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India, U.S.: Washington Grooms New Delhi

June 07, 2006 20 26 GMT Summary India's June 6 announcement that it will test-fire its Agni-III missile sometime in August came just a day after U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace said such a firing would not affect the pending U.S.-Indian civilian nuclear deal. Pace also indicated that the United States would like India to assume a much greater role in patrolling the Strait of Malacca. Pace's four-day visit to New Delhi and his comments have a geopolitical undercurrent: The United States is developing India into a junior partner in the Indian Ocean region. Analysis U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace wrapped up his four-day visit to India on June 7. Pace indicated June 5 that Washington would accept India's test-firing of the Agni-III missile; the next day, New Delhi announced that the test-firing would take place in August. Pace also said the United States looks forward to India assuming greater responsibility in patroll

Guwahati blast leaves five dead

Police suspect ULFA hand; attack comes days ahead of govt’s proposed talks with the banned outfit PTI Guwahati: Five persons were killed and 16 seriously injured when a bomb — which police say was planted by the banned outfit United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) — exploded in the main vegetable market here on Friday evening. No group, however, has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The bomb went off at around 4.20 pm when the market at Machkowa was crowded, killing four vegetable vendors on the spot while wounding several others, Senior Superintendent of Police Nitul Gogoi said. The bomb was suspected to have been hidden in a vegetable basket as no crater was formed when it went off with a deafening sound, Gogoi said. The injured were admitted to the Guwahati Medical College Hospital in a critical condition. Police said the toll was likely to go up. The area was cordoned off and all nearby shops and markets closed as panic spread. On Thursday night, the ULFA had c

Pakistan former spy chief sees U.S hand in Balochistan unrest

Islamabad, June 9, IRNA Pakistan-US Policy A former chief of Pakistan's spy agency has said that America is directly or indirectly involved in the unrest in the country's southwestern Balochistan province as part of its long- term strategic interests in the region. Lt Gen. (Retd) Hameed Gul, Director General of Inter-Service Intelligence told the ARY private TV Channel that Pakistan's policy vis-a-vis the Unites Sates has resulted into enhanced U.S pressure on Pakistan to do more in the so-called anti-terror war. "We must learn that we can never please US nor we could ever come up to their expectations and it is high time for us to pursue an independent foreign policy," he said. About Iran, he said stricter Iranian stance against America has compelled Washington to soften its stance against it as Iranians have understood Americans better than Pakistani leadership. He said that the latest American viewpoint vis-a-vis Iran should serve as an eye opener fo

'How can Sonia afford to dine in five star hotels?'

Cong chief told EC she only has Rs 20,000 with her, then how did Rahul spend 10 years in London, asks Amar Lakshmi Iyer New Delhi: Samajwadi Party's Amar Singh is curious to know how Congress chief Sonia Gandhi can afford to dine in five-star hotels with just Rs 20,000 to her name. "In her declaration to the Election Commission (EC), Sonia has said she does not have a car and possesses a cash deposit of only Rs 20,000, but many a time I have seen her eating Chinese food in five-star hotels. Surely, the sum of Rs 20,000 would not be enough to afford it," he said at a press conference in Delhi. Turning his attention to the declaration made by her son Rahul, Singh alleged that the Lok Sabha MP from Amethi is passionate about speed biking and that he had spent 10 years in London. "How did he live in London with 55 pounds in his bank account? Did mama Quattrocchi pay for it? Was that why his account was frozen? This is unacceptable. We want the ethics committee of th

Baloch diaspora networking with well wishers , Pakistan and Iran unhappy

Over the past few months IntelliBriefs sources in Europe got in touch with few prominent Baloch activists and leaders . Their concern about ongoing Millitary operations in Pakistan and also Iran which started recently, forced them to lobby European Parlimentarians and also organise demonstrations infront of Pakistani and Iranian Embassies --Not to mention secret meetings with western diplomats and key industry captains . With Iran simmering with ethnic unrest , we predict US will take full advantage in supporting Baloch nationalists in sistan Baluchistan . A prominent Norway activists written a letter to Israel and US embassies( we are in receipt of that letter) requesting a meeting to discuss possible cooperation that Baloch Diaspora can extend in fighting terrorism . Though we don't know the response of Israel and US , one can be sure that these governments can engage in backdoor negotiations with these activists using their agents. The younger generation of Baloch leaders ha

Why Rajive Gandhi was killed ?

Sonia Khan is the Vatican Agent in India. Once Rajiv Khan came to know of this being a true Muslim he started sidelining her. But on the advice of Vatican and with the help of Tamil criminals she got rid of Rajiv Khan. She would have become PM but for stock market Collapse in Mumbai. But now she is more dangerous not being PM. She takes the advice from her Christian friends like punk Rajashekara Reddy Langda Jaipal Reddy, Johns, Oscars, Margarets, Thomases, Chandies, Anthonys and many Kerala antinationals to rapidly convert India into a Christian Nation

Pramod/Rahul Mahajan Conspiracy? Sonia or Dawood

Pramod/Rahul Mahajan Conspiracy? Sonia or Dawood The conspiracy theory (whispers) is supported by the following arguments: Last few lines of the article are very interesting (A) PRAMOD MAHAJAN CASE (1) Why did the police assume the argument of pravin 100% true? (2) Why do the police not disclose the name of persons those were in contact with Pravin the day before and on the day of incident? (3) Why Pravin did take one and a half hour to reach his brother's house instead of 20 minutes? (4) Why did the police not tracked the phone records of the persons with whom Pravin Mahajan was in contact (5) Why did the police ignore the fact that Pravin Mahajan has joined congress party one month prior to the incident (6) Motive of the murder was not disclosed too. (7) Two murders and one attempt to murder within one month but why the Delhi police and Mumbai police are ignoring the conspiracy angle instead they are manipulating (B) RAHUL MAHAJAN CASE (1) Why were the argu


PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS AT THE FIRST CONVOCATION OF THE DEFENCE INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Following is the text of the President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s address at the first convocation of the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology in Pune today: Research-Teaching-Research “I am delighted to participate in the first Convocation of the Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT) in the serene ambience of Kadakhavasala lake in the beautiful city of Pune. I greet the Chancellor, Vice-chancellor, Scientific Adviser to the Raksha Mantri, Faculty Members, students and distinguished guests. I congratulate the first batch of student officers who are obtaining the masters degree in different disciplines in engineering and technology relevant to defence systems. I compliment the faculty members for shaping the young minds who will be enriching their institutions after joining their parent units. I have selected the topic for discussion as ‘Research-Teaching-Research.’ Su 30 E

Why I Said No To Musharraf

Author: Amir Mir Publication: Outlook Date: June 12, 2006 URL: Introduction: Because he has stifled democracy, says Outlook's Lahore correspondent "The APNS award in the category of the Best Investigative Report goes to Mr Amir Mir of the monthly, Herald. But the award cannot be given to him right now and the president of the All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS), Mir Shakilur Rehman, would honour Amir Mir once the award distribution ceremony is over," so said the man conducting the annual APNS award distribution ceremony in Islamabad, on May 26. On the rostrum stood the chief guest of the function, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, looking as impassive as ever. But the announcement surprised me. Here I was sitting in the hall of a five-star hotel, waiting to receive the prestigious award for which I had travelled all the way from Lahore. Yet, I must confess, I had prepared myself for any eventuality-the very presence of Musharraf pr

India's emerging drug market

By Siddharth Srivastava NEW DELHI - Two recent incidents have brought into focus the rampant abuse and smuggling of drugs in India. In one of the biggest narcotics seizures in the country, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Sunday seized 200 kilograms of cocaine in Mumbai, valued at close to US$25 million on the international market (according to latest reports the cocaine seized is of the highest value and could be worth over $125 million). The cocaine was seized from a container at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust in Mumbai. In the recent past, officials have been keeping a strict vigil as they expected illegal shipments timed to the World Cup, with delirious fans taking to alcohol and drug binges. Officials have said that the seizure is the biggest in Asia, more than the total seized in India in the past 10 years and overtaking the 142kg confiscated in China this year, after a joint operation with Hong Kong and the United States. In the other instance, Rahul Mahajan, the son

World Knowledge Platform : APJ Abdul Kalam's address at the Innovation and Leadership Forum

President APJ Abdul Kalam's address at the Innovation and Leadership Forum, Bangalore, 06-06-2006 World Knowledge Platform I am indeed delighted to participate in the Innovation and Leadership Forum organized by the IBM Corporation. I greet all the business leaders, academicians, financial analysts, young scientists and engineers, investors and members of IBM community. Visionary Leaders make the nation great IBM Founder: The phenomenal growth of IBM has arisen due to the motivational and visionary slogan "THINK", of the founder of IBM, Thomas J Watson. This slogan reminds me of my call to the children "Thinking provides knowledge, Knowledge makes you great". During the 20th century, computer industry has undergone very rapid change and the prediction for 21st century is: the performance of the computers may challenge the human mind. When I read the book on "The Maverick and his Machine - Thomas Watson Sr. and the making of IBM", I realize how one

U.S. Air Force Plans Space-Based Laser Test in FY 07

SOURCE: CDI The U.S. Air Force has requested $5.7 million in funding for fiscal year (FY) 2007 to fire a laser from its Starfire Optical Range in New Mexico at a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite, as part of a program testing and developing “advanced weapons technologies.” Although Air Force officials have told congressional staff and the media that there are “no current plans” for developing antisatellite (ASAT) weapons and that the current focus of the laser test is on benign satellite imaging, they have admitted that the laser test would demonstrate ASAT capabilities. As such, the test – if allowed to go forward – would represent the first declared test of ASAT technology in more than two decades. The last declared U.S. ASAT tests was the 1985 launch by an F-15 fighter of a missile against the Air Force’s Solwind satellite, which resulted in the creation of more than 250 pieces of space debris, some of which did not reenter Earth’s atmosphere until 2002. The last declared test of

Combined Arms Warfare vs Terrorism A thinning out of the Indian Army would result in the consolidation of control by the terrorists of significant portions of territory in J and K, says Vinod Vedi The series of killings by terrorists before and during the roundtable conference called by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Jammu and Kashmir and the military exercises conducted by the Indian armed forces to hone combined operations techniques and the concept of "cold start" have together once again drawn attention to the efficacy of conventional warfare when confronted by the asymmetrical method of guerrilla warfare which led to the launch of Operation Parakram, the year-long eyeball-to-eyeball confrontation with Pakistan after the terrorist attack on Parliament. At the same time came conformation from a former head of Pakistan Army's Inter-Services Intelligence that Pakistan's doctrine since the moment its nuclear warhead became operational was that Pakistan would launch its nuke

Space and Counterspace : Space superiority cannot be taken for granted

Space superiority cannot be taken for granted, so the Air Force is making plans to defend it. Space and Counterspace By John A. Tirpak, Executive Editor The Pentagon is hoping it can avoid conflict in space. More than any other nation, the United States is heavily dependent on space assets for all manner of enabling functions, from eye-in-the-sky information about adversaries to communications and navigation. The US has the most to lose if space becomes a battleground. However, it is this very dependency on space that makes those assets such an attractive target. Already, other countries have, on a few occasions, attempted to damage or jam satellites, and the United States has been the mark of some of those attempts. Though it hopes to avoid an arms race in space, the Pentagon nevertheless has to take some steps to prepare for such a clash. The 2005 Quadrennial Defense Review once again took up the subject. Compared to the QDR conducted in 2001, the 2005