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Rajesh Gooty of Indiacause featured on Aaj Tak TV-VOA Hindi TV - Duniya

Where: Aaj Tak TV- Prime Time World News Round-up When: Sunday, The 16th April 2006 at 7:30 PM IST, & 11:30 PM IST News Programme for Aaj Tak TV-VOA Hindi TV - Duniya (The World): Rajesh Gooty - NRI's Achievements of the Indian-American community, People in the News. Life of a Successful NRI in USA, a Pro-India Activist with Focus on his passion - IndiaCause is an E-Activism Web Portal that has very successfully confronted & corrected Western Media bias against India & Indians. Major Success Stories featured at Anchor/ Producer: Vidushi Sinha Camera: Sudesh Balan Aaj Tak TV-VOA Hindi TV - Duniya (The World) Duniya (The World) is a live, half-hour television news weekly roundu

CBI should file cases against Natwar, Cong.

Title: Author: Yogesh Vajpeyi Publication: he Daily Pioneer Date: April 14, 2006 'CBI should file cases against Natwar, Cong' Yogesh Vajpeyi/ New Delhi Fresh evidence provides missing links: Jaitley ---- With the appearance of fresh evidence, the noose appears to be tightening around former External Affairs Minister K Natwar Singh and the Congress Party. The Volcker Committee had listed both as "non-contractual beneficiaries" of the Iraq oil-for-food scam. Opposition BJP on Thursday asserted that the discovery of Mr Natwar Singh's letters to Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz, introducing his relative and Hamdaan Exports director Andaleeb Sehgal, and a written contract between Hamdaan and Swiss trading firm Masefield AG provided the missing links that clearly established that these beneficiaries had received kickbacks as part of an elaborate conspiracy. BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley demanded

Please circulate the attached appeal to BJP/ NDA Members of Parliament

Please circulate the attached appeal to BJP/ NDA Members of Parliament. If possible, you may contact MPs (addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MPs could be had from ) Thanks KB Open Letter to BJP/ NDA Members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Subject: Please take a strong stand against Govt. sponsored injustice and Religious Persecution of Hindus and help stop Massive Sale of Temple Lands in AP. Hon'ble Members of Parliament of the Bharatiya Janata Party, and the National Democratic Alliance Hon'ble National Leaders and Legislators, Some of the recent media reports have confirmed that beginning this month the AP Govt. would be on its way to sell the Hindu temples endowments lands on a massive scale. Taking away lands endowed for sustenance in perpetuity, in addition to other sales and siphoning off temples revenues for non- religious purposes, etc. will render temples dysfunctional which will disrupt Hindu community

Balochistan :Secularism and Religious Tolerance

In the late 19th century, when British authorities asked Baluch and Pushtuns how their civil cases should be decided, the Baluch replied: "Rawaj" (Baluch customary law); the Pushtun answered: "Sharia" (Islamic law). There is an interesting story which exemplifies the Baluch approach to religion: "Once a Baluch was asked why he did not keep the fast of Ramzan(Ramadan). Replied the Baluch that he was excused, as his chief was keeping it for him. "What are you doing?" asked a practising Muslim about his evening prayers. He was answered: "Praying in the fear of God." Rejoined the Baluch: "Come along to my hills where we don't fear anybody." Religion has played an important role in the rise of some nations, while for others it was rejected as a basis of unity. The nationalists of Belgium and Ireland used religious matters as a basis for their separation from Holland and Britain respectively, and British India was divided into t

Balochistan : Strategic Importance

The strategic importance of Balochistan has had, and still has, a positive and negative effect on Baluch nationalism. Because of its strategic location in the Perso-Oman Gulf, with 700 miles long seacoast, the area has been important to the trade of the West since the rise of the imperialism. Its strategic importance provides an opportunity to the Baluch nationalists to deal with big or superpowers in order to liberate the country. During the "Great Game", the major reason for the occupation of Baluchistan by British was to check the advance of the Russians towards the Baluch coast in the Arabian Sea. During the two World Wars, Britain did not share the occupation of Western Baluchistan with the Russians because of the fear of Russian access to warm waters. In 1928, Britain refuse to recognize the regime of Mir Dost Mohammad Baranzai in Western Baluchistan. because he was alleged to be in contact with the Soviets. In 1944, General Money, after studying the constitutional po

Five myths about the nuclear deal

- By Brahma Chellaney The lack of transparency that surrounded the July 18, 2005 nuclear agreement-in-principle and the subsequent deal-making has come to haunt both sides domestically. But while the US Congress, in open and closed-door hearings, is compelling the administration to provide evidence of tangible gains for America, the Manmohan Singh government faces no public scrutiny of its actions that put irrevocable fetters on India’s most important national asset — the nuclear deterrent. The texts of various arrangements have come from the US side, with the Indians left to negotiate within the defined framework. The Prime Minister admitted in the Lok Sabha on August 3, 2005 that the July 18 accord’s "final draft came to me from the US side" after he had reached Washington. This, he went on to say, "held up our negotiations for about 12 to 15 hours" because he wanted the "support" of the Atomic Energy Commission chief, who was not in his delegation.

US doesn’t agree BLA are terrorists

Amir Mir Wednesday, April 12, 2006 22:09 IST ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan government’s decision to ban the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), declaring it a terrorist organisation, has been taken with a pinch of salt by a cross section of the society which believes that such extremist measures would further complicate the Baluchistan mess instead of sorting it out. After years of being brushed aside as a non entity by the Pakistani security agencies, the elusive BLA has finally been banned, in view of a quantum increase in its ‘anti-state terrorist activities’. The BLA is believed to be spearheaded by Baluch royalist and a member of the Baluchistan Assembly, Balach Marri, the youthful son of veteran nationalist leader, Nawab Kher Baksh Marri. The outfit reportedly operates with a loose structure, with small autonomous cells able to carry out acts on their own without directives from above. In the past, the Pakistani security forces used to undermine the shadowy group claiming that it

Pakistan : Allied to the problem

Allied to the problem PERSPECTIVES | Vikram Sood April 11, 2006 At the end of a French delegation’s visit to Pakistan recently, the Pakistan Foreign Office put out its usual statement. It referred to Pakistan as an anchor of peace in the region and said that the leader of the French delegation, former Premier Senator (Francois) Poncet, had commended Pakistan’s role in promoting peace and stability. One does not know if this is a reflection of Gaul indulgence, Pakistan’s continued self-delusion or simply a Foreign Office sleight of hand. One thing it definitely is, is being elastic with the truth. Soon after this, US State Department Assistant Secretary Richard Boucher, on a visit to Pakistan, commended America’s stalwart ally for arresting the maximum number of terrorists. But where else would you find the largest number of terrorists anyway? It is like showing surprise at finding kangaroos in Australia. Since September 11, 2001, General Musharraf’s policy of riding two horses

Iranian NuclearWeapons? The Options if Diplomacy Fails

There is no way to know what strategy Iran will choose in the future, or how the international community will respond. Iran's possible efforts to acquire nuclear weapons are an ongoing test of the entire process of arms control and the ability limit nuclear proliferation. At the same time, they raise critical issues about how Iran might use such weapons and the security of the Gulf region -- an area with more than 60% of the world's proven conventional oil reserves and some 37% of its gas. Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons is not simply a struggle over issues of national prestige or "rights." It has a major potential impact on regional stability and future war fighting. If Iran does acquire nuclear weapons, it is possible that it will use them largely as a passive deterrent and means of defense. It is also possible, however, that Iran will use them to put direct or indirect pressure on its neighbors, threatening them to achieve goals it could not achieve without