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Why do 50-odd 'international academics' humiliate the hindu?

Open letter to the 50-odd 'international academics' who were co-signatories of Nov.8, Nov. 26 Witzel letters This is from a hindu, with two grandchildren studying in US schools. This is a plea for vinaya, a plea submitted in all humility. This is a plea to remember the Tamil saying: naalu per enna solluvaa? (Trans. What will four people say?) The four people are the four who will carry my corpse to the smas'aanam, the cremation grounds. They are the social conscience who dictate my social responsibility. I am sure that there are perceptions of similar social morality in all societies in all civilizations as guides to action in a framework of vratam, human responsibility beyond human rights. You are scholars, please decide for yourself, touching your conscience -- aatman --, on what type of legacy you would like to leave behind you, as a contributor to the whole gamut of human thought. Aryan hoax was a British colonial creation. Evidence: William Jones shown on a marble

Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive

December 11, 2005 Propaganda Military's Information War Is Vast and Often Secretive By JEFF GERTH The media center in Fayetteville, N.C., would be the envy of any global communications company. In state of the art studios, producers prepare the daily mix of music and news for the group's radio stations or spots for friendly television outlets. Writers putting out newspapers and magazines in Baghdad and Kabul converse via teleconferences. Mobile trailers with high-tech gear are parked outside, ready for the next crisis. The center is not part of a news organization, but a military operation, and those writers and producers are soldiers. The 1,200-strong psychological operations unit based at Fort Bragg turns out what its officers call "truthful messages" to support the United States government's objectives, though its commander acknowledges that those stories are one-sided and their American sponsorship is hidden. "We call our stuff information and the e

Taliban Killing: Kummanam Rajasekharan to seek Presidents's intervention

12/9/2005 1:24:15 PM Mahadev Kochi, Dec 09 The Hindu Aikya Vedi General Secretary, Mr Kummanam Rajasekharan, is to meet the President, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam to seek his intervention to get the compensation to the wife of Manikandan Raman Kutty who was abducted and killed by the Taliban militants. Mr Rajasekharan told HK today that he would be leaving for Delhi next week and expected to call on the President some time the week after. He said that the killing of the Border Road Organization (BRO) driver in Afghanistan was shrouded by mysteries. According to him Maniappan was sent to the militant infested war ravaged country on a two-year contract on a monthly salary of Rs50,000. Even at this rate the compensation on this account alone should have come to Rs 12 lakh . He was brutally murdered about one month after his joining duty there. He said that there were conflicting reports on who had kidnapped and killed Maniappan. In a report Taliban was quoted to have said that it did not

Harvard professor launches anti-Hindu crusade Harvard professor launches anti-Hindu Crusade Dr. Srinivasan Kalyanaraman Quiz # 1: "Hindus in the USA are lost or abandoned people!" "NRI stands for Non-Returning Indians!" "Indians in the USA do not invest in the higher education of their children!" Who in the USA do you think would have made derogatory statements to this effect? A. A Ku Klux Klansman B. A Bible thumping fundamentalist from Alabama C. A Xenophobe who is paranoid about immigrants settling in the USA D. A Harvard Sanskrit professor Correct answer: D. I am sure none of you scored right on this. So, read on and get informed. Harvard professor disparages Hindus Recently, in a Communist-leaning political list better known for its uncritical beliefs in myths like Aryan Invasion and its negation of historical facts, Harvard professor Michael Witzel made some startling claims about Hindu immigrants to the USA. One of his acolytes invented the

10,000 incidents of minority attack in Bangladesh since2001

By Nazrul Islam, Dhaka, Oct 11 : A White Paper on minority repression in Bangladesh has revealed more than 10,000 incidents of communal torture have taken place in the country during the last four years of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-led right wing government of Khaleda Zia. Ekatturer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee (the committee for annihilation of collaborators of 1971), an organisation of the civil society members, launched the whitepaper Monday giving its observation that in most cases the police ignored to record complaints by the victims of the minority repression. “The unprecedented torture of religious minority and ethnic sects, which began centring the 2001 general elections, has not stopped even after 1,500 days,” reads the introduction of the 2,760-page White Paper. Writer Shahriar Kabir who edited the whitepaper published in three parts said, the people did not disclose many of the incidents fearing further torture and harassment. Binodbihari Chowdhury, an advisor o

Indian Criminal justice system encourages the wrong doers

Inordinate delay in awarding judgements encourages the wrong doers to continue their job. Mumbai bomb blast offence was committed in 1993 and still, for two years, the judge is writing his judgement. If there are 150 accused and, again 150 lawyers, they do not have even a court room to accommodate the accused and their lawyers. If each witness is examined by 150 lawyers, imagine how the trial will ever come to an end. In the mean time, some accused may have died, some have run away. The whole criminal justice system is crumbling. This requires to be remedied immediately. RAM JETMILANI Source

Internal security scenario in the country --SHRI ARUN SHOURIE

SHRI ARUN SHOURIE, initiating the discussion in The Parliament , said: We are discussing the subject after one year from the last discussion and we will soon be given the figures about the decrease in the number of causalities in Jammu and Kashmir and the increase in the number of tourists. I have been hearing these figures for almost seven years since. But the fact of the matter is, there has been very great deterioration of the situation in many parts of the country. I have very grave apprehension about the general approach of the Government on security matters. This approach is comounding the problem of security and the problem for the security services in the naxalite areas, in the North East, and in Jammu and Kashmir. Last time, I had mentioned that the number of districts which have been affected by the naxalite activity has gone up from 143 to 157. But, the home Minister denied the fact. Now, we have 165 districts which are affected by the naxalite activities and they expand to