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July 29, 2006 Report from the U.S. N.S. Rajaram In the rewriting of Indian history that is currently underway, the Seminar on Aryan/Non-Aryan Contributions held on June 23 – 25 at the Center of Indic Studies, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth is likely to prove seminal. At the Seminar, now becoming known as the Dartmouth Conference, advocates of the Aryan theories, including the Aryan invasion, were forced to confront data from a wide range of sources including historical, astronomical, genetic and archaeological that simply could not be brushed away by appealing to linguistics. Most telling of all was the genetic evidence pointing to the fact that Indians have lived where they are today for the better part of 50,000 years and no Aryan invasion took place. The genetic data was presented by two leading workers in the field— Dr. Peter Underhill of Stanford University and Dr. V.K. Kashyap of the National Institute of Biologicals of New Delhi. Their f

Operation Roshaniya : Baloch Nationalists launched psywar against Pakistan

IntelliBriefs received this confidential note from Baloch Sources which gives new insight into the working of Baloch nationalists and their longterm psychological warfare plans . Baloch Nationalists are using all means to make a dent in the international diplomacy and attention . One particular Operation called " OPERATION ROSHANIYA" a military-psychological operation is been waged by Baloch millitants and Intellectuals has come to our attention . Though we didn't received the whole document , we were given some excerpts as forwarded to us by European Baloch groups . In the excerpt it said " In military actions, attacking minds is the primary mission; attacking fortifications, that is a secondary mission. Psychological war is the main thing. Combat is secondary." — Third Century Chinese Military Theoretician . Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fi

7/11 : Quote of the day

If our own Prime Minister fights shy of calling a spade a spade, how can we expect the international community to do so. At some international seminars attended by me since September,2004, when I raised the issue of continued Pakistani sponsorship of terrorism, many in the audience remarked:" Your own Prime Minister is no longer talking of it. Why do you keep harping on it?" The policy of "See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil", which the Prime Minister seems to be following in respect of Pakistan and the US could prove counter-productive. Source

Four-fold menace - A nexus of enveloping evil - I

V SUNDARAM In an era of 'Publishing abundance' unfortunately ushered in by our perverted democracy and technological explosion, looking for needles in hay stacks has become the full-time occupation of a conservative reader who still clings to the old-fashioned belief that quality is all, I don't feel ashamed to confess that I am a conservative in regard to my reading habits and I am immensely happy now that I have found 'a needle'. An explosively revolutionary book entitled 'NGOs, ACTIVISTS AND FOREIGN FUNDS: Anti-Nation Industry' jointly edited by two fearless journalists and writers Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak has recently been published by Vigil Public Opinion Forum (VPOF) in Chennai. This forum came into being in Chennai in 1982, as a result of Shri Shivramji Jogelakar's visionary and persistent efforts to unite persons who wrote regularly 'Letters to the Editor' columns in the English and vernacular Press on various public i


INDIA’S FOREIGN POLICY (2006) STANDS COMMUNISED AND COMMUNALISED: An Analysis By Dr. Subhash Kapila Introductory Background On the emergence of the Congress Government in 2004 with its survivability resting on the Indian Communist Parties grouping, this author in a paper: “India’s New Government and its Foreign Policy Options” (SAAG Paper No. 1049 dated 07.06.2004 had made the following observations: “India’s foreign policies cannot be made captive to the delusional non alignment gladiators or India’s Communist Parties who have never been known for their objectivity or to India’s minority Indian Muslim vote banks where every issue is viewed in a Pan-Islamic context.” “Regrettably, the new Indian Government led by the Congress Party and through its flip flop and ill-considered statements has given indications that it is all set to undo the foreign policy gains of India in the last eight years.” In November 2005, sensing that India’s major Communist Party, the CPI (M) was trying

Bangladesh grabs India land in a daring move Dhaka grabs 2 sq km of India's land Syed Zarir Hussain | Guwahati In a sudden and daring move, Bangladeshis, backed by their country's Army, have uprooted pillars demarcating the Indo-Bangla border along Dhubri and Karimganj districts of Assam, and forcibly grabbed at least 500 acres (2.02 sq km) of Indian territory. The land grab has taken place under the very nose of the Border Security Force. By the time Assam Government or its police could respond to the situation, swarms of Bangladeshis had taken possession of the land, ferociously pushing back Indians who dared to go beyond the surreptitiously shifted border posts. The land grab came to light recently when tea pickers at Pallatal and Pramodnagar plantations in southern Assam's Karimganj district found a portion of the gardens being zealously guarded by Bangladeshis. When the workers tried to enter those areas of the gardens, they were shoved back. The shocked workers informed th

How non-violent were Hindus historically?

How non-violent were Hindus historically? Sandeep Sharma The image of the mild, non-violent, vegetarian Hindu animates many history books as well as the self-image of many Hindus. The image of a barefoot Mahatma Gandhi taking on the might of the world's largest empire has been etched into the history of mankind. But how accurate is this image for Hindus as a whole? The striking aspect of the development of the Hindu ethos has been its ability to adapt with the tides of history, while always maintaining continuity with the past. The reason why spiritual and ethical teachings transmitted by enlightened sages thousands of years ago are still capable of inspiring and shaping the lives of millions of Hindus is because the philosophical and spiritual teachings of the ancient Vedic sages were universal in a way that could be adapted to different circumstances at different points in history. The history of Hindu civilisation is spread over ten thousand years. During this huge span of t


OPEN LETTER TO THE WORLD COMMUNITY. General Musharraf and Terror Source There is no check and balance of Pakistan forces and it's ISI in this region and beyond. In the Month of Sep last year, Pakistani ISI kidnapped a local teacher Bilal Hussain from Gilgit city and took him to Rawalpindi. Instead of all the concrete proofs, ISI denied of this in front of Lahore High Court bench. Schools have been turned in to Jails and religious and political Opponents were put behind the wall of Schools instead of education. More than 200 nationalists leaders and workers are facing sedition charges in Gilgit, Ghezer and Skardu kangaroo courts, where no right of appeal in any high court or Supreme Court is allowed. In previous, sedition charges were used against it's opponents by Paki imposed authorities, after the so-called war of TERROR, Paki authorities impose TEROR ACT against their political and religious opponents. Though the terrorists are fully allowed to run their camps