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How a Pseudo -Secular Mind Works

-- Anonymous A little about me: I am a well-educated, English speaking Hindu and I consider myself secular. Here are a few situations and my typical responses just to show how my mind works: If a pro-Hindu patriot asks me my stand on Islamic Terrorism I would say, "I think BJP, VHP and RSS killed more Muslims in Gujarat than all the terror attacks by a few people who happen to be Muslims. I think those who kill innocent people are not Muslims at all. After all isn't Islam a Religion of Peace? The Sangh is the biggest curse to India. They have ruined India's image abroad. They only want to kill innocent people. They are hate-mongers and communal fundamentalists. They should all be banned." If a pro-Hindu patriot reminds me of Christian Conversions and Perversions I would say, "Atleast they help the poor and needy. What do the VHP and RSS do? Only incite them to act against Christians and Muslims!" If a pro-Hindu patriot reminds me of ethnic cleansing in

Pope parivar problems , Ratzinger shut up says Hindu Nationalists

Ratzinger parivar problems Catholic church has two problems: Dan Brown and Ratzinger. The recent outburst of Ratzinger conveyed through diplomatic channels is the first report. That the Catholic church is bent out of shape by the Da Vinci Code of Dan Brown is the second report. Dan Brown has the freedom to propagate his research work based on evidence. This research seems to have caused some problems to the church. Ratzinger does NOT have to right to make false claims that there is some fundamental right to convert. There is NO fundamental right to convert. As the Supreme Court of India held as early as in 1977 and reiterated again and again, in many subsequent judgements, what is freedom for one is freedom for the other in equal measure, that is the freedom NOT to convert. Can someone explain why proselytizers feel compelled to proselytize? Ratzinger will do well to read the law of the land as explained by the highest court of India before interfering in the internal affai


MULLA DADULLAH INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM MONITOR By B.Raman Quoting Afghan Government sources, the BBC reported on May 19,2006, that the Western forces in Afghanistan have captured Mulla Dadullah of the Taliban in the Kandahar area. There has been no official announcement so far confirming his capture. It is not known when and under what circumstances he was captured. The Taliban has denied the report of his capture.If true, his capture is an important gain for the Afghan army and the Western forces operating from Afghanistan in their attempts to quell the activities of a resurgent Taliban, which is referred to by some analysts as the Neo Taliban. 2.The 38-year-old Mulla Dadullah is a Pakistani national belonging to the Kakar tribe of Balochistan. It is the same tribe to which Gen.Abdul Waheed Kakar, who was Pakistan's Chief of the Army Staff during the second tenure of Mrs.Benazir Bhutto as the Prime Minister (1993-96) belonged. A product of one of the madrasas of Balochistan,

MAHARASTRA : Regional disparity in project investment

Source: Projects Today Madhu Chittora Maharashtra, the most industrialised state, ranks first in terms of total envisaged projects investment. As of March 2006, the state had 2,240 projects entailing a total investment of Rs 2,04,351 crore. These investments accounted for around 9.5 per cent of the total investment planned in the country. More than half of the total investment planned in the state is concentrated in the services and infrastructure sector. Power and irrigation projects account for 15 per cent and 17 per cent respectively. Manufacturing sector, where outstanding investment increased by a mere 1.4 per cent, accounted for around 10 per cent of the total investment planned in the state. Although Maharashtra is the largest recipient of projects investment in the country, the investment is not evenly spread across the state. The regional disparity in the project investment since 1990 has not lessened. Around 45 per cent of total investment planned in the state is concent

Venezuela intends to import the bulk of weapons from Russia

Venezuela intends to import the bulk of weapons from Russia – ambassador 19 May. Venezuelan Ambassador to Russia Alexis Navarro Rojas in an interview with Interfax expressed the intentions of his country to negotiate Russian arms deliveries to Venezuela. "Venezuela needs to renew its arms systems. Several years ago we decided that we won't buy weapons from the United States and that the bulk of new orders will be placed with Russia. Our military experts have studied the parameters of the arms that Russia is offering and concluded that they are the best in the world," the ambassador said. Rojas said there are several reasons why Venezuela is switching from importing U.S.-made weapons to Russian-made products, including the "aggressive foreign policy of Washington" and "irresponsibility in the fulfillment of contracts." "The weapons we are getting from Russia come with guarantees of further maintenance services and personnel training," he s

Venezuela wants to buy Russian jets

Venezuelan ambassador to Russia Alexis Navarro said Caracas expects to negotiate the purchase from Russia of new warplanes, a Russian news agency reported Friday, as quoted by AP. The information came a few days after the United States a ban on US weapons sales to Venezuela. Navarro said President Hugo Chávez wanted to visit Russia in August-September this year, Interfax informed. "We are waiting for a Russian reply," Navarro said. Some Venezuelan pilots have already tested military aircraft Su-27 and Su-30, Navarro claimed. "They liked the jets a lot... Now we are waiting for negotiations to begin," he added. If the deal were achieved, it would become the latest step in a series of Venezuelan purchases of Russian weapons. Caracas has bought 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles -despite Washington objections-, and on April a commander of the Venezuelan Army said they planned to buy around three dozens of military helicopters.On Monday, Washington prohibited the sales of

Quote of the Day : Intelligence agencies Vs. Political Masters

"Political masters accept intelligence estimates in keeping with their political considerations. . ... Intelligence is the best scapegoat because these agencies work in secrecy and don’t have PR outfits to set the record straight . " -- Air Marshall Ashok Goel ( India)

Interview with the Commander of Jondollah and his Hostage Interview with the Commander of Jondollah and his Hostage: Pass Our Message! Maryam Kashani 14 May 2006 In a telephone conversation with Rooz Online, Abdol-Malek Rigi, the commander of the notorious armed group Jondollah which has killed Iranian nationals, military personnel and even officials or taken them hostage, allowed us to speak with one of its current hostages Amir Harati. The interview was held in two sessions on the same day. Here are the excerpts Rooz ®: Could you please introduce yourself? Abdol-Malek Rigi (AMR): I am Abdol-Malek Rigi, 23 years old and I am in charge of the Jondollah movement. R: You started rather soon. AMR: [laughing] I had to. When I saw that they are not letting me grow up, I was forced to take up arms. R: When did you take up arms? AMR: It is four years now. R: How did you come to the conclusion that you needed to take up arms? What were you trying to do that you couldn’t achie

The conflicts in Balochistan

By: Dr Jumma Khan Marri. "Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to Hell in such a way that he looks forward to the journey!" The Pakistani diplomacy failed with Baloch again and again because it was lacking the fundamental issue that is “sincerity” from Islamabad. More then two years we were told that the parliamentary committee formed to resolve Balochistan issues will approach all politico-nationalist parties of Balochistan to ascertain the problems faced by the province. They assured that all the problems would be resolved amicably. Hence Pakistan’s Punjabi military lead diplomacy told us go to hell. But finally the results were gunship helicopters and F 16s who brought the mail from Islamabad with powerful massage (Oh you Balochis give up or face our mighty army) according to Balochi tradition Baloch decided to the last offer, since then things are not so quite in Balochistan. Balochistan being the largest Pakistani province, once an independent country

Intelligence Brief: Brazil's Nuclear Ambitions

Brazil's Science and Technology Minister Sergio Rezende told the press on May 6 that Brasilia has launched a uranium enrichment center for fueling its power plants. Brazil's first nuclear enrichment facility, located in Resende (about 140 kilometers (87 miles) outside Rio de Janeiro), will "save Brazil millions of dollars it now spends to enrich fuel at Urenco, the European enrichment consortium," the minister said. Brazil's move has great industrial, geopolitical, and financial significance. With regard to industrial aspects, it is important to recall that the South American giant is already one of the world's leaders in alternative energy. For three decades, it has consistently promoted the use of ethanol in place of gasoline for use in automotives; therefore, ethanol now accounts for as much as 20 percent of the Brazilian transport fuel market. Although the use of carbohydrates instead of fossil fuels is not a recent discovery, Brazil's determinacy t