with Pakistan. Photograph courtesy: Bharat Rakshak A clear signal was