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Ayodhya in Afghanistan? Slap on Amulya Ganguly's face

Ayodhya in Afghanistan? October 14, 2005 The Asian Age today (October 15) published the following letter as a boxed item. Dr.N S Rajaram wrote it in response to Amulya Ganguly's assinine article that appeared yesterday. ------------------------------------------------------ N.S. Rajaram F2, "Rajatha Manor" Southend Circle Basavanagudi, BANGALORE -- 560 004 Editor The Asian Age AFGHAN AYODHYA-- KNOWING VEDAS Sir: Amulya Ganguly, in his "Deva, Asura and Ahura" tries to revive some long discredited ideas like the Aryan invasion and Ayodhya in Afghanistan. One of the people he quotes, Rajesh Kochhar, has gone so far as to place even the Mahabharata War in Afghanistan! It is ironic that Ganguly should have written this when only a fortnight ago the BBC admitted that the whole of this 'history' had been concocted by the British to give themselves "a historical precedent to justify the role and status of the British Raj, who could a

Quake: Tales of Indian Army's valor and sacrifice

By Brig VRP Sarathy I was meeting two of our friends from our Exservicemen group in Gymkhana club! I got news on my mobile about the news! My son is posted in Uri(one of the two places which took the maximum brunt of the quake) and he had just stepped into the bathroom when the room from which he stepped out collapsed totally! Sensing something wrong he ran out of the bathroom and that too collapsed! My daughter-in-law and my grandson , just under 5 Years ran out and saw an MES building just collapsing about 75 yards away! The whole night they felt the tremors and were running out and a stage reached when they even stopped doing that, as my grandson was running a viral fever and so was his mother--and it was quite cold outside in Srinagar at night! My son is yet to visit his wife and daughter till date despite being only about 2-3 hours run from Srinagar, as first priority is assisting the civilians in distress! I am stating all these because a civilian(especially in India) has no

Natural Disasters : Where are the Chrisitian missions?

Several natural disasters have struck the world in the past one year, but Christian missionaries are nowhere in sight. This was particularly noticeable when hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the Gulf Coast. Dr.N. S.Rajaram told IntelliBriefs that even now, when there is dire need for helping the earthquake victims, some Indian Christian leaders are in Wahshington busy with anti-Hindu propaganda, testifying about the caste system before a Congressional committee. It seems that Christian groups now are little more than political lobbyists and propaganda outfits. It is reflected in 'leaders' like Cederick Prakash and John Dayal. Dayal was a Communist who switched his loyalties when the Soviet Union collapsed. "I saw several like him when I was on a lecture tour in the Northeast." said Dr.Rajaram "Such people are really the worst enemies of innocent Christians, whom they use as cannon fodder to promote their own interests." cautioning christian community

"Swami" Agnivesh speaks in Houston

A lecture was given in Houston’s Rothko Chapel by this traitor last night. About 60 people were present, most of them do-gooder type whites who are disenchanted with their own religion and are seeking answers from Hinduism. There were also about 10 Indians out of which one was 100% secular type who happens to be one of the directors of the Rothko Chapel, which sponsored this knave's trip. He was probably the mastermind behind the whole idea of getting the Swami in Houston. Then, there were two Indians who were 100% Gandhian and would never want to declare themselves to be Hindu. The rest of the 7 Indians were pro Hindu whose main intent was to "expose" the fake "swami". Probably anticipating some kind of "trouble" from the Hindus types, the organizer had enlisted the services of an armed policeman. It is not clear if the policeman is a regular feature of such functions at the Rothco Chapel. However, it is quite conceivable that, following phone cal

Sandeep Pandey – naxal terrorist in a blue funk

Source : VigilOnline Sandeep Pandey is a man of many parts, all of them skin-deep and each one of them carefully and calculatedly crafted to feed his gargantuan appetite for Mammon. American greenback Mammon, that is. He walks, he talks, he writes, he protests – for his version of 'peace', against Indian nukes, for Kashmiri and other terrorists, for the terrorist state of Pakistan, against Coca Cola, against Hindus and their nationalism, for the poor destitute children of India who don't go to school - which fact this Indian, this IIT graduate confesses in an interview to the Milli Gazette, he came to know late in his life, only during his years in the US from a book published by MIT in 1991 titled 'The Child and the State in India'. Sandeep Pandey has so far picked only those issues for his money-making activism which will keep him in media limelight, and those issues which for the most part resonate like music in the US government establishment, that

Situation in Gilgit Baltistan of POK is tense

IntelliBriefs Sources in Gilgit Baltistan Our sources say day before yesterday, Pakistani Rangers killed 7 persons including 2 women in Gilgit, while people killed 2 Rangers in retaliation. Perhaps on 11th Oct. Pakistani forces kidnapped one student from Gilgit City and put his dead body on the road of Gilgit next day. Students gathered in Gilgit and protested against this brutal killing by Pakistani forces. Rangers killed an ex chairman of Municipal Committee Gilgit in his house, while 2 women were also killed in their house in Gilgit. 2 Shopkeepers were killed in side their shops, who even had closed their shelter to avoid the clashes. Thus 7 innocent civilians were killed by Pakistani forces. In retaliation the families of the victims killed 2 Rangers on the spot. Pakistani newspaper reports suggest that Rangers fired 100000 (One hundred thousand) rounds indiscriminately against the Shia pupulation of Gilgit city, with an intent to create sectarianism. A mo

CIA to lead new US spy network

US intelligence chief John Negroponte has put the CIA in charge of all traditional US spying operations overseas, including those of the FBI and the Pentagon, in a move seen to restore some of the beleaguered agency's stature. The CIA will lead a new National Clandestine Service (NCS), which will be headed by undercover intelligence officer who has led the CIA's Directorate of Operations up to now. The move is part of an ambitious strategy to rebuild US human intelligence after debilitating lapses over Iraq and the September 11, 2001, attacks. The plan also gives CIA director Porter Goss the added title of national HUMINT manager. HUMINT is bureaucratic parlance for human intelligence, which involves spying by people rather than satellites and other technology. "I am confident that with the creation of the NCS, the US Government will have a more cohesive and truly national human intelligence capability," Mr Negroponte said. The NCS incorporates the CIA's

British Secret Service Turns to Internet

October 13, 2005 8:08 p.m. EST Andrea Moore - All Headline News Staff Reporter London, England (AHN) - Britain's foreign spy service, M16, has turned to the internet to dispel myths and recruit secret agents. The launch of the Web site today is the first time the Secret Intelligence Service, previously also known as MI6, has publicly appealed for agents since its creation in 1909. A careers page on the site outlines the qualities they require in an agent including the ability to cope with stress. The site comes after intelligence failures gave no warnings of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States or the July 7th transport bombings in London. MI6, based at Vauxhall cross in south London, also says it hopes the Web site will help to quash "ridiculous" conspiracy theories such as the idea that British agents murdered Princess Diana, a spokesman says.

Pakistan: Earthquake Devastates Northern Pakistan, Ushers in Mixed Prospects for Peace Process

Pakistan: Earthquake Devastates Northern Pakistan, Ushers in Mixed Prospects for Peace Process An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale hit northern and north-eastern parts of Pakistan on Saturday (8 October), killing 20,000-30,000 people and injuring at least 40,000 more. Global Insight Perspective Significance The earthquake, which is believed to have been the largest in the region since 1935, also affected north-western India and parts of southern Afghanistan. Implications In addition to the loss of life and high number of casualties, the earthquake has badly damaged the regional infrastructure, wiping out whole villages and large parts of towns. Outlook However, given the remoteness of the region and the fact that none of Pakistan's commercial or industrial areas have been affected, Global Insight is not making any changes to its risk ratings. Scale of the Disaster According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake was centred approximate

Syrian Interior Minister Commits Suicide Days Before UN Issues Lebanese Murder Report

Syria: Syrian Interior Minister Commits Suicide Days Before UN Issues Lebanese Murder Report Source The reported suicide of Major General Ghazi Kannan yesterday comes nine days before the UN is scheduled to publish its report into the murder of the former Lebanese premier, and highlights Syria's current predicament. Global Insight Perspective Significance Interior Minister Ghazi Kannan reportedly killed himself by a shot to the head. Speculation has recently been rife that Syrian security officials will be implicated in the murder of former Lebanese premier Rafiq Hariri in February this year, with Kannan questioned by UN investigators in the weeks before his death. Implications The suicide dramatises Syria's current predicament as the regime grapples to contain the damaging fallout from the Hariri murder. Hours before his death, Kannan gave an interview to the Voice of Lebanon radio station, denying Lebanese media reports that he had accepted a cash payment from the d

Earthquake : "We pray for innocent souls" , not for terrorists: Abdul Hamid Chairman of BNF

Mr.Abdul Hamid Khan ,Chairman of Balawaristan National Front (BNF)( spoke with IntelliBriefs from Majini Mahla, Gilgit, so called "Balawaristan (Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan)" about the recent earth quake in the Pakistan administered kashmir . He thanked God almighty for sparing Gilgit Baltistan and expresed condolences to the families who lost lives , but not terrorists . When questioned about the media reports stating destruction to terrorist infrastructure he said "Yes, some of the media reports are absolutely righ, mostly TERRORISTS AREAS have badly damaged in this earthquake. " . He criticised Musharraf " Perhaps it's a big punishment of nature. Nature has exposed General Musharraf's so-called moderate face among the ugly faces of his lovely terrorists. I believe there may be some inocent people who have also been victimized by the nature, if it's so we pray for their souls, but not for the terrorists. There is no

Danger-- Manmohan's Moscow trip

October 13, 2005 The Asian Age today (October 13) reported that PM Manmohan Singh is visiting Moscow in December to discuss defense and nuclear deals with Russia. India should guard against Russia getting highly favorable deals on inferior military equipment, especially fighter jets like MIGs which have a dismal record. Note that Sonia was in russia at the same when India was shopping for planes at the Paris Air Show, and later cancelled her scheduled Washington trip. Considering the Russian-KGB hold over Sonia (and Sonia's hold over Manmohan), India cannot be too careful in this regard. Russia is after India's huge foreign exchange reserves which they desperately need.

Indian Army troops crossed LOC to help reconstruct Pak Bunker

Wednesday, 12 October , 2005, 21:53 Srinagar: In the first incident of its kind, Indian Army troops on Wednesday crossed the Line of Control near Amman Setu to help reconstruct a bunker of Pakistani soldiers at their request, Defence sources said. Pakistani soldiers guarding the Amman Setu (Peace Bridge) on PoK side had sought help of their Indian counterparts to reconstruct their bunker which was damaged by the massive earthquake on Saturday, they said. The Indian soldiers crossed the LoC, helped the Pakistanis to reconstruct their bunker and then returned to their positions. The Pakistani request came in view of forecast of heavy snowfall in the region. They wanted to construct shelter in the shortest possible time. Amman Setu connects Jammu and Kashmir and PoK and is used by passengers of Srinagar-Muzaffarabad bus to cross LoC. Actually it is a major public relations bonanza and a great embarrassment to to the Paki Army both internationa

KFOR exercise to test recovery, transportation systems

October 11, 2005 CAMP BONDSTEEL, Kosovo (Army News Service, Oct. 10, 2005) - Multinational Brigade (East) will host a three-day exercise in Kosovo this week to test the interoperability of different national recovery and transportation systems. The exercise, dubbed Operation White Shark, begins Oct. 13 with helicopter sling-load training at Camp Bondsteel and concludes Oct. 15 with railway transportation training at the Grlica Station, Kosovo. The exercise will involve soldiers and personnel from all four multinational brigades of the Kosovo Force, the KFOR headquarters, its Multi-national Specialized Unit, its Tactical Reserve Manoeuvre Battalion, and the United Nations Mission in Kosovo Police, known as UNMIK-P. KFOR is conducting the exercise in order to increase the effectiveness of its sling-load operations, rail transportation and recovery procedures in a logistical environment, command officials said. Brig. Gen. John S. Harrel assumed command of Multi-National Brigade

USA : Military UAVs May Not Suit Homeland Security

The military spends billions of dollars a year on unmanned aircraft, which fly over war zones searching for targets and occasionally even firing missiles. The Department of Homeland Security, however, appears uninterested in employing Defense Department UAVs to monitor the nation’s borders. As part of a project called the Arizona Border Control Initiative, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency was employing military UAVs to patrol the U.S.-Mexico border. That program ended in January 2005, and DHS has not indicated it wants to continue it, says Dyke Weatherington, head of a UAV task force at the office of the secretary of defense. “In the past, DHS has come to the Defense Department and requested support for missions such as UAV operations,” he says. The ABCI effort was terminated upon DHS request. Meantime, Customs and Border Protection has replaced the UAVs with helicopters, and will continue to evaluate options for future employment of UAVs, says Mario Villareal, CBP spoke

US Air Force Research Targets Insurgents’ Bombs

By Andrea Pinchak Airborne lasers. Electromagnetic Barriers. Bom Bots. They sound like weapons used against the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars. Yet, there’s no science fiction here. All are current Air Force Research Laboratory technologies, some of which already have been deployed to Iraq. AFRL developed and delivered what it calls Bom Bots. These are small, remotely controlled robots that disable and dispose of roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices used by insurgents in Iraq against U.S. troops. “The war fighters love them,” says Les McFawn, executive director of AFRL. “They have asked for more of these because, obviously, it keeps them out of harm’s way.” The technologies available to detect IEDs, however, need to be improved, McFawn tells National Defense. “There is an issue with finding IEDs. If you found one, the Bom Bot is great, but clearly there are a lot of these IEDs that we’re not finding. So we need some techniques for either finding them or disrupting their pl

ZAKAT : Fourth Pillar of ISLAMIC Pakistan is shaky

BACKGROUND Zakat is the fourth ‘pillar’ of Islam. Zakat means setting apart for Allah every year a certain portion of one’s savings and wealth (generally 2.5 percent) and spending it upon religious duties and on needy members of the community. The fulfillment of this duty is, in fact, a kind of reminder that all one has is in trust for Allah. Man should, therefore, hold nothing back from Allah. To whatever one may amass in one’s lifetime, one’s own personal contribution is insignificant. If the Supreme Being, who is at work in the heavens and on the earth, refused to co-operate with man, there would be nothing that the latter could accomplish single-handed. He would not be able to plant so much as a single seed to make things grow. Nor could he set up any industries, or carry out any other such enterprise. If Allah were to withdraw any one of His material blessings, all our plans would go awry, and all our efforts would be brought to naught. Source PAKISTAN : Zakat deduct


DOES INDIAN CHRISTIANITY ALLOW UNTOUCHABILITY? _______________________________________________ By Laura Kelly & Christian Hendersen We have been reading with great interest letters from readers, that followed after publication of the article "Ensuring equal rights to all Dalits", by Archbishop A.M. Chinnappa and A. Philomin Raj, The Hindu, Sep 22, 2005.With some trepidation it is necessary that we have to point out,vital points have been left out on this important issue,hence this critique. The Privy Council (UK) as early as 1936 had ruled out that there is no "Scheduled caste in Indian Christianity". To ‘Cast the Nets to the Marginalized Side’ and the argument again and again in new terminology "Dalits" is untenable both legally and morally. Dalit Openness ‘to Gods unknown’ comes with a price tag - loss of 'self' and Identity'. Dalits with their Spirituality and life style are now protected and needs enhanced fencing. The rituals a


QUAKE IN PAKISTAN : THE SEQUEL by B.Raman The Government and the people of Pakistan have been coping, as best as they can, with the help of a flood of international assistance, with the colossal tragedy which struck them on October 8, 2005, in the form of a massive earthquake which has devastated practically the whole of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) and large parts of the district of Manshera and other areas in the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP). Islamabad was also affected, but mildly with the collapse of only one multi-storey building. 2. The total fatalities in POK are officially estimated at 20,000 plus and unofficially at 30,000 plus. Those in the NWFP at 3,000 plus and unofficially at 8,000 plus. 3. In an interview from a tent in which he has been living at Muzaffarabad, the capital of the POK, since the quake, Mr.Sikander Hayat Khan, the Prime Minister of the POK, said on October 10, 2005:" I am the Prime Minister of a graveyard, surveying the ruined ca

Are communists abusing American hospitality? -- Arvind Kumar

Indo-American News, October 7, 2005 Arvind Kumar The human suffering caused by the tsunami disaster few months ago once again brought out an ugly facet of human nature to the surface. In the wake of the devastating tsunami, which left an estimated 200,000 dead, millions injured, orphaned, homeless and destitute, some political organizations posing as charities and a few other charities connected to political groups aggressively sought donations while providing little, if any, succor to tsunami victims. Collecting funds under false pretenses is nothing new, nor is it unique to the countries of the Indian subcontinent, but what is especially troubling in this case is that money collected by some organizations is used for political purposes and in some cases even ends up with groups that fund violent action. In particular, some Indians in USA who support Communists at home have set up organizations that present a façade of helping poor people. These groups often coordinate their f