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Federal police force in the offing

This is one issue that really needs peoples complete support. The supreme court was right in ordering the implemenation of these reforms which are long over due. One of them is the creation of a federal police force that can fight terrorism, gather intelligence and most of all, clip the wings of state CM's and also keep a eye on the corrupt state police forces. Look at how these political mafia is resisting the implementation of the police reforms. This is a subscription article: Law And Order The Supreme Court has issued directives for sweeping reforms in the police force. But the state governments, in fear of losing control over their fiefdom, are not very keen on implementation. By Amarnath K. Menon FUTURE PERFECT: The police force is up for a major overhaul Come New Year, if the Supreme Court of India has its way, the police in the country are in for a meaningful makeover. The force may finally break free from the stranglehold of their politica

Nuclear North Korea: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Co-authored by Cynical Nerd and Jaffna Background: Not much is known about the North Korean nuclear test. The international perspectives tend to represent an American point of view. This only serves to confuse the issue and mislead public opinion. The Bush administration’s foreign policy appears to be unraveling on multiple fronts with North Korea’s testing of the atomic device and Iran’s threat to develop enriched uranium. Having invested his entire political capital on Afghanistan and Iraq, relying on allies of dubious value such as Pakistan, Bush has lost the international wherewithall to act in the unfolding situation which is singularly menacing to western interests. The Taleban has returned with renewed vigor while the turmoil in Iraq shows no sign of ending. North Korea and Iran continue to challenge the United States. North Korea tested a nuclear device on October 9 making it the eight country in the world to do so. The United States is unable to launch military strikes a

Exclusive: Iran Will Follow North Korea

Tashbih Sayyed Author: Tashbih Sayyed Source: The Family Security Foundation, Inc. Date: October 17, 2006 Since North Korea has shown a true dedication to gaining nuclear weapons capabilities, many in the international security world have begun wondering, “who’s next?” FSM Contributing Editor Tashbih Sayyed thinks it’s Iran, and in Part I of this week’s article, he talks about the implications this has for the future. Iran Will Follow North Korea, Part I Tashbih Sayyed October 17, 2006 Just like India and Pakistan, North Korea is now a nuclear power. Iran will soon join the club. The irony is that it seems that nobody can do anything about it. The direction in which things are moving suggest that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty will soon be a thing of the past as more and more of its members will choose not to fulfill their obligations under Article VI of the Treaty to engage in good faith efforts to achieve nuclear disarmament. Experts are certain that sooner or later Jap

IRAN : A Secret Regional Alliance Against Iran

IRAN : A Secret Regional Alliance Against Iran Paris based Intelligence Online has reported that "it has learned from diplomatic sources that Israel and four Sunni Moslem countries - Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey - decided last month to form a regional intelligence alliance to counter Iran both with regards its attempts to build a nuclear weapon and its efforts to create a “Shi’ite Crescent” stretching from Tehran to Beirut."

The Baloch jirga : Start of the collapse of Pakistan

The Baloch jirga By Rahimullah Yusufzai The most significant backlash of the killing of Nawab Mohammad Akbar Shahbaz Khan Bugti at the hands of the Pakistan Army in August has been the revival of the traditional Baloch national jirga. The jirga’s success or failure could in the long run impact the future of the Baloch people and define afresh their relationship with the federal state of Pakistan. The killing of Nawab Bugti, 79 years old and ailing, has had other after-effects as well. There were protests all over the country and the demonstrations turned violent in Balochistan causing an estimated loss of Rs500 million. Almost every political party condemned the incident and even ruling PML-Q politicians expressed concern over the consequences of the tragic death of the Baloch tribal chief. For the first time a considerable number of Punjabi political activists and members of the intelligentsia criticised the Punjab-dominated military and federal government for eliminating a pol