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BALOCHISTAN: A STORY OF BLOOD, TOIL AND TEARS BY: WAJID SHAMSUL HASAN London: It was an insightful evening and hair-raising too. Sitting face to face with firebrand and youthful Baloch Senator Sanuallah Zehri and moderate Mir Hasil Bizenjo and hearing their woeful and first hand narration of the sad plight of the Baloch people now facing a full-fledged army invasion would have led to flow of tears had not my eyes got dried and tired of them. Though they were rightfully bitter and deeply hurt of the treatment meted out to their helpless people by the military rulers of Islamabad, like their seniors—Sardar Attaullah Mengal, Mir Ghous Bux Bizenjo, Sardar Khair Bux Marri, Nawab Akbar Bugti, Sardar Raisani and the veteran but now dead Khan of Kalat who had shown faith in Pakistan voluntarily and under no duress especially when Pakistani military establishment lay totally castrated following the 1971 defeat—both Sanaullah Zehri and Mir Hasil Bizenjo did not seem to have given up hope i