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Harvard Don Denigrates Hindus

www.dailypioneer Kanchan Gupta/ New Delhi Boorish comments denigrating India, Hindus and Hinduism by a self-proclaimed 'Indologist' who is on the faculty of Harvard University has unleashed a fierce debate over the increasing political activism of 'scholars' who teach at this prestigious American university. Prof Michael Witzel, Wales professor of Sanskrit at Harvard, is in the centre of the storm because he tried to prevent the removal of references to India, Hinduism and Sikhism in the curriculum followed by schools in California which parents of Indian origin found to be inadequate, inaccurate or just outright insensitive. Known for aggressively pushing theories forged by Left historians of the Romila Thapar genre that have been long discredited through scientific means, including DNA studies, this 'linguist' is known for promoting himself as a 'historian' in academic circles. His proximity to Left historians in India is no secret. Such is Pro

India, Pakistan, Iran to Launch Negotiations on Natural Gas Pipeline

By Subhash Vohra A land-based pipeline from Iran to India would be four times cheaper than any other option, even after taking into account transit fee payments to Pakistan India, Pakistan and Iran have launched joint negotiations on a proposed multi-billion dollar natural gas pipeline that will cross all three countries. The proposed pipeline will carry natural gas from Iran’s South Pars fields in the Persian Gulf to Pakistan's major cities of Karachi and Multan and then farther onto New Delhi, India The United States opposes the pipeline, in part because it believes the pipeline will bolster Iran. Washington has fundamental disagreements with Tehran on several issues, particularly on its nuclear policies. To help persuade India to suspend pipeline negotiations, the Bush administration has proposed supplying India with new nuclear reactors. But the proposal is running into opposition among key legislators on Capitol Hil

BLA will succeed in balkanizing Pakistan

SOURCE : MilSecReview -- Anonymous Pakistani General The Pakistani military junta are past masters in breaking the country. East Pakistan crisis of 1971 had a direct connection with Ayub Khan's political blunders commmitted from 1954 till 1969.The same drama is being repeated now in Baluchistan and possibly in Sindh. As an ex officer who knows some of the key decision makers i can offer some comments based on personal experience. The head of the military junta General Musharraf is a tactician with a myopic strategic vision.This I state based on daily interaction with him in the squash court and in the lawn outside squash court during 1992-93 while he was a major general in Okara Cantonment.His main quality was driving the division hard and getting good chits from the seniors.The climax of his strategic incompetence was the Kargil Blunder of 1999.He did well with his superiors both military and political and excellent with his present boss Mr Bush. The Ins[ector General Fron

An advice for self-righteous patriots of Pakistan Nusrat Javeed ISLAMABAD: As a struggling patriot with cowardly habits, one is grateful to that person from amongst the crowd of invisible pullers of puppets on our power scenes, who had discovered Madame Gulshan Saeed and propped her to upper house of our parliament with its restoration in late 2002. With her sitting in the senate, no ‘traitor’ can get away with spinning of doomsday scenarios for the future of Pakistan and behaving ‘irreverent’ to ultimate defenders and protectors of this country. Although watching and reporting on political happenings and actors of this country for more than twenty years, this correspondent had never heard of Gulshan Saeed, until her selection for a seat reserved for women in the senate. From the day one of her reaching there, however, she grabbed all the attention of the press gallery. She appears exploding with ideas, some of which can instantly fix so many problems Pakistan has been accumulating for more than five

Intelligence Technologies: Full Steam Ahead for Mass Data Processing Market

With a market estimated at $1 billion this year and forecasts of annual growth of 20%, the market for tools to analyze huge amounts of data - Intelligence and Security Informatics / Analytics (ISI) - is truly booming. A report on the ISI sector has just been issued in the United States by the Chesapeake Innovation Center, the leading breeding ground for Homeland Security technologies, in conjunction with the New York investment bank C.E. Unterberg, Towbin (CEUT). Entitled "The Business of Connecting the Dots," the survey identified the leading suppliers of solutions (see graph below) and the sector's growth areas. An increase in telephone taps (20% per year) calls for major resources to process the calls that are made and, to boot, increasingly on digital networks (voice over IP). Additionally, governments and companies are beginning to deploy intelligent video surveillance systems on a huge scale. The switch to digital video created new capacity to treat and put data o

US deploys Ground-Based Midcourse Defense against ICBMs

From the Ground Up The US deploys Ground-Based Midcourse Defense against ICBMs by Michael Puttré and Ted McKenna Nov. 21, 2005 In a briefing conducted for invited members of the press and defense industry analysts in mid-October, Raytheon officials said they were "highly confident" that the US National Missile Defense (NMD) system, as currently deployed, would be able to defeat an intercontinental-ballistic-missile (ICBM) attack from North Korea. This is a historic development with far-reaching implications for US national-security policy. The fifth of 16 missile interceptors planned for emplacement at Ft. Greely, AK, as part of the early deployment of the GMD system is lowered into its silo in September 2004. Although the hit-to-kill payload and the operational booster rocket have not yet been tested together, officials say they are "highly confident" that an ICBM attack from North Korea against the US could be intercepted today. Boeing Let's be

2006 Rosy for Aerospace, Trade Group Says

by Ted McKenna Dec. 21, 2005 If 2005 had been a good year for the aerospace industry, the Aerospace Industries Association would probably serve steak at its Dec. 14 holiday luncheon in Arlington, VA, joked an attendee. If bad – chicken. The lunch was chicken and mashed potatoes, as it turned out, but John Douglass, president and CEO of the industry trade group, noted that total sales this year for both the defense and civil sectors were excellent. Around 40% of US aerospace-defense products are exported overseas, including the very popular F-16 aircraft, bought by governments the world over. In the past 20 years, the US aerospace industry, both civil and military, has generated foreign trade of around $500 billion. US Air Force Growth this past year of approximately $14 billion, to a record $170 billion in 2005, is likely to be matched in 2006, according to Douglass, who provided a state-of-the-industry analysis to the 300 or so attendees at the luncheon. But while the de

Aryan Tourist Theory (TM) : HARVARD image shattering

By: Dr. S. Kalyanaraman December 24, 2005 Views expressed here are author’s own and not of this website. Full disclaimer is at the bottom. Feedback The title of this article is borrowed from Rajeev Srinivasan’s trademark ATT (Aryan Tourist Theory) as a counter to the Aryan Influx (Invasion) Theory being promoted by indologist creationists who believe in the creation of the universe in 4004 BC, following the Biblical tradition. Close on the heels of this report published on December 20, 2005, on Harvard's scandal & Hindu conspiracy the renowned newsmagazine, The Economist of London, has been recruited as of December 21, 2005, as a co-conspirator in this global Hindu conspiracy. The title of the cover story is: The long march of everyman. Since the information is premium content, only excerpts can be provided. Coded contents using DNA/Genetic code words and the cypher will be revealed only to privileged clients such as the Harvard University group led by Witze

Pakistan army conquering Baluchistan , where is ICRC ?

"A spokesman of the Anjuman Ittehad Marri claimed that the situation was worsening in the Marri area as helicopter gunships and planes were bombing different areas and the entire district had been sealed off by paramilitary forces and regular army." (Dawn) But it is a war crime to bomb civilian areas and seal off cities and towns.. the International Criminal Court needs to be asked to investigate (although Pakistan which has refused to sign the international treaty will claim the ICC does not have jurisdiction). The International Red Cross needs to be immediately approached to ensure food and water supply to the towns, and medical help for the wounded. Pakistan has signed the relevant protocols and is PRC is a member of the ICRC so it must allow access to the ICRC.

Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islami Distt Commdr among 6 militants, 2 soldiers killed

HUJI Distt Commdr among 6 militants, 2 soldiers killed Sumo blown up at Old Airport camp web1/05dec24/news.htm#1 Excelsior Special Correspondent SRINAGAR, Dec 23: Militants today managed to blow up a Tata Sumo vehicle at the main entrance of Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry (JAKLI) headquarters near the Old Airport here but the explosion failed to cause any material damage to the targetted formation. Meanwhile, at least six militants—including a "district commander" of Harkat-ul-Jehad-e-Islami (HUJI)—and two soldiers of Army have died in different militancy-related incidents in Kashmir valley since last evening. Informed sources told the Excelsior that a powerful blast occurred in Tata-Sumo vehicle, bearing registration No: JK02A-1597, at the main entrance of JAKLI headquarters near Technical Area of Srinagar Airport at 1145 hours. The vehicle was blown into pieces. It was sheer good luck of the men around that none of them wa

American conspiracy against Hinduism!

V SUNDARAM As an unknown heathen with my racial and cultural memories going back to the dawn of history, I am rather amused by the manner in which the California Education Department has recently permitted some known anti-Hindu baiters like Michael Witzel, professor of Sanskrit, Harvard University, and some of his chosen suspects to intrude into (if not lurking house trespass!) the textbook selection, evaluation and reform process, in gross violation of established norms of decorum and decency. Consequently, the Curriculum Commission in California has agreed to incorporate the changes proposed by the representatives of the Christian, the Jewish and the Muslim groups. But very unfortunately, the changes proposed by Hindu groups, originally agreed for suitable incorporation in the textbooks, are now being posted for re-review by an organised coterie of Hindu-baiting academics! I understand that the California Curriculum Committee was approached in September by concerned American ci