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Volcker Committee Report , Government reaction inadequate: Swamy

Government reaction inadequate: Swamy Special Correspondent MADURAI: The Central Bureau of Investigation should file a first information report (FIR) on the references made in the Volcker Committee Report, said Janata Party president Subramanian Swamy here on Saturday. Addressing newspersons, Dr. Swamy said only an FIR would enable access to the documents with the United Nations that ordered the probe into the oil-for-food programme. The Prime Minister's reaction to the report so far, Dr. Swamy said, was "inadequate." FIRs should be filed by the CBI, the Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Directorate as the charges involved "violations of national security, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Prevention of Corruption Act and Income Tax Act." Till such time an FIR was filed, the Volcker Committee "is not obliged to cooperate" in the probe by the Justice R.S. Pathak Inquiry Authority, he said. The party's State unit president, V.S.

SCO : Russian will become China's junior Partner soon

''Intelligence Brief: Russia in the S.C.O.'' he recent high-profile meeting of the heads of all the governments of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (S.C.O.), plus a delegation from the S.C.O. observer states, signaled a major new development in Eurasian politics. The maturing of the S.C.O. into a grouping akin to a geopolitical bloc has even been hailed as the "N.A.T.O. of the East" by some observers and policymakers. While this grouping of states has a long way to go before a true geopolitical bloc is formed along major economic, military and political lines, one of the key states in the S.C.O. will be the deciding factor in judging the success of this bold geopolitical venture. [See: "The 'Great Game' Heats Up in Central Asia"] Russia's Role in the S.C.O. Russia has been preoccupied with restoring its status in the post-1991 world as a major global player. Its internal weakness in the 1990s has been characterized by its inabili

The Role of Space in Army Transformation

By Michael Howard, Managing Editor ARMY SPACE JOURNAL In the 21st century, the battlefield will extend vertically into the region of Space. Achieving Space dominance will be critical to gaining and maintaining the information superiority required for the advanced full-spectrum operations described in the Army Objective Force Concept (TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-0). The Concept for Space Operations in Support of the Objective Force (TRADOC Pamphlet 525-3-14) supports and enables the Army’s vision described in the Objective Force concept. The Space operational concept is intended to focus the Army’s effort to exploit the high ground of Space in its contribution to land forces and the Joint dominance of this dimension. Army Space operations will focus on five essential tasks to ensure the Objective Force will successfully achieve decisive victory. These essential tasks are: · Support increased deployability and reduced theater footprint. · Achieve situational understanding “Off the Ramp” dur

Arbitrary Arrests, Torture and Disappearances of Sindhi

More Cases of Arbitrary Arrests, Torture and Disappearances of Sindhi and Baloch Activists LONDON, NOVEMBER 10, 2005, The World Sindhi Congress expressed its great concern over the arbitrary arrests, torture and disappearances of the human rights activists belonging to Sindh and Balochistan—two southern provinces of Pakistan. Several Sindhi and Baloch political groups are engaged in active opposition to the undemocratic and authoritarian military rule of General Musharaf. Sindhi and Baloch peoples have been the victim of policies that blatantly discriminate against Sindh and Balochistan and benefit the northern province of Punjab. Pakistani military, an ultimate power of Pakistan, is also ethnically dominated by the Punjabis. According to the recent survey conducted by the Asian Development Bank, the two southern provinces are almost twice as poor as the dominant province of Punjab. Historically, Sindhis and Balcohs have always been on the forefront of democratic and

Resolution of Sindh-Unity Conference , 11.11.2005 at Hyderabad Sindh

Resolution of Sindh-Unity Conference dt 11.11.2005 at Hyderabad Sindh Resolutions adopted at the third annual Session of Sindhi-Unity Council, in Hotel Indus, Hyderabad Sindh, on 11.11.2005 Resolved that: 1. The peoples of Pakistan had practically reacted negatively to the proposal in the sessions of the Muslim League in 1930 that the muslim majority areas / present provinces of Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP be amalgamated with Punjab to form an State within or without the British Empire, due to historical fears of domination and subjugation by Punjab, in view of their historical experience of repeated aggresion from the Punjab State of the time. 2. That consequently these peoples did not support and rejected the Muslim League in 1935 elections. 3. That the muslims of entire India thereafter enthasiastically welcomed the 1940 resolution at Lahore subsequently wrongly dubbed as Pakistan Resoulation, wherein it was decided that all the muslim majority areas of northwe

Vitol - Masefield AG - Sonia Gandhi $16.8 m

Oil or grease? Vitol - Masefield AG - Sonia Gandhi (one million barrels $16.8 m) Here are the key contact details for Vitol. In the chart appended to the Deccan Chronicle report (Nov. 12, 2005), Volcker report cites the LCs assigned by BNP Paribas SA for each oil lift, and information sourcd through SECO. Volcker report Table 4 notes two contracts and two LCs. 1. Contract No. M/10/57 (LC N 731924); and Table 3 provides details of Non-contractual beneficiaries. On this LC, VOlcker report claims Masefild AG lifted oil against contract M/10/57 for a non-contractual beneiciaty it claims was the CONGRESS. 2. Contract No. M/09/54 (LC D726806); and Table 3 of Volcker Report claims Masefild AG lifted oil against contract M/09/54 for a non-contractual beneficiary it claims was former external affairs minister NATWAR SINGH. Now the questions to be answered by Antonia Maino (aka Sonia Gandhi, President of Congress Party) are: 1. When did Congress Party register with Govt. of India

They protect our borders...the least we can do is protect their dignity.

They protect our borders...the least we can do is protect their dignity. Jai Hind! Lt. Saurabh Kalia of 4 JAT Regiment of the Indian Army laid down his life at the prime age of 22 for the Nation while doing duty of guarding the frontiers at Kargil. The parents,the Indian Army but the whole nation lost a dicated, honest and brave son. He was the first officer to detect and inform Pak intrusion. Pakistan captured him and his patrol party of 5 brave men alive on 15th May, 99 from our side of LOC. They were in their captivity for 3 weeks and subjected to unprecedented brutal torture as evident from their bodies handed over by Pakistan Army on 9th June, 99.They indulged in dastardly acts of burning bodies with cigarettes, piercing ears with hot rods, removing eyes before puncturing them, breaking most of the bones and teeth, chopping off various limbs and private organs of these soldiersbesides inflicting unimaginable physical and mental tortures. They were shot dead u

Jordan: Jordan's Capital Hit by Multiple Terrorist Attacks

Suicide bombers yesterday launched simultaneous attacks in the heart of the capital, Amman, causing scores of fatalities and shattering the kingdom's fragile calm. Global Insight Perspective Significance The Jordanian authorities have confirmed that over 67 people were killed and more than 200 injured in three closely coordinated attacks against the Grand Hyatt, the Radisson SAS and the Day's Inn hotels in central Amman, the capital. Implications The hotels are popular with Western businesspeople and tourists. Although Jordanians are known to have borne the brunt of the fatalities, foreigners may still be among those dead or injured. Outlook An attack on this scale was widely feared. In August this year, a botched attempt was made against a U.S. naval ship in the port city of Aqaba, with the Jordanian authorities also having foiled a number of terror plots, including a planned chemical attack against government targets. Worst Fears Realised Jordan's

American, Indian Airmen ‘mix it up’

American, Indian Airmen ‘mix it up’ by Capt. John Redfield Cope India Public Affairs 11/10/2005 - KALAIKUNDA AIR STATION, India (AFPN) -- For the first time, U.S. pilots faced the Indian Air Force’s most advanced, and newest, fighter -- the Su-30 MKI -- during an exercise Cope India 06 mission here. F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots Capt. Martin “Gabby” Mentch and 1st Lt. Robert “Pipes” Stimpson were the first to mix it up with the Su-30s Nov. 9. The Airmen, deployed here with the 13th Fighter Squadron from Misawa Air Base, Japan, flew against the new jets, which have a thrust-vector capability and updated avionics. The MKI “is an amazing jet that has a lot of maneuverability,” an essential trait when fighters fly within visual range of their enemy during combat missions, Captain Mentch said. The American fighters are also squaring off against an older version of the Su-30 Flanker during the exercise, which runs through Nov. 19. The Indians are also flying the MiG-21 Fishbed,

USA : First Exercise tests aircrews in virtual reality by linking simulators nationwide

11/9/2005 - KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. (AFPN) -- The first nationwide virtual reality exercise, Virtual Flag 06, used networked simulators to create a realistic and cheap simulated battlespace to test aircrews and space and ground operators. The exercise, led by the Distributed Mission Operations Center here, ended Nov. 4. The networked simulators -- from across the center and the nation -- made the training authentic. “Think of Virtual Flag as a huge simulation in which our aircrews, space warriors and ground operators -- in the air operations center, control reporting center and Patriot missile batteries -- ‘fight’ the enemy completely in a virtual reality environment,” said Lt. Col. Gordon Phillips, the 705th Exercise Control Squadron commander. Demand for Virtual Flag’s services is on the rise. The list of participants in the exercises, held quarterly by Air Combat Command, has continued to grow since it began in 2000, Colonel Phillips said. “We can replicate numerous worldw

China's challenging rise

A new superpower in the making Andy Clark, transmission date 22 October 2005 Source : Radio Natherlands "There have been generals in the Chinese military telling us that China would be prepared to lose all the economic progress of the last years if the independence of Taiwan was proclaimed. You never know how likely this is: nationalism is a very strong and potentially dangerous force everywhere in the world." Jan van der Putten Chinese Taikonauts back on Earth - China's space programme is a source of national pride China's economy has trebled since 1980 and, if it continues on the same trajectory, it will be the same size as the US economy by 2020. But will the US accept this challenge to its economic dominance from China? It is, after all, a communist country, and an ideological adversary. Could a standoff develop, as China becomes more of a rival? Amsterdam Forum focuses on China this week. Click to listen to the programme Lanxin Xiang, p

Paris: the ticking time bomb goes off

by Frank Renout in Paris, 4 November 2005 In Aulnay-sous-Bois, north-east of Paris, a fire engine hurtles through the evening streets. After a tour around the long, high blocks of flats, the vehicle stops in front of a school building. Flames are leaping from the window frames. “The glass has been smashed in,” says resident André Sirguey, angrily. “They’ve set it on fire. Again!” It is nine o’clock, and a new evening full of violence and arson has begun. Every evening since Thursday, 27 October, the suburbs of Paris have been struck by serious riots. Youths take to the streets, light fires and engage in battles with the police. Raising hell Mr Sirguey’s neighbour comes to watch what is going on this evening. “The school?” he yells, while clouds of black smoke hang around the apartment complexes. “Have those jerks really set it on fire? My daughter goes there!” He begins to gesticulate wildly. “If you really think it’s necessary to raise hell, then set fire to the town hall, o


INDIAN AMERICAN INTELLECTUALS FORUM, INC. 41-67 Judge Street (5P) Elmhurst, N.Y. 11373 (Tel: (718-478-5735 Nov. 4, 20005 Seminar HOW TO COUNTER GLOBAL TERRORISM Sunday, December 4th, 2005 at Shaan Restaurant Snacks and Lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Seminar from 01:00 to 04:00 p.m. A Luncheon Seminar titled “HOW TO COUNTER GLOBAL TERRORISM� will be held Sunday, December 4, 2005 at Shaan Restaurant (tel: 212-977-8400), 57 West 48th Street, New York City. Names of the prominent speakers are being finalized and will be communicated to you shortly. We are also in touch with nationally renowned experts on terrorism, to speak on the seminar. You are cordially invited to participate in the Seminar. Mr. Jeff Epstein, President of Peoples Truth Forum, a Connecticut based organization has kindly accepted our invitation to speak on the seminar. If you are planning to present a paper

Plight of Hindus in Sindh and Balochistan

Author: Khaled Ahmed Publication: The Friday Times Date: May 14-20, 2004 We don't know much about Hindus living in Sindh and Balochistan. Because the mainstream media remain silent we don't get to know about their real plight. The TV channels in the private sector should focus on these forgotten communities The Commission sent a team to the province, which observed the Hindus of Kalat, Mastung, Machh and Kolpur and discovered that the Baloch and Brahui tribes kept them to do jobs (musicians, carpenters, merchants) considered below their honour by the Muslims. The author noted that Hindus were visible in Baloch areas but were scarce in the Pakhtun areas although in 1941 most of the 54,000 Hindus of Balochistan lived in the Pakhtun areas. After 1947, the Hindus in the Pakhtun areas declined by 93 percent but only by 11 percent in the Baloch areas. Now Balochistan had 27,000 Hindus in all, The incidents of atrocities and caste-based discriminations on Dalits are increasing
Volker committee report and its impact on Indian polity Amitabh tripathi Findings of Volker committee report has put some questions before Indian polity .Congress party which has long history of Muslim pampering first time has been caught red handed for its financial support with Muslim countries. This is not the question of corruption only it has some implications on national security also. Some years back Congress president made a lecture in an Islamic institute which is headed by a brother of international Islamic terrorist. Few years back an influential young Congress leader(now MP) was questioned by American security agencies on the suspicion of being drug runner. Since the installation of UPA government at center how this government has tackled terrorism is a big shock for everyone. They repealed anti terrorist act POTA and went soft on the terrorists in Jammu & Kashmir in the name of healing touch policy. This policy rewarded a lot of causalities in state even government

Indo-US joint Exercises : Cope India 2006 began

11/9/2005 - KALAIKUNDA AIR STATION, India (AFPN) -- Cleaned, inspected and fully maintained, 12 neatly aligned F-16 Fighting Falcons stand poised for their daily battle. Beside them, their adversary -- an assortment of Indian Air Force MiGs, Mirages and Su-30s -- are also ready for the day’s dissimilar air combat training. The jets are all taking part in exercise Cope India 06, which began Nov. 7 and lasts through Nov. 19. It is the third such exercise held between the U.S. and Indian air forces. Just three days into the exercise, the F-16s have flown 52 missions with no sortie cancellations due to maintenance. However, for the 74 Airmen deployed from the 35th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron at Misawa Air Base, Japan, operating out of India hasn’t been easy. “At first it was a bit of a challenge. Some of our equipment was slow in getting here,” said Capt. Robert Clark, the squadron maintenance officer. “But we improvised with what we had and made the mission happen the first day.

Indian PM sets up Task Force to examine global trends

According to a PTI report, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has constituted a Task Force on Global Strategic Developments under the chairmanship of K Subrahmanyam, noted strategic affairs analyst. The Task Force will examine various aspects of global trends in strategic affairs. It will be serviced by the National Security Council Secretariat and is expected to submit its report within six months, stated the Prime Minister’s Media Advisor Sanjaya Baru. The members of the Task Force are P Rama Rao, former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, R K Pachauri, director of the Energy and Resources Institute, Arvind Virmani, director of Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations, Tarun Das, former director- general, CII, Air Marshal (Retd) Vinod Patney, M S Ananth, director of IIT, Madras, Uday Bhaskar, deputy director general, Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis. Bhaskar will also function as Member-Secretary of the Task Force. In the following article -