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Reflections on the emerging Pakistan

Reflections on the emerging Pakistan By Wolfgang Danspeckgruber Guest Columnist Whoever could attend the address in the Wilson School's Dodds Auditorium of Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz last Thursday experienced public (relations) diplomacy at its very best. Unfortunately, this polished version of PR-diplomacy to portray Pakistan as the economically rapidly expanding soon-to-be-more democratic ally of the United States and the West represents wishful imagery (or deliberate policy), especially in a time when British Intelligence and MI5 warns about many more potential terror threats — like the one last August — perhaps emanating from Pakistan and when Washington gets increasingly troubled about the possible continuous hideouts of Osama bin Laden and Mular Omar supposedly in Pakistan's NorthWestern territories, which seem also to serve for the Taliban for fall-back and recruiting. No word about the ever-increasing domestic fundamentalist Islami