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Islamic Banking in India: Muslims stratagems to establish separate Muslim economy

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat Mumbai:In all major countries, there are banks for Muslims. Presently, the Muslim economists are contemplating whether branches of such banks can be opened in India. It has been planned to hold conferences in various parts of the country to judge general public opinion towards the concept of Islamic Banking. In February2006, a meeting was held in Saudi Arabia, which was attended by Dr. Man Mohan Singh, the Prime Minister and Shri. Chidambaram, the Finance Minister when the local banks expressed a desire to make investments in India. The Prime Minister responded positively. As a result, the concept of opening branches of Muslim banks in India got an impetus and in this connection, on 16th and 17th September, a seminar has been organized in Mumbai. In this seminar, the legal hurdles in opening branches will be weighed, which regulations of RBI can come in the way of establishing the Islamic Banks and its solutions will be examined. In this context, earl

A strategic setback for India

Ajit Doval The writer is a former director, Intelligence Bureau Tuesday, September 19, 2006 Pakistan’s military leadership may consider Havana statement a dividend for the terror attacks in India India has suffered its first strategic setback in the fight against terrorism by certifying that Pakistan is not an aggressor but a state aggressed upon. On the terrorism front it brings both countries at par. For a quarter of a century, we felt Pakistan was the aggressor — first in Punjab, then in Kashmir and now in rest of the country — leaving more than 60,000 dead. Perhaps India was right in the past to blame Pakistan but no longer, apparently. Pakistan might have done so much in the recent past that there is justification not to carry the baggage of history and grapple with the new positive realities. Let’s examine the contemporary realities which overnight transformed our perception of Pakistan from a terrorist-sponsoring state into that of a counter-terrorist partnership state.