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Changes in the pattern of intelligence targetting of India

Changes in the pattern of intelligence targetting of India A number of spy cases have recently come to light in the media. Most of these are American spies working in the government. For reference I am listing the prominent ones below: 1) Rabindra Singh, an RAW officer was recruited by the CIA and subsequently fled the country. 2) S. S. Paul, an NSCS officer was recuited by the CIA and is now in police custody. 3) Ujjwal Dasgupta, a retired RAW officer was also allegedly recruited by the CIA and is now under arrest. 4) Francis Aranha, an IB officer is alleged wanted for spying for the CIA and has since absconded. We have also been treated to a molehunt in the PMO and thanks to Jaswant Singh, allegations have been flying fast and thick in the media. A number of waspish spy stories are also being published in western media about the penetration of the Indian Atomic Energy Commission, at least some of these appear to stem from the recently declass

Hindu Unity Day in NY was a Great success.

HINDU POLITICAL PARTY, THE IDEA WHOSE TIME HAS COME From: Narain Kataria in New York Twelfth Hindu Sangathan Divas (Hindu Unity Day) in which more than 700 Hindus representing all sections of the Hindu society enthusiastically participated in New York will be remembered for a very long time to come. The significance of this celebration lies in the fact that it was joined by two very powerful Hindu leaders from India: Didi Maa Saadhvi Ritambhara ji and Dr. Subramanian Swamy. In the celebration, a unique resolution, that has the potential of having a far reaching impact on the Indian polity, was passed by the participants with a unanimous voice vote. The resolution read by Srichand Sidhwani, a senior Hindu community activist, and seconded by Dr. Babu Suseelan, a psychiatrist from Pennsylvania said: “It is hereby unanimously resolved that a Hindu political party be formed in India. Aims of this political party would be to safeguard the legitimate interests of Hindus in India, preserve

''Mexico's Internal Drug War''

As U.S. and Colombian authorities began closing smuggling routes through the Caribbean in the late 1980s and 1990s, Colombian criminals began smuggling cocaine and heroin through the Central American isthmus and Pacific routes. Both smuggling routes invariably led them to Mexico. In the world of organized crime, an individual who wants to smuggle an item into the United States knows they can count on their Mexican counterparts. With an intimate knowledge of the terrain, lists of corrupted officials on the payroll, and decades of perfecting smuggling skills, Mexicans can smuggle just about anything into the United States for the right price. The U.S.-Mexican border is a "soft-underbelly" and a porous border. As a result of the important trade relationship between the United States and Mexico, the border cannot be closed. The Colombians began heavily relying on Mexican smuggling prowess in the 1990s as Colombia's larger criminal factions dissolved into smaller groups. Sma

Liquid Explosive Training Manuals Easily Attainable on Jihadi Forums

In light of the information emerging from the foiled London attack, the terrorists involved in the operation planned on destroying commercial aircraft by mixing together explosive chemical substances while aboard the planes. The chemicals necessary to create such explosions are easily attainable. More concerning, however, is the fact that the technical information on how to create such explosives is accessible on many jihadi forums and websites. The most significant and frequently discussed subjects in the jihadi forums are topics pertinent to military tactics and how to create deadly explosives. The website of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade (, for example, carries links to a colossal amount of data on creating explosives, part of a more extensive training document called "The Preparation Encyclopedia—All the Mujahid Needs." The training manual contains whole sections on topics such as: - Types of explosives, mines, detonators, explosive engineering and e

TERRORISM :It's a hydra-headed monster -- Narendra Modi

It's a hydra-headed monster Tackle it through multi-pronged strategy By Narendra Modi Governance and society in times of terrorism Terrorism is the calculated use of violence to inculcate fear, intended to coerce or intimidate governments or societies as to the pursuits of goals that are generally political, religious or ideological. International terrorism involves citizens or territory of more than one country. The mindset that prevailed and caused the creation of Pakistan still persists. Pakistan’s internal politics is Indo-centric and as such thrives on “hate India” emotions. Pakistan takes financial help from across the world as a result of the tensions with India. These are the reasons why Pakistan is carrying out all these activities. It is as if all international forums are now divided between those who support terrorism and those who are determined to fight it. The world is shaping into two camps. Earlier, there were two superpowers. In days to come there would be two