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This is about energy, did you say?

Arun Shourie While we are being treated to lullabies — that the agreement with the US is all about nuclear energy — the laws that the US Congress is passing are absolutely clear in the objectives for which the agreement is being entered into. • Section 2(5) of the Bill that the House of Representatives has passed states that the objective is to bring within the ambit of NPT discipline countries that haven’t signed. In view of the dust that is thrown in our eyes, it is important to bear in mind two different aspects of non-proliferation. One implication of the expression is that India will join others in ensuring that more States and groups do not acquire nuclear weapons. That is a desirable objective, an objective as vital for India as for others, and everyone subscribes to cooperation for this purpose. But, as we shall soon see, the US has a second meaning in mind too: and that is to halt, roll back, and eventually eliminate the nuclear weapons capability of a country like India

Asia's Coming Water Wars

While the world's attention is focused on record high oil prices, water, like oil, is increasingly emerging as a catalyst for international instability and conflict as the recent upsurge in violence in Sri Lanka illustrates. On July 20, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (L.T.T.E.) shut down the Maavilaru dam's sluice gate near the town of Kantalai in the northeastern Trincomalee district, which cut off water supplies for 60,000 people in government-controlled areas. This led the Sri Lankan military to commence an aerial bombardment of Tiger positions and a ground offensive to gain control of the reservoir's control point. The Tigers claim that their actions were sparked by the government's failure to build a water tower to supply L.T.T.E.-controlled areas and responded by going on the offensive in Mutur. With more than 500 people killed since fighting erupted over the disputed waterway, the 2002 ceasefire has now collapsed in all but name. Water is increasingly emer


By Dr. Subhash Kapila Introductory Observations The recent Israel-Hezbollah armed conflict lasting for nearly a month should be taken as a wake-up call by the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation )NATO). The niggardly responses by EU-NATO countries to provide troops for UN forces for the buffer-zone in Southern Lebanon is indicative that they are still not seized with the realization that the security of Israel is also a EU-NATO imperative. Israel so far has effectively countered military threats to its security from its hostile Islamic nation’s neighbourhood. The United States has stood by Israel strongly both for strategic and political reasons. The Islamic World today is in a tizzy that for the first time a Muslim Arab armed militia as opposed to an Arab government could blunt Israel’s offensives against Hezbollah in Lebanon. This is more so evident in Pakistan where Pakistani intellectuals have gone to town extolling this development. The mili