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Harappa was like any other metro: US prof

'U.S. Prof'' Kenoyer & Co have been saying the same thing for over 50 years. There is nothing new. Even the importance of the Sarasvati River, they have jumped on the bandwagon only after it has been discussed thoroughly by outsiders from Wakankar to Kalyanaraman and others. The only thing new that Kenoyer has to say is that the granaray at Harappa was not a granary but a textile weaving center. Even that was explored in great depth by K.D. Sethna in his book KARPASA. Jha wrote with great insight on the unicorn symbol and its westward diffusion. These people have done nothing that can compare with what Wakankar and Jha have done. N.S. Rajaram Author: Anjali Joseph | TNN Publication: TOI Dated: December 21, 2006 A great trading city teeming with different communities that existed together and enjoyed civic infrastructure like a water supply and drains; a manufacturing centre where textiles that were exported around the world were made. It'

Brutal murder of Sukhanand Shetty

V SUNDARAM The secular mafia of mass media in India under the deathly stranglehold of the UPA Government in New Delhi has completely blacked out the lethal crime relating to the cold blooded and brutal murder of 30 year old Sukhanand Shetty, BJP Taluk President, in the city of Mangalore on 1 December, 2006 by a criminal gang of 12 Muslims. Sukhanand Shetty was an up and coming Hindu leader noted for his outstanding qualities of leadership and radical views relating to the advancement of the sacred cause of Sanathana Dharma and Hindutva. He had led the Hindus of the area with fearlessness and courage against all criminal and anti-social elements in the community. Sukhanand Shetty He was working as a Manager in a Marble dealer's office at Kulai, 12 kms away from Mangalore. On 1 December, 2006 at 9.15 am, as he was about to enter his office after getting down from his car, a group of Muslims came in a van and attacked him with sword and killed him on the spot sav

Why EENADU & ETV is under siege in AP ?

IntelliBriefs has been watching Eenadu and ETV rather closely for past few months , we wonder how most of Indian intellectuals have missed to recognise the true intent of frontal assault on this group . Our sources in Andhra Pradesh say the attack "has been sponsored by Christian groups ". It is patently obvious for many that this group is an 'identified Hindu' media group and thrived under Telugu Desam rule ,became a household name in Andhra Pradesh. Both Eenadu and ETV project Tirumala Lord Venkateswara and Hindu Puranas in a very positive light with mega budget serials. Eenadu actively, regularly exposes misdeeds of Hindu Endowments Department involving the congress goons. Brahmotsavams of Tirumala, Pushkarams, Dussera, Deepavali, Sankranthi etc., get very prominent coverage in the front pages. So also every day Hindu events and culture are given huge prominence. They are also vocal critics of the Gandhi family and Congress throughout their existence - Eenadu

Press freedom in Andhra Pradesh There were two unrelated instances last month in Andhra Pradesh concerning media which reflect poorly on the image of the government. S R Ramanujan There were two unrelated instances last month in Andhra Pradesh concerning media which reflect poorly on the image of the government. First, government hospitals in the state became a "No entry" zone for mediapersons. No, there is no bar for their treatment, but they can’t "treat" the hospitals’ ill-health with their exposes. Of course, this has nothing to do with what is going on in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) nor Anbumani’s tantrums in playing the quota politics of his father Dr S Ramadoss. This is purely a "state-grown" initiative. The state government has issued a GO Rt No. 422 ostensibly to improve the quality of government hospitals and one of the clauses is that the authorities should restrict the entry of pressmen in the hospitals b

AFB urges Afghans to take up Durand Line issue to the International Court of Justice

WASHINGTON DC /IntelliBriefs/ --- The American Friends of Balochistan, led by its president Robert Selle, met with the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the U.S. Said T. Jawad on Thursday afternoon and urged Kabul to take up unsettled Durand Line issue to the International Court of Justice for lasting peace in the region. Selle, who was acompanied by Ahmar Mustikhan and Nabi Baloch, informed Jawad that there was a nexus between the atrocities committed in Balochistan and terror attacks on Afghanistan. The Afghan Ambassador expressed concerned that Quetta, the capital of Balochistan, has emerged as the epicenter of terror attacks on Afghanistan. Robert Selle "Since last fall, coupled with the killing of Nawab Bugti, the attacks on Afghan forces and allied NATO and U.S. forces have increased inside Afghanistan, and we believe there is a strong nexus between the assassination and the attacks, in that Pakistan Military Intelligence and Inter Services Intelligence agency are behi

Narendra Modi's Shining Gujarat

Shining Gujarat Author: Shrikant Modak Publication: Business India Date: December 17, 2006 Introduction: Deftly managing its resources, Gujarat's apex power body has overcome power shortages and losses Gujarat's glowing. The state's apex power utility has not only staged a recovery, it's now the only one in India to guarantee three phase 24 hours electricity supply to the rural households and eight hours uninterrupted supply to agricultural consumers. Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB), which had been reporting losses until 2004, came to black last year. The board's financial losses were Rs. 1,900 crore in 2003-04. In 2004-05 these were down to Rs. 935 crore. In April 2005 the state unbundled its electricity sector with that GEB became Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd (GUVNL), a holding company with six unbundled companies under its umbrella (generation and transmission companies and four distribution companies). The improvements in the utility continued even under th

Quote of the day : "California" Hinduphopbia is in reality European Hinduphobia

December 12, 2006 Note that this so-called "California" Hinduphopbia is in reality European Hinduphobia orchestrated by Michael Witzel and his clique. I find Californians are quite favorably disposed towards the Hindus as are Europeans by and large. The hostility is limited to a small academic fringe, driven by envy of the success of the Hindus in many walks of life. They want to infect everyone with it. N.S. Rajaram

Closing down the Berlin Institute of Indology : Statement of Dr.N.S.Rajaram

December 12, 2006 The Berlin Institute of Indology Subject: Closing down the Berlin Institute of Indology Ladies and Gentlemen: In closing down the Berlin Institute of Indology, I feel that the authorities have shown sound judgment and awareness of emerging developments in the world of scholarship and enlightened attitudes in the post-colonial world. Indology is a tainted discipline with a painful legacy of racism, shoddy scholarship and politics. It has an indefensible record of ideological abuse. This ideological abuse saw its culmination in the Nazi atrocities and keeps raising its head at every opportunity, even six decades after the end of Nazi rule. The fall of the Third Reich did not end the mindset that gave rise to these abuses. Only anti-Hinduism replaced anti-Semitism as the outlet for its hate mongering. This came to the fore during the vicious anti-Hindu campaign waged by the German-born Harvard Indologist Michael Witzel, almost the last holdout for Aryan theories,

The perversity of Periyarana

V SUNDARAM Source : A detailed study of Karl Marx is called Marxiana. A detailed study of Gandhi is called Gandhiana. A detailed study of Churchill is called Churchilliana. A detailed study of Periyar is called Periyarana. I have read all the writings of that great intellectual giant Periyar, called the Socrates of Tamilnadu or Bernard Shah of Europe. Personally I have received great inspiration, illumination and rational instruction from his mighty intellectual outpourings. l am giving you some flashes of time-defying wisdom and original genius from the Intellectual Armoury of 'Periyarana'. 'Tamil is a barbourous language and Tamilians are barbarians' '15 August 1947 is a day of mourning and sorrow' 'I want to be surrounded by fifty bloody fools, so that I am heard without any undue disturbance at all my public meetings' 'Parimelazhagar who wrote the commentary o

Now that indology is losing University patronage, Witzelites look to wealthy NRIs

Now that indology is losing University patronage, Witzelites look to wealthy NRIs to fund them. The email exchage in the Indo-Eurasian research yahoogroup suggests that they are desperate to attract wealthy NRI funds . LOOK BELOW EMAIL EXCHANGE ATTACHED Commenting on this email chain and desperation of Witzelites , Dr.N S Rajaram said "During the sound and fury over California school textbooks, I had noted that the real concern of the Witzelites was the precipitous decline of Indology / Indo-European Studies, and their campaign against Hinduism was a red herring. " Further he added "We now have it straight from the Harappan horse's mouth. (No pun intended.) " He expressed his objection to NRI's funding Witzelites , "We need to make absolutely certain that the Witzelites don't get a penny from NRIs." . This is not new , there is a consensus among NRI's in general not to fund any anti-hindu programs in any university , as many NRI have

British Push Puppet Cheney To Trigger Global Chaos

British Push Puppet Cheney To Trigger Global Chaos by Jeffrey Steinberg Source: LarouchePub Within hours of Air Force II returning to Washington from Saudi Arabia, Executive Intelligence Review issued a memorandum, "Behind Cheney's Trip to Riyadh." The document revealed that the Bush Administration has launched a new berserker "diplomatic" initiative, which, if successful, would likely trigger a new Hundred Years' War, starting in Southwest Asia, but soon engulfing much of the planet in chaos. The Cheney scheme to promote a so-called "Sunni alliance" to counter Iran's growing Shi'ite dominance over the Persian Gulf and Eastern Mediterranean region, is the latest handiwork of a crew of outright British agents, who have employed the thuggish Vice President and his deadly wife, to wreck the United States from within, as a step towards undoing the entire nation-state system. On the surface, the argument could credibly be made that the immed

NCERT History Books : 'Indian Historians stooges of Western colonial-racist Indologists''

Krishna Kumar, director of the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), will make a personal appearance in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, in the latest twist to the "history textbooks" saga. Kumar has been summoned to Chandigarh by the High Court following NCERT's "highly casual" approach in response to a petition filed by one RK Sethi against the re-introduction of historian Bipan Chandra's Modern India for class XII pupils. In its order asking the director to make a personal appearance, the court said: "There is no denial to the fact that the 'Book' in question contains highly objectionable and distorted version of Indian history." In a separate case before the Delhi High Court - resulting from a petition filed by educationist Dinanath Batra of Vidya Bharti - NCERT had, in November 2006, committed itself to removing from its prescribed history textbooks all 75 passages that the petitioner has held objectiona

Reclaiming bharatiya studies

Reclaiming bharatiya studies Click In this article on vernaculars and sanskrit written in March 2006, I commented on the distortions indulged in by Sheldon Pollock and Robert (also Sally Sutherland) Goldman denigrating the contributions of sanskrit language and literature to bharatiya society and samskriti. I had endorsed Rajiv Malhotra's observations that " The Western Sanskritist, he says, feels this most acutely, given that Sanskrit was the principal discursive instrument of domination in premodern India. Thus Pollock deftly turns Said's attack on imperialism into nonsense by insisting that the subjugated Indians are themselves imperialists, as much as the conquering Europeans. In Pollock's view, the trend continues today, and sanskrit is being continuously reappropriated by many of the most reactionary and communalist sectors of the population (Pollock 1993: 116). " The distortions indulged in by Michael Witzel are well documented at Click Now some are lamen

EU reoprt on Kashmir stirs Pak reaction

What went wrong with EU Foreign Affairs Committee Report that has disturbed Islamabad ? Mumtaz Khan Vice chair IKA The recent outcry of Islamabad over the draft report of Baroness Nicholson on Kashmir, especially on Pakistan administered Areas apparently has irked the Pakistan establishment which was taken a back by reading about the rights conditions of the Area, which was never known to the rest of world. As strict measures had been placed by Islamabad to restrict the access of non-resident to its controlled Azad Kashmir where access for any foreigner was if not impossible but was close to that. Whoever in the past had tried to sneak in this Area to learn about the ground realities and human rights situation had to land into the jail and finally thrown out of the Area, and was accused for fomenting the political instability in the Area. Two names Clar-e-Galez and Paul Bearsman two Belgium nationals, but human rights activists had desired to get some insight of the Area might still