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THE INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM MONITOR: PAPER NO.122 By B.Raman In their happiness over the conviction of some of the accused involved in the Mumbai explosions of March,1993, the Indian Police and other security agencies should not forget that the mastermind of this act of mass casualty terrorism continues to live under the protection of the Pervez Musharraf regime in Pakistan. He, Tiger Memon and others enjoying the hospitality of the Pakistani authorities have to be brought to justice. 2. It is unfortunate that the Government of India headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has not been articulating openly and vigorously the perfidy of the Musharraf regime in giving sanctuary and protection to Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon and eighteen others wanted for trial in India on charges of their involvement in acts of terrorism such as killing hundreds of innocent civilians through improvised explosive devices (IEDs), hijacking of aircraft etc. 3.Dawood Ibrahim has also to be interrogated

Pakistani girl gang-raped for 'acquiring education'

Saturday September 16 2006 16:21 IST IANS ISLAMABAD: After Mukhtaran Mai, a case of Mumtaz Mai has come to light in rural Pakistan, where women become victims of tribal warfare, family feuds or quite simply, male violence. The News International Saturday reported the case of one Mumtaz Mai and her daughter, Ghazala Shaheen Bathi, who were abducted, held in captivity and gang-raped for 12 days because daughter Ghazala dared to become educated. Mukhtaran Mai, the tribal woman gang-raped in June 2002, was freed after the Pakistan Supreme Court intervened in her favour. The case raised protests and concern among civil societies across the world last year. While Mukhtaran Mai was a victim of a family feud and an act in retaliation to the rape of a girl her brother Shakur was alleged to have committed, the mother-daughter duo earned the wrath of the Mirali tribesmen when it became known that Ghazala had passed her Master's in Education from Bahauddin Zahariya University on Aug 25. T

Vatican mumbles on Jihad : Where do the Chrisitians of India stand?

These are dangerous times, not a time for pious platitudes. The real question is: where do the Chrisitians of India stand? Europe is finished. It will not fight to defend Christianity. In the civilizational war against Islam, Indian Christian leaders have virtually acted like a fifth column, fondly believing that 'Christian Europe' will take their side in their campaign against the heathen Hindus. Their bigotry has made them campaign against Hindu India, in Europe and America, both of which will be struggling for survival against Jihadi Islam. Christian stooges like John Dayal, Harsh Mander, Cederick Praksh and a host of others took their anti-Hindu campaign to America, even to the extent testifying against the Hindus in the U.S. Congress. Christian groups have even gone to the extent of colluding with Jihadi outfits like Deen Dar Anjuman, faking Church bombings, to discredit the Hindus.Now it is only a matter of time before the Islamists turt their wrath on Indian

Benedict on Jihad : Indian Intellectual Dr.Rajaram lambasted Vatican

Benedict XVI's words regarding Islam resonated with millions of Muslims worldwide who reject the justification of violence in the name of religion, said an expert in Islam. Father Justo Lacunza, until recently rector of the Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies of Rome, explained today on Vatican Radio, why, nonetheless, certain Muslim circles reacted harshly to the discourse the Pope gave Tuesday at the University of Regensburg. "In this the Pope has done no more than take up again the sentiment and desire of millions of Muslims who in one way or another, say: 'Violence and Islam cannot be related,'" Father Lacunza said. The Vatican release emphasizes: "It was certainly not the intention of the Holy Father to undertake a comprehensive study of the jihad and of Muslim ideas on the subject, still less to offend the sensibilities of Muslim faithful." Indian Intellectual Dr.NS Rajaram lambasted vticcan and questioned silence of Indian Ch


By Dr. Subhash Kapila Introductory Observations Pakistan, the only Major-Non NATO Ally of the United States in South Asia and much-vaunted “Staunch ally of the United States in the global war on terrorism” reflexively quoted as such by the US Administration, has deserted the United States War on Terrorism. Despite all the rhetoric and spins that will be given by General Musharraf and the US Administration to the contrary, in the run-up to the White House “Iftar Party” next week, the bottom line is that Pakistan has effectively deserted from the United States War on Terrorism. Pakistan’s desertion from the United States “War on Terrorism” against the Al-Qaeda and the Taliban has starkly manifested itself with the “Peace Agreement” signed by the military government of Pakistan with the Taliban, and by extension the Al Qaeda, both firmly ensconced in North Waziristan. Two years back, rather unobtrusively, Pakistan’s military rulers had signed a similar deal in South Waziristan

Who's Hu In South Asia

Who's Hu In South Asia Certain recent trends that could have a bearing on coming events in the region deserve attention in decoding India - Pakistan - China relations. Consider the Pakistan-Taliban deal... There has been a flurry recently of diplomatic activity in South Asia. On Sunday Prime Minister Manmohan Singh left for Havana where he is expected to meet President Musharraf on the sidelines.Last week President Musharraf signed an agreement with the Taliban located in Pakistan’s tribal belt bordering Afghanistan. According to the agreement the militants agreed to stop attacks on Pakistan and across the border in Afghanistan. In return Pakistan would release their prisoners, return their weapons, and allow them to live in peace. This set the mood for the President’s two day visit to Afghanistan where he conferred with President Hamid Karzai. Both leaders agreed to fight terrorism. President Musharraf reiterated that he would never allow foreign troops to enter the tribal b

Modi calls for transparency in NGOs functioning

New Delhi | September 10, 2006 4:41:30 AM IST Terming most of the NGOs as ''limousine labourers'' who serve the agenda of their funding agencies and not the society in general, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi today called for transparency in the functioning of NGOs. Addressing the gathering after releasing 'NGOs, Activists and Foreign Funds: Anti-Nation Industry', edited by Radha Rajan and Krishen Kak, Mr Modi said if functioning and background of politicians and political parties could be scrutinised why can't the functioning of the NGOs be put under the scanner. Mr Modi, however, said that all NGOs could not be placed on the same platform as some were serving the purpose they were meant for. ''A proper framework should be in place to monitor the functioning of the ''service entrepreneurs' ' who were catering to specific agendas of vested interests.'' This had now become imperative as more harm was taking place

More than 16,000 attended Hindu Sangam in the Silicon Valley

Press Release from Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 11, 2006 Contact for further information: Gautam Desai at 510-579-4742 or Khanderao Kand at 408-737-7930 http://www.hindusag http://www.hssus. org Pics: http://www.hssus. org/gallery/ v/WCOAST/ Bayarea/ More than 16,000 people poured into De Anza College, Cupertino, to be part of an exciting day, to celebrate the Hindu way of life. Hindu Sangam, a one-day grand cultural program aimed at displaying the various Hindu intellectual, cultural and spiritual contributions made over thousands of years, was organized by Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh with support from over 40 SF Bay Area organizations including Sunnyvale Hindu Temple as one of the Grand Sponsors. This event was organized on occasion of the first birth centenary of Shree Golwalkal Guruji. The day started with a yagna (offering and prayer) for world peace on the background of September 11. Attendees then participated in programs that took place

The Tragic Events in Malegaon

The Tragic Events in Malegaon Source: Indian Mavericks Barely a week after the Prime Minister issued a warning about imminent terrorist strikes, Malegaon was the target of a serial bombing attack. As it has become quite predictable in the environment of religious identity politics in India, most media know-it-alls rushed to blame Hindu groups for conducting a retaliatory strike against the predominantly Muslim community in Malegaon, and rather than focus gently on the extent of human suffering, the media played host to a blame game. The focus in the media seems to be on making this seem part of emerging trends in Hindu-Muslim strife. If you all recall, the media had played a very big role in projecting blame for the Mumbai blasts on local Muslims. We are now seeing the other end of that, blame is now being apportioned to local Hindus. While some of you who are strong supporters of the NDA may argue that this claim is not credible. I remind you, that no one in Saudi Arabia or Pakis

THE MALEGAON BLASTS INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM MONITOR--PAPER NO.119 By B.Raman- Camp New Delhi Thirty -five civilians, all of them Muslims and

THE MALEGAON BLASTS By B.Raman- Camp New Delhi Thirty -five civilians, all of them Muslims and many of them children, are reported to have been killed and many others injured in two (some reports say three) blasts in Malegaon in Maharashtra on September 8,2006. The improvised explosive devices (IEDs)---reportedly of a primitive nature--- had been placed possibly in bicycles left parked near places where the local Muslims usually congregate as they come out of the local mosque after the Friday prayers. 2. No claim of responsibility has so far been made by any organisation. The police do not as yet have any indicators regarding the likely identity of the perpetrators. 3. The Muslims---many of them migrant weavers from Uttar Pradesh-- constitute the majority of the population in Malegaon. One estimate says they constitute as high as 75 per cent of the local population. Over the years, there has been a steady economic degradation in the area giving rise to poverty, unemplo