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India's so-called Uranium Shortage

SOURCE: 2006/06/indias-so-called-uranium-shortage.html Henry Sokolski wrote this masterpiece in the National Review. In the article Henry says- This sounds persuasive until you realize that the uranium reserves they are talking about are not in some neat pile above ground and ready for use, but locked instead in very low concentrations well beneath the earth’s surface in strata that have yet to be mined and milled to produce usable yellowcake. Indian uranium is notorious for its poor quality. India has had great difficulty in expanding its uranium production beyond its miserly 300 tons mined and milled per year, largely because its uranium mines are so uneconomical and their possible expansion has drawn fierce environmental protests. It costs India approximately five times as much to mine and mill its domestic ore as it does simply to buy uranium on the international spot market. Thank you Henry for pointing that out to us. As long as the inter

Hawala -- swifter than SWIFT

By ARNAUD DE BORCHGRAVE UPI Editor at Large WASHINGTON, June 28 (UPI) -- President Bush was swift to react angrily against the New York Times for exposing U.S. monitoring of SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) as a suspected conduit for the transfer of terrorist funds. Former Attorney General Edwin Meese accused the newspaper of giving "aid and comfort to the enemy," which is tantamount to treason. Belgian and European authorities also reacted angrily against the Bush administration for tapping SWIFT's Belgian-based supercomputers without the green light of a Belgian judge. The hullabaloo generated much heat and little light. SWIFT is the heart and lungs of the global banking industry, operating a secure electronic exchange service for fund transfers between some 7,800 banks in 200 countries. The network routes a staggering $6 trillion daily -- America's annual GDP is $10 trillion -- between banks, brokerages, stock exchanges and al

My impressions of Michael Witzel of Harvard University

by N.S. Rajaram RAJARAM_PHOTO.jpg While Michael Witzel has been commenting extensively on my work over the past five years and more (and I less so), I ran into him in person for the first time during the Seminar on Aryan/Nonaryan Civilizations organized by the Center for Indic Studies of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth on June 23 – 26, 2006. I was one of the invited speakers, as was Witzel though he chose not to present a paper even while studiously attending nearly all presentations and participated verbally. Witzel struck me as an unusual, even bizarre personality. He has no charm, and lacks the elementary grace and assurance that one expects from a person of his seniority and position. He never looks one squarely in the eye when speaking and is not above making cutting personal remarks that border on the indecent even to young people. He struck me as being insecure to the point of having an inferiority complex. This could be due to the unraveling of the theorie

US sanctions on India Scientists and Firms under Iran Proliferation Act of 2000

Statement by Minister Anand Sharma made in Parliament On September 29, 2004, the United States imposed sanctions, pursuant to Section 2 & 3 of the Iran Proliferation Act of 2000 of the United States on fourteen entities, which included two Indian scientists, Dr. Y.S.R. Prasad and Dr. C. Surendar. Later, under the same provision of the US law, on December 30, the United States imposed sanctions on nine foreign firms that included two Indian firms Sabero Organics Gujarat Ltd and Sandhya Organics Ltd. The sanctions bar the US Government from doing business with these firms and persons, including providing assistance to them or permitting participation in US Government assistance programmes. They also prohibit all US Government sales of any item on the US munitions list, any defence article, defence services or design or construction services under the Arms Export Control Act of the United States. They also ban export licenses to sell dual-use items under the United States` Export Ad

Pakistan Launches New Offensive in Balochistan

By Andrew McGregor Since the forcible annexation of the Baloch Khanate of Kalat by Pakistan in 1947, the Balochistan region has seen a succession of revolts against political centralization and resource exploitation. Balochistan is Pakistan's largest province, but is sparsely populated with only six million people. A low-level insurgency in the last two years has seen a mixture of indiscriminant bombings and targeted attacks on the region's energy and transportation infrastructure (Terrorism Focus, May 23). The nationalist militants are divided into several factions, the largest of which is the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA). The region is a strategically important territory with considerable mineral, gas and petroleum wealth. Little of the wealth now produced in Balochistan has found its way back into the province, which remains badly underdeveloped and faces a major financial crisis even as new natural gas discoveries continue. As a result, pipelines and other energy i

How Pakistani Punjabis Perceive Sikh Girls ?

Source I had decided a while ago that I should write this e-mail, but other things always came first. Today i read something very shocking on an e-group, about bibian going out with muslim boys. What was most shocking was that people on the group just seemed to accept this. But can I ask why do we accept this? In the last few years, I have become quite involved with some of these situations, not intentionally, but by accident. As some of you may know I now live in Leeds, which is right next to Bradford (Mini-Pakistan). Over the last year, when I went to some of the local Gurdwaras ( there are many), I would occasionally get distraught parents come up to me telling me to talk to their children. The reason they asked me, because I can speak english, british-born sikh, who attempts to practice. It started off with one girl who said she madly wants to marry a muslim boy, her parents will not agree, so they brought her to talk to me. Naturally I was a bit shocked, but I spoke to her a

"Friends of Baloch" to be launched by supporters of Balochis

IntelliBriefs has learned that a new organization called "Friends of Baloch" will be launched soon by well wishers of Balochis, for the purpose of raising awarness and educating the western public about the political and economic oppression and violation of basic Human rights of Balochis by Pakistan and Iranian governments. Speaking to IntelliBriefs a key member who is an architect of this new organization said, "This will include all prominent intellectuals and leaders from Hindus, Jews and Christians and Baloch sympathisers from all parts of the world to lend sympathy to oppressed Balochis". We have learnt that Hindu groups are working hard with their Jewish friends in launching this organization. One should not forget that Government of Balochistan in Exile is based in Israel; therefore all efforts to use Jewish groups in lobbying cannot be discounted. As of now Pakistan was trounced in western media by Baloch Diaspora, thanks to their well wishers and prudent yo