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Terror law: Yes for Mumbai, no for Gujarat

Kanchan Gupta | New Delhi With a 600-km long border with Pakistan and a coastline that stretches across a whopping 1,600 km, providing innumerable landing spots for craft carrying explosives, arms and terrorists, Gujarat is a prime target for jihadis who have already drawn blood at Godhra and Akshardham, and carried out bombings and other assaults. Yet, the State has been disallowed the right to have a law that empowers its police to intercept chatter, carry out pre-emptive strikes to prevent death and destruction, and prosecute terrorists in a manner that they get their just desserts. This is in sharp contrast to neighbouring Maharashtra where the ruling Congress-NCP alliance, armed with the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) can fight back terrorists and criminals by bringing them to justice. Acknowledged as an effective instrument to combat organised crime, MCOCA was made applicable in Delhi through a Home Ministry order of February 1, 2002. But Gujarat has

Hindu Unity website is Number 1 !

Copy of the document released by Govt Of India ordering shut down of websites is below. Can you find where is the HU?. Yes it is No. 1

Tirupati Declaration: Hindus of the world unite

V SUNDARAM Chennai, July 18: With Hinduism under siege from various quarters, it was time for a show of unity and purpose. And that is what was witnessed at the historic meeting of Tirumala Tirupati Samrakshana Samiti (TTSS) at Tirupati Saturday last. The meeting's purpose was simple and straightforward ? to show in no uncertain terms the protest against the rampant and brazen evangelical activities in Tirupati and Tirmula by Christian missionaries. Led by the two most respectable and revered sawmijis in our midst today, Swami Dayanand Saraswati and Vishveshwara Theertha Swami of Pejawar Mutt, the meeting, made a clarion call against the sinister attempts at proselytization by the missionaries and adopted the historical Tirupati Declaration. The following are the three cardinal Articles of this Historic Declaration: I) We Hindus assembled here declare that we do not support, directly or indirectly, any group, institution, religion, med

Question Sale of F-16's and Weapons Systems to Pakistan

Lawmakers Question Sale of F-16's and Weapons Systems to Pakistan The US-India Political Action Committee (USINPAC) hosted a press conference on Capitol Hill on July 19th regarding Terrorism with a specific focus on how the recent serial train bombings in Mumbai could affect the fragile peace process between India and Pakistan. In light of the House International Relations Committee set to meet tomorrow to discuss the sale of weapons systems to Pakistan, key members of Congress and USINPAC were on hand to discuss implications forging ahead. Congressman Eliot Engel (D NY-17) with USINPAC Executive Director Supriya Christopher and Legislative Assistant Sumit Dasgupta Commenting on the recent attacks, senior member of the House International Relations Committee Eliot Engel (D NY-17) said, “Last week in Mumbai, the horror of terrorism struck. We stand with India during this dark hour.” He added, “Pakistan has not moved forward with promises of democracy or fighting its int

An India beyond vote bank politics

Vinod Naidu Posted online: Friday, July 21, 2006 at 1526 hours IST Updated: Friday, July 21, 2006 at 1539 hours IST July 21: Mumbai blasts, the Gujarat carnage, Varanasi blasts, attack on the Parliament.....will this stop in the future ? Of course it can, just bring sanity, logic, reason & transparency into governance. But then we may begin by putting in place a system that allows election of persons with principles, some substance, integrity, and who see India for what it is - a diverse country - and are driven by a great desire to integrate this diverse nation into a single India. Too idealistic ? Not so...there are a huge number of politicians, babus, police, religious heads....etc that are secular and with a great desire to change India for the better but they are not in a position that can effect the desired change. So, instead, our country is governed on the bases of vote bank politics, and this is, and will continue to be the greatest threat to national development, na

7/11: Infinite Patience?

Even the PM agrees that "in the backdrop of this ghastly tragedy .. we reflect on our relations with Pakistan ... We will look at whatever options that are there." What are those options? On July 11, 2006, more than 200 persons were killed and 714 others injured in seven bomb blasts that targeted seven locations on the local railway network in Mumbai, India's commercial capital, between 18:24 and 18:35 (IST) (an eighth device was located and defused at the Borivili station). Peak traffic on first class compartments of trains at Mira-Bayandhar, Jogeshwari, Mahim, Santacruz, Khar, Matunga and Borivli stations was targeted, as commuters returned from work. While this stands out as the second largest terrorist outrage in India's history in terms of fatalities, repeated attacks in the past have been engineered to provoke communal polarization and riots in Maharashtra and across the country, and to disrupt the economic progress of the nation. Mumbai is now the only c

Clever guide by Christians to circumvent anti-conversion law

Minority Gospel Rights Protection Forum in Simmakkal, Madurai, Tamilnadu, have brought out a booklet in Tamil captioned “Approach to combat Anti Conversion Law”. This booklet of 56 pages outlines under 13 chapters the methods to be observed for this purpose by individual Christian members. It is mentioned in the booklet that this is being published with a view to educate the Christian Missionary involved in conversion on the Legal aspects of the Law. Some excerpts from this Booklet are given below. In the article under the headline ‘Position of Indian Christians today’, the following are the facts accepted by them. The position of the Indian Christians in the beginning of the 21st century is in contravention of the basic Christian Principles. It is a common practice nowadays for Christians to pass by another Christian even without wishing him. The reasons that can be attributed for this are, lack of unity, disrespect to others, lack of tolerance, economic disparity, casteism, greed f

Apologists of Islamist terror Explanation that frustration and alienation breed Islamist terrorism is too glib; the secularists must do better than this, says Kalavai Venkat Every time Islamist terrorists bomb a train or a civic building, apologists quickly offer two explanations: First, poverty is forcing some Muslims to take to terrorism. Second, Hindus have alienated the minority Muslims, some of whom have taken to terrorism out of frustration. Let us put this "blame-it-on-the-victim" apology to litmus test. In Jammu & Kashmir, seven lakh Hindus have been ethnically cleansed. Out of those, four lakh face deprivation, poverty and deaths in refugee camps. How many Kashmiri Hindus have become terrorists? Tibetan Buddhists have been expelled from their country. Their spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, lives as a refugee in India. How many of them have become terrorists? Millions of Hindus and Buddhists have been raped, butchered and ethnically cleansed from Banglad

'It's an all out invasion of India'

Last week's serial blasts in Mumbai was not just a major failure of the Indian intelligence agencies, it was also a salvo fired by jihadi outfits bent on dismembering India, believes Maloy Krishna Dhar. In the first of a two-part interview with with Deputy Managing Editor Ramananda Sengupta, Dhar, who retired as joint director, Intelligence Bureau, after 30 years in the organisation, explains what needs to be done to avoid such incidents in the future. Would you attribute the Mumbai blasts to a failure of intelligence? There has been intelligence, operational and normal policing failure. The Intelligence Bureau had some intelligence based on the interrogation of jihadis arrested in Kashmir and from other sources that the jihadis were planning stunning action in Maharashtra and Mumbai. They had no tactical details. The IB did not work out the operational details of the information by activating ground operatives, human assets and technical operations to monitor subterranean

HHR Press Release Protest to the Indian Government

HHR Press Release, 20 July 2006 Announcement of a Protest to the Indian Government The horrific terror attacks on 11 July in Mumbai have caused outrage across the world but following similar attacks in London, Madrid and New York it comes as no huge surprise. That these attacks seem to have received less attention in the West is another story but Indian citizens have become used to the world ignoring terror attacks in India. More worryingly however is the general attitude of the Indian government to terror attacks on its own citizens and Hindu religious sites. Already this year there have been numerous attacks on civilians and especially children in India. Further, it is the Indian government itself which is largely responsible for creating the arena of hatred against Hindus and Hindu culture through its policies since Independence. The education system in India openly discriminates against Hindus and Hinduism which fuels the cycle of denigration we see in the Indian media. It is a

Rigging in elections mars its outcome in Pakistan controlled Kashmir

Mumtaz Khan International Kashmir Alliance The elections in Pakistan administered Kashmir are over but its outcome are widely disputed and controversial except the party which was awarded the power in response of its unconditional loyalties its leadership promised to the military regime in Pakistan. The open rigging in elections has marred fairness and impartiality of elections since Pakistan military regime has first used the most controversial constitutional restraint to bar the 72 nationalist candidates from participating in the elections. The constitutional restraint had been enacted in 1974 interim Act: the Act that had been written by then Pakistan’s Law minister Abdul Hafiz Pirzada and had been passed within two hours time without any debate in so-called Assembly. The electoral clause stating that no individual or party shall be permitted to propagate the political views prejudicial or detrimental to the ideology of “state’s accession to Pakistan” and places restriction over

What is a terror module?

Source: Rediff July 18, 2006 To understand the magnitude and significance of last week's serial blasts in Mumbai from a police angle, correspondents spoke to a senior police officer. Speaking on condition that he would not be identified for this report, this is his explanation of what a terror module is: Tmost important member of any terror module is the bomb-maker. He usually stays some place else, comes to a targeted city like Mumbai to assemble the devices and returns to his base the morning before or a day before the acts of terrorism happen. He is much too valuable to the terrorists. Bomb making is only known to a few people and the terrorists cannot afford to lose him, which is why they protect him the most. Part I: Who could the terrorists be? The bomb-maker may or may not be known to other members of the module. If they know them, they would almost certainly not know his real name. Looking at the photographs of the damaged train compartments in last

Indians never learnt anything from history

" One Army Colonel was recounting instances from history to bring home the point that Indians never learnt anything from history. He told us that from 1000AD to 1900 AD, totally 156 people invaded India and they were all successful. How ironical it was that 12 year and 16 year old kids invaded India with the army of merely 10000 or 20000 men and routed Indian armies which were 100000, 200000 men strong consisting of Rajputs, the bravest of the brave people. It was only because Rajputs refused to use treachery and tactics, as they beleived that Dharmashastras did not allow it. How sad is that no one gave an example from the Gita that Lord Krishna himself justified treachery against a mean enemy. Time and again our people made the same mistake , otherwise history would have different."

Advani urges Centre to revive POTA

Pioneer News Service | Bhopal Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha LK Advani has asserted that the Centre should consider the revival of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) to effectively combat terrorism. "The BJP is ready to support the Centre in the interest of the country if it announces it will bring POTA back during the first day of the Monsoon Session of Lok Sabha," he said. Today, the country is looking towards the Union Government for taking strict action against terrorism, and if at this hour POTA is revived, people would welcome it. Describing the recent serial blasts that shook Mumbai, killing close to 200 people and injuring over 700 others as the first of its kind in the world, Advani squarely held Pakistan responsible for the blasts. He was addressing a party workers' meeting organised to protest terrorism on Sunday. "Until Pakistan stops fostering terrorism, no dialogues should be held with that country," he said, welco

Israeli military estimates up to 25% of Hizballah’s rocket assets destroyed

Israeli military estimates up to 25% of Hizballah’s rocket assets destroyed in six days. No immediate timeline for ending operation July 17, 2006, 1:53 PM (GMT+02:00) They say it is too early to discuss a new international force for South Lebanon. DEBKAfile adds: Hizballah still has three quarters of its 10-13,000 rockets intact, and, moreover, according to our sources, is receiving fresh supplies through smuggling routes across Syria into the northern Lebanese pocket of Hermel. It is therefore impossible to draw up a time table to end the Israeli campaign to crush Hizballah’s war machine. The IDF still relies mostly on its air force to destroy Hizballah stores and infrastructure. Sunday night saw 60 Israel air strikes over Lebanon, reported to have killed 23 people. Israeli artillery, responding to every-deepening Hizballah rocket attacks, is shelling suspected rockets stores secreted in the homes, garages and schools of south Lebanese towns and villages, after advising southerner

Hizballah leader Hassan Nassrallah holed up in Hermel

DEBKAfile Exclusive reveals: Hizballah leader Hassan Nassrallah and top command are holed up in Hermel, the northern Lebanese panhandle bordering Syria July 17, 2006, 11:02 AM (GMT+02:00) Among them, according to DEBKAfile’s military and Iranian sources, are Hizballah’s “chief of staff” Ibrahim Akil, its head of intelligence and terror Imad Mughniyeh and commander of special operations Halil Harab. The group fled their Beirut HQ Saturday night, July 15, and went to ground in the emergency staff bunkers prepared in advance of their July 12 attack on Israel. After failing to prevent the top Hizballah leaders’ escape from Beirut, the Israeli air force headed north Monday morning, July 17, and is clobbering the Hermel region. DEBKAfile adds: The Hermel drug-farming pocket bordered north and east by Syria is the haunt of smugglers who use the remote, strategically placed region to move fighters, weapons, cash and drugs across Syria into Iraq and as a staging post to other parts of t


MUMBAI---11/7: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS by B. Raman I am repeating below the replies given by me to some mails from readers of my earlier articles on the Mumbai blasts of July 11, 2006. Why attacks on trains? We had the first attacks on trains in India in December, 1993, by the Students' Islamic Movement of India (SIMI). It was not well organised and the casualties were small. Random explosions in railway trains now and then, here and there keep taking place. They do not make much of an impact. The Mumbai blasts of 11/7 made an impact because the blasts were multiple, well-synchronised and took place one after the other in quick succession. And the fatalities were large (184).Terrorists like to attack railways because they will always be soft targets whatever be the physical security. Successful attacks on trains dramatically demonstrate to the ordinary people the inability of the State to protect them. The intimidatory effect on the general population is more than in t

7/11: Narsimha Rao was efficient than Moron Manmohan

MUMBAI--11/7: NO SMOKING GUN YET INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM MONITOR: PAPER NO.90 By B.Raman There has so far been no breakthrough in the police investigation into the seven well-synchronised explosions targeting train commuters in Mumbai on March 11,2006, in which 180 persons were killed and over 700 injured. 2. Compared to the serial bombings of March,1993, the progress in the investigation has been much slower this time with no breakthrough in sight . In March,1993, the initial breakthrough came within a few hours of the blasts because the terrorists had placed the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in stolen cars. The number plates of the cars provided a useful starting point for the investigation. Moreover, one of the IEDs failed to explode and was recovered intact. An abandoned car with some AK-47s of Chinese make and hand-grenades of Pakistani make was found.On checking the immigration records at the Mumbai international airport, the intelligence agencies found that an entire

Indian Policy towards Pakistan should be "Talk, talk, bite, bite"

-- B Raman During his meeting with Shri A.B.Vajpayee, the then Indian Prime Minister, at Islamabad in January,2004, Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf gave a formal assurance that he would not allow the use of Pakistani or Pakistani-controlled territory for acts of terrorism againt India Even before Gen.Musharraf's commitment to Shri Vajpayee in January,2004, one had noticed two significant changes in the activities of the Pakistani jihadi terrorist organisations operating in the Indian territory.First, there was a sharp drop in acts of Pakistani-sponsored jihadi terrorism in the Indian territory outside J&K. There was no major act of jihadi terrorism in the Indian territory outside J&K between September,2003, and July,2005. This was attributable to two reasons. A Pakistani decision to keep the operations of the organisations sponsored by it confined to J&K and successful preventive actions by the Indian intelligence, which detected and neutralised many slee